We are happy to announce that a Chinese hacker known as loktar_Sun has finally managed to give us all the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock and we are also happy to announce that the unlock is free of charge.

So, if you are interested in having the iPhone 4 baseband  4.11.08 unlock, then you can read the tutorial below.

Unlock 4.11.08

Follow these steps and you will be able to get the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is go to Cydia and install SAM. All you need to do is go to ‘Cydia’ then ‘Manage’ and then ‘Sources’ and at the top right corner press the edit option and enter:


Step 2. After you have installed SAM, you will be able to see it on your Springboard. Press SAM to launch it. However, you need to make sure that you have the SIM card which you want to use in your iPhone.

Unlock 4.11.08 Baseband

SAM – 4.11.08 unlock

Step 3. After you have entered SAM, navigate to utilities and then select ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ will now be inactivated.

Deactivate Unlock

Unlock 4.11.08 baseband

Step 4. Once, SAM has been enabled, go to ‘By Country and Carrier’ present in ‘Method’ and then select your carrier. You might need to select the ‘SIM ID’ for carriers operating with more than one Carrier ID. This is easy for you to figure out when you notice that iTunes will not activate if the wrong IMSI has been selected.

Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

Step 4 Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

Step 5. Navigate your way to ‘More Information’ and write down or copy the IMSI in the ‘SAM Details’ and then tap the option, ‘Spoof Real SIM to SAM’.

Step 6. Now, go back to the main screen of SAM and then change the ‘Method’ to manual. Now, enter or paste the IMSI string which was saved during step 5th.

Step 7. Using iTunes connect your iPhone to the computer in order to reactivate your device. Simply double tap the ‘Phone Number’ present at the main screen of the device in order to make sure the ICCID matches with the one present on your SIM card. If the match isn’t exact, you’ll need to again start from step 1.

Step 8. Now, close iTunes and then unplug the iPhone 4 and disable SAM.

Step 9. Again connect the iPhone 4 to iTunes and you will see a message telling you that it can’t be activated. Close it and open it again.

Step 10. The signal bars lets you know that the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 has been unlocked.

See Also: Factory Unlock ANY Phone by IMEI

Some of you might experience a problem at step 7 as you might be shown a message: SIM card not compatible. No need to worry, as there is a guide for this as well.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully get the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock.

  • Luiza

    Anyone tried it? It really works?

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

    for me This doesn’t work and is also risk for your iPhone!!!

  • Jay ‘Dotz’ Patel

    i cant seem to get any reception . my iphone says O2-UK with 3g at the top but no signal bars help asap

  • Menoikou

    For me working very good I am very happy I live Cyprus

  • Matteees

    YEAAAH :))))
    It works iPhone 4 locked by T-Mobile Germany unlocked ! 🙂

  • Keira

    It’s actually a nice and useful piece of post. I am glad that you simply shared with us. Thanks!

  • Noor Zilan

    that’s great..i will do that..thankzz yaa for confirmation

  • Cristi Chirea

    and where are you from ?

  • Chouhan8055

    how do u unlocked?? can u tel me in detail
    r text me 2 chouhan8055-at-gmail.com

  • Niti_graniti1

    Does it work with all carriers worldwide like as albania-kosovo

  • Silverboarder3000

    I have an iPhone 4 model MC603B.
    Ive googled it and it should be UK O2 carrier.
    But iTunes keeps saying that the SIM isnt the official one. anyone got some tips?

  • Babobozijo

    what’s the sam card, is it a actuall card or is it just the source on cydia, please let me kno asap. tnx

  • Guilherme

    does this work with 04.12.01?

  • Babobozijo

    what’s the sam card, is it a actuall card or is it just the source on cydia, please let me kno asap. tnx

  • rocker


  • Pop1650

    is it need 2 sim card???

  • Jpb19832003

    STEP : After you have installed SAM, you will be able to see it on your Springboard. Press SAM to launch it. However, you need to make sure that you have the SAM card which you want to use in your iPhone.

    for above step, what is SAM card ??

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    I don’t get version 0.1.15-1 like shown above but the version 0.1.14-2 .

    Also when I try to install that version of SAM it says that the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed and it offers the “continue queuing” option and won’t install. What should I do ?

  • Shadow09

    I tried but my iphone says that it’s factory unlocked, and it’s locked I can’t understand, anyone had the same problem

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    Should we install SAM or SAMPrefs ? I can’t get to install both of them. I don’t understand why it just say that it can’t comply. Can someone give me a hint ?

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

    soo why mine doesn’t work?? i did everything every soluiton what was given for baseband 04.11.08 my iphone 4 is from US work with gevey or the problem is the gevey ?? i dont know what to do anymore…:S

  • jay ar

    how did you do on step 7? Simply double tap the ‘Phone Number’ what phone number is this?

  • Doolf_simo

    i jut try it and it work thank u china hhhhhhhhhh

  • Ilmārs Priede

    Is there any way to find out which carrier my phone is locked on to?

  • kosovo

    I can’t find my Carrier.. also there is no MONACO in the list 🙁

  • Masternight2010

    i can find movistar anyone now wi

  • Intars Krisjanis

    CAN U EXPLAIN???? WHAT IS SAM CARD? “However, you need to make sure that you have the SAM card which you want to use in your iPhone.”

  • guest

    what to do if a message pops ip on itunes saying sim card not compatible????

  • Deiwes

    algum brasileiro conseguiu ai???

  • kosovo

    SAM Card, is your card but cut, u know the size that iphone accepts ..
    SAM card is a smart card in a reduced form factor similar to a Sim card

  • kosovo

    p.s after finishing this, and unlocking ur iphone will it be FULL UNLOCKED so u can use any SIM card u want ?? plz reply ..
    and i cant find my carrier , what to do ?

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    show me your model no. You can find it on Settings

  • Manish Reddy

    really ??
    can u msg me once to manishredd-at-yahoo.com
    i want to know more detalis abt it

  • Shailee16891

    Do we have to install SAM or SAMpefs? Here in the steps it says SAM but the pic is of SAMprefs…

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    keshtu thone se do jete 😛 . gjithsesi per te gjetur se nga eshte bllokuar me shkruaj modelin e Iphone dhe besoj mund te te ndihmoj qe ta gjesh se cfare kompanie e ka bllokuar

  • kosovo

    o Ajald flm qe u pergjigje, po ne shqiptaret jemi te mire bre 😛 hahah
    kam iPhone 4 GSM , 04.11.08 bb ..jam nga Kosova, me operatorin Vala, qe si prefix kemi +377 qe ehste nga Monaco ? he si thua ?

  • Chinkygirl03

    yeah it does. it works for all basebands (:

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    Degjo shko tek settings—general—–about dhe aty me shkruaj ate qe lexon tek MODEL dhe ta kuptoj se cfare kompanie eshte qe e ka bllokuar

  • Paulo Igo

    deu conta naum vc conseguiu ?

  • Blenz69

    i followed all the instructions but still get “no service” in the upper left on my iphone and “sim not supported” in itunes…any suggestions?

  • Pauloigo

    vc conseguiu amigo ?

  • Seifabdelhafez

    i get to step7 and when i open itunes, it says “the sim card inserted does not seem to be supported”…. what do i do?

  • roy

    after trying to unlock now it shows sim activation screen on my phone and connect to itunes it saids need to activate with my original att card. what now?

  • Bigjimmy4love

    i get to step7 and when i open itunes, it says “the sim card inserted does not seem to be supported”…. what do i do?

  • kosovo

    ta cova 1 kerkese ne fb.?

  • Niranjan Nande

    it works it works thank you thank you m toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much happy

  • Odin681

    i got problem at step 7 plz guideee

  • 3screativez

    just install SAMprefs,, it will install both automatically…

  • eran

    Its possible to unlock 4.12.01

  • Thedaremail

    Does this work in Macedonia? I’ve tried few times and nothing :/

  • Snowman 117

    Million thanks to loktar_Sun. Finally got my Iphone working with a Lebanese carrier. To hell with React0r, Gevey and R-sim. Thanks

  • kosovo

    MC605FD eshte modeli .

  • rocker

    could you please provide the correct tutorial? because i tried red snow and when i get it to DFU mode the process stops or gets stuck, all i can see is the message “Exploiting in limerain”. Could you please tell me what the mistake I did here?

