Unlocking an iPhone is one of the hottest subjects since the release of the original iPhone.

Apple made it in such a way that unlocking some basebands is very hard. The prime example comes in the form of 4.11.08 though now ApplenBerry and R-SIM 4 may unlock it soon.

Unlock iPhone Tim Cook

Recently, an AT&T user sent an email to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stating that the carrier wouldn’t unlock his iPhone with international SIM cards. AT&T doesn’t usually unlock their locked devices even after the expiration of the contract. But Cook’s office instructed AT&T to take care of this customer.

More people are known to be emailing Cook (tcook@apple.com) in hope to try their luck after reading the news about the customer.

9to5Mac stated that Tim Cook gave special orders and 6 more people for their iPhones unlocked. Like the above mentioned customer, they all got an email from Partnership Operations Team. For further processing, AT&T’s operations team asked the people to provide IMEI numbers.

Unlock iPhone with help from Tim Cook

AT&T Unlock Request

Hold your horses; there are some things you should know! First you should try this only if you have an iPhone from AT&T. Secondly, write an effective email. Third, keep calm! If you are eligible and follow these instructions, you might get lucky!

We know many are stuck on iPhone 4 with locked to AT&T. Some are on baseband 4.12.01 which came with the new iOS 5.1 while 90% are on 4.11.08. Everyone mentioned that they included the point while emailing to the CEO that how frustrating it is when users are unable to use their iPhone outside US.

Want to try your luck? Email to AT&T Partnership Operations (partnershipops@att.com) or Tim Cook (tcook@apple.com). Although don’t keep your hopes high or you might end up with a sad face at the end of the day. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below !

  • Ilmārs Priede

    Do you think it’s worth it? Its likely that he would just probably ignore it…

  • Pramod_rijal2000

    What if contract hasnt finished
    Will at&t unlock ??

  • Adeelfitnasco

    Will ask my brother to send an email. Fingers Crossed He or someone replies 😉

  • UnlockBoot

    Nothing have to lose if you try !

  • liam

    I emailed him a few weeks ago and got an email from the partnership operations. I guess I’m one of the 6 people. They do take a while to get back to you though because it’s been about t2-3 days since ive written them and still haven’t gotten a response.

  • Gavaskarv

    Can u post the same mail here which u have sent?

  • UnlockBoot

    We have received several reports of successful unlock, Most customers were with 4.11.08 baseband !

  • Dos

    So I got the same email, they asked for my IMEI # and Phone # and I gave it to them.
    I connected my iPhone to iTunes and nothing. Liam, did you get this message “Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue.” when you tethered you phone to iTunes?

  • Gosha Mezus

    Беспонтовая херня”!

  • richard

    who knows… if more people send this kind of requests, maybe ATT will come out with a set of standard rules on what iPhones are eligible for unlocking

  • Liam

    I did get this message. But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to my iPhone when I plug it in.

  • Dos

    Nevermind, I got it to work. I just updated the iOS to 5.1 and it’s unlock now… #winning!

  • Dos

    Update your phone and after its done updating it will give you the message.

  • Versus

    What need i do?  Sent imei or other information?
    Say me, i don’t understand

  • Nillens

     my mail is on it’s way.. u never know..

  • Hakeem

    I’ve Emailed Both Tim Cook And The PartnerShip
    2 days ago
    no Response

  • Ilmārs Priede

    Does he also unlock iPhones that are not lock to AT&T?

  • Diogo

    hello, I got my iphone 4 32gb was unlocked today by AT & T received the email with the procedure, made ​​the case to the message appeared “congratulations your iphone has been unlocked.”

  • Diogo

    my first email took about 2 weeks to be answered, the second with the information of the device took two days where he left it unlocked today

  • Somrin86

    What about tmobil help?

  • UnlockBoot

    Thank you for share your success with us !

  • Riko Miraka

    no not for me i will wait for applenbarry

  • Riko Miraka

    no not for me i will wait for applenbarry or r-sim 

  • Dos

    I emailed apple on Tue, Mar 20, 2012, then I got the message from partnershipops AT&T on Mon, Apr 2, 2012. After sending the info needed by partnershipops, it took 21 hours for the reply that says 
    “We have received a request
    to unlock your iPhone. We have reviewed the request and made an exception to unlock your iPhone. 

    To complete the unlock process,
    please tether your iPhone to iTunes. Once that is complete, your device
    has successfully been unlocked.”

  • UnlockBoot

    Thank you for share your lucky Unlock success with us !

  • Circelu90

    When you sent the e-mail?

  • Versus1

    How correct draw up a letter?

  • Eall

    i there i got i question it doenst matter if your iphone is jailbreak?

  • Ibrahims96

    wait until R-Sim releases the new R-Sim 4

  • richard

    I am right! today AT&T will unlock off-contract phones for free from April 8!

  • Vitalik

    Как составить правильно письмо?

  • Thdeme23

    How to write a letter to AT&T?
    can you guys give me the e-Mail adress?

  • Thedeme23

    have you masseged AT&T? if yes, please tell me their e-Mail adress

  • Rin20at

    can you please infrom what you wrote by mail to get the unlock?

  • Policeman_55

    yazıklar olsun iphone aldık kitlendi netcez yokmu cozum

  • Mir-sergo

    nikak eta vsio bred nikto nicevo ne polucit, oni navernoe smotreat scoco let ti s att a potom resaiut dati ili net

  • Ithaa8886088

    when R-sim realdy ?

  • Rockme1921

    help me to unlock my Iphone, bb 04.11.08 i cant wait more

  • Rivano Azhari

    thank you UnlockBoot,with this method,I receive email like this :

    Thank you for providing the details that we requested. We have reviewed the request and made an exception to unlock your iPhone.

    To complete the unlock process, please tether your iPhone to iTunes. Once that is complete, your device has successfully been unlocked.

    Below is a link to an Apple article to assist if you should have any questions.

    Thank you!

    The Partnership Ops team

    and now my iPhone UNLOCKED !!!

  • King_luna2013

    Sir can you give to me the complete process on how to email partnershipops-at-att.com..this is my email address king_luna2013-at-yahoo.com…i will wait for your reply ..thank you

  • sorayapavan

    This e-mail partnershipops-at-att.com is working? I just sent an e-mail and it came back…

  • Irapanganiban

    partnershipops-at-att.com bounces messages right back….

  • kEomA

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

    A message that you have sent could not be delivered to one or more

    recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address failed:

    : 550 5.1.1 … User unknown

  • kEomA

    This is today’s answer from AT & T if you want to customer as not unlock his iphone
    Thank you for your email to AT & T. We are no longer able to support your inquiry via email correspondence.

    You can help in other ways Obtain:

    – Service your account by logging into myAT & T Which is available 24×7

    – Get online support

    – If it is more convenient, so we offer Online Chat. You can access a chat representative by:

    a) Logging into your account at myAT & T and Selecting Live Chat

    b) Accessing ContactUs and choosing the service you have a concern about Which

    Thank you for using AT & T. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty.


    AT & T

    This shows AT & T has today two years after publication this article still has no interest that all iphones will be unlocked

  • kEomA

    As for the write an email to Tim Cook is also no longer perform more than meaningless and is the present date to the desired success