Who doesn’t want to watch free movies on iPhone or iPad? I think that’s the best form of entertainment we have. Not only we don’t have to pay anything, we can be entertainment and watch the best actors while the credit rolls. We can watch them with friends and family anytime, anywhere. While you can’t always watch free movies, you’re just a tap away on your iDevice from the world of free movies.

cydia movie apps

Best 5 Cydia Movie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of the device you have, if its jailbroken, you can watch free movies. That’s because the top Cydia movie apps for iPhone are awesome, fast, and ready to go.

So whether you’re traveling or need to kill some time while waiting for a friend at the coffee shop, you can watch free movies with these apps. And some even can be downloaded at a limited cost.

Here’s our list of the top 5 best Cydia movie apps for your iPhone:

#1: Video Tube

Cydia Movie Apps for iPhone

Tired of the ‘Register’ sign before you see that download button? Then this is the app you should be using. The Video Tube app is free of cost. And with it, you can download all your favorite movies without requiring any registration. The app can be downloaded via the BigBoss repo.

#2: iPlayApp

cydia movie apps 2017

The app is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia. It’s free to download and use. And it removes any restrictions thereby allowing the user to stream several movies on any iDevice. There’s no need to keep track as the app is updated regularly, so user doesn’t miss any chance of finding what they’re looking for.

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#3: BigU Movie

Cydia Movie App

The best thing about this jailbreak tweak is that it is updated regularly, so the user doesn’t get tired of watch movies on iPhone now and then. No need to fret about old movies because as long as they get updated, you can discover the newest and the oldest in the best possible way. The interface is user friendly and even your grandma would know how to use it to watch movies on your iPhone / iPad.

#4: Movie Land

Movie App Download iPhone

This is truly a movie land. In this app, you can find everything you’re looking for at a low cost. The best and most exciting movies can be downloaded on your iPhone or iPad at a minimum price of $6.99. That’s not bad right? Considering how expensive Blu-Ray and DVDs could be. This app does include the latest releases as well. You can download it via the BigBoss repo.

#5: UnlimVideos

best Cydia Movie apps

This app is great for movie buffs – those who crave an excellent movie-watching experience. There are over 7,000 movie titles, a select of a wide range of TV shows, and other exciting things you can imagine. There’s also a built-in, easy-to-use file manager. This is right for users like you, and is free to use.

Other Movie App to Download With or Without Jailbreak:

Update #1: – We have tested all apps on iPhone 6S withe latest iOS version and they are working perfectly. You can use on of the apps above to watch movies on iPhone or iPad online and offline. Did you like our list with the best Cydia movie apps for iPhone?