    My iphone details:

    iPhone 4
    baseband 04.11.08
    firmware 5.0.1(9A405)
    Model : (MC603B) A1332
    Career 3 mobile UK

    Thanks in advance Sop1 🙂

  • Deiwes

    se algum brasileiro conseguiu me ajuda aew

  • Em_likes_pizza

    will it work on hacktivated iphone 4 ?

  • Shailee16891

    “Simply double tap the ‘Phone Number’ present at the main screen of the device”… Which main screen are you referring to? Please help…

  • rocker

    Sop1 Pleaseee help 🙁

  • Deiwes

    se algum brasileiro conseguiu me ajuda aew

  • Ruslan

    works everywere, just unlocked in ukraine, if u understand a little russian u can search on russian web sites

  • Odin681

    man chu 3milit bil step 7 3am yetla3 3indi ino not compatible sim

  • roy

    is anyone have the same problem after trying to unlock. the activation sim screens shows up.
    please click like and reply to this. so maybe someone can help

  • Luiza

    To com medo de cortar meu chip pra tentar, haha. Vou esperar o email da at&t

  • Miguel

    A alguien que habla español le ha funcionado este metodo
    Ya que yo lo intentè pero no me funciona 🙁

    Lo quiero hacer telcel

  • Luiza

    Someone could help me?
    Just a question, if i unlock my phone with a sim card, i can not use another sim?

  • Ruslan

    just do all procidures again

  • Tnhk3995

    I Can’t do anything, when I’m turning on my iPhone it says the same error!
    I’m stucked….

  • LA350ZX

    I can’t Install SAM from cydia. it shows a verification error message (the request timed out).. What should I do ?

  • Astriti

    Pershendetje Ajald,

    Tek Hapi 4, cilin operator duhet te zgjedhim: Ate ku eshte bllokuar (AT$T, psh) apo operatorin me te cilin duhet te punojme (AMC, psh)

  • Ruslan

    that app save the world, I did it in ukraine, thanks a lot to chineese guy who make this app, maybe u missed something in instructions, I have done it with my Iphone 4 5.0.1 IOS with 4.11.08 baseband, actually any baseband can be unlocked since ur device is jailbroken

  • Weatherman25

    Three UK is not in the list bugger it does work but it has to be a three network in the list

  • uchiha

    hi everybody can any one help me please i don’t found my Carrier en sam how can i unlock my iphone 4

  • stefan

    Salut,ai reusit sa il faci?Stima

  • Tnhk3995

    I tried again and again and again, it says my sim card is not supported.

  • roy

    got the same problem. nothing help. i try to jailbreak again with redsnow. but it wont let you go in dfu mode.

  • roy

    !!!! important post. some users iphone got stuck in the activation sim screen. jailbreak wont help, cuz it dont let you in dfu mode. dont try it out before a solution com out for this.

  • roy

    how. its showing sim activation screen. you can go to normal screen. and dfu mode is not possible

  • roy

    for some is killing your iphone

  • Tnhk3995

    it says my iPhone is factoryactivated and I cannot unlock it, what I have to do ? |:

  • roy

    do you stuck sim activation screen? need original sim from carrier bought with phone?

  • Niranjan Nande

    bt this is nt a permanent unlock. using network reset it again gets deactivated

  • Karimi3311

    how to install that when error is showing?

  • stonehenge323

    worked very good for me after several attempts with different carrier id’s. Since I still had the original sim I got the imsi information with auto_detect. unlocked vodafone germany

  • Silverboarder3000

    i got model MC603B
    i find various responses on the internet to what carrier it could be :/
    any idea?

  • Niranjan Nande

    hw to copy different id to work with plzzz help

  • Yasir009

    Yup a week ago i tried and the same screen comes after i restart my iphone…….I put my sim card and press try again more then 50 times :p after sum times it started to take time in varification so i restart my phone again my cell is still locked but atleast i can use my phone as ipod so give it a try i hope it will work for u as well i dont think so sam is going to work so wait for it

  • Toni

    i get to step7 and when i open itunes, it says “the sim card inserted does not seem to be supported”…. what do i do? HELP PLX

  • Peruano431

    MIGUEL pero ya instalastes el SAM??????

  • Abc

    thanks it works !!!!!! vf de

  • Peruano431


  • DESA

    Same as me, just have to wait for some information

  • Dammydking

    Has anyone in america gotten it to work for T-Mobile?

  • Astriti

    Na e thuaj shqip te lutem se si e bere

  • Joeng2009

    after active the card . now I get the massage is invalid sim card

  • Thomas Lai

    I have. Through AT&T unlock.

  • stonehenge323

    then your carries id is not correct. if you have a working orig sim try auto_detect for the correct ISMI and then switch to desired sim when you set mode to manual and switch cards. works flawlessly

  • Bondok11

    can you plz explain step 7 in details ?? what is the “phone number” and where can i find it ???

  • Scarpatchi

    I’ve tried it with 2 different laptops with the same iphone but it doesnt unlock the iphone. Step 7 is where i get stuck? What can i do? Delete and reinstall SAM ???

  • Jimcbyrne

    hi stuck at step 7 please help

  • Dj

    it stands what to do when you open SAM app

  • jay

    unlock bb 04.12.01 !!!! hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaa

  • Leo Leart

    are you asking or you are telling??? Did u try?

  • Scarpatchi

    How did it go when you attached your iphone to itunes? Everybody gets stuck on Step 7.

  • Alejandro Cardenas

    Funcionó perfecto!!!!!
    aqui el vídeo detallado de cómo hacerlo!

  • José Luis Reyes

    It worked for me! BB 04.11.08

  • Chathukaperera

    open sam and select “revert lock down to stock” in utils
    after that i dont know what to do cuz according to what i think u need the original sim to get the phone unlocked

  • Chathukaperera

    did u require the original sim card or a sim card from the locked service provider to get your phone unlocked?

  • Chathukaperera


  • José Luis Reyes

    Original to copy the IMSI and then the one you are using

  • Daro

    it worked like a charm without original sim.. yeah 4.11.08 unlocked finally

  • Smo202

    I have 5.1 firmware 04.12.01 so can I unlock my iphone by SAM??

  • Prabhat Mehta

    i don’t have the sim of the carrier my phone is locked on… can we use some one else’s sim details to just create the spoof… will this work

    and pls tell what carrier is my phone locked to:
    iphone 4
    32gb black

  • Prabhat Mehta

    how do you do it without original sim… pls expelling way u did.. pls!!!

  • Jvaldivia2754

    This really works!! no lies no gimmicks, T-Mobile-USA
    i was stuck on step 7 for a bit but for some reason this forum
    doesn’t explain it right.. i was pressing a few tabs here and there
    and the “activate (whatever the other word is)” was pressed last,
    black screen came up and T-Mobile showed up. Thanks for the unlock!!

  • Jvaldivia2754

    no original sim needed BTW

  • Barliza

    Alguien le a funcionado en Venezuela??? con Movistar?

  • Marvs


  • Nunod75

    “SIM card not compatible.” How can i do to it???

  • Keli61946

    hi i live in albania and i dont have the original sim card, and i have been using my iphone since i mistakenly updated, as an ipod . sic i can anyone tell me how to do it . please .
    thanks in advance

  • Aaron

    cydia wont let me install SAM what do i do?????

  • Keli61946

    zgjidhet ajo qe do te punosh, po pa karten origjinale si ja bohet ??????????????”””???????????’

  • Didine

    working in algeria ; thank you

  • Capaciraptor

    This method works!!!!!!!!
    After sam method, i updated to 5.1
    for testing purposes, with itunes and it’s really
    Factory unlocked, after update too!

  • Blue Skai

    it works Glo naija back on my precious iPhone4

  • Chauthuan_200006

    could’n activate on tmobile service

  • tc

    i got problem when hit the attempt activation
    SAM Notification
    actvation reports error
    activationinfo rejected.you must selectthe original carrier SIMID of your phone

  • lemonLok

    its work on 1.0.06??

  • Savuthchea

    is it work on 4.3.3 or not?

  • Mirnaroche

    Hola Jose Luis, tengo que copiar el IMSI que me da SAM y despues poner el de mi sim? Gracias

  • Izzypiddy94

    how do i fix FaceTime and iMessage? it won’t work after the unlock

  • Jay

    where can i get sim id for T-Mobile ? and where will the phone no. show up after i m doing all this to double tap ?>

  • Optimu8799

    thanks guys i did till step 3 and itjust worked thanks a lot

  • Jay

    woooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thumbs up for this guy. It worked like a charm.. love it

  • Jhonny Sandoval


  • Jay

    I was able to see the T-Mobile service after i copied ICCID or whatever and pasted it. However, i never saw my phone no. from step 7. So i never get to double tap on the phone number wherever it supposed to show up. I feel like service of my T-Mobile is kinda going away when i connect it. Is there something that i did wrong ? Please help, other than that T-mobile on baseband 4.11.08 with firmware 5.0.1 is working great now. Thank you so much again for this tutorial, i have been waiting for it for almost 7 months now..

