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Unlock O2 UK iPhone

Factory Unlock O2 UK iPhone 7, 6S, SE, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S or 4

The company we are talking about is The company consists of a team of iPhone experts, and they provide official Apple unlocks which are done through iTunes so there’s no issue of the warranty being void. They are experts in iPhone Factory Unlock. The phone will remain unlocked after the OS is updated. The best thing offered by the company is technical support which they offer after the sale to set up the device for Mobile Internet, transferring old contacts, MMS etc. This is great as other companies just disappear after making a sale. The company is providing customers with a PERMANENT FACTORY O2 iPhone 4 unlock solution.

Unlock O2 iPhone 5
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How To Unlock O2 iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 6 / 6S / SE / 7

OfficailiPhoneUnlock offers the best way to get factory unlock solution for your iPhone on any baseband and firmware including any iOS version and baseband. For more than 5 months, it is the best service for O2 factory unlock solution on the internet and the safest verified iPhone unlock website we can recommend you. They offer a permanent factory unlock via IMEI code, which is the main reason for their success.

Getting an unlock for your iPhone 7, 6S, SE, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 locked to the O2 carrier is easy. Click here to unlock your O2 iPhone – just visit and follow the simple instructions. The company can also unlock O2 iPhone which has been blocked before! Just choose O2 UK the network of choice. Factory unlock O2 UK iPhone price start from £19.99 and takes only 1-3 working days. Also barred iPhones can be permanently unlocked for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Share your thoughts below!


    dude… please confirm me weather its locked or BLOCKED… I read your terms and conditions,(7.1 Guarantee does not apply where handset appears to be BLOCKED once unlocked (Handsets are blocked in the U.K. if reported lost, stolen or abused) in that blocked IMEI unlocking may difficulty in process.. plese help me through this…

    IMEI : 012419000827293
    Part Description : IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK
    Product Version : 6.1.3
    Coverage Status : Out of Warranty
    Coverage End Date :
    First Unbrick Date : 2010-08-31
    Last Unbrick Date : 2010-09-13
    CTN :
    Carrier : O2 – United Kingdom GBR

    Lock Status :Locked

  • Rizwan Abas

    please veryfy its blacklist or normal lock what is total cost for unlocking
    i have iphone 4s IMEI 013059006170519 its locked to O2 uk please tell me its blacklist of plain IMEI what is cost for unlocking please please

  • maeve

    i have iphone 4 on o2 uk but barred what is the cost to unlock please?

  • Ste Stokes

    I messaged 2 months back n had no reply! I bought a iPhone 5 an used it 4 a few months but the guy I bought it from didn’t pay the contract so it’s been blockd by carphone warehouse not by O2 it shows up O2-uk 3G but no signal bars can this b fixd if so how much ? I’m happy to use a different network

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock it.


    60 gbp…


    60 gbp present convertion to INR 6175.78

  • Mac

    I need a link to the £60 page for unlocking blacklisted O2 iphone 4s please .. there’s no way to add this service !

  • Natalie

    Hi I have an IPhone 5 from carphone warehouse on O2 on contract I’ve not been able to pay the bill due to finances. What will happen an would you be able to help thanks Natalie.

  • Natalie

    Please get back to me ste an let me know. Natalie

  • Adeka Solomon

    hI i got my iphone 4 from a friend, am not sure, but he said it was locked to o2 Uk, please i dont know if u could help me Verify and whats the Unlock fee….And how Long would it take to be Unlocked, i really need this Unlock


  • raju

    hi this is raju from india, i need to unlock my iphone 4, network was orange uk. please tell me the right way, i am ready to pay and unlock my phone. but neet a right place, had little fear, how i trust them…?

  • soufiane

    hi! can you plz hzlp me to unlock my cell phone 012753001457027 orange-spain iphone 4


    HI.. many thanks to u for your support… finally my device got unlocked surprisingly.. i prefer this website to who wants unlock genuinely.


    i would like to ask.. unlock is done.. so i wish to add CYDIA to my device.. so i need to jailbreak it.. so jailbreaking through redsnow or snowbreaze is safe to iphone 4-6.1.3 BB 4.12.05.. please suggest regarding this.. thanks in advance

  • helper

    if he told you that its o2 uk locked you can trust him but if you want to confirm you have to buy your ,imei report that will let you know all the story thts clean imei or blocked blacklisted or insurance claimed .

