The CutYourSim service was the great hope to unlock our iPhone with 4.11.08 baseband, was unexpectedly closed and no longer available to the users.

On Web sites that offered this service, said that as a result of the iPhone was locked out so-called “neverlock” (by adding the IMEI-number in the database of U.S. service provider).

Various online services argued that the procedure should be completed within 5-20 days, and organized a pre-order at a price starting from $ 35.

But today, most of these services (, etc.) stopped accepting orders and have already begun to return money spent by consumers.

It was expected that the service will be the first working solution for 4.11.08 baseband, which is still no hardware or software options for unlocking. Note that during the existence of “factory” unlock we have not received successful feedback from the iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband users.

For those who are waiting for unlock iPhone 4 with baseband 04.11.08, we recall that the Applenberry team now work on Gevey Sim 2 hardware solution.

  • Daveemitchell

    IT WORKS, IT BLOODY WORKS!! My phone was locked to Movistar Spain and I’d locked it on 4.11.08. I paid CUTMYSIM and 10 days later got an email saying it was unlocked. I had to restore my phone and update to 5.1 (nerve wracking!!) But it worked!!!! WAhoooooooo!!!!!!


    slim your sim is the way to go.