  • Alejandrob_13

    please help meee… can´t get my iphone inactivated i push in de-activated and show me the notification but when i come back to more information keep shows activated

  • Gagr1128

    Lol thank great work , i very happy , thanks friends.

  • Jay

    are you using the sim that you wanted to use with that phone ? or you are using the original sim ?

  • Mirnaroche

    Does it work if I have version 4.3.3?

  • Edri

    step 7 is not work, i have been trying to copy paste IMSI.. itunes still not detect my new card..

  • Sivinduong

    THIS METHOD FREAKIN WORKS…. SO EXCITED>… FOLLOW CAREFULLY>… Dont watch the video… Follow this 10 steps….

  • Serengio

    YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS Its work for meeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Stratford0205

    please help…
    i cant install SAM even if i have already added repo.bingner.com..
    i can’t search it

  • Dafvq

    it says that you need to reload springboard, but when i reload, it takes so much time . until now it’s not opening :((

  • Landanjuarez

    phone is stuck on no service, i don’t know what to do from here. wildcard activated. keep plugging into iTunes

  • Lheewhoo

    What is the carrier for mc604c iphone4… Need ur support guyz…

  • Info


  • Info

    can you give us video from the start till it succes unlocked? It’s very thankful when you can do that. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Tnhk3995

    I need the original sim card ? or not ?

  • Tnhk3995

    open redsn0w and click on ‘Extras’ ‘Just Boot’ and follow the steps.

  • Tnhk3995

    I can’t unlock my phone….. when I am connecting to to iTunes again, at part 8 it changed the ActivationState to: Activated.
    and no signal bar comes.

  • Jacob Gill (高健)

    gosh I hope this works.

  • Ivan

    Hello. I unlocked iPhone 4 (5.0.1, 4.11.08) for one Serbian career. Is that unlock for one SIM, or for all SIMs on that career? Which is procedure to unlock for other career? Is needed to do every process or someone is not needed?

  • Prabhat Mehta

    when i hit attempt activation it give error: unable to retrieve store BAG… what does this mean?????

  • Manish Reddy

    can i use sam prefs instead of sam in sources

  • Jkkhui

    I bought my iphone 4 from ebay which came with AT&T 5.0.1 / BB 04.11. 08. I’ve been waiting for month & month for gevey sim & R-sim. Finally I unlocked my iphone 4 with SAM package for FREE. Now my iphone 4 shows T-Mobile signal bar.The whole planet earth is celebration. Thanks to the Chinese hacker called loktar_Sun.

  • Abdulganias

    i am very excited, i will try once reached to home after office.
    I feel today is a very long day 🙁

  • Jacob Gill (高健)

    Still no luck here in Taiwan. I’m on bb 04.11.08, with an old AT&T iphone. I’ve tried every carrier option multiple times but every time I plug into the computer it says “There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.”

    Has anyone run into this issue and been able to fix it?

  • sunnythemoron

    it worked for vodafone india…..awesome…super thanks…..

  • anonymous69

    yup.. its the same..

  • anonymous69

    thanks man!! work like a charm!!

  • anonymous69

    work here in Philippines.. nice!!

  • Mansoor Nazar

    Hi SunnyThemoron- I dont have internet connection in my mobile. when i edit repo.bingner.com it says no internet connection. Please let meknow how to proceed..

  • Dafvq

    When I hit attempt activation it gives error: “unable to retrieve storeBag”

  • Dafvq

    What carrier are you using ?

  • Dhaval Panchal

    hey can u help me too .. m too on vodafone maharashtra .. 🙁

  • Avtar

    How come sunny? can u tell the process. because in mobile substrate in vodafone section only vodafone Madhya pradesh is there.

  • Christopher Rodríguez

    I did everything as it is the tutorial but I still have the “NO SERVICE” I’m from peru and my operator is CLARO.

  • Christopher Rodríguez

    when connecting to iTunes says no I get no error (the model of my iPhone is MC603Y

  • Anil_salunke25

    i cant install SAM its giving me some red color error

  • Compufour

    Anyone can tell if the 3G signal works after this method?

    Alguem que conseguiu sabe dizer se o sinal 3G funciona normalmente? Meu TIM aqui está sem o 3G =/

  • Aliu1126

    i am getting a invalid SIM in the upper left corner. can anyone help?

  • haroon707

    this is really worked for my iphone4 baseband 4.11.08. i m very thankfull for this people who make this software

  • Guy2bul45

    it didn’t work for me 🙁

  • AKA

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated.
    And there is no Armenia in cauntries

  • bernardo

    I cannot instal SAM because it depends on preferenceloader and libhide, will someone help?

  • Dimidrol999

    Posix: operation timed out
    WHY? What wrong? What shall I do?

  • Cristiano

    the name of my new carrier appeared, but no signal bars… is that my iphone 4 broke? =

  • Cristiano

    I’m from Brazil and my carrier here is Claro.

  • Rumdoh

    Í’ve tried to add source but it says “it is time out?” Why?

  • Rumdoh

    I really can’t add source. Please help!

  • Manish Reddy

    y am i getting operation timed out while installing sam

  • Leo

    You have to try many times until you succeed

  • Phdc John Daryl Cadiz

    It Worked tnx a lot 4.11.08 success yesssssssssssssssssssss thank you GODBLESS i give somebody a hint on sim problem just google your official IMSI carrier number and then paste it on SAM details and activate it then u get the status of wildcard activated

  • Leo

    While installing SAM it continuously shows Updating Sources. and just above the status bar i get Done= Packages. But i am not getting any confirmation that whether the package has been installed or not. Is anybody facing this problem.or somebody could post the answer.

  • Alex

    repo bingner.com is down…please help!

  • Lacoste

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated.

  • lacoste

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated.

    whaat now 🙁 i have tried deactivation from redsn0w b7 the latest still in the activation state under More info it is Activated :((

  • Cesar

    Tengo un problema no me deja agregar la fuente que hago???? me dice que puede ser un repositorio antiguo de installer y que no son compatibles y que cydia puede encontrar un repositorio si introduces el URL exacto

  • lacoste

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated.

    whaat now 🙁 i have tried deactivation from redsn0w b7 the latest still in the activation state under More info it is Activated :((

  • Amik05

    i cant add the repo why?

  • Free_jef

    same here .. i dont know how to fix it .. it always verification error >.>

  • Free_jef

    i hope they can help us on our problem 🙁

  • Cesar

    ya me carga el paquete pero ahora me dice que se acabo el tiempo de espera

  • AKA

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated. I’ve tried deactivation with redsn0w 0.9.10b8 but still the same problem, what should i do ??? please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Usmantk22

    Excellent worked like charm…took me only two attempts….working with telenor pakistan

  • Jacob Gill (高健)

    wow, thanks for the great info

  • lacoste

    i am using ufone- i dont get the option UNACTIVATED 🙁
    it remains activted all the while- i deactivated using redsn0w but the status still showed activated

  • God_david_villa

    What do you do if you don’t have your old sim card, for me I bought the phone off eBay, and it is locked to at&t, but I am in Australia, therefore is there any way this could work for me?

  • Saran

    YUPIIIIIIIII,,,,FINALLYYY CHINA RULESSSSSSSSS CONGR TO ALL CHINESSZZ BOYS>.causeare verysmart..first off all guys U SHOULD KNOW from where is your iphone using IMEi site..then u use by carrer mode with country .. u go in spoof SAM and open itunes first with SAM enabled to reactivate ..then u disable SAM ..if u try in1 minute u should have an IPHONE(the best phone for all times)4 in my case BB 04 11 08!!!!!!

  • Varun264

    Hi ravi
    could you help me i am getting an error

  • lacoste

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated. I’ve tried deactivation with redsn0w 0.9.10b8 but still the same problem, what should i do ??? please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelpp

  • Ganesh

    working in in india ….gud one…Thanks

  • lacoste

    after deactivtng — click revert lockdwnd to stock .. it should deactivate it

  • Manuela Vaz

    I’ve tried to add source but It says ” the request times out” why?