  • helper

    but it will not work in o2 network or maybe in uk

  • fahad abbasi

    how can i unblock my iphone4s 7.0.4 plzz tel me

  • callrodd

    just brought a blocked iphone 5 on o2 just wondering if its possible to get it to work again in the uk

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock ANY O2 UK device.

  • shahbaz

    sir i have o2 but how can i unlock this ? how much cast?

  • shahbaz


  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 013128006455459
    Serial number: QR2277PLA4S
    Activated: Yes
    Warranty: Out of Warranty
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
    Find My iPhone: ON
    Contract Until: 11.04.2014
    Purchase Date: 11.04.2012
    SIM lock: Unlocked

  • rabea


  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 012964000459233
    Serial number: DNRH13W0DPMW
    Model: IPHONE 4 8GB WHITE
    Activated: Yes
    Warranty: Out of Warranty
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    Contract Until: 16.02.2014
    Purchase Date: 16.02.2012
    Carrier: Orange UK
    SIM lock: Locked

  • ivajli

    What is the price to unlock ? imei 013416007880464 please check?

  • kenneth

    sir please check 013268000433449



  • russell

    hi can you unlocked my iphone 4 16gb it’s almost 2yrs locked 012649004839882

  • v|J

    01 264500 21461505 plz check it sir..

  • kenneth PH

    sir please check my carrier 🙁 013268000433449 TIA dude

  • Ala Edine

    please help me My IMEI : 012339006287864 locked on O2 Ireland :'(

  • dine

    My iphone is o2 UK blacklisted, can you tell me the price for factory unlock?

  • Hitesh Agja

    013625009791863 helpppppppppppppp

  • Si

    IMEI: 012426008310438 Any information you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Bless.

  • Danchuk Natalia

    hi can you unlocked my iphone 4 16gb IMEI: 012646008272789 please help

  • Tahir

    hi can you unlock my iphone 4s, IMEI:

  • Sajeel

    01 312600 636353 3 plz unlock my iphone 4 plz i will give u my battlefield 3 account

  • Sajeel

    01 312600 636353 3. Locked to o2 16 plz unlock my iphone 4 and i willl give u my battlefield 3 account

  • พรมมินทร์ แสนสดใส

    plz can you unlock iphone5 imei 013619001122383

  • Mehmet Yılmaz

    hello can you unlocked my iphone 4 16gb IMEI: 012645000297166 please help me.I really dont have any money….

  • Muhammad Kahaf Kalia

    Hello can you unlock my iphone 5 32gb white color o2 uk IMEI:- 013347005369871

  • shahbaz

    Serial Number:QR2382LHA4T
    Find My iPhone:Off
    Telephone Technical Support:Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage:Expired
    Estimated Purchase Date:August 4, 2010
    Country Purchased:Australia
    Carrier:Telstra AU
    SIM Lock:Unlocked

  • Kolan

    hello, Plz unlock my 4G o2 IMEI 012658001650762

  • Elmass Abdel

    My iphone is o2 UK ime358687054859543 plez

  • Tariqsaany Saany

    35800005My iphone is o2 UK ime358000056251026 pleas6251026

  • Thomas Tinsley

    iPhone on 02 please
    Imei: 013008004626477

  • Ickra Rahman


  • Ickra Rahman

    01370000762432 Please help😪😪😪😪 can’t afford a new phone

  • sahil

    can i know what is the status of this imei
    i know this is O2 Uk.

    how much and what about the time

  • arslan Ali

    I phone 4 16gb o2 UK

  • Choudry Bilal

    iphone5s o2 gb uk imi 358829057101255 locked plz help me can u unlock this imi ios 8.1

  • Ahmet

    England orange t-mobile imei: 013047009589025 can you unlock my phone 4S white

  • Harman Rajpoot

    iphone 4s factory lock O2 uk IMEI no : 013205001365733 plz help me unlocking

  • Mthokozisi Moyo

    can you kindly assist me and unlock my iphone 4s imei 012939005781328 its locked to o2 uk.Thank you in advance

  • Rana Naeem Ahmad

    can you kindly assist me and unlock my iphone 6s imei 353267071546640 its locked to o2 uk.Thank you in advance