Unsubsidized iPhone 5 from AT&T can be factory unlocked totally free. The sixth-generation handset will be checked for unlock In Apple’s database. Read on to learn how you can easily factory unlock AT&T iPhone 5 free of charge.

unlock at&t iphone 5 free

This database has the information of every iPhone that has ever been made by the fruit company. To Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 permanently, a simple iTunes store is required. Read on for more info!

Read AT&T iPhone 5 Unlocking report from TechCrunch:

We have confirmed the process with AT&T’s technical support and successfully tried it with a T-Mobile SIM card. After restoring the device in iTunes, the user is prompted with the usual unlocking message: “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.”

Once this message is received by the reader, a non-AT&T SIM card (Nano) can be inserted for the confirmation of the unlock. The steps are almost 100 percent similar to the official unlock being offered by UnlockBoot for AT&T iPhone unlock, even if the device is under contract.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Free
Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 free

To apply the unlock, iTunes restoration is always needed after AT&T has approved, but another way of doing it is by removing the files in the ‘lockdown folder’ or by deactivating he iPhone via redsn0w, which avoids the need of full restoration. There has also been news that the Verizon iPhone 5 is factory unlocked.

How To Unlock In-Contract AT&T iPhone 5 Permanently?

If you are using an in-contract iPhone 5, there is also a official factory unlock service for iPhone 5 – using this permanent solution that is available to all of you. Our official partner, Official AT&T iPhone unlock, is offering a genuine IMEI solution for the sixth-generation handset.

This solution is permanent, and after the unlock, your iPhone 5 is going to work on any carrier in the world. So head over to their website, and get the genuine unlock solution right away, if you have an iPhone 5. Feel free to comment.

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