Sn0wBreeze v2.9.1 Download To Fix Numerous Bugs

n0wBreeze v2.9.1 Download

Last week, after the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w released a major software update for untethered iOS 5.0.1 for Windows - Sn0wBreeze 2.9.

Today released a minor update the utility to correct errors.

In honor of the two-year anniversary of the developer added to Sn0wBreeze 2.9 has several new features including support for older firmware, built-in file downloader IPSW.

Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1 Features

Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1 has a ability to create IPSW hemmed SHSH blobs, built-in functionality iREB, delete function wireless updates and reminders about badges update to iOS 5 and more more.

Download Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1

In Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1 hacker corrected the mistake when sewing on the iPad baseband for iPhone 3G phones and adjusted work plugins authentication (PAM).

Sn0wBreeze v2.9.1 Download

Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1 works with devices on a chip A4 and all versions of iOS 3.1.3 - 5.0.1, except for iOS 4.3.4, 4.3.5 and iOS 5.0, allowing you to create custom IPSW-assembly with jailbreak and established online store Cydia . After the release of the jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will make a hacker to release a new version of the program.

Instructions for creating custom firmware iOS 5.0.1 with untethered using Sn0wbreeze we placed here.

Download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.1.

Download Sn0wBreeze 2.9.1 for Windows from here

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