Finally, we have a solution for Baseband 04.11.08? The hacker Hamzah Akram ( React0r ) – finally released the unlocking solution for 04.11.08 baseband! Now React0r post full tutorial for Unlock 04.11.08 baseband.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband - React0r Unlock

Unlock Baseband 04.11.08

Read this: UnlockBoot NOT tested this method for unlocking 04.11.08 baseband. Later when we test it you will be notified.

04.11.08 Unlock – Requirements:

  • iPhone with baseband 04.11.08
  • SIM card with constant data available
  • Original SIM, (or Gevey SIM)

carrier x. official iPhone Carrier
carrier o. the carrier which we’ll use to unlock the iPhone.

React0r Unlock 4.11.08 Guide

STEP 1Jailbreak iPhone 4 using Redsnow.

STEP 2: Install this repo

STEP 3: Search for SAM and install it

STEP 4: Open SAM then go out the app using home button “LET IT OPEN

STEP 5: First of all you need to go to  (on your iPhone) and download your unofficial carrier profile

STEP 6: Insert your official iPhone SIM CARD and dial any number, if no service dial 112.

STEP 7: Go to Settings -> Carrier and turn off auto search the select the network which you will use to connect in next steps (i mean carrier o). You will be presented with a “Restricted Network…”.

STEP 8: Ignore it and go to settings menu.

STEP 9: Turn on airplane mode.

STEP 10: Head over to SAM > Utilities > and press to deactivate SAM, Deactivate push “Clear certs

STEP 11: Check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.

STEP 12: Turn off the auto connection.

STEP 13: Now go back to Cydia > Manage > Sources then “bingner” the uninstall SAM. Don’t “restart springboard” now.

STEP 14: after uninstalling Sam, press home button and go to settings then forget the Wi-Fi network~.
Make sure airplane mode is ON

STEP 15: Eject the Carrier X sim, press of the no sim installed.

STEP 16: Go back to Cydia and get ready for inserting the next sim (Carrier O).
here is the fast step!

STEP 17: Press “Restart Springboard” and insert the (carrier O) Sim card Before Apple Logo “i mean normal restart springboard” progress indicator.’

STEP 18:  You will meet the regular apple activation screen. with (E) just wait 30 seconds.

STEP 19: Reboot iPhone and you will be presented with SAM activation screen. You will see ‘one signal bar” and “E” right next to it.

STEP 20: You will see “use cellular connection” press it and wait for 5 to 8 seconds

STEP 21: Remove SIM and put it back again. you will redirect to home screen!…. with full signal bar “Carrier O” network

STEP 22: Now call service center for 1 minutes “auto reply services center” of carrier O.

STEP 23: Go to Settings > General > about and check your carrier: it must be “Carrier 11.0

Please test this Solution and the post in the comments session.

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  • Urix-x3

    i have iphone 4 Model MC603KN it is possible to unlock ?!!

  • Niko

    I am currently out of my country and my original sim card does not work on roaming. will this method still work for me?

  • Ilmārs Priede

    the guide is really misleading and i really cant understand it 😀

  • Big Ibby

    yes i did,not worked (maybe caus’ i don’t have an original sim),but i think this works

  • Gabroioss

    cant i unlock without the original sim? Im from brazil and my american iphone came with no sim inside. 

  • Niko

    can you give a link to the post that someone confirms it works please?

  • Benavidesjacob38

    Do I use a unofficial sim(t-mobile) for carrier o or a Gevey sim ?

  • Xlalexander

    Can anyone tell me if it is working?????

  • Soul Drigo

    carrier x . offical iPhone Carrier
    carrier o . the carrier which we’ll use to unlock the iPhone.

  • Mail

    Go back to cyida and press  “Restart Springboard”Thats not possible. When you go back to cydia you come in the install screen from sam

  • 04.11.08 Unlock

    Update 2 : If you don’t have your Original SIM, try to get out of  “invalid sim”… you to “get searching” while last steps of activation if have gevey SIM maybe help full to select carrier!.

    update 3 : SAM maybe overloaded! keep trying. if you getting no service , USE SIM Card that provide a constant Data … some cards Data activated as requested by Carrier! and check pre settings. Roaming data must be ON

  • Mail

    But how to Restart Springboard?? Step 17. is it in the way when i install sbsettings?

