Dear readers, we have great news for you all. Most of you witnessed the launch of the Apple’s new-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. You can read our detailed iPhone 5 unlock & baseband review. Already, many of you would have started searching for a solution to factory unlock iPhone 5. Well, our partner, Official iPhone unlock, can do this job for you. Read on to know how to unlock your iPhone 5.

Factory Unlock iPhone 5

How to Unlock iPhone 5 using IMEI Service

UnlockBoot is the only reliable site on the internet that can permanently and safely unlock iPhone 5 to use it on any carrier sim card in the world. They have unlocked 80,000 iPhones in the last three months. That’s quite a staggering figure. This the only verified, permanent and genuine solution to get your Apple iPhone 5 Unlocked forever.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 using Official iPhone 5 Unlock

As mentioned above, the iPhone 5 was revealed last week. We posted full details on this phone is a separate post. The iPhone 5’s baseband are totally new – iPhone 5 baseband is updated to 03.04.25 & 1.00.16. The bad news is that all hardware and softwares unlocks, such as Gevey SIM, R-sim 7, X-sim and ultrasn0w, won’t work on iOS 6, 6.1, 6.1.2 or iOS 6.1.3 the native iOS in iPhone 5. Hence, the only choice left for you is to go for a iPhone 5 factory unlock solution to get your iPhone 5 carrier free.

Unlock iPhone 5

Cheap & Lightning Fast Factory Unlock iPhone 5 Service

The reason is that Apple is going to block all hardware and software unlocks on this new basebands. However, we have your back. Gevery SIM users should stay away from the iOS 6 updates, if they want to keep their iPhone unlocked and jailbroken.

What to do if your iPhone 5 is Locked to AT&T, Sprint, O2, Rogers or etc.

Official Factory iPhone 5 Unlock service works for iPhone 5 up to iOS 7, 6.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1 can only be achieved via the factory unlock solution. This can be done through Official iPhone 5 unlock. You can also check the IMEI number in case you don’t know which carrier the phone is locked to. The unlocking procedure is described below below.

4 Steps to Unlock Apple iPhone 5

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Official iPhone Unlocking webpage.
  • Step 2: Send your IMEI code and wait for confirmation email.
  • Step 3: Connect your device to the computer.
  • Step 4: Open iTunes and your iPhone 5 will be unlocked.

factory unlock iphone 5

After your iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS is officially unlocked, you can use it on any carrier sim card in the world. You can also update iOS firmwares and basebands without any worries as this solution is a permanent one. So now you know where to get the iPhone 5 unlock once you buy it.

  • O.John

    you were always trying to help us, iphone users to find the most beneficient and free unlock solutions… since those webpages that provide factory unlocks appeared, it seems and most of us feel like you’re now worrying about commercial purposes…

    I really hope you can get back your previous point of view and even it is so called; your “amateur” spirit… and help us in a more friendly way, as it used to be, instead of a mercantile approach…

  • FK

    John….Am absolutely agree with u ….unlockboot rocks..!!!!

  • rome

    i recently aquired a factory unlock from the unlock website given by this webpage (official iphone unlock) the unlock came thrrough, but the problem is my phone wont detect any sim cards from my country….when they are inserted it says no sim, i have a sim card from this overseas company called chatr and that activated the iphone even in itunes where i got the unlock message. my country is jamaica, and i used a 3gs on both networks here before, still using it so its not an issue where the carriers dont support iphone. could somebody provide assistance, im desperate after spending that much money on an unlock and cant use the phone

  • UnlockBoot

    Maybe you have problems with your card reader, what’s your IMEI code?

  • Kevin

    Can I unlock my iPhone 4S, if I have already updated to iOS 6?

  • UnlockBoot

    This is factory unlock by carrier. Your iOS firmware and Baseband are irrelevant.

  • Michael

    Hello Guys, I’ve unlocked my iPhone 5 today, once again I got my iPhone factory unlocked using this service, last month you did my AT&T iPhone4, and now my iPhone 5 locked to O2 UK. Many thanks!

  • Richard

    I am very happy with my iPhone, I got my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked today. Thanks to this service I am now using the iPhone in the U.K. Thanks!

  • Matt

    Unlock Iphone 5 in 8 hours! I Got my iPhone 5 unlock within 8 hours. Many thanks!

  • Sree

    how to buy an iphone5 from AT&T..
    and get it unlocked.
    can anyone explain me the process..

  • Nickolys

    Could u unlock Ip5 from Bell Canada ?

  • schizo

    planning to buy the iphone 5 from the US (AT&T) will this work in the Philippines? (Globe network)

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, factory unlocked iPhone can be used on any GSM network worldwide.

  • raghu

    plz telme my i phone 4s IMEI unlock coad 01 305100 693173 5

  • UnlockBoot

    Carrier : Verizon, SIM Lock Status : Locked (iPhone Lock)

  • Nodar

    Hello, I want you to buy iPhone 5 Unlocking to work with all the operators you have for sale? and you send to Ukraine? thanks

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock iPhone 5 Bell Canada.

  • Thomas

    HI i have just bought a AT&T iphone 5 form best buy. i want to
    unlock it for Tmobile USA.The Website Says ” Please make sure that your
    iPhone has been activated with its original carrier at least once
    before.” I wound need a AT&T sim to do that? I am on a Tmobile
    Network how can i get a AT&T sim so i can complete the activated???

  • Serg

    Hello can I unlock my iphone 5 from Verizon (US)

  • Kokkinis

    Thanks to this service I am now using the iPhone in the Cyprus Thanks!

  • Unlocker

    Verizon iPhone 5 can be Unlocked Free – just connect to iTunes and enjoy.

  • Leonardo

    Thanks, My iphone 5 was unlocked in 1 day.

    Good job!!!!

  • Gautam

    I had accidentally bought my iphone 5 from Carphone warehouse and it stopped working when i got it back home to India. it seemed impossible to get it unlocked. thanks for the lovely job of unlocking it. I t took some time but it was resolved.

  • Luis

    I used this service to unlock under contract iPhone 5 and my iPhone 5 has been unlocked permanently in the same day. You guys rock – definitely this is the best service!

  • gobi

    how long does it take to unlock? can u mail me to

  • Doug

    Can you unlock permanent iphone 5, from Fido Canada? If so, how long does it take?

  • Sunny

    Hi there, Just wondering if you guys can unlock iphone 5 Bell Canada

  • Sunny

    and yeah i forgot that my serial number isn’t coming up…. it says that serial number ending so and so…but unfortunately mine and my frnd’s serial isn’t showing up here

  • SARA

    WOOOO HOO. Thank you sooo much! I’m using T-Mobile sim card with my unlocked iPhone 5, and it’s really working fantastic. If you have a locked iPhone 5, I recommend you to use this service to unlock AT&T iPhone 5. Thanks again!

  • capomastro

    what about candian fido iphone 5?



