Finally today, CutYourSim Service released unlock solution for your iPhone on 04.11.08 baseband. CutYourSim Service team says that if you get this package, after that your iPhone will be Factory Unlocked “Never lock“.

Unlock Baseband 04.11.08 Locked To AT&T

For “Factory” unlock you must wait 5-15 days after ordering. Unlock will be done by adding IMEI-number in the database of U.S. service provider.

Noteworthy is the fact that the service is intended for all iPhone models, all iOS versions, and all Basebands.

Unlock iPhone Locked To AT&T

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband – IMEI Factory Unlock:

We are proud to offer a permanent unlock solution for your AT&T iPhone. Having your iPhone remotely unlocked will allow you to use your iPhone on any GSM carrier. All you need to do is choose the carrier your iPhone is LOCKED to, provide us with your IMEI number, and purchase this service. We will then permanently unlock your iPhone remotely (usually 5-15 business days. This service works for all AT&T iPhones, the 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S.

Unlock price is different, depending on the site. For example, the factory unlocking service from the costs $ 34.99.

Update !!! – Musclenerd Answered on Twitter:

I can’t personally confirm latest round of IMEI unlocks (1-3 week wait!), so my only advice is stick to well-known retailers.

Unlock Baseband 04.11.08 Locked To AT&T

Would you Pay $ 34.99 for factory unlock, or you will wait for Applenberry to release new Gevey Sim which you can Unlock Your iPhone on 04.11.08 Baseband?