Unlocking an iPhone is one of the hottest subjects since the release of the original iPhone.

Apple made it in such a way that unlocking some basebands is very hard. The prime example comes in the form of 4.11.08 though now ApplenBerry and R-SIM 4 may unlock it soon.

Unlock iPhone Tim Cook

Recently, an AT&T user sent an email to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stating that the carrier wouldn’t unlock his iPhone with international SIM cards. AT&T doesn’t usually unlock their locked devices even after the expiration of the contract. But Cook’s office instructed AT&T to take care of this customer.

More people are known to be emailing Cook (tcook@apple.com) in hope to try their luck after reading the news about the customer.

9to5Mac stated that Tim Cook gave special orders and 6 more people for their iPhones unlocked. Like the above mentioned customer, they all got an email from Partnership Operations Team. For further processing, AT&T’s operations team asked the people to provide IMEI numbers.

Unlock iPhone with help from Tim Cook

AT&T Unlock Request

Hold your horses; there are some things you should know! First you should try this only if you have an iPhone from AT&T. Secondly, write an effective email. Third, keep calm! If you are eligible and follow these instructions, you might get lucky!

We know many are stuck on iPhone 4 with locked to AT&T. Some are on baseband 4.12.01 which came with the new iOS 5.1 while 90% are on 4.11.08. Everyone mentioned that they included the point while emailing to the CEO that how frustrating it is when users are unable to use their iPhone outside US.

Want to try your luck? Email to AT&T Partnership Operations (partnershipops@att.com) or Tim Cook (tcook@apple.com). Although don’t keep your hopes high or you might end up with a sad face at the end of the day. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below !