  • Hvajihuddin

    hey dude even iam from india i want to know tht which sim u r using now and did u have an att chip before

  • 令狐冲

    the repo link not working at all…time out

  • Cesar

    por favor tengo una pregunta que hago en el paso 5 cuando en el itunes me dice un mensaje que la tarjeta sim no es compatible y en donde debo copiar el IMSI xfaaa ayuda!!!


    double check if you type correctly

  • DESA

    BINGO! After 4 hours of trying many things i finally got it to work, Thank you whoever made this possible.

  • Asad

    request times out for bingner 🙁

  • mike

    can you tell us please ,how you add that source?we can’t add!!!

  • Abdiman-5

    please can somebody explain step 7 more clearly? thanks

  • Qwd

    guys….if you can’t instal source just search on cydia “samPrefs” and you wil have instaled
    after instal search on utilities and you will find “sim”

    thank you SAM!!!!
    you are the best!!!

  • Sunnythemoron

    Use hutch as your network for south India…it takes a few attempts but works fine. Use the video link and follow it step by step. All the best

  • Dainius

    Keep trying to add a source, it worked.

  • Phdc John Daryl Cadiz

    simply head over to Settings > SAM > Utilities and tap on “Revert Lockdown to stock” button then your phone will surely unactivated

  • Rfc_wilma

    Does this unlock an iPhone which has been blocked using the IMEI number?

  • Maria

    After installing Sam my iPhone Was black And not Turn on. It’s happen with someone else?

  • lheewhoo

    What is the carrier for mc604c iphone4… Need ur support guyz…

  • kopelenceto

    POSIX: Operation timed out …. is there any solution

  • Bart Riley Br

    Keep trying.. over and over and over and over.. it will take eventually. Promise!

  • Mansoor Nazar

    guys how long it takes to install SAM its taking more 30min for me.. Please suggest…

  • Aiste

    gal ir man gali padeti ? 😀

  • Okin

    thanks to this guide my iphone is now perfectly unlocked and making calls. i was locked in an albanian carrier and i had the original sim which i only used to copy the imsi number. then i unlocked it following this method to a greek carrier (vodafone). the other method with the video did not work for me, but this one did. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Alpanchino

    add slash / in the end of URL

  • Alpanchino

    add / in the end of url

  • Mansoor Nazar

    installation operation is getting failed… Any idea ?? Please help

  • motox

    my carrier is not in the list..FFFFFFF…. help please.

  • motox

    try again.. i’ve tried about 20 times… and it works now .

  • Victor Britto

    yes thats normal maria, it was doing a respring!!!! its fine

  • Victor Britto

    make sure to update itunes first

  • Victor Britto

    porque no as actualizado itunes a la ultima version,,, me paso igual…. solo tienes que actualizar itunes primero

  • Miljan017

    i have a problem, when i was connected phone to itunes i got message sim card not supported.

    how can fix that, thanks a lot to all for help

  • motox

    CHECK THIS OUT…. my carrier was not in the list in my country.. but i check other carrier ( not like my sim) and it works.. it’s unlocked 4.11.8 ..sry 4 my english..

  • Fred-0310

    comment faire j’ai une carte sim avec l’opérateur free ?

  • Rcd210

    Gracias por la Ayuda Funciono a las mil maravillas tanta espera valió la pena
    Saludos desde Panama

  • lheewhoo

    What is the carrier for mc604c iphone4… Need ur support guyz… i dont have the original sim and i dont know which carrier it was locked to..did anybody faced this issue? need your help guys,.,,,

  • arara

    while installing sam it is displaying error message as operation timed out

  • Lennyryan

    while installing sam it is displaying error message as operation timed out

  • Karimi3311

    same here … help please :(((

  • Karimi3311

    i cant install SAM its giving me some red color error
    any one … help pls … :(((

  • Lennyryan

    Anyone getting error while installing sam displaying error message as operation timed out, keep trying it as I just got it going after about 30 attempts, probably because the server is busy so like I said keep trying it will work

  • Arvinhess

    I have a iPhone 4 version 4.3.3 baseband 04.11.08 and I used SAM to unlock my phone and I’m happy 2 say it works fine.

  • Paul

    Woah!! My really expensive Ipod has finally become an Iphone again!! Thanks SAM developers , unlockboot, all the (useful) comments, my old nokia, n my patience for not giving up n selling it!!
    great post , just wanted to add that you have to put your original sim upto the end of the 5th step..!
    If you dont have it, you should be able to get the number with a quick google search.

    Just FYI, for indians on Vodafone other than madhya pradesh , you will find your state under Hutchisson!

    Thanks and good luck everyone!! the servers have been slow but just keep trying to download it and it will happen!!

  • Jeszy_atti97

    i cant add the source…what need to do? some help please

  • Dejan

    anyone know for macedonian cariers?

  • Chathukaperera

    can u please provide a link from which u got the IMSI number from? pleaseeeee

  • Leshoiad

    SAMpref which I have just downloaded is not looking as this posted here. Mine does not have sliders as method, country etc. just under the “Subscriber Artificial Modul”bar. Why is that? Also as many of people here I cannot deactivate the phone and it still FactoryActivated!!! Where we are wrong?

  • C Vargas1

    hey what would you have to put into google to find the number

  • Paul

    Sorry there. I cannot help you with that. I thought it was a common number for the carrier and country, but its not. it would be unique to every customer.

  • lheewhoo

    i dont have the original sim.. how will i know from which carrier my iphone has been locked? the model of mine was mc604c

  • Paul

    servers are busy…. just keep trying or try in a couple of days!

  • Gregory-saunders

    does this work with international carriers like the Bahamas ? n when u hook it up to itunes wouldnt that just upgrade your baseband right away to the newer version ?

  • JJ

    What to do, I have used all possible methods defined by different forums, I am still at ‘No Service’ and activation status is showing Mismatched ICCID

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    Perfectly works in Albania. Did it under T-Mobile Germany and using Vodafone Albania. Thanks !!!

  • Imran khan

    Anyone having trouble unlocking read my post and have fun.
    Get any simcard that works in your area. open SAM, utilities, De-Activate. Go back to main screen, click “Methoed” and Choose “Auto Detect” from main screen. go to “More Information” and copy IMSI number from “SAM Details” section of the screen which is the second line from bottom and then click “spoof real sim with SAM”, that’s it, you don’t have to do anything else, go back to main screen and you will automatically have ICCID and IMSI codes entered in its fields on the main screen. Connect it to itunes and guaranteed get an unlocked iphone in 30 seconds.

  • Ajald Çelmeta

    It’s a Canada locked carrier. I am not sure which but at least you know it’s in Canada

  • Sihana_g

    I cant add SAM in norway?

  • lheewhoo

    thank you for the information mate..so atleast i have to look for the canadian carriers now..

  • lheewhoo

    even if it will upgrade to newer baseband, theres no worries now for this unlock method will work on any baseband…try it…(just make sure you know which carrier ur iphone was locked to)

  • Dejan

    hi.i have an error pls help me…i do everythng what you write here but still is locked,my iphone is activated,when is my wrong way?

  • pjtm

    hi I´ve tried to do thise and when i tried to end and restore the new sim there is a error that sais we are sorry your Iphone is damaged and the service can not be activated.
    and now i cant use mi iphone what shoul i do???

  • OO

    I tried over 30 times. and I continue to get POSIX: Operation Timed Out…Help meeeee

  • pjtm

    hi I´ve tried to do thise and when i tried to end and restore the new sim there is a error that sais we are sorry your Iphone is damaged and the service can not be activated.
    and now i cant use mi iphone what shoul i do???

  • Di4blos


    I have one question for you. Do I need to make jailbrake to install Cydia and next SAM ? Or maybe i can just install cydia without jailbraking my iphone (iphone is activated – I have oryginal sim card) ?

    If it is not a problem, give me quick answer.

    Best regards,

  • Charlie

    you need the jailbreak it

  • Charlie

    i think i have the same model, mine was fido. not sure if that is the number for all canada carriers though

  • Cabang25

    i cant open my cydia… i need help!!

  • Cabang25

    can u help me? i cant open my cydia.. 🙁

  • Shavkat Mirzoev

    i need help please.. why there is no SIMPLE mobile???

  • Shavkat Mirzoev

    YAAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOO, hey guys I just UNLOCKED urrraaaaa thanks a lottttttt UNLOCKBOOT!!! I could not find SIMPLE MOBILE in the list, but I used T mobile in order to use SIMPLE MObILE ))))))) Im so happy

  • Kyupiddo

    Türk olan arkadaşlar varsa yardım etsin, tıkandım çok kötü.