  • Adrian

    Completely impressed with this service, as they were able to factory unlock my iPhone 5 when AT&T refused 🙂

  • Matthew

    Excellent service for iPhone 5 unlocking. Took just 10 hours to get the email confirmation that my iPhone 5 is unlocked, I restored my device and I got the unlock confirmation message in iTunes. I’m currently using my phone in Brazil with the local Tim sim card and I haven’t any issues at all. I love my factory unlocked iPhone 5. Thank you guys!

  • Damola Salami

    How do I qualify for the free unlocking? yipee you guys are awesome

  • Randy Guzman

    I did this and get no service when I put a verizon sim in my iphone 5(originally AT&T). I received the congratulations message in itunes and everything but it seems something is off. please help!

  • Jason Dourado

    This service was an fantastic thing that they were able to unlock my iPhone 5. Would suggest it to other people but I would definitely inform them to ignore the advised time frame! Was told 1 business day, but the real time frame was 3 days. However I can confirm that they are safe and legit service. Thanks to UnlockBoot and Official iPhone Unlock I got my iPhone 5 unlocked permanently!

  • marco

    ola matthew, voce e brasileiro, voce conseguiu destravar o seu iphone 5, estou aguardando ja a 3 dias o meu. o servico e garantido.

  • Deep a Verizon iPhone5 can be unlocked free and can it be used in India.?

  • Ralu

    Hi, im wondering if u guys can unlock my iphone 5 locked on O2 Uk ?

  • Ron

    This iPhone 5 unlock solution worked for me. I ordered in contract AT&T iPhone 5 so wanted it to be unlocked, so after 2 days my iPhone 5 was unlocked. This makes me very fulfilled. Now I can go to European countries and use SIM cards there on their carriers! Thanks!

  • Lucas

    I bugged this company to an extreme limit. Sent e-mails, contacted live support etc., and I am sorry for that. However, they did what I was looking for. They unlocked my iPhone 5. Thank you so much. Took longer than expected, but they finally did it. Guys, don’t wait and get it done. Its a iPhone 5 factory unlock, which means its like you bought the phone factory unlocked from Apple. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable iPhone 5 unlock solution. Thanks once again!

  • Gustavo

    My iPhone 5 was originally locked to AT&T USA. After receiving the unlock confirmation mail, I restored my iPhone with iTunes. To my big surprise, upon completing the restoring process, I was greeted with the “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” message.

    Now i’m able to use my iPhone 5 with Brazilian network. Remember that the time frame may sometimes be a little longer than the web site says. In my scenario it was expected to be in 6 hours, but it really took a little less than 30 hours. This situation wasn’t a problem for me. However, I got my iPhone 5 unlocked, thanks to these guys!

  • sam

    I bought an iPhone 5 on the vodafone network in Australia, it was broken and went to apple store got replacement from them. did an IMEI search it said unlocked got to Indonesia for holiday and it wont work…I have put my contract on hold with vodafone so i cant get them todo it as service needs to be activated. Will this service still work for me?

  • Ankur Somani

    I have bought an AT&T contract Iphone 5 from USA..
    How can i unlock and use it in INDIA.. Its juzz lyk an ipod nw.. Plzz help me.. wht to do nw??

  • Josh

    If i buy an Iphone 5 for $199 and get it factory unlocked from the above mentioned site the next day then will i be able to use the phone in any country with its local service provider and would i still be having my apple guarantee for my phone for one year?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, your warranty remains valid.

  • UnlockBoot

    After this unlock you can activate your iPhone with any sim card.

  • Mangiamele Donatella

    Hi, I have bought iPhone 5 locked with Telenor Sweden. Is it possible to get it unlocked? Thanks

  • sharon

    hi i am thinking of getting an iphone 5 from the US, but skeptical if i can unlock it using the method suggested. im in africa – malawi to be precise.appreciate your input. thanks for the help in advance.

  • GL

    Got my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked using this website. Could believe that it actually worked. I did a test with a prepaid tmobile sim. Now I am in India using it with airtel. This is awesome.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    this is the real stuff u r looking for. i got my i5 unlocked in jus 7-8hrs, i mean isnt tht amazing. thanks guys

  • MANI

    yahooooo….recently i unlock my self iphone 5 on at&t…. thanks alot

  • Raj

    Hello I have a locked iphone 5, I bought it in Canada (thinking it was unlocked) only to find out its locked when my friend tried to activate it in India. I did the carrier search based on IMEI and it says Carrier: Canada N41 Country Channel Flex Activation Policy; Canada N41 Country Channel Flex. Is there anyway I could unlock this phone without having a Canadian Sim Card.

  • saurabh

    hey ankur its saurabh here from mumbai…i want to just knw that at&t contract i phone u have buy from usa how u much it cost 2 u becoz 1 of my friends stay in usa n i want to purchase iphone 5 at&t contarct so plzz rply me n u can also rply me on facebook by sending a request so be needful……waiting for u r rply……..

  • saurabh

    is it possible to unlocked iphone 5 in india [mumbai] which is brought from usa in 200 dollars with at&t or sprint or verision with contract so plzzz rply me….as soon as possible……

  • Iphone 5

    2 days ago i made for unblock my Iphone 5 to for carrier (Claro Brazil) but nothing till today… I hope somebody help. for i be sure wht i did was right or may i made mistack…

  • mrfunnypants

    worked like a charm!

  • UnlockBoot

    Enjoy your Unlocked iPhone!

  • krystoffer

    how about the latest version 6.0.2?

  • UnlockBoot

    Our Unlock Solutions are IMEI-based, which means that it works with current and any future iOS firmware updates.

  • Jesusman

    Ey if mi iphone 5 is at att from usa and it is 5 hours i need to wait until the 5 hours pass to connect it in itunes or i connect it on itunes and when the 5 hours pass it will be unlocked?
    Please answer

  • Rushit

    no its not possible you have to unlock your verizon locked iphone
    it will only work with verizon

  • Adrian

    Hi UnlockBoot, I got my Locked iPhone 5 to Vodafone UK. Can I use this service to Factory Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 5 to be used in my country? Thanks!

  • rakesh

    hi pls let me know a solution to completely unlock sprint iphone5 .. am using in mumbai .. through rsim unlock method only calls are being made sms and data pla 🙁

  • Grace Reganot

    All Verizon iPhone 5 are already unlocked… As my iPhone 5 is already unlocked and I have not connected it to iTunes yet. They even posted it on their websit a while ago…

  • oscar

    hey i dont have a nano sim card so i cant activate my phone can i still unlocked without activate it get back at me asap

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after the unlock you can activate the device with any sim card.

  • nani

    It’s possible to unlock O2 iPhone 5 with this service?

  • Jason

    Hi can you unlock iPhone 5 on orange with iOS 6.0.2

  • Iftikhar51214

    This is a really good service for Unlock iPhone 5, because it is useful for my new iPhone 5. Thanks.

