There has been confirmation that iPhone 5 is GSM unlocked. If you try to use an AT&T Micro SIM by cutting it down, the new device will pick up a signal of AT&T on a Verizon iPhone 5. This will allow you to use your factory unlocked iPhone 5 on any carrier in the world, tested on AT&T’s HPSA+ network, also known as ‘4G’. Read on for more details!

Verizon iPhone 5 is Unlocked

This is indeed true. A Verizon iPhone 5 customer, even under a brand new contract, can use the carrier’s iPhone 5 on T-Mobile or AT&T. There is Nano SIM cutter being offered by YoYoBase. We don’t recommend you to try cutting the SIM on your own. You can also pick up the Nano SIM from T-Mobile or AT&T. This will give you access to the desired network.

Verizon confirmed the iPhone 5 is GSM unlocked, and can be used with under SIM. This is even for customers who are under contract. This is good news for those who travel regularly, as well as the customers. Let’s see if this is only temporary or otherwise.

Use AT&T SIM card on Verizon iPhone 5

Watch the video made by iDownloadBlog.

How to Unlock Verizon iPhone 5 FREE

If this doesn’t work or you are using another carrier, then you don’t need to worry. Unlockboot has another solution for you. Our official partner can still unlock the sixth-generation iPhone. UnlockBoot offers a factory unlock solution for the iPhone 5/6/6S/SE/7/8/X. IMEI carrier unlock is the name of this solution. For further details, you can check out the prices and supported devices here.

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You will be guided to the procedure on how to get the factory unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6. If you are unsure what carrier you’re locked to, check the IMEI number from here. After getting a permanent IMEI unlock, your iPhone 5 can be used on any carrier in the world. Latest basebands and firmware can also be updated without any worries.

Did your Verizon iPhone 5 work on AT&T or T-Mobile? If not, UnlockBoot has your back!

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  • Abun

    Maybe this guy Lucky,Verizon customer care seller give wrong device.Its mean unlock Device.

  • Chris

    Tried this, does not work. Verizon iPhone 5’s will work with International carriers. You cannot put an AT&T sim into a Verizon iPhone 5 and get service. They are factory unlocked, but only for international usage, not within the US.

  • Jeanius

    It is indeed unlocked. I am using a Verizon iPhone 5 under H2O Wireless and it works perfectly fine. Cut the sim card myself too.

  • UnlockBoot

    Just restore your device with iTunes.

  • jp1980

    indeed it is unlock I am using a verizon iphone 5 under net10 wireless it perfectly work just cut the sim card

  • Hecgilo

    I jus tried it today with my brother his carrier is at&t and the phone work perfectly fine also he had a sim card from an internationally carrier and the phone was able to read it without any problem. I am very happy for this and wont need to unlock or jailbreak my phone when I travel

  • 李婷娜

    Does one need to do anything? Or just pop in SIM card?

  • h20vik

    hi please help, can you give instructions on how you manage to have a verizon iphone 5 on h2o wireless.


  • ddepweg

    Will I have to trim a prepaid sim card I buy in Costa Rica, for example, or are they the right size from the dealer?

  • Sharon Tassin

    I put an AT&T SIM card in my Verizon phone it picks up the service but I can not search the web through the 4g service, I have to be connected to wi-fi, and also I can not send pictures to people who do not have an iPhone

  • hackaday

    You have to update the APN settings…

  • Guest123456

    It does work you just don’t know what your doing.

  • Alisson

    When I was recently given my iPhone 5, it was factory unlocked, but my dad restored it and so I needed to activate it. My previous iPhone was with AT&T and I wanted to keep my number so I had gone to the AT&T store to get my SIM card. They put it in but the phone still reads “no SIM” and when I went to ask at the Apple store they said it’s a Verizon phone but that it’s locked. I don’t know what to do so that it will work with AT&T. Aren’t Verizon phones supposed to be permanently unlocked?

  • Jessica Kristi Clamon Pittman

    I have an iPhone 5 with Verizon but want to switch it to T-mobile which I already have a SIM card that is activated. What do I need to do to switch my SIM card to my Verizon iPhone 5 and have it work. Also, should I cut the SIM card to Nano size myself or should I try to get one from T-mobile? Please help!!! Can I give you my email so maybe you can give me very specific directions on how to do it please!!!

  • sid

    i am frm india,however i have come to USA on aholiday so can i buy a locked verizon iphone 5 and use it in india without actually unlocking it with vodafone or other carriers?

  • utkarsh yadav

    i am frm India. M planing to buy an iphone 5 frm usa with AT&T contract. if i buy it and bring back to india and want to unlock it will that work with any GSM in india?
    further if it will work will i b able to update it or not?
    plzzzzz help !!!!!

  • Michelle

    I also have a iphone 5 with Verizon and want to switch to TMobile … have you had any luck unblocking and using the new sim card?

  • Eric

    Just tested the device, my Verizon IPhone 5S works with any GSM SIM. Whether you use it in India or South America or Europe, just pop in your new SIM and Wallaa….

  • MO

    OK. I am not tech savvy whatsoever. I have an iphone 5 from verizon. I just moved to a place that at&t is the main cell provider. I’d like to keep my iPhone and continue to have the benefits of a smart phone instead of purchasing a crappy little burner phone. Are you saying all i have to do is purchase a sim card from at&t? If so, does purchasing an at&t sim card require a contract? Forgive me if these are stupid questions.

  • sk

    This is not true. You have to get your Verizon iphone 5 unlocked it does not come unlocked already. I know for a fact because I work for a cellphone company and just sent a customer away since her Verizon Iphone 5 was still locked. She also called Verizon in front of me and they will not unlock a phone unless it is currently active with Verizon. Now if its already unlocked why would they tell her that and why when I put a sim card in her Iphone does it not get any service?

  • sk

    u should read what I just posted and it will answer you question

  • DCC

    All Verizon phones are unlocked as long as they are not in contract I work for Verizon myself

  • Lake Nokomis

    Your phone is unlocked for the GSM portion, but just try to use it on another CDMA carrier Iike Sprint. I was under the impression that iPhone 5’s were inherently unlocked-devices. Verizon even says so, but I am unable to use my Verizon branded iPhone on a MVNO using the Sprint network. I was told the imei has to be in the Sprint database for this to work. The Sprint technical guy says this has to do with the frequency range on which each carrier is allowed to operate, and Sprint would not or could not add my phone to their database.

    I would appreciate hearing on how to get a Verizon branded iPhone 5 to work on a Sprint-based virtual network.