  • Djdev Croump

    Tu fait comme tu vois sur la vidéo mais assure toi que la puce free sois déjà activer ,sinon je confirme sa marche très bien . Sur mon iPhone 4

  • Pala Vamsi

    Hi Charlie I was unable to find Fido under the carrier list, are you sure you found it, Can you please share the SIM id?

  • Jblount05

    what do i use for sim ID for tmobile service?

  • Rsoehawan

    how did you do it?could u help me please :(((

  • Rsoehawan

    anyone help please…i still can’t get it :(( could anyone help me with the steps…

  • Cabang25

    can anyone help me? stuck on step two…

  • bigdawg621

    At “Attempt Activation” getting error:unable to retrieve storeBag

  • Karim Tazi01

    I can not add a source

  • Advplboy

    That´s wright! I´ve done! It REALY REALY WORKS!
    You maybe need to reinstall SAM, I´ve tried mutch times, without sucess.
    Tryed to reinstall and proceed worked for me!

    Thanks dude!

  • lharri40

    Could someone please help me.. I’m not sure if I should go ahead and use the SAM method to unlock my iPhone 4 with baseband 4.11.08.. I called AT&T on Fri and gave them my IMEI number and email address & they gave me a case number, they said I should hear back from them in 7-10 days, but this is just for eligibility. I don’t have the original AT&T sim card which this phone is locked to.. Can you still unlock using SAM without the original sim? So yeah, whether to wait for AT&T and get factory unlocked or bite the bullet and attempt it myself.. hmmm :-/

  • Jamboscorpion

    select Revert lockdown to stock from utilities

  • Cabang25

    its so sad.. there is no number to double tap on the screen.. :(( nothing appeared.. i followed everything.. :((

  • Cabang25

    there nothing to double tap, because there is no number that appeard on the main screen.. :(( can anyone help me?

  • Ohmz44

    It works folks!! Patience and following directions is all you need….Way to go loctar_sun!

  • Nguyenthanhhuy

    Vietnam ok, thanks so much. Chinese is the great

  • Camilo Olavarria

    “Some of you might experience a problem at step 7 as you might be shown a message: SIM card not compatible. No need to worry, as there is a guide for this as well”

    Where is that?

  • Camilo Olavarria

    “Some of you might experience a problem at step 7 as you might be shown a message: SIM card not compatible. No need to worry, as there is a guide for this as well”

    Where is that?!!!

  • Ali

    after clicking the Deactivate, nothing changes on More information state!!!!Still Factory activated. HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Pala Vamsi

    yes you can unlock without original sim … !!!!

  • lharri40

    oooh fantastic! So should I put SAM onto my iPhone and just run it through without a sim card in the phone, or should I put the one in there that I want the phone to be unlocked to?? Thanks for your help!!! 😀

  • LLemus

    After a couple of minutes of playing with SAM and iTunes and the iPhone, I finally got it to work!!!! Thanks a lot UNLOCKBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the donation button?

  • Pliundemix

    Cant get past the “The sim card insertd in this phone does not appear to be supported”. The phone is a Telecom PErsonal Argentina, I can not find bundle for this! I’ve tried everything! Selecting MEthod by Carrier Country, Auto Detect, everything!!!! Always the same message! Have plugged unplugged several times!!! I really think this phone can not be unlocked with this method…HELP!! ANYONE!

  • SAG

    I am not able to see Method option in SAM, is it because i am on ios 4.3.3(04.11.08), or something else.
    How to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 with preserving baseband, please reply.

  • Succeeded with SAM

    before u plug in the itunes, did u “paste” the IMSI of SAM detail? this is a very important step!

  • gnomes

    when this happened to me i jailbroke the phone again unticking ‘install cydia’ but ticking ‘deactivate device’

  • gnomes

    re-jailbrake phone, installing cydia again

  • Sharonfa

    I managed to install SAM, but when i launch it, the “utilities” can’t be pressed… i tap on it and nothing… tried to reinstall but its the same. Why can’t i press “utilities”? anyone?


  • Kimchew90

    My SAMPrefs doesn’t run at all

  • Alex

    ACUtil and Stockify cant install….thx

  • kim

    how did u press utilities?

  • Idkarma74

    N/A is Correct just sam disable and the itunes and have error massgae and then close itune and then re connect it. u can see you number 🙂

  • RaviPola

    Hey dude !!! I am using my Idea Cellular, Andhra Pradesh, I have AT&T Original SIM, but I inserted my idea SIM before start this process, Follow all 29 (Twenty Nine) steps which SAM Stated on their post clearly, you will be succeed in this.

  • RaviPola

    Dude!! your iPhone should be get installed Cydia first, they you will get Source, in that source you have to add “SAM” and “SAMPref”, then follow the steps stated by SAM. You will be get succeeded .

  • ypypy

    Great!!! After 3 days I have unlocked it!!! Thanks!!!

  • SAM

    MSTRFKR_04 after you press install in right corner.
    then you should have a icon on you iphone with SAM.

  • dheepan raj

    just nw unlocked my BB 4.11.08 Iphone4 i am from india vodafone user tamilnadu Sivakasi

  • Query

    one qus…. does it mean i need to Enable Sam and do the whole procedure everytime i switch any difference SIM card? i believe it does not work like unlock for all SIM card

  • lacoste

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ITTTT WooOrrrrrrrrrKKKSSSSS:D:D:DD:D:D:D:DD

  • lacoste

    keep trying they will

  • lacoste

    therez an option under the deactivte button saying revert to lockdwnd stock,
    click that after deactivation and then check more info = the status will change

  • łukasz

    Panowie i Panie, działa na 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dzieki Sam!!!!!! Nareszcie mój ipod zmienił sie w iphone!!!

  • Hrsena

    Funcionou!!!! Desbloqueado da AT&T para OI BRASIL….

  • lharri40

    This method worked for me without any problem at all.. the only thing i had to change, was turn hacktivation off and deactivate the phone a little differently to how it says so above. It is definately legit because once I launched iTunes, I got a message saying ‘congratulations, your iphone is now unlocked!’ hooorraayyyy!!! Good luck to everyone else who is stuck, if it worked for me (my phone is on 4.2.1 and bb 4.11.08) it should work for you!! Just keep reading like i have been, you’ll get there eventually!! 🙂

  • Bisko

    can’t see IMSI : how i make it ?

  • Matrix

    Thank You so much..Godbless the hacker and your web site.. it works to my Etisalat UAE with Firmware 5.0.1 and Baseband 4.12.01..

  • Kwmom02

    Same here! You resolved it already?

  • Karimi3311

    your iphone is currently factoryactivated — n there is no any option for deactivate the iphone :(((( wats the solution ???? pleassss help

  • Info

    easily just go to – SAM – UTILITIES – REVERT LOCKDOWN TO STOCK cheerrs from Indonesia 😉

  • Xainy_99

    My phone is hactivated plz help me out, i have been trying to revert lockdown to stock but noting is happening.

  • Karimi3311

    it gives this massage : stockification failure 🙁

  • Leshoiad

    for those of you who trying to de-activate. Firs update Cidya installer, second update SAMprefs, finaly before de-activate push ‘Revert Lockdown to Stock”. This is it!
    I still cannot find “Phone number” to tap it double!!!

  • Cocoliso

    Wait for AT&T dude, its a factory unlock after all! If they dont unlock your iPhone, then go for the SAM solution (and you dont need the original SIM with it, just the SIM you want to use from now on).

  • Joseph

    Its working dear so good , just try very good

  • Joseph

    You can wait first if AT&T will not unlock it for you so you can use SAM

  • Tins2025

    Please help, what SIM ID for T-moble USA

  • chibs

    the phone number is on itunes you double tap ‘ phone number’ to get the iccid. tap one time you’ll get the imei. Hope it’ll help. I did all this but still unactivated

  • Naseq

    Hi paul , I have been trying to unlock my iphone 4, its not working, i have followed each and evry step, but still it shows me no service on iphone and on itunes it says insert compatable sim, I’m from Hyderabad using Vodafone, I have selected hutchisson Ap from the list… do I need to have the original sim ( international cariers sims) with me to activate my iphone?

  • Leshoiad

    Proofed personally py my self. The method works fine……………after huge tries!!!

  • Leshoiad

    phone number is in display of Itunes, not on idevice!