  • Vs

    Found an iPhone 5 but it’s on the block (IMEI ) list with AT&T . If I unlock it will I be able to use it with AT&T again?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlocking you can use your iPhone 5 on ANY sim card including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc.

  • jonvok

    hello can u unlock swizzerland orange for iphone 5 and how many times does it take?

  • Brooklyn

    How long is the process if my iPhone is locked to Vodafone

  • MG

    Will facetime and imessage work in UAE after unlock?

  • UnlockBoot

    Normal time frame is 1-5 days.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock it. Normal time frame is 72 hours.

  • Jp

    Unbelievable … Toke me 2 weeks but its worth to wait. Thanks guys amazing support and service highly recommended !!! All the best(iphone5)

  • GL

    I had my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked using this website. The best 40 dollars ever spent. Awesome job guys. Thank you.

  • Jesse

    Works with iPhone 5. Bought with AT&T and used it in singapore

  • Kaye

    Very impressed with your service and communication – many thanks guys!

  • Jon Vok

    hello i would like to have information about iphone 5 orange swizzerland unlocking ? how many times is it necessary for that ? because i bought the unlocking the last 14th january and still waiting???
    best regards

  • UnlockBoot

    Normal time frame for Orange Switzerland is 3-7 days, but due to server issues it may take more than that.

  • Tarek

    “Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked!” This message made my day! My AT&T iPhone 5 is now factory unlocked. I’m using it in Hong Kong. Best wishes, Thanks a lot!

  • roy

    hello -at-UnlockBoot:disqus can you please check for what carrier my phone is locked to so i can proceed with the unlock this is my imei 013188004907547

  • UnlockBoot

    Activated Carrier: Not Activated
    Original Carrier: Canada Apple Channel Flex Default Activation policy
    SIM Lock Status : Locked (iPhone Lock)

  • roy

    -at-unlockboot Knowing it is canada can you please specify which carrier it is locked
    To ?

  • tuan

    i dont know what carriers is locked my phone
    how can i know that?

  • Hakim

    Hi I have an iPhone 5 with sfr France how many days to be unlocked if I pay today

  • UnlockBoot

    SFR unlocking timeframe is 24 hours.

  • jjalapeno

    i can still unlock the at&t iphone 5 even tho that stupid bill was passed making it illegal…right?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, you can unlock it.

  • Sam

    factory unlock will only work with gsm sim card and verizon is CDMA network.

  • bushra

    hi anybody can help me how long it will take? week/day??? i applied to unlock my iphone 5 today and when it will be sorted out???

  • abdo

    i can unlocked iphone 5 from at&t usa, plz tall me

  • bushra

    Hi its not helpful for the orange mobile, can you tell me how long it will take? It’s 4 days but I didn’t receive any me plz. My mobile is iphone5 with orange network… I’m waiting.thanks

  • Hira Khan

    Can you unlock iPhone 5 locked to Rogers Canada?

  • Helen

    I have a Canadian fido iphone 4 6.0 but I now live in Spain and I want to unlock it – can I do this if I didnt pay my last bill? It currently says No Service

    Thanks in advance

  • Marksems Enimes

    can u unlock my iphone 5 locked on Globe Philippines?

  • UnlockBoot

    No. We can unlock iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4s on this carrier.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can factory unlock Fido iPhones.

  • UnlockBoot

    Sorry, this carrier is currently offline.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock AT&T iPhones including iPhone 5.

  • Yanna Georgieva

    Hi, im wondering if u guys can unlock my iphone 5 locked on T-mobile UK?

  • kenny

    if i have a UK iphone 5 on orange will this service work to unlock it?

  • Jefferson

    Hi…I have a Iphone 5 lock from sprint USA…How much is to unlock? It’s really guaranteed?

  • Hisham19821

    Hi i have iphone 5 locked to uk wireless with imei 013405004861031 can you unlock it what is the price

  • helpme

    i just bought(dated 7th feb) att contract iphone 5? i need to unlock it and use abroad? please help me?

  • Adenia

    My uncle will give his iphone to me. His iphone is under 2years contract with at&t. If i unlocked it, how is the billing procedure? It will automatically stop or will still auto pay from his credit card until 2years.. Thanks for the info..

  • Nosh

    Hi im planing to unlock my iphone 5 under at&t contract to be able to use it in Panama is it possible?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock O2 iPhone 5.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, your iPhone 5 can be unlocked.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. We can unlock all UK networks.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. 100% guaranteed – (ONLY CLEAN ESN).

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, Orange iPhone 5 is on our unlocking list. The normal timeframe is 2-5 days.

  • UnlockBoot

    Sure. We can unlock T-Mobile iPhone 5 – (2-5 days unlocking timeframe).

  • Hisham19821

    How much will cost to unlock it plz

  • John butt

    can yu unlock straight talk iphone 5

  • asimshah

    how much cost the orage uk

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, just place an order.

  • UnlockBoot

    O2 iPhone 5 can be unlocked in 2-5 days.

  • markus

    Hello, can you unlock my iphone 5 with claro puerto rico simlock and what is the price for this work?

  • lotr_rotk

    hi pls can you unlock barred orange iphone 5

  • Joe

    Can you Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile Germany?

  • harold

    If the phone is already unlocked, and then reported lost/stolen, what happens? Will it still be usable, or will it be unusable?

  • Agapios Kalpakoglou

    can you unlock iphone 5 locked on us sprint ??any information about the cost??

  • UnlockBoot

    £129.99 (3-5 days unlock delivery).

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock it permanently.

  • UnlockBoot

    For this network we can unlock only iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S. iPhone 5 will be added on our unlocking support list soon.

  • Abra

    I bought my iPhone 5 from carphone uk I was told is sim free but when I try to used it d.r congo it ask to put my carrier sim how can I known my carrier I never used it with uk sim

  • Miguel


    I have an orange swiss locked iphone 5!is it possible to unlock it to use with a portuguese vodafone sim card?will 4G work after unlock?

  • Nadved

    Hi, will this service unlock an iPhone 5 on the EE network. Thanks

  • Nirmolak

    Hi there

    I have an iphone 5 sent by my insurance as a replacement. The original phone I lost was unlocked. The insurance company has stupidly sent me a phone locked to vodafone when I am with O2. I have been running around trying to get them to send another phone but am tired of running from pillar to post. I would rather pay and get it done without hassle. Please let me know if you can unlock insurance replacement iphone 5 in my case.


  • Me

    Hi im wondring if u guys can unlock I phone5 locked with 3 uk

  • deki belgrade

    hello, can you unlock my brand new iphone 5 , 32 gb from germany vodafone netlock?

  • Agapios Kalpakoglou

    if i give you my imei you can check it?it works for sure??

  • Agapios Kalpakoglou

    iphone 5 us sprint ios 6.1..can be done for sure?or i pay and then we find out??

  • Angel

    hey i was wondering if i can unlock my iphone 5 att model even if is blacklisted?

