Can I Unlock iPhone 4S with Ultrasn0w? Many of our readers are asking about Ultrasn0w update for iPhone 4S. So in this post, you will tell you all details you need to know about iPhone 4S unlock.

Unlock iPhone 4S with ultrasn0w

As most of you know that iPhone Dev-team is the only involved team that working on iPhone 4S unlock exploit.

This month iPhone Dev-team, Chronic Dev-team, and Pod2g were very busy to finish the shiny iPhone 4S and Pad 2 untethered 5.0.1 jailbreak. Now – iPhone Dev-team has nothing to do except Ultrasn0w Phone 4S unlock.

ultrasn0w Unlock iPhone 4S
Unlock iPhone 4S with Ultrasn0w status

The iPhone Dev-team has dumped the baseband bootrom, which means that iPhone 4S unlocking is very promising. According to MuscleNerd, who are interested in iPhone 4S unlock, should stay on iOS 5.0. Ultrsn0w unlock for iPhone 4S (with ultrasn0w) will be available only for iPhone 4S, as iPhone 4 have complicated basebands.

Unlock iPhone 4S with Ultrasn0w Release Date?

For now, we haven’t official date for releasing iPhone 4S unlock with ultrasn0w, but we can confirm that iPhone Dev team is working hard to iPhone 4S unlock. Just follow UnlockBoot and be first who have Unlocked iPhone 4S using Ultrasn0w. We hope that soon we have a post with full description and tutorial

  • amine

    what about the iphone 4 4.11.08 ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Just Stay Turned to UnlockBoot !

  • Spickupiblic

    i’am addictive of you guys i look at your web every day i can’t wait to open ma Ipohne 4 baseband 4.11.08 :(((

  • kavoolovi

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed IPHONE 4 baseband 04.11.08, do it first pleaseeeeeeee

  • terkpla

    i log every hour to see if there something new. for 04.11.08.

  • Pavan

    Please unlock 4.11.08 on iphone

  • Claudasad

    help unlock 5.0.1(9A406)AT&T NETWORK   

  • Athlonx236

    According to applenberry they will release gevey sim 2 by mid or end of feburary to unlock 4.11.08,, lets just wait and see..

  • YSX18018

    Who can tell me unlock the card 04.11.08 posted when out? ? ? ?

  • Thiago Fernandes

    I want the 04.11.08 unlock via ultrasn0w.. for iphone 4.. that would be terrific!

  • Fshaheem

    Will they unlock the iphone 4 aswell above it says not i4 only 4s

  • Papauchut

    UNLOCK IPHONE 4S, 5.0.1 – 9A405
    BASEBAND  10.13

    HELP !!!!

  • Mashravi

    want to unlock IPhone 4s…5.0.1  firm ware 1.0.14….when can i unlock!!

  • Dess

    WTF! who wants an unlock for the 4S?! Do they really have nothing to do? How about spending some time unlocking the 04.11.08 bb, lazy bastards………

  • Martin Schmidt

    Did you work it out somehow yet? Please help me if yes 🙂

  • Seif

    Could you please tell me when will be the release date.? I really need to unlock my iphone 4s running on ios 6

  • Ali Nasir

    Are they still working on the project??

  • dorey69

    has this been released plz, could u post the link, ty