  • Shekhar Chandra08

    thanks a tonnne …great work…finally working on idea network in india…

  • lheewhoo

    try re installing the sam…it looks like you have installed the older version

  • lheewhoo

    Utilities and tap on “Revert Lockdown to stock

  • Akhil 00555

    My signal goes after few minutes? I am from Chandigarh(India)

  • lheewhoo

    it can but you need to repeat the process in every new sim

  • lheewhoo

    it means sam is disabled..

  • lheewhoo

    do you know the carrier from which your phone was been locked? if not try to google “itools 2012” install it and it will show you all the infos for your iphone,.

  • lheewhoo

    dude, try to know the original carrier of ur iphone…i believe this is the issue..

  • Jeffreymr5

    Ive managed to unlock my Iphone but when making/receiving calls the tone remains mute. I cannot hear the other party and vice versa nor the ringing.

    Anybody knows the reason or any solution for the particular problem ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • lheewhoo

    i cant let imessage and facetime work after unlocked using sam…any idea on this unlockboot buddies?

  • ypypy

    should I unlock each SIM card this way?

  • iPhone_unlocker

    hi! anyone from the philippines na gusto magpa-unlock? 1, 500 pesos only send to 09263854933 =)

  • Mery_na85

    Is it valid for iphones around the world, like Morocco in North Africa

  • Jaromirprazan

    what can i do when i not have original sim

  • Karimi3311

    u need to jailbreak ur phone again …

  • Jaromirprazan

    can i unlock when i not have original sim for my iphone

  • Hemantyadav5

    Greate tool ! thanks team !

  • Hemant_6680

    Yes ! u can unlock without the original SIM Card

  • Jaromirprazan

    thx i have now new card for czech repu. butt this iphone ist from austria and this card for austria t-mobile i not have

  • Gowripadasala

    When I connect to Itunes it say the SIM is not supported. Please advice..

  • Gowripadasala

    Even after doing this I’m getting invalid SIM error.

  • Aussillonais

    My carrier disapear after few second… But my activation is working. HELP ME

  • chibs

    you don’t need the original sim card. In “method” choose “auto” to get your original carrier, or “by country and carrier” and choose manually the original country and carrier.

  • Nunod75

    BIG PROBLEMMMM: it says Activation reports Error: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone…


  • Ibrahim Zamix

    hello guys….

    is that possible to unlock off contract iphone….. i mean the phones which we bought from ebay amazon……


  • Rombak

    thanks a lot, working in ireland on tesco mobile. for whom is still trying read carefully the steps

  • HelloYhere

    How can i send/recieve pictures? I mean it is not letting me

  • Cabang25

    its from at&t and i use a tmobile sim… i did cut it for the sake of unlocking the phone! suckz, i paid 20$ to get another simcard from tmobile coz i cant use it in my other phone…..

  • Benjamin Andersson

    I can’t see any Sim Details, not IMSI or ICCID.. Why is this? Locked iPhone 4 5.0.1 baseband: 4.11.08. I can see Sam Details but not SIM.
    I don’t have my original sim left. original sim was from Telia (Sweden)
    Can anyone help me?

  • Rooh Da Stranger

    Keep trying it will damn work… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Aymoun84

    try to do it again but without sim card inserted

  • Andy Technologyhunger

    can i unlock with bb 04.10.01 version 4.3.3 ??? please help !!! 🙂

  • Deepika

    When I connect iphone with computer at step 7, it straightforward displays the message (The sim card inserted in this phone does not seems to be valid), how can I fix it and how to do step 7..

  • Andy Technologyhunger

    can i unlock with bb 04.10.01 version 4.3.3 ??? please help !!! or i have to upgrade to 5.1 ??

  • Faizanchaghtai

    dont have to upgradde to 5.1 i think, try it like that? you just need to be jailbroken..

  • Chrisml82

    i did it yerterday and it`s been working perfect!!!!! notifications just fine .. everiting

  • Chrisml82

    it gives you a list of numbers like 8 or 9 of 5 or 6 digits try one by one and disconect the cable to the computer each time !!!! one should work , is what i did!

  • Ibrahim Zamix

    andy is tha possible to unlock off contract phones…. like phone which we bought from eBay… amazon etc……

  • Andy Technologyhunger

    but i tune still say not support !! and if choos auto detect ! itune accept but still no carrier !! how can i ???

  • Leshoiad

    update Cydia installer, update SAMprefs…………

  • Jamesdean

    second step Step 2. After you have installed SAM, you will be able to see it on your Springboard. Press SAM to launch it. However, you need to make sure that you have the SIM card which you want to use in your iPhone.

    do i USE my original simcard At&t which the iphone is locked to, or i use my simcard i want to use
    i am stuck on step 2

  • iphone4

    i have at&t iphone that i bought on ebay. how to know which at&t it was locked to
    i see a list of at&t on carrier choice

  • Jegoo_92

    No wayyyyyy .. Guys after 3 days of trying it workssssssss .. Thnk gooooddddand thnq guys for the hard work

  • Di4blos

    It’s very good information :). I have the same Lock from T-Mobile Germany. Yesterday I’ve done jailbreak on my iphone and next installed the SAM from Cydia. Today I’m gonna try to unlock it for operator PLAY from Poland :).


  • Utathya10

    is having an AT&T sim absolutely necessary(mine is AT&T LOCKED)

  • Yogaphani218

    After 6 attempts my phone was unlocked using sam method.Thank UUUUUU
    5.1,bb 4.12.01

  • Henrique Chehad

    My iPhone is unlocked with SAM, but now, the carrier made the official unlock, how to remove SAM to do official unlock?

  • Jacob Gill (高健)

    when it says restart from step 1, do they really mean that you need to reinstall the package every time?

  • Barcemiaec

    erase from cydia SAM and the the reposity and thats it

  • zeenguyen

    I did all rights until step 9 but cannot reach step 10. It always announce me that the sim is not supported. Does anyone are in the same situation with me. Please help! Thanks.

  • Anil_salunke25

    Its showes NO SERVICE….

  • jandy

    ive deactivated my phone as stated in the procedure but i cant activate it back. got this phone from korea and i wasnt able to bring any SIM card from korea. it says here “only compatible sim cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone.” need help guys.. thanks!

  • Wissam999

    Deactivate it again and then attempt

  • Matheswaran

    Am trying to unlock 5.1 bb 4.12.01 of Idea Maharastra.. Hope it works…

  • zeenguyen

    Thanks, I will try again even though I did it many times

  • Matheswaran

    Could not unlock…

    In step 7, iTunes says, “The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported.”

    Any help?

  • Emmjay

    I have an IPhone 4 from London UK, the carrier was vodaphone, I want to use it in Canada, the carrier here is Fido which I cannot find. can u please tell me what to do as I tried everything and it says not compatible sim, Thank You.

  • Shells_16

    It works..!! I tried this method like 20 times literally, and it worked the 21st time..!! Thank you SO much unlock boot…!!! I am from India and I use Vodafone.

  • Shells_16

    No you don’t need AT&T sim. What you need to do is before entering your original sim, go to utilities and press revert lockdownd to stock and then add your sim and then deactivate.
    If this too doesn’t work there is a method by unlock boot, where you Change the method from manual to by bundle and then choose the AT&T bundle.
    Good luck!!

  • Harman 4u 2nv

    Can anyone tell me whys the official carrier of iphone 4 white model MC604C??? Pls my email is harman.4u.2nv-at-gmail.com n i live in india

  • K_kodra

    its not work for me i cant find country and carrier im from kosovo,can somebody help me plzzz

  • Danielv_dm

    I ha e unlocked my iphone but imessage and face time doesnt work i did the push thing on sam and nothing one question sam has to say activared o wildcardactivated

  • Meriton Hajdaraj

    o dost boma add ne mesengjer te ndihmoj qysh me zhblloku west_aleance-at-hotmail.com

  • ismail

    its not deactivaating says factory activated

  • Fadil Shamir Khan

    I have a couple questions. What firmware is this working on?

    I have a 4G iPhone on 5.0.1 and I cannot seem to do anything with it, like redo the firmware back to 5.0.1 because it is not booting. It just boots to Recovery Mode. It is on 04.11.08 and I would really like to get this one Unlocked/Jailbroken…

    Please help me with this issue!


  • Ivaseva

    Yeees i unlock my iphone4 but cydia .sam.safari stop work … Heeeelp

  • Paragonc

    Can you make a tutorial on Spanish? I Really need help, i did each step but i doesn´t work!!!