  • UnlockBoot

    Sure, ALL AT&T iPhones can be unlocked permanently including blacklisted, barred, reported or replaced. It is £24.99 and takes 1-6 hours for it to be unlocked!

  • UnlockBoot

    Sorry, iPhone 5 Vodafone Germany isn’t supported for now. From Vodafone germany we can unlock all devices excluding the iPhone 5.

  • Angel

    will it work with any us carrier? thank you for the responce

  • domnic

    hi i have a locked iphone 5 with fido carrier can u unlock and how much u gonna charge ? plz reply .

  • Manish Kay

    Hi do you unlock mobile under factory contract?

  • UnlockBoot

    Just read the article.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, this service can unlock EE/Tmobile/Orange UK iPhone 5.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, your Orange Swiss locked iPhone 5 can be unlocked in 72 hours.

  • Teddy

    i want to factory unlocked my iphone i bought at palma, spain, i just forget my last carrier before, movistar or vodafone.. anyone can help me,, my model no mc603y/a.

  • java-rabbit

    Hi, I have an iphone 5 from Bell Aliant, are you guys able to unlock that?

  • derrick

    hi,im from philippines.can u factory unlocked the iphone 5 globe philippines network?tnx a lot

  • UnlockBoot

    The model Mc603y/a is from Movistar Mexico.

  • UnlockBoot

    This carrier is currently offline, please come back after 2-3 weeks.

  • miguel

    i can i proceed to unlock it?can i give you the imei for you to check….013410004891434

  • AP Chua

    hello! things are blurry to me. can i ask for your help? My aunt will buy me an iphone5 in the US but I’ll be using it in the Philippines. What will I tell her (like from which carrier she’ll buy) and will it work here in the philippines? i’m sorry it’s my first time to use an iphone i don’t understand some jargons. hope you can help me.

  • adam

    hi i have a iphone 5 brought from uk carphone warehouse my dad put his uk vodafone sim in it to have a look and it worked fine however im in new zealand and my sim wont work at all and cant find anyone over here that can help can you help please

  • Ken Wong

    Hi! I have an iPhone 5 locked to Sprint Nextel in the U.S., can you guys do a factory unlock on this phone so it will work with other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon inside the U.S.? And other countries as well?

  • laura

    hi you kent unlock iphone 5 o2 uk barred?

  • Jason Gordon

    is it possible to unlock us sprint iphone 5 running 6.1.2

  • Ashutosh Garudkar

    I am buying locked iPhone5 64GB for 399$
    I just want to ask
    Will it work in India with Indian Tel cos service providers
    like Vodafone,Idea,Airtel ?
    Will it possible for this model?
    How much i have to pay for that?
    For how many days it will be unlocked?

  • UnlockBoot

    Sure, we can unlock all O2 iPhones.

  • Shoaib

    can you unlock three uk iPhone 5 with this service?

  • Pwest

    I paid for the service, over the weekend. In less than 2 hours I got the email confirming the permanent unlock… Highly Recommended.

  • Enrico

    I’m so happy with my unlocked iphone4! Thanks guys of Officialiphoneunlock!!

  • Tim Verbeke

    Needed to Unlock an I-Phone 4S that was tied to AT&T for use in Canada on a pay as you go network. Originally bought a Gevey Sim Card reader but didn’t like how the device would operate. I discovered the OfficialiPhoneUnlock website on a Google Search. Thought it was another sketchy service until I read the comments. The cost is reasonable for the service. The security protocols at sign up are different, but better safe than sorry I suppose. The unlock service took about 5-working days. This was not a problem I planned ahead. The unlock sequence procedure through I-Tunes was easy. Plugged the phone in, no unlock – unplugged it for 5-seconds and reattached it and the phone was unlocked. Very simple – I would highly recommend this service.

  • Joe Hunter

    Can you unlock an iphone5 locked to 3uk

  • Krisjna

    It’s an awesome service. No external hardware, no jail break just got unlocked officially. I am really enjoying my iPhone 4S with IOS6.1.2 with all the benefits. Thanks very much for the service

  • CcA

    Thank You! 😀 You’ve literally saved my life!! It is working perfectly.

  • Alisha

    If i purchase the iphone5 from America of at&t network and bring it to India is it possible to unlock it? Will i have to still play the monthly fees of that contract (the plan which i had to choose in order to buy the iphone5 from the apple store. Because my US address is registered with them to complete the payment. So will I have any trouble if i unlock it and stop paying the monthly charges?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlock method you can use your iPhone 5 with ANY gsm network worldwide including India.

  • Zach

    Helo there how can i unlocked my iphone5 from uk? Help me guys

  • Mohd Mehr

    please tell me / help me,

    i have an iphone 5
    purchased in the month of march from AT & T,

    can i get it unlocekd permanently or not ?

  • Juan

    I have an iPhone 5 locked to telenore Sweden, it’s under contract, can you unlock it?

  • UnlockBoot

    For this carrier we can’t unlock the iPhone 5. Please come back soon.

  • Aŋis ŊiSso

    can you guys unlock iphone 5 tele2 sweden ?

  • Titi

    Hi there have you unlocked your Iphone 5 on O2 with this company?

  • dino

    i have i phone 5 locked to orange swis can it be unlocked to use in uk ?

  • Ed Hicks

    If my contract is with telus. Will unlocking it hurt my contract?

  • Ayman Jabari

    can u factory unlock iphone 5 locked to sprint usa bad esn? and can u factory unlock barred imei iphone 5 on o2 uk???

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlocking you can use it with ANY sim card worldwide.

  • garvey

    do you unblock an iphone 5 that is locked to EE that has a barred IMEI number?

  • UnlockBoot

    Only Clean ESN phones can be unlocked.

  • Cornfucious

    I just used this service and I am 100 percent satisfied it worked perfectly jut as advertised if you need your iPhone unlocked used these guys you won’t be disappointed….. Thx Anthony DiRuscio

  • Jean Felix

    hi, just wondering if i have to use sim card on unlocking my iphone 5, its from canada and its locked in Telus Carrier.

  • Jaye Deveraux

    The real deal. My iPhone 5 was unlocked in less than 6 hours

  • Sid

    can u unlock 16gb iphone5 of At&t usa with iOS 6.1.3 ? wont the latest firmware be a problem?

  • Faiz Aslam

    Hey, i’ve got an iphone 5 updates to iOS 6.1.3 today. It is locked to TELE2(norway operator) any chances of unlocking it? Payment is not an issue.

  • UnlockBoot

    Hey Faiz, TELE2 Norway iPhone 5 can be unlocked just for £89.99 (24 hours unlock delivery).

  • dj

    Hi there? i have i phone 5 from at&t and i was wondering if i can iunlock it without sim card in through your service. is that possible?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after the unlocking process you can activate it with your new sim card.

