Archiving and compressing files is necessary, especially when the number of files is significantly larger. For such necessity file archiving programs are essential, WinRAR happens to be one of the world’s most popular program for file archiving and compressing.

The support list of formats are quite long for WinRAR, almost every single archive format is compatible with WinRAR for Mac.

Download WinRAR for Mac

WinRAR For Mac Download

If you download WinRAR for Mac you will get: Simpler ways of operation, easier user interface, efficient file compressing, and command line based interface for more advanced users, creation of self-extracting archive files – everything’s like a click away on WinRAR for Mac OS X.

WinRAR For Mac Features

As mentioned earlier, the features list of WinRAR for a file archiver is too long. However, apart from archiving and compressing files for better management, WinRAR would recover corrupted compressed and archive files as well.

WinRAR for Mac download

However, file reconstruction could be little tricky depending on to what extent the file has been damaged. Severely damaged files with lots of lost bits would not be rebuilt unless some file restoration software is used earlier. For minor file damages and WinRAR based errors, the reconstruction would just be done at least or no time at all.

WinRAR for Mac – Official List of Features

  • The supported formats are .zip, .rar, .cab, .arj, .lzh, .ace, .tar, .gzip, .uue, .bzip2, .z and 7zip format. Some more may be supported, the exact list is shown during the time of initial installation.
  • To effectively store and maintain multimedia files, WinRAR offers a great deal. The internal coding of the program lists appropriate for each format of multimedia files, executable files or object libraries to carry out a highly efficient archiving task at maximum ease.
  • In order to store the archived files into removable storage or disks easily, WinRAR on Mac OS X allows the compressed archive to be separated into several volumes as necessary.
  • For highly confidential data, WinRAR for Mac offers a strong security module that encrypts the files in 128-bit passwords. They are indeed very difficult to crack, impossible to few extents. Hence transmission of files over the open web is more secured if archived with WinRAR.
  • The licensing of WinRAR is shareware. Experienced users and programmers may try the program coding for security issues, if any doubt remains. The software offers 40 days free trial, later on a license fee is applicable.
  • The licenses are sort of ‘comprehensive’. One license is enough to avail all further updates of the software for free, and the license is usable on cross platform versions of the software. For example, if you purchase WinRAR for Mac OS X, the same license could be used for using WinRAR free on another Windows based PC as well.

WinRAR for Mac – Few Newer Additions

With this version of WinRAR developers have made few changes, few noticeable ones are:

  1. A higher dpi icon makes the WinRAR icon look better on higher resolution and bigger displays without pixelation.
  2. Broken files extraction added for bzip2 format.
  3. Easier methods of drag & drop for fast file archiving has been done.
  4. Developments in the program coding has been made for efficient archiving.

Download WinRAR for Mac

Visit the official website to download WinRAR for Mac. For the regular users of WinRAR, the version for Mac OS X is an excellent upgrade. For the starters, it’s worth investing on the new version. Did you managed to get WinRAR on your Mac OS X? Tell us in the comments below.

Note: The WinRAR for Mac is a command-line only App. If you want to have the WinRAR-like experience on your Mac I recommend you to download iZip Archiver from the Mac App Store.

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