  • Rivera022

    won’t work when i plug into itunes why? I mistakenly choosen sim id what do i do??

  • Glayton Junior

    I got!! Thank you!! With this procedure it is unlocked for any carrier?

  • Chathukaperera

    u need to get the correct IMSI number

  • Ivaseva

    Heeeelp. I unlock my iphone. Cydia not open

  • Ivaseva

    Safari.mail not open. Heeeelp

  • Funkymody

    “Some of you might experience a problem at step 7 as you might be shown a message: SIM card not compatible. No need to worry, as there is a guide for this as well.””

    I have that problem.. any help plz

  • lail

    I can successfully unlock 04.11.08 v5.0.1. My question now is can I safely upgrade the fireware and os to 5.1 after I unlock my phone?

  • Marypierre

    I have a uk orange iphone 04-11-08. I did all the steps many times, but on step 9 , I don’t get the message “it can’t be activated”.But I have the orange and signal bar working but when I try to make a call it fails same for text message.Help someone pliz

  • Daniel Bjerggaard

    Please help me i tried all att ids my phone is a mc319ll it dont work

  • Ricardo Diaz

    I have only my tmobile sim card… There is not sim card in the iPhone 4 that I just bought….what can I do?

  • Big Bear

    Just unlocked my iPhone OS 5.0.1 baseband 04.11.08 with this detail video instruction.
    Thank you very much. I was waiting for a long time to unlock. I believe many people are waiting for this. Thanks again.

  • Antonio

    Which SIM ID do I choose for T-Mobile USA?

  • Sdfsf

    Thanks It worked for me OS 5.0 baseband 4.11.08. Carrier Cellone India

  • Versatile

    SAM Notification :
    Activation reports Error : You must Select the Original carrier sim of your phone.

    what shall i do ??

  • Versatile Gurung

    SAM Notification :
    Activation reports Error : Activationinfo rejected. You must Select the Original carrier sim of your phone.

    what shall i do ??

  • Blakskorpion

    All I can say is Thank you and thumbs up to you Loktar Sun!

  • Jobless14

    Great, it works for me without connecting to itunes!
    My idevice 4 os 5.0.1 with bb 4.11.08 works finally in
    morocco with meditel sim.
    Thank you loktar-sam.

  • zeenguyen

    When I stayed at step 9, it did not appear any announcement about error, it just tell me that my sim is not supported so I cannot go further. Plz help if someone experience the same situation with me. Thanks a lot.

  • NELE

    you need to do “just boot” option in redsn0w

  • NELE

    nobody can help you because you are actualy in serbia. Popusi kurac sam sebi!

  • Marco

    It worked excellent.

  • unknown_026

    now my phone is stuck on the apple logo after it restart the springboard, been waiting for like 10 mins

  • Utathya10

    for people who have unlocked successfully

    Is 3g Working fr u guys?

  • Monaco

    does anybody now how to unlock the carrier that isn’t show on the country list for ex.. monaco is there any other choices available to unlock the iphone … please responde the question i will appreciate

  • JLB81

    I unlocked my iPhone so thanks a lot for this my question now
    The jailbrake and unlock process affect the gps accuracy or wifi

  • J Elmahdi

    i dont have Cydia on my iphone

  • J Elmahdi

    please if some on can chow me haw to practesse this because i dont have cydia on my iphone. this is my email :j.elmahdi-at-hotmail.fr

  • Mihai Lupu

    yeah, for me is fine!! but i have a prob with another one where SAM starts automaticly on auto search and i cant unlock it

  • Mikki Domingo Reyes

    what is your ios version?

  • Mikki Domingo Reyes

    to those have problem on unlocking pm me in YM iggyboy213-at-yahoo.com

  • Amelbi1971

    i falow all step and not unlock wat can i do now

  • Samit

    how do i unlock to SIM ID 42902. which is not listed in SAM, Carrier Ncell Telecommunifcation, Nepal

  • Andy Technologyhunger

    Dose sam is blocked from apple ??? 🙁

  • Weatherman25

    Apple may have blocked sam till son locktor brings out another update

  • Zaxos_42

    for me it works , Greece . I had stucked and then i tried in step 5 to copy the sam’s imsi in sim imsi and iccid and then i tap activation and the phone restarted and then works in my carrier .

  • Leu_x

    Why it was block like this i not yet unlock.
    I waiting this unlock app along time.

  • CHD2012


  • Ron035

    Yes, Apple blocked Sam

  • blling blling

    is this working or not please?

  • Visakh Nair

    Is sam working??? has anyone tried it after the news that apple has blocked it

  • Samvrh

    mine too! mprolavame

  • harsha

    no its not working apple has blocked the loophole

  • Versatile Gurung

    jus put it on auto detect and attempt activation

  • Stella

    I don’t understand .. my phone is a 4g , version 5.0 , baseband 4.11.08 I followed the instruction with cydia, adding repo.bingner blabla on the sources but then, when I try to install SAMPrefs, it says (in french so I am sorry the translation is probably not exact) : the asked modifications cannot be done because there are some conflicts that we cannot indentify”… could anyone help me on this ?

  • Phdc John Daryl Cadiz

    what happen to sam is it still working

  • Momoretrever

    really or joke !!!! HOW TO.

  • Chellehe

    I am trying to unlock but i stucked on step 7.what shall I do?

  • Gjackson200621

    Please help im trying to unlock my iphone 4 baseband 4.12.01 & cant get it can someone please help me out

  • J Elmahdi

    my ios vesion is 5.0 modem 4.11.08
    and they tell my aple has blocked sam?

  • Lokomele

    i have an iphone 4 04.11.08 i would like to know how to unlock it please someoene if u know how to do it plz write me please again i really need it my email is lokomele-at-yahoo.com

  • Chhoumravy

    Now I can’t unlock my Iphone by software SAM ?

  • Bangali Hunterz

    No…not working more…it’s blocked by apple 🙁

  • Exoreckk

    They still looking for unlock 4.11.08?
    Or they give up! … We r stock in an unlock basband, and we hope u guys help us to find out an unlock methode

  • Jeep912

    ihave iphone 4 its factory unlock it is posible to jailbreak and my factory unlock not lost??? pls help me guyz

  • Z-Man

    It not working anymore, apple has patched the loophole of sam unlock.

  • Khaled_makhlouf75

    its not working be sure before tel us and spend our time lier……….

  • Damie

    Hello how can I unlock my iphone 4. I have OS 5.0.1 and baseband 4.11.08?

  • Patrick Cheong Shu Yang

    and this phone that you unlocked was ‘virgin’ and did not have the unlock keys saved previously?

  • Yonastadesse44

    have an iphone 4 04.11.08 i would like to know how to unlock it please someoene if u know how to do it plz write me please again i really need it my email is yonastadesse44-at-yahoo.com

  • erfan

    peas somebody help me. i am stack on 7. please tell me what i have to do.
    do i have be connected to internet when i try to unlock. please tell me it’s details .
    i did it times but don’t be unlocked.

    please help me. tnx very much

  • erfan

    i have this error:
    the sim card inserted in this phone dose not be appear supported .
    only compatible SIM card from supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. ….
    what i have to do?

  • babyfat

    Thank you so much!
    It works!

  • Igortigor

    when did you do this?

  • Ithaa8886088

    thank you
    my iphone can unlocked.

  • Kalin

    how to unlock iphone Ithaa8886088

  • Damontdo

    On Step 7.
    After I connected to ITunes, there was no phone number appeared but the ICCID matches with the one present on my SIM Card. Can someone tell me why the number is not showing? It’s locked to AT&T and using T-Mobile card in U.S. Thanks

  • Davidhunt10

    Stops on step 7 every time???? says”the sim card inserted in this phone dose not be appear supported only compatible SIM card from supported carrier may be used to activate iphone… you say….Some of you might experience a problem at step 7 as you might be shown a message: SIM card not compatible. No need to worry, as there is a guide for this as well. Please could you tell me where this info is????

  • Samvrh

    People don’t try this! As we said few days ago, apple locked SAM and it doesn’t work anymore. You were too late. I managed to unlock it a week ago. I was lucky

  • Elvis

    Can anyone ulock BB 04.11.08 / 5.0.1 ? is so please email me and let me know how.. sherbimet-at-hotmail.com thank you so much..

  • No *ucks Given

    yoyoyoyo so this is before the update cam eto make sam easier right?? so does this version still work

  • Niick_brown

    my iphone but now recognizes the card, but the signal bars do not go up .. what do I do?