  • Cristian

    hello, can you unlock an iphone 5 from o2 Uk in Blacklist !! tnx

  • UnlockBoot

    Hello Cristian, We can unlock O2 UK iPhone 5 permanently including blacklisted, reported or barred.

  • Ian Poquet

    Hello there,

    I am under contract with AT&T and I am going back home (Spain) for a month. I want to unlock my iPhone5 so I can use it in Barcelona. Since I am not out of my contract, can you guys still unlock it for me?

  • Jonathan Payero

    Hi, can you unlock my iphone 5 locked for claro dominican republic, it’s still under contract,
    Thnx in advice.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after this unlock method your iPhone 5 will be PERMANENTLY Unlocked, you can use it ANYWHERE. We can Unlock IN-Contract AT&T iPhones without additional charges.

  • UnlockBoot

    YES, Barred O2 UK iPhone 5 can be unlocked with this service.

  • UnlockBoot

    Hello Jean, We can permanently factory Unlock ANY Telus iPhone just for 44.99 (0-(24 hours Unlock delivery).

  • ram

    hi my name is Ram i got i phone 5 uk T-mobile can u do unlock? its under contract….

  • delmar evans

    Do you have to have a SIM card in the phone for it to process the unlock or can the phone be SIM card less

  • UnlockBoot

    You can unlock it without any sim card. After the unlocking process you can activate your UNLOCKED iPhone with ANY sim card.

  • Erdem

    Hey I have US tmobile Iphone 5 is anyone can unlock it?

  • Rollan

    hey, I have iphone 5 locked on Virgin, can you unlocked it?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, the normal timescale is 1 hour.

  • skl

    hi can u provide unlock to 6.1.4 OSI, iphone 5

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, the same method works with iOS 6.1.4 and ANY new & old iOS firmware.

  • Sally

    Hi , i have i phone 5 from T mobile Uk. Can you unlock it ? i want to get it done ASAP. Please suggest and also let me know the charges for this procedure.

  • Manno

    Hello , I just purchased an i phone 5 IOS 6.1.4 from T mobile USA. Can you unlock this phone

  • mana

    How to know wether the i phone is unlocked? What does the phone showes on phone after unlocking . Can u tell what is process after unlocking?

  • Gary Taylor

    try to put different sim cards from another carriers

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, T-mobile USA can be done with this service.

  • Sally

    Thanks for your response . Can you suggest me how to proceed for this as i am interested to unlock my phone.

  • Dominik

    Hi. My phone is with Rogers Canada. Will it still work !

  • Sanchit Bansal

    i am getting myself a iphone 5 16 gb from US
    i will use it in india so which service provider should i get it ? verizon or at & t or sprint ?
    does it matter because i am gonna use it in india with some other provider like airtel or vodafone ? and am i doing illegal stuff if i unlock this phone ?
    do i need to pay anything other that 199$ of phone to bring it in india ?

  • gluz

    Hi, this might have been answered already but I could’t find it.
    I am on ATT contract in US and want to use my Iphone 5 in UK.
    If I do this unlock, I will be able to use it with any provider in UK.
    However, can I put my old ATT SIM card back when I return?
    If phone is not locked to ATT, I still should be able to use it, correct?

  • ash

    I am going to USA in june for 3 weeks.I want to buy a iphone5 i am living in belgium so do u know anyone in USA mariland who can unlock my phone pls.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes to all your questions. After this unlock you can use you AT&T iPhone with UK sim cards and ANY other sim card (including AT&T).

  • UnlockBoot

    I recommend you to buy an Verizon iPhone 5 because it’s factory unlocked.

  • Faisal

    hi, is it possible to unlock my phone?, it’s iphone 5 from U.K , it’s block in afghanistan also don’t which sim card used there

  • Katie

    How much to unlock a iPhone 5 from Rogers?

  • Troy

    hey, got an iphone 5 from at&t and its locked.. in Pohnpei Micronesia and cant find my phone carrier here.. help please?

  • UnlockBoot

    The price for permanent factory unlock for Rogers iPhone 5 is 99.99 (24 hours unlock delivery).

  • OculaSinistra

    Hi there, I have an iPhone 5 with Fido (Canada), would you be able to unlock it and how much would it cost?

  • Alpay AKYOL

    Can you unlock sprint iphone 5 ?


    HELLO ,i have a iphone 5 at&t and now it is locked

    can it be unlocked for use in india with airtel gsm

  • UnlockBoot

    Hello AKASH. We can Unlock ANY AT&T iPhone 5 just for 24.99 (6 hours unlocking).

  • deedz

    Hie, do I need to activate my iphone 5 locked to rogers before you guys can unlock it?

  • newguy

    im new to iphone. i have a factory unlock iphone 5, is that ok for me to update this new software ios 6.1.4??? becasue i am confusing the Jailbreak and unlock

  • Megan McGrory

    can you unlock the ios 6.1.4????

  • UnlockBoot

    YES, this unlock solution works with ANY iOS firmware including iOS 7, 6.1.4, 6.1.3.

  • UnlockBoot

    Factory unlocked iPhones can be easily updated to the newest iOS 7 / 6.1.4 firmware without any problems.

  • UnlockBoot

    No. After this unlock you can activate your iPhone with ANY sim card.

  • jacky

    i have brand new iphone 5 with at & t carrier US. now locked in nz.How can i use in Newzealand?

  • Tom

    Hello I have a iPhone 5 originally locked to Rogers, however after I tested a iOS 7 beta version it became locked to ATT maybe because I downloaded a wrong firmware. Can you guys unlock it? How much does it cost?

  • Ali DC

    Hi, I just upgrade my iphone 4 to a iphone 5 with at&t but I like the iphone 4 better, can I unlock my iphone 5 so I can give it to a friend so he can use it in another company?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock your AT&T iPhone 5 to work on ANY GSM carrier.

  • UnlockBoot

    YES. WE can unlock ANY iOS firmware including iOS 7.

  • Silva

    Hi my friend reported her iphone 5 at&t stolen and the phone company completely shut it off, if It gets factory unlocked, will it still be able to work with no problems?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after factory unlocking this iPhone can be used with ANY sim card without any problems.

  • Kurt

    Hi!!! I have iphone 5 from swisscom and i accidentally restored it and now i’m not able to use it anymore because i can’t bypass the activation and i don’t have any swisscom sim to activate it. Is it possible to get the imei unlock and will activate the phone? Thanks

  • Kurt

    I’m here in US now and couln’t use the phone.

  • Davie

    Can you get your phone unlocked if I’ve been disconnected due to not paying bill

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock ANY iPhones.

  • Mustafa

    Excellent. It works. I have iPhone 5 iOS 7. I have only one comment. I received an email from the Unlock after the process is completed but t was not very detailed. It did not explain very well what to do next. Basically, you need to plug your phone to Itunes. Computer must be connected to internet. And push the restore button in itunes to restore your phone. Now my phone works in Turkey with Turkish GSM service provider. Thank you very much!

