There is some great news we have to share with you today. We’re offer unlock AT&T iPhone 5 for all iOS firmwares and basebands. The solution work on ANY iOS firmware like iOS 7, 6.1.4, 6.1.3 and below. The solution will also allow you to downgrade and upgrade your firmware without any tension of getting your device relocked as it will be permanently SIM free even when you update to the latest firmware.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5

IMEI Unlock Service For AT&T iPhone 5

The service is being offered for $24.99. You can use PayPal (through Facebook payment) and Credit card. This is a great deal as the service can be availed even if you’re in contract with AT&T iPhone 5. This solution is great for those who are frequent travelers as you will be able to use other things beside AT&T. You can also take advantage of the solution if your iPhone 5 AT&T is without a contract.

Models and basebands that are supported:

  • iPhone 5 baseband 1.00.10
  • iPhone 5 baseband 1.00.16
  • iPhone 5 baseband 3.04.25
  • iPhone 5 baseband 4.14.01

AT&T iPhone 5 factory Unlock Advantages

  1. This is going to work with most iOS basebands and firmwares.
  2. There won’t be any jailbreak or unlock required.
  3. The solution is compatible with all on contract and off contract AT&T iPhone 5 phones.
  4. There’s no AT&T account needed.
  5. You can easily update the software of the device whenever you need.
  6. Your warranty is going to remain intact.
IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone 5
Permanent IMEI Unlock AT&T iPhone 5, 4S & 4 iOS 7, iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 6.1.2

Steps to unlock AT&T iPhone 5

Step 1: Go to the page Official iPhone unlock.

Step 2: Give them your IMEI code and wait for the confirmation of email.

Step 3: Connect your phone to computer.

Step 4: Launch iTunes and see AT&T iPhone 5 unlock.

Estimated Unlock Delivery Time

The usual time of completion for AT&T iPhone is one to six hours, but it can also be a case where it takes up to 24 hours. However, we will try our best to get your phone unlocked in less than 6 hours.

Unlocking Terms and Conditions

  1. Even if your IMEI number is submitted wrong by accident, you’re going to receive a full refund.
  2. If you submit your order on weekends, it can take some time in processing. The estimated completing time doesn’t count for public holidays in US.
  3. We take advantage of IMEI checker tool, and this is direct in touch with Apple’s database. The proof will be there in the e-mail you receive. After the proof has been given, there will be no refunds.
  4. PayPal secure payments and credit card will be used, so you’re going to pay through a 100% secure platform.

Rlated unlocking guides:

After getting your AT&T iPhone 5 unlock, it can be used on any worldwide carrier and can be used with latest basebands and updates. Go here and Make your AT&T iPhone 5 SIM Free Forever!