May 2013 saw Apple released a new firmware for iPhone 5 in the form of iOS 6.1.4. Today, we’re taking out time to teach you how to unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4 using tested and verified unlock method.

Unlock iOS 6.1.4

Before going any further, you should note that iOS 6.1.4 has been made for owners of iPhone 5 only, and those who’re currently running this firmware may like to know how to get the unlock for it.

Apple iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5

Owners of this device on the latest iOS firmware who want to get the modified audio profile for the speakerphone now wish to jailbreak and unlock. However, it’s vital to see the carrier to which the device is locked to in advance.

iPhone 5 unlock methods for iOS 6.1.4

As mentioned before, the latest firmware version has been developed for iPhone 5 and no other iPhone model can be updated to it. The update only has the speaker profile feature attached to it.

Jailbreakers need to stay away as there’s no untethered or tethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4. Now you may be wondering can this firmware on this device be unlocked? Evasi0n’s jailbreak can only untether jailbreak devices up to iOS 6.1.2.

Unlock iOS 6.1.4 iPhone 5
Official Permanent iOS 6.1.4 Unlock iPhone 5 Service

Unlock IOS 6.1.4 With R-sim 8 / 7, Gevey SIM & X-sim

All hardware unlock methods devices like X-SIM, R-sim 7 / 8 and Gevey SIM aren’t compatible over here. We haven’t tested these iPhone 5 unlocking methods on iOS 6.1.4 firmware yet.

Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 via IMEI Code

Luckily, your phone isn’t dead yet, as there’s a way to unlock iOS 6.1.4 through the legit, reliable, safe and the cheap IMEI factory unlock solution. It works on any iPhone 5 iOS firmware or baseband. Your warranty is kept intact and your device is SIM free.

The solution is compatible with most carriers in the world. Some of the examples include AT&T USA, Orange & T-mobile UK, SFR France, Vodafone, Swisscom, Rogers, Fido, Telus Canada and iPhone 5 on other networks. Find out IMEI number of your phone, place the order, wait for 6 hours or few days depending on the carrier, receive the confirmation e-mail, connect device into iTunes and get it unlocked. What are you waiting for? Get iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 unlock right NOW!

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