  • eduardo perez contact me, i can help you

  • kjf

    can u unlock iphone 5 vodafone uk blocked due to not paying and iphone 4 3 uk same problem?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock ANY Vodafone UK device.

  • Fazz

    I’ve got IP5 on EE Uk network it’s blocked is it possible to unlocked it if so how much ..

  • Kishor

    Hi,my I phone with imei number 013406004383513 got as a gift from my cousin who works in USA has o2 as its carrier ..I don’t knw whether it’s locked or not locked..don’t wanna ask him the same…can tel me whether it’s locked or not?

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI : 013406004383513
    Part Description : IPHONE 5 16GB WHITE
    Product Version : 6.1
    Coverage Status : Limited Warranty
    Coverage End Date : 2013-11-19
    Carrier : O2 – United Kingdom GBR
    Lock Status : Locked

  • lucky

    Hey, i got from one of my frd iphone5 ios6.1.4 after getting i saw it was blacklisted phone …can you unlock it without any problem? how much will u cost?

  • hadi

    hey i am from the united states and i have an iphone 5 only problem is it is blacklisted can i unblacklist this phone or no by the way the carrier is att i think

  • UnlockBoot

    What is your IMEI Code & Original carrier ?

  • Tyler Scerri

    Hey can you unlock a iPhone 5 blocked from not paying bill locked to Optus Australia?

  • David

    I bought an att iPhone 5 from someone. And I unlock it but went to metropcs to activate the phone. It seems that the phone is on blacklist reported stolen. How I can remove the serial number from blacklist and use it on metropcs.

  • David

    Please help. What can I do. Can I activate the phone on metropcs and how

  • Corey

    hi i have a iphone 5 for Virgin Canada. It is reported as stolen. is it still unlockable?

  • Corey

    Imei is 013329003358031

  • UnlockBoot

    Lock Status : Unlocked

  • Anjoy

    Hi Can you unlock my iphone 5, ios7 beta 5? my IMEI is 013418000910694, sim-locked to Philippines (Globe),

  • Ruby Ramirez

    could you check if my iphone 5 is unlocked or not 013329004828818

  • adam

    ****Hi,my I phone 5 with imei number 013625009137950 got as a gift from my relative who lives in the USA ..I don’t know whether it’s locked or not locked..don’t want to ask him all the same…can please you tell me whether it’s locked or not? many thanks, Adam

  • mazen

    I have a bell iphone 5 canada , i went on your site but it says unlock soon? how long will it take to unlock a bell canada iphone 5? or when will it be available?

  • Guest

    hiii i have an iphone 5 unlocked but reported for one carrier but for the other carrier work fine. Can this iphone work in Europe since that this iphone is a GS?
    By the way this iphone is working in south america.

    Thanks A lot..

  • Dennys Peñafiel

    hiii i have an iphone 5 unlocked but reported for one carrier but for the other carrier work fine. Can this iphone work in Europe since that this iphone is a GSM?
    By the way this iphone is working in south america.

    Thanks A lot.

  • মনির

    hi i got an iphone 5 64gb from my friend. i do not know about its operator. could u plz help me about this? nd i also need the cost to unlock it. IMEI is 013350009597349

  • Ehrick

    Can a T-Mobile USA iPhone 5 be unlocked with your method

  • kym12

    How long until sprint USA unlocks happen again?

  • Mohan nepal

    Is it possible to unlock iphone 5 locked to Tmobile UK

  • daan1k

    I have an iPhone 5 from Bell – Canadian Provider – and I would like to unlock it so it is capable of using other providers in Canada. Can you guys help me out?



  • Dirkules

    Is it possible to unlock an iphone 5 locked to Sunrise Switzerland?

  • jockey

    could you check if my iphone 5 is unlocked or not 013628005683753

  • Raza

    Hi There Unlockboot Members.
    I want to unlock my iphone 5 imei no: 013348006114084, carrier 14.0.
    i dont know the carrier on which phone is locked to ?
    i really want to unlock this iphone, Could you please help me by giving me the carrier and the price of unlock so i can start the unlocking process with your company.
    Thanking in Anticipation:

  • Pravin

    hey…i wanna buy an iphone 5S from U.S. n den i wanna unlock it n use it in india. is it possible ?? will all d features of 5S work in india..after unlockin it ??? will i be able to use ny networks sim card ??

  • UnlockBoot

    yes. we can unlock it just in 12 hours.



  • Tarique

    I want to unlock iPhone 5c to any network used in India. I will purchase the phone from US. Is it possible. And if possible what is the estimated cost?

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock iPhone 5S & 5C from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile USA.

  • Tarique

    What is the estimated cost. What is the process to transfer the Money. And plz send the process to unlock the phone….

  • UnlockBoot

    39.99 (1-6 hours unlock delivery).

  • manoj

    i want to unlock iphnone5 sweeden it is possible and tel me the cost?

  • UnlockBoot

    iPhone 5 16GB Black
    IMEI: 013628005683753
    Serial Number: DNPKLMPWDTWD
    Activated: Yes
    Telephone Technical Support: December 13, 2013
    Repairs & Service Coverage: September 13, 2014
    Estimated Purchase Date: June 13, 2013
    Country Purchased: United Kingdom
    SIM Lock: Locked

  • UnlockBoot

    iPhone 5 16GB Black
    IMEI: 013348006114084
    Serial Number: C31JKJMLDTWD
    Activated: Yes
    First Activation Date: November 10, 2012
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage: November 8, 2013
    Estimated Purchase Date: November 9, 2012
    Country Purchased: United Kingdom
    Firmware Version: 6.1.4
    SIM Lock: Locked

  • Raza

    Price for unlocking this phone ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock ANY Telenor Sweden iPhone.

  • Dqregina

    Can you unlock iphone5 on rogers network canada IMEI 01 333200 221548 3? I wanna make sure before i pay. Thanks

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock this phone.

  • Izi

    Can you unlock iphone 5 from sweden tele 2

  • Xiaoyu

    Hi, i have problem with my iphone5, it is factory locked with smart telecom in philippines. I used x-sim to use other network in philippines but it doesn’t work here in thailand. My phone’s IMEI is 013421002262288. I’ve been to shops and even istudios but they can’t help me with my problem. Please help me???? Thank you

  • Xiaoyu

    How much does it cost and how many hours?

  • steve

    help! ihave a black listed t mobile iphone 5 will this method work ?

  • UnlockBoot

    What is the original carrier?

  • UnlockBoot

    Model: iPhone 5 16GB Black
    Device ID: 013421002262288
    Repairs & Service Coverage: Active
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Warranty Expires: January 4, 2014
    Warranty Type: Limited Warranty
    Purchase Date: Validated
    Registered: Yes
    Activated: Yes
    Serial: C33JRLAQDTWD
    Warranty: Apple Limited Warranty
    Coverage End Date: 04/01/14
    Lock Status: Locked

  • Joy

    I need to unlock this phone. Is the program ready to unlock this handset?

