Factory Unlock Verizon iPhone 4S CDMA & GSM Up to iOS 6.0 Firmware

Unlock Verizon iPhone 4S

Dear readers, Unlockboot has been quite busy since discovering the most reliable unlock service provider. We have great news for owners of Verizon iPhone 4S including iOS 6.0.1, 6.1, 5.1.1 basebands.

OfficialiPhoneUnlock can unlock Verizon iPhone 4S. They are the official providers of the permanent unlock as they process it via Apple’s database. Now you can factory unlock Verizon iPhone 4S.

What can Verizon do for unlock Verizon iPhone 4S up to iOS 6.0

The company can unlock iPhone 4S for free, but the customer has to meet the following requirements. He has to be a Verizon Wireless customer, have a good account in standing for 60 days. If you don’t qualify, there is something more you can do. Insert a foreign SIM into the SIM card slot. Call 1-800-711-8300 (Verizon Global Support) and talk to the representative. Tell them you want the unlock. Get confirmation that the unlock was successful, and check the phone to make sure the SIM gets recognized. However, those without access have to rely on OfficialiPhoneunlock.

Unlock Verizon CDMA iPhone 4S
Unlock Verizon iPhone 4S

How OfficialiPhoneUnlock can Unlock Verizon iPhone 4S iOS 6 / 5.1.1

Finally, OfficialiPhoneUnlock can Permanently unlock Verizon iPhone 4S. The solution is the most reliable on the internet, and the iPhone will be unlock forever permanently. Now you don’t have to go for temporary software and hardware unlocks. Simply Unlock Verizon iPhone 4S by going here.

Official Verizon iPhone Factory Unlock on any baseband including 3.0.04 / 2.0.12

This service is highly recommended. Customers have given a great feedback and their iPhones are permanently unlocked. OfficialiPhoneunlock can unlock Verizon iPhone 4S CDMA or GSM within 1-5 days. The price is £109, and is better to pay this once for a permanent unlock than paying for non-working solutions again and again. Go ahead and get it Right NOW!

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Verizon iPhone 4s Factory Unlock available at a cheaper rate! Contact for more details! danielvoth2012 gmail com Guaranteed Unlocks with clean esn!


Here is proof!



hi i have an iphone 4 verizon serial #C8QGW2YGDPNG can you let me know if its unlocked thanksss


After unlock ,restore and activate can't access to gsm network

Marcos Oliveira

99 000110 627923 5 please unlocked ?


Pleasee Unlock For mee Here ''99 000109 226508 1''


Iphone 4s Verizon
Unite State


hey how can i unlock mine.. its 990001049408479


99 000106 539390 2 please unlocked and thank you very much


Please contact me asap so i can get my Verizon iphone 4s unlocked @ r.weekes4@gmail.com

charles brown

thank you so much for helping me unlock my verizon iphone 4s
this is the imei please


please let me know if you get the time to unlock it .

Thanks a million once again.


Hahaha!! I will report all your IMEI number to apple so they will block your device!


Hi !!!
thank you so much for helping me unlock my verizon iphone 4s
this is the imei please 99 00088 978012 0
please let me know if you get the time to unlock it .


Ok i make order from 05 feb verzion until no unlock why ????


This is my imei 990000871666352 and i make order in 5feb2013 and no unlock until now no replay my order status email nothing


Why you delete my message in facebook also this is abad service


How can i unlock mine. its 990001017601899


im tryin to get my verizon 4s unlocked so that i can be able to use it in the caribbean... please help!! IMEI: 99 000109 332653 6
email me at swagztar@hotmail.com thanx


Hey i have a iPhone 4S on verizon usa that i would like to get unlocked for tmobile is this possible i had one with the gevey and it suck it had to constantly activate the phone with my sim please let me know something soon as possible so i can get the process started if it will work for me thank you. ps i love the web page very easy to navigate through and easy to find everything thanks again


Hello, we can factory unlock Verison iPhones. The price is £74.99 (1-5 working days unlock delivery).

Simon Saveski

Unlock mine please. 990002662489754


how can i call from mexico?????


meid verizon 99000107586016 is clean



IEMI Verizon-990000877674194, Please help me to unlock


Hi I have a question.

I have a iPhone 4S on verizon.

I would like to get unlocked for Korea service.

Is this possible?

And, Can i use this iPhone in Korea?


Hi can I get mines unlocked ?


I have a Verizon 4s, I bought the phone on eBay and live in Trinidad and tabago. I have a new small sim with Digicel here. Please help and let me know if I can sim unlock mine.


I try to unlock my Iphone 4s verizon because I return to Italy, since I close my contract with Verizon 40 days ago, they refuse to unlock my device. Could you help me do that?


how can i unlock my iphone 4s Verizon?

charlie medina

how much is this in us dollars and will this a factory
unlock my varizon iphone 4s

David Iglesias