  • Vendetta

    could u please show us a video,someone??? and by the way does my unofficial sim has to have cellular data activated??cuz mine for example isnt.

  • Niko

    please someone that has done it show us a fully explained guide. i am confused from the main post and from the updates after… a video would be great!

  • Mail

    sim card with constant data needed

  • El-sayed_moahemed

    what u man by  ”download your unofficial carrier profile”
    and how i do that ?

  • Mail

    i tried it several times but i still got stucked in apple activation screen.

  • rp

    can anyone confirme if it works?

  • Raider-333

    Its not working. I does everything until I have put the iphone in airplane mode to respring the iphone after unistalling SAM. The iphone doesn’t want to stay in airplane mode. When I turn it on, it turns off by it self. And I tried to keep going and respring it, but when the apple activation appears it doesn’t says “E” and it doesn’t accept the SIM card.

  • Alen Čobić

    I couldn’t get E on the activation screen. It only shows wifi networks. Stuck at 12. step… :/

  • Virin Badrie-maharaj

    Some people have actually got it to work ! I want mines to work 🙁

  • Virin Badrie-maharaj

    Let us ask anonymous to hack apple and whitelist our imei 

  • Fpsnwork

    You need ultrasn0w after all is said and done. Ultrasn0w doesn’t support 4.10.08 bb. I’m ready to buy Gevey Sim 2.

  • Kiteboss

    you might want to hold off on the Gevey solution,because it’s a hardware solution which cannot work on all the worlds networks. See the instructions at applenberry

  • Fpsnwork

    Gevey Sim WILL unlock bb 4.10.08. Waiting for release date CANT WAIT. I am a T-Mobile user!

  • Lumche

    can you do a video to see the unlock of  04.11.08 beacuse i don’t understend how to do

  • Jeiemxbytes08

    I couldn’t get E on the activation screen. It only shows wifi networks.

  • Deorpc

    Hmmm…I follow the instruction and managed to get my OPERATOR!!! But! I can’t make any call!!!

  • Jeiemxbytes08

    how can you work for you ??  sorry for bad english..

  • Deorpc

     Go to Carrier OFF AUTO and it will manually search for your network operator. I did managed to get my operator but i can’t make any call.

  • hazel

    Seriously? Those instructions are basically in Latin…who can understand that? 

  • Ambiluvscherries

    U mean 4.11.08 right

  • Truth

    I do not have an original SIM card. What do I do? 

  • Puzzl

    What if I don’t have a sim card from Carrier X?

  • louyjarrar

    you are the best man i do it may iphone now open

  • R042

    cant install the SAM it says timeout…??????   :((((((((

  • louyjarrar

    I hope to work this way and open up the network

  • Ievand76

    as these in step 7,iphone give me “unable to load network list if i turned off “auto search”…

  • etarlac

    I followed the steps to the book, did it seceral times but to no avail, cannot unlock. I may be doing something wrong, appreciate your help

  • Distroy808

    Well i did it up to step 17 and my phone suddenly rebooted. Checked the general settings and my baseband is gone wtf?!!. Even my wifi and blue tooth is no longer operable.time to restore . Didnt work for me.

  • josh

    if anyone helps me do this and unlock my phone i will pay you , contact me at

  • Chartreu Jeremy

    I have original sim, do you think i should to do ti ?

  • Widweb1

    I can’t find 
    unofficial carrier profile from TELE2/RUSSIA. Which one should I take?

  • Widweb1

    I can’t find my 
    unofficial carrier profile Tele2 Russia. Which one should I take?

  • Xzenbaby

    Many people are saying that this does work. I didn’t try yet. Follow me at twitter-at-mr_aurangzeb  and get news about it.

  • Emersonlbsantos

    I’m really wanting to do the unlocking, but I need a video explaining everything

  • Das

    Can someone take a video for discruption in youtube,..plz?

  • Alana Waterman

    I have tried 4 times, the iphone requst to activate but thats it, always have use the AT&T card again, unlock ?

  • Rahnema R

    Do not do THIS. I lose all my data after trying to remove SAM. 

  • Carolbenevides

    “Check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.” where do i see?

  • Mike_az_21

    Such BS, I never see T-Mobile as a carrier. I tried this like 10 times.

  • Marcha111

    Maybe someone can create manual, hoe to do it with gevey sim?

  • Chartreu Jeremy

    Phal, how did you do ?

  • Chartreu Jeremy

     How did you do for

    STEP 11: Check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.


  • Dmitry Sutunkin

    Phal,pls show the video,i think you lying….

  • Guest

    Read this: UnlockBoot NOT tested this method for unlock 04.11.08 baseban. Later when we test it you will be notified.


  • Mauro Elettrico

    Same for me but i tried ten times and over. I never seen a line of field or E during activation step. I don’t know if people that had success are friend of the author or what. It’s sure that i never had success with this rebus-procedure

  • Aris

    when i do this im stuck of apple logo and respring again and again…

  • nt21

    that happen to me too but then i realized i types it wrong :/

  • rp

    I coulnt unlock mine, i do everything there and still locked

  • artur machado

    when i try to turn off the auto search, gives to me an error message “Unable to load network list”. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Jairo30

    that is an error capa 8

  • Kbs8

    I cant go threw after turned off auto serch but  no list  I cant make turning it off..

  • ifast

    who knows if it works or not working?

  • Ebenann

     did u figure out how to go around this? i get that too

  • Rafaelpdantas1

    I could not unlock my iPhone with this method, I think only the Gevey to save us!

  • looking


    Do this work on iphone 4 at&t version 5.0.1 carrier
    modem firmware 04.11.8? Please help me ……

  • arks1980

    If you can make video for your post explain who it work, it will be helpful.  

  • arks1980

    If you make video for your post, it will be more helpful.

  • Uni

    wa sunteti tare coco … solutie de deblocare e de mult dar nu se ofera pt ca sau incasat ceva bani de la apple cred eu..adica cu orice sim poti apela la 112 si vb  cit vrea muschiul tau dar altceva sa faci pe sim nik..a draq treaba.dar chiar e asa de greu sau nimeni nu si bate capul?

  • Ray

    Does anyone can unlock it (4.11.8)? i can’t unlock with this method at all. pls hlep

  • guest

    this is meant to unlock iphone 4 ios5 w/ bb4.11.08

  • artur machado

    no.. i try everything… the only way that i could was before everything turn off the auto search!!

  • Moises

    hi, i followed ur instructions, but a few steps are really confusing.  How can U unistall SAM and the press the HB without doing Respring and then go back to do Respring, it doesn’t  make any sense.  Something is missing along the way.  Also, the word CARRIER doesnt comes out with the original SIM, ATT,  this must be tested by u guys, pls let us know.

  • Radwan Kamhaz

    i think this is just bullcrap.  just did this and im stuck at activating your iphone screen which is kind pissing me off. been on it for 5 minutes using my bros att sim card. im calling gay on this one.

  • reda

    hi and thanks for the try

    please can anybody explain this manipulation in an easy way please
    and what about ***SIM card with constant data available*** what does he mean

    thank you

  • Carlosavila5th

    It does not work step Seven doesnt work. You can’t see the carrier and If you skip it none of the other steps will work.

  • Sergiysm1

    thats not working,wait for gevy for 4.11.08 may be in aweek or two

  • Sai Zhou

    u can try to use gevey sim or original sim to select carrier manually……worked for me, but stuck after step 10 though…….

  • Sai Zhou

    just mean any active sim card support mobile network….. i assume any sim should be fine, unless it is deactived by the carrier

  • Alfakire2000

    is someone to translate these steps into French thank you

  • Sam Audi

    Hamzah said it’s working for Model # MC318LL in UAE
    Before you state your problem list IPhone information:

    Model #

    This way we will have some sort of database of the model it’s working with and country

  • darks0ldier

    So, this unlock in post must work for version MC318LL?? My Iphone have this version, if i do the tutorial will be works?? My carrier is AT&T too…

  • Kirkpatrick883

    I have The iphone Model MC318LL and Step 17 is when i do the restart springboard. But when i do, It still has airplane mode on and theres no Edge or welcome screen. Everything worked up to that

  • ex

    What about MC610LL version? Does this guide function?

  • Kirkpatrick883

    Hamzah Akram

  • UnlockBoot

    Please Share the Prof With Us !

  • SabNaV

    Stuck.. I got everything fine untill step 18,19. No E, no option to use celular data?!
    Only wifi or iTunes? I tried many times still no go.
    How to solve this? Explain also more about the SAM steps, maybe you missed something?

  • Noor_zilan

    any video for this?? coz i didnt understand about this

  • Kirkpatrick883

    Here I had to photoshop some stuff though

  • Distroy808

    I did all the steps and now my iphone dont show the baseband. Tiredto restore bout error 1602 comes up. Fair warning do attempt to do tgis on your phone . Im think virus attached cause my phone just blink with the apple symbol

  • Fln 1303

     it can be factory unlocked…..

  • Dheepanmail

    dude please upload an video of tis it be helpfull for all iphone 4.11.08 users!!!!!

  • Mo

    Please tell me how you did it. I tried and I tried it will not work for me at all. Can you make a video or in your words tell me how you did it. Thanks bro

  • Gui

    why are these idiots posting their solution with out showing proof…..!!!!!! 

  • Kishna4242

    You need to restore your phone from iTunes or redsnow. Try putting it into DFU mode (press home button and power button together for 15 sec than let go of power button).

  • REDA

    a lot of steps    *** we need something simple to use
    anyway thankx we had a lot of hopes
    but now *** only sn0w will be the solution  — hopes of 10 of my friends want to unlock their  04.11.08 bb
    wish that DEAV-TEAM        — will do thier best in the next post

    thanks DT

  • Mark_sing

    I don’t know about
    carrier x . offical iPhone Carrier 
    carrier o . the carrier which we’ll use to unlock the iPhone.

  • amyboo

    everything seems working fine til step.17
    my phone automatically rebooted as you mentioned but it brings me to set up part.
    which is “wi-fi networks” set up and when I go next it says “activation failed” what do i do…. im stuck …………..PLEASE HELP!!

  • Thang Le

    Hey buddy, 

    Did you understand your Iphone model MC318LL, what’s that mean? It’s mean your Iphone unlock from manufacturing, you can use any wireless under GSM sim.

  • kienhoang

    i had    ” carrier lab 11.0 ”  What should i do next to make it work ? 

  • daddylink01

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  • Turoturom

    Hello Kirkpatrick833

    In Step 6: do you mean insert your Gevey Sim Ultra… Just the Gevey Sim Ultra or do I need to put my carrier sim card? I ask you because when I insert the Gevey Sim Ultra, nothing really happens. I dont get the No service message, it only reads “no sim” in the left top. Please, clarify…thanks

  • andremorua

    Yes, it is time to buy an unlock phone.

  • Minhdan05

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  • Casper_11_jj

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  • Gpl907

    I tried the procedure at least twenty times and is not fully functional. my iphone is a 4 16GB AT &T that are able to bring it to the carrier jailbreck Lab 11.0 but with react0r not work.

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     it works on iphone from Finland – Sonera

  • Lccrdg

    It does not work at all !!!!!

  • tj

    Mane i dont blame you for anything , but thanks for trying to help me out, it didnt work bro, it got me through till the step 18 but the (E) did not show up. frm there on wards everything didnt go according to the way u stated, sorry bro if you have an update pls contact me

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    I have Sonera and it didn’t work for me