  • steve

    its original carrier is from t mobile USA

  • Xiaoyu

    I still did not get a reply on my order to unlock this handset with IMEI 013421002262288. Please i need to unlock it as soon as possible

  • evan

    Hello, I want to unlock and use my iPhone 5 At&T from the US in Brazil. Is this possible? I’m having trouble

  • Daniiel

    990002813097795 carrire please

  • UnlockBoot

    The AT&T unlock is LIVE Again!

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock T-Mobile USA.

  • gabriel

    hi i have 1 iphone 5 IMEI 013435001582249, i want to unlock it can you do that for me? i believe is T-mobile usa but not sure about the carrier

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 013435001582249
    Serial number: C38KNX3FFH1C
    Model: IPHONE 5 16GB WHITE
    Activated: Yes
    Warranty: Limited Warranty
    Warranty Days Left: 223
    Warranty Start Date: 07.07.2013
    Warranty End Date: 06.07.2014
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: 06.07.2014
    Find My iPhone: ON
    Carrier: T-Mobile (United States) – NOT BLACKLISTED
    SIM lock: Locked

  • Qusay

    Hi i have an iphone 5 locked to bell canada and is blacklisted can you unlock it please thanks IMEI 013424001905386

  • Chan Sothy

    Model : iPhone 5 16GB Black
    Device ID : 013407007800966
    Repairs & Service Coverage : Active
    Telephone Technical Support : Expired
    Warranty Expires : January 4, 2014
    Warranty Type : Limited Warranty
    Purchase Date : Validated
    Registered : Yes
    Activated : Yes
    Warranty : Apple Limited Warranty
    Coverage End Date : 04/01/14
    Carrier : Japan
    Lock Status : Locked

  • prudhvi raj

    taking long time period for barred units

  • UnlockBoot

    What is your original network / carrier?


    We want to imei unlock iphone 4 , 4s , 5. at&t network . i want they to work with other network in ather ccountry .
    Please if that ok . how much is unlock imei ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, after the unlock you can use it in ANY other country worldwide!

  • jacque

    can you unlock this? 358551052012168 if yes,how much?

  • UnlockBoot

    iPhone 5C
    IMEI: 358551052012168
    Serial Number: F2LLK9G4FL03
    Activated: Yes
    Telephone Technical Support: March 15, 2014
    Repairs & Service Coverage: December 14, 2014
    Carrier: Globe Philippines
    SIM Lock: Locked

  • syamim

    are my iphone can unlock, here my imei 357994059347065

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 357994059347065
    Serial number: DNPLKJA5FFDN
    Model: iPhone 5S
    Activated: Yes
    Warranty: Limited Warranty
    Warranty Days Left: 308
    Warranty Start Date: 26.10.2013
    Warranty End Date: 25.10.2014
    Telephone Technical Support: 24.01.2014
    Repairs and Service Coverage: 25.10.2014
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    Carrier: Sprint USA
    SIM lock: Locked

  • hydia

    Can you unlock this 013331001435043 ?

  • UnlockBoot

    iPhone 5 16GB Black
    IMEI: 013331001435043
    Serial Number: C39JPHCJDTTN
    Activated: Yes
    Last Activated SIM: AT&T – United States USA
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
    Country Purchased: United States
    Carrier: AT&T USA
    SIM Lock: Locked

  • Sunny Moon

    could you check if my iphone 5 is unlocked or not 013836000231219 ?

  • Globeuser17

    My iphone 5 64 gb is locked to globe philippines. Can this be unlocked? Imei 013349007358837

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 013836000231219
    Serial number: F78LD6L3FM1N
    Model: iPhone 5C
    Activated: No
    Warranty: Limited Warranty
    Warranty Days Left: 294
    Warranty Start Date: 25.10.2013
    Warranty End Date: 24.10.2014
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    SIM lock: Unlocked

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 013349007358837
    Serial number: C39JV5MWF39D
    Model: IPHONE 5 64GB WHITE
    Activated: Yes
    Warranty: Limited Warranty
    Warranty Days Left: 18
    Warranty Start Date: 22.01.2013
    Warranty End Date: 21.01.2014
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: 21.01.2014
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    Contract Until: 18.09.2014
    Purchase Date: 18.09.2012
    Carrier: Globe Philippines
    SIM lock: Locked

  • Danielle

    Please check what carrier locked 013331004408187

  • jessica

    I brought the new iphone 5s from EE and they have told me it cant be unlocked until its 6 months old. But are you still able too ?

  • jason scarf

    hi when are the starting att unlock again for $20 please check phone please 013424009763423

  • UnlockBoot

    Sorry, EE UK iPhone 5S unlock is still offline.

  • zelly

    Can you check mine 013629008109630

  • UnlockBoot

    iPhone 5 16GB Black
    IMEI: 013629008109630
    Serial Number: DNQL4XMPDTWD
    Activated: Yes
    Last Activated SIM: Globe (SingTel) Philippines
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage: August 16, 2014
    Estimated Purchase Date: July 5, 2013
    Carrier: Globe Philippines
    SIM Lock: Locked

  • Aussiefilo

    Hi there, I’m just wondering, when will the unlocking service be available for Globe Philippines? Thanks.

  • sujay

    Can you plz unlock my iphone 5 IMEI: 990002715654644

  • UnlockBoot

    Device Model: IPHONE 5 BLACK 16GB CDMA
    IMEI Number: 990002715654644
    Serial Number: DNPJRKBCF8GH
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Warranty: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
    Purchased: 23/01/13
    Registered: 23/01/13
    Carrier: Sprint USA
    Country: United States
    SIM lock: Locked

  • Fahmi it my iphone 5 already unlock imei: 013422001640607

  • basit87

    can you check this IMEI number?


  • UnlockBoot

    Device Model: IPHONE 5C GSM 16GB BLU
    IMEI Number: 013835003238445
    Serial Number: F78LK8UNFFHL
    Telephone Technical Support: Active
    Telephone T.S. Expires: March 25, 2014
    Warranty: Apple Limited Warranty / 335 days.
    Warranty Start Date: 25/12/13
    Warranty End Date: 24/12/14
    Purchased: 25/12/13
    Registered: 25/12/13
    Carrier: BELL Canada
    Country: Canada
    SIM lock: Locked

  • UnlockBoot

    Device Model: IPHONE 5 BLACK 16GB GSM
    IMEI Number: 013422001640607
    Serial Number: C9GJRWNSDTWD
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Warranty: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
    Purchased: 19/01/13
    Registered: 19/01/13
    Country: Philippines
    SIM lock: Unlocked

  • saleh

    can you unlocked ?
    i phone 5s
    Serial Number:DNPLR05TFFDN
    First Activation Date:January 5, 2014
    Telephone Technical Support:April 5, 2014
    Repairs & Service Coverage:January 4, 2015
    Carrier:US Cricket
    SIM Lock:


  • Eurico Reis

    I wonder what value to unlock the iphone 5 operator Bell Canada and how long it takes?

    how is the status of my imei 013328007071293 in database mace

    you can unlock please

  • Hare Krishna

    Hi, pls check if you can unlock IMEI 358689056932872. Thanks.

  • Hare Krishna

    Hi, thanks. How much to unlock? And how long pls

  • Jason Barssoyan

    can u check imei:358030053892613

  • Salim

    Possible to unlock my iPhone 5 imei:013351005697042

  • Ro

    Can you unlock Iphone 5s update 7.1, with a contract from Claro El Salvador?

  • UnlockBoot

    What is your original carrier?

  • UnlockBoot

    IMEI: 358030053892613
    iPhone Model: iPhone 5S 32Gb Gray
    Serial Number: C39LD0M2FFGD
    Activation Status: Activated
    Warranty: Expired
    Original Carrier: Australia Telstra
    Sim Lock: UNLOCKED

  • korky

    Can u check pls IMEI 013335000620166 THANKS. Please

  • maximo jr francisco

    Can you pls check my IMEI 358689054853674
    Im from the Philippines. And my iphone is locked with smart communications. Is it possible to unlock? Thank you.

  • karandeep singh

    Hii my IMEI 013853001483483 . My iPhone is of bell canada , I updated ios 7.1 in it and it said that my sim is not valid . I changed my sim to another carrier and it did the same ” sim not valid ” . Can u help in it . Pls

  • DrizzleRaine

    Mine too is locked with Smart Communications. Please advise if its possible to unlock?

  • said

    Can you unlock Iphone 5 telenor sweden please 013724000389684

  • AV

    were you able to get answer to Ro?…I have same issue….Iphone 4s and 5s looking to unlock…Claro from El Salvador

  • Pinoy

    Hi can u unlock iphone 5 ios 7.1 from the philippines? carrier is globe telecom? Imei 013550008140534

  • Jhoie

    Hi just wanna ask is the unlock of iphone 5 from Smart Philippines already available?

  • bianca

    was just wondering if u can please help me unlock my call call resctions

  • Roma

    Hello! my name is Rashid I’m from Russia, can you help me please, i bought from the hands of here, Iphone 5 but it is not work says no sim card this is my
    IMEI 990002295847865 I will be pay for the service only will to work because, I m in Russia now, I want to get it unlocked please help.

  • Jr

    Can i unlock may iphone5 from sprint usa?

  • pretty

    Hi their, I hve a huge problem with my iohone 5, I tried 2 let AT&T unlock my phone, but they won’t I figure what they r trying 2 say is that since my phone never used a AT&T sim card the wont unlock it, can u plz check this for me, my imei 013427003149184, thanks ive been trying 2 unlock this phone for 5 months now

  • daniel c

    hi I have a iPhone 5s from philippenes .globe carrie ,,but now have ios 8.0.2 can you unlock please let me know imei 358763050976969 thanks

  • amine

    hi i am from tunisia . i have iphone 5 . imei 013404009182576

  • Sabrina Reyes

    Hi can you help? i just want to know what network carrier im using. IMEI is 012420008607257. thank you

  • Ram Rashidi

    hello dear can you unlock iPhone 5s globe carrier with imei:358692051713172 and version :7.1.2 thanks for reply

  • Lynn Phillips

    Can you Unlock a Iphone 5C in Canada that is locked to Sprint

  • Awotunde Segun

    Hi, Please is it possible to unlock this IMEI-358539058398137.. Thank you.

  • Ittefaq shah

    Hey dear plz unlock my iPhone 4s jv sim emie no: 990001084348424

  • CASLIL90

    Hi i would just like to know the network carrier for the new iphone 6 that i receieved
    IMEI/MEID – 354427065027333

  • Сара Лазареска

    Hi. Im from macedonia, pleashe unlock my iPhone 5. IMEI: 013720002249264
    Pleaseeee 🙁

  • Rick Yoshioka

    Hi my IMEI is 35 698206 185504 4 can you please help

  • wealthcreatorschd

    hi i have iphone 5 imei no 013327004679140 locked by bell canada. can you please help me. i am in india now

  • koti

    hi i ve iphone 4s rogers, am in india nw, i want unlock immediately. how much of cost and how many days to take for unlock..?

  • deneve

    imei 990002678789619 iphone 4s from sprint network us. please can you assist in unlocking this for me . regards

  • sonu singh

    Ihave I phone 5 usa phone hw can I use in india

  • nadj

    can you pls check, iphone5, IMEI#358807057024495

  • anthony

    can someone please for the love of god unlock my sprint iPhone 5 🙁

  • sohail khan

    hi dear i also have us sprint carrier have you got the solution ?????

  • John Kachasu

    can you please help i have iphone 4 IMEI 012838009605626

  • Iamthe Answer

    hello please unlock my

    iphone 5
    IMEI 013417009846644

  • mobi

    Can u really unlock it

  • Arianna Belle Porol Dequito

    are we going to pay? and how much is it? Please reply ASAP

  • Rostyslav Thryvnak

    iPhone 5
    16GB Black
    Model Number:A1429
    Order Number:MD297
    Contract Status:Unknown
    AppleCare Protection:No
    Telephone Technical Support:Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage:Expired
    Purchase Country:United Kingdom
    Purchase Date:April 14, 2013
    Last Activated SIM:Smart
    Last Activated Country:Philippines (+63)
    Carrier:Uk O2
    Factory Simlock:Locked
    Find My iPhone:ON

  • joshua

    Good day please unlock my icloud on my iphone5s imei.358763050056226 thank you

  • Shaaz

    plz tell me how to bypass icloud lock after restoring my iphone 5s

  • Muhammad ASAD CHADHAR

    plz unlock my device my imei number is 013051008791814

  • Eunico Pecadiso

    sir? please help me unlock my iphone 5s IMEI 013884008470025

  • huynghia

    please help me unlock my ip 5c imei 358542050072791

  • kimomwe

    Help on my iphone 5s with EMEI 013404006380132 to unlock

  • Anna

    Help my iphone 5s icloud lock! IMEI 35 884005 211876 4

  • sachin arora

    Please Help my iphone 5s Factory unlock! IMEI 357998055176436

  • Aiza

    Please help unlock iphone 5c IMEI 358552050355393

  • Peter





  • Kurniawan

    Please help me to
    Unlock Carrier my IPHONE 5 US SPRINT LOCKED please..
    IMEI: 990002789217336

  • Donnalet Utlang

    Please help me to
    Unlock Carrier my IPHONE 5s globe LOCKED
    IMEI: 35 926806 662481 8

  • Rafaqat For You





  • Afolabi Oluwasegunfunmi


  • S. Dwayne Sihock

    Hey I have iPhone 5 and was wondering if you could help me with unlocking it the imei#01 34410 782283 7 plz help if u can