  • David

    I just unlocked my phone yesterday, I think still working.

  • @IM0HMED

    whic method did you use? the easier SAM or the Harder one?

  • Rbh220

    i did it a week ago, Under Info there is no provider any more. But iphone still doesnt recognize my sim. no Signal. What do?

  • Helpful


  • Benjialo34

    how did u unlock it.. pls give me info

  • Xxx

    Yes of curse you can 😉

  • Daniel Motter

    Anyone know if this is still working for its 5.0.1 and 4.11.08 on an AT&T iPhone 4?

  • guest

    DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!!! you actually can’t open utilities do do the de-activation. . . . there is no tab, just word!!!!!

  • Huyhoangton

    1. open (Cydia)…..2. go to ( Manage )…3. tap Sources….4. edit ( top right coner ) & add ( top left coner )….5. enter –repo.bingner.com 6. install .and confirm.. 7.open ( Sam Pref ) insert unoffical sim in slot 10. tap ( Utiliies ) + tap De-activate two time…back to SAM… 11. tap ( Method ) auto detect 12.reject unoffical sim and insect at&t sim in slot 13. tap ( Utilies) hit atempt activation screen will spring back.. 14. tap ( More information ) sroll up will see ( SAM DETAILS ) hit 2 time IMSI # select all and copy….go back to SAM……..15. insert unoffical sim you want to unlock…16. tap ( Method ) select by country and carrier and back to SAM….. 17.tap ( More Information ) sroll up will see (SAM DETAILS) —- IMSI # hit 2 time and select paste….go back to sam ..18… tap ( Utilies ) hit atempt activation…..your iphone will unlocked ….you can put any sim inside slot.. doesn’t matter what number….

  • Gino

    is there a way you can contact me, followed your above instructions and got itunes to accept tmobile sim, but still says no service

  • GIno

    my email is kman3786-at-gmail.com thanks in advance !

  • No *ucks Given

    hmm yo i just did it, havent been this far cause it stopped me at the original sim error but i completed using ur steps, but my sim im trying to use isnt activated yet how do i know if the phone is unlocked

  • Wai2937

    sms and answer the call,but can’t call anyone…why?

  • Wai2937

    how to do?i wan to know…

  • fraNk

    This no longer works, as apple recently cleared the loop holes that made this work. All those users who have already done this might expect a signal loss or SIM detection failure while changing SIM in future.

  • A_s_p_d

    can you provide unlock for bb4.11.08?

  • Kulas

    does anybody can help me in unlock iphone 4 5.0.1 BB 04.11.08 from 3 network in UK. above way is not working. my mail kulass83-at-gmail.com

  • TwinCahil

    Which method do you unlock? How much do you charge?

  • TwinCahil

    SAM did not work anymore. To run again? Apple closed the gap.


    Apple iPhone Unlocking Procedure


    Before you can unlock your iPhone, make sure that you have done the following:

    – Your computer is connected to the Internet

    – You have iTunes version 7.7 or later in your computer

    1. Insert your Original SIM ( buy one for $2 if you don’t have it) card and turn on the iPhone.

    2. Open the iTunes program and connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.

    3. Wait until your iPhone appears in the Devices and select your iPhone.

    4. Open the Summary tab and make sure you can see the information about your iPhone.

    5. In the summary screen, click the Restore button.

    6. If prompted to back up your iPhone. Make sure that you select or click the Back Up button.

    Warning: If you do not back up your iPhone, all your saved media and other data will be erased and you may not be able to recover it.

    7. A confirmation window will appear to restore your iPhone. Make sure that you select or click the Restore and Update button to continue.

    8. Read the “Important Information” displayed on the screen as this will describe to you the improvements included in the software update version. Click the Next button to continue.

    9. You will be prompted to read and agree with the “Software License Agreement”. Click Agree button to continue.

    10. Wait until the process is completed. Do not interrupt your computer or disconnect the iPhone from the USB cable. You will notice that the software will be downloaded by your computer from the iTunes store. A progress message will be displayed during the entire process.

    Note: This process may take awhile. Depending on your internet connection and the software update file, this process can take at least 30 minutes.

    11. Once your iPhone has been restored, the iPhone will automatically restart. Do not disconnect your iPhone. Leave it until it re-appears in iTunes.

    12. Your iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes store and will be activated and unlocked.

    13. You should now be able to use your iPhone with other operator’s SIM card.

  • Ithaa8886088

    hi .do like this
    iphone 4 04.11.08 BB
    can unlock or not?

  • elvis2004

    ? saffen i was unlocked 1 sim before with sam but can i unlock other’s sim? how can i do?

  • nightfax

    Does your phone still work as of today?

  • Shallow Blue

    Factory unlock doesn’t on which baseband you have. It depends on IMEI and we do IMEI unlocking i.e Factory unlocking.

  • Davidhunt10

    doing unlock works today on Virgin Moble!!!!! but I want it to work with my Vodafone one but it still will not unlock to this network???? any ideas people???

  • Александр Штанг

    Shallow Blue Разблокировал мне сегодня телефон за один день! Подтверждаю что он может это сделать!

  • Александр Штанг

    Shallow Blue Разблокировал мне Айфон 4 5.1.1 за один день! Я пробовал разные сим карты и всё работает! Айтюнс написал что мой телефон разблокирован!!!!

  • Lectricas

    Anyone know the methods how to unlock iphone 4 04.11.08. without preliminary payment?
    Whats about official unlock in AT&T?

  • Ashimov Askhat

    Shallow Blue? можно по подробней

  • Alaa Shawly

    please help me to unlock my I phone 4 Model A1332 with baseband 4.11.8. It is locked to Egypt vodafon and I am stuck since last year. I have tried all method included SAM with no success

    if some body know how to unlok please send the detailes on: alaa.shawly-at-aramco.com

  • Nazareno Pol

    I paid, and within 8 hours I got it unlocked,

  • Kelphenhuang

    can anybody please open the link for the guide 7, and paste it up here?

  • Adytzu_xxl

    whoo did this completly???is working 100%??

  • As7213

    привет ! он тебе ответил или ты обновился через тунца

  • Janiki

    i also waiting for unlock for 4.11.08 can u say me solution

  • Bona

    Saffen, my guessing that you are an APPLE employee who is trying to trick people to update to latest iOS and preventing to unlock….nice try 😉

  • Emendoza3

    It´s not working anymore…I tried it several times but no success…Help

  • rasputin

    mine too does not work from me

  • Fashid_md_68

    does the R-sim 4 works?

  • Chefcaudillo

    does anyone know if threre is a new method because this one is not working anymore?

  • Toli_21

    not work because apple stop this method

  • Saffn

    No i am just happy that i unlocked my Iphone… This is a method for unlocking.


    yes this will unlock all BB… 04.11.08 and anyothers, as it needs to update the iphone to the latest BB

  • Asddsa

    Is there another way for unlocking Iphone 4 4.11.08 ???

  • yahoo

    Any updated method to unlock 04.11.08 ?? 🙁

  • Viral1986

    my iphone 4g not cydia and bb 4.11.08 and unlock

  • Ismail Abedin

    What is the latest BB?

  • Ismail Abedin

    Why are you people confusing us? If it doesn’t work then don’t put it here. It is very frustrating as well.

  • Ismail Abedin

    You have problem in step 18. Once the phone is activated using the at&t SIM it does not give “attempt activation” option. This looks inconsistant to me. Please review.

  • Mahmoud_jaffal

    my iphone wont turn on again !

  • naina

    hi were u really able to unlock ur iphone by this method mentioned above. I dont wana trsut on written things if u were succeeded pls lemme know afterwards only i would do this. Hope this will unlock n doesnt get my phone in more trouble…

  • Britbrat

    Does the at&t sim have to be a working sim? I just bought a 4 unlocked and ultrasnow would not unlock my carrier service for tmobile. so i found this but before start anything and go crazy trying to figure things out i just wanna know if the at&t sim has to be activated?

  • Anna

    Shallow blue unlocked my unlophone and it worked

  • Jen

    how did you d it????

  • Stefan

    Does this work in for all Macedonian operators ? I’ve tested it i know that it works for T-Mobile Macedonia but i want to use my iphone with “One” Sim card

  • Sandra

    can someone please help me? after i’ve done everything up till step 7, my itunes still gives the same error message saying “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.” please help. did i miss a step?

  • Sam

    well my iphone 4s

    version :6.1.2

    Carrier; carrier lab 14.0

    please help me out