Baseband 4.11.08 could not be unlocked for more than 6 months, but finally we have a solution in a few days ?

So far we haven’t free solution ( Ultrasn0w ) for iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband, but the R-SIM team promises Unlock solution for 4.11.08 baseband with R-SIM IV (4-th R-SIM generation).

R-SIM Unlock iPhone 4

How to Unlock iPhone 4 4.11.08 Baseband With R-SIM 4

R-SIM history: R-SIM 1 was the first unlock solution for iPhone 4S with 1.0.11, 1.0.12, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14 basebands on iOS 5.0.1, R-SIM 2 works on iPhone 4S with iOS 5 firmware and R-SIM 3 for iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1 firmware. This week R-SIM Dev team reported that work on R-SIM 4 to unlock 4.11.08 baseband.

Unlock 4.11.08 baseband with R-SIM 4
R-SIM Unlock 4.11.08 Baseband

R-SIM is a turbo SIM card is similