Finally, we have a solution for Baseband 04.11.08? The hacker Hamzah Akram ( React0r ) – finally released the unlocking solution for 04.11.08 baseband! Now React0r post full tutorial for Unlock 04.11.08 baseband.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband - React0r Unlock

Unlock Baseband 04.11.08

Read this: UnlockBoot NOT tested this method for unlocking 04.11.08 baseband. Later when we test it you will be notified.

04.11.08 Unlock – Requirements:

  • iPhone with baseband 04.11.08
  • SIM card with constant data available
  • Original SIM, (or Gevey SIM)

carrier x. official iPhone Carrier
carrier o. the carrier which we’ll use to unlock the iPhone.

React0r Unlock 4.11.08 Guide

STEP 1Jailbreak iPhone 4 using Redsnow.

STEP 2: Install this repo

STEP 3: Search for SAM and install it

STEP 4: Open SAM then go out the app using home button “LET IT OPEN

STEP 5: First of all you need to go to  (on your iPhone) and download your unofficial carrier profile

STEP 6: Insert your official iPhone SIM CARD and dial any number, if no service dial 112.

STEP 7: Go to Settings -> Carrier and turn off auto search the select the network which you will use to connect in next steps (i mean carrier o). You will be presented with a “Restricted Network…”.

STEP 8: Ignore it and go to settings menu.

STEP 9: Turn on airplane mode.

STEP 10: Head over to SAM > Utilities > and press to deactivate SAM, Deactivate push “Clear certs

STEP 11: Check if SAM is in “Disabled” mode.

STEP 12: Turn off the auto connection.

STEP 13: Now go back to Cydia > Manage > Sources then “bingner” the uninstall SAM. Don’t “restart springboard” now.

STEP 14: after uninstalling Sam, press home button and go to settings then forget the Wi-Fi network~.
Make sure airplane mode is ON

STEP 15: Eject the Carrier X sim, press of the no sim installed.

STEP 16: Go back to Cydia and get ready for inserting the next sim (Carrier O).
here is the fast step!

STEP 17: Press “Restart Springboard” and insert the (carrier O) Sim card Before Apple Logo “i mean normal restart springboard” progress indicator.’

STEP 18:  You will meet the regular apple activation screen. with (E) just wait 30 seconds.

STEP 19: Reboot iPhone and you will be presented with SAM activation screen. You will see ‘one signal bar” and “E” right next to it.

STEP 20: You will see “use cellular connection” press it and wait for 5 to 8 seconds

STEP 21: Remove SIM and put it back again. you will redirect to home screen!…. with full signal bar “Carrier O” network

STEP 22: Now call service center for 1 minutes “auto reply services center” of carrier O.

STEP 23: Go to Settings > General > about and check your carrier: it must be “Carrier 11.0

Please test this Solution and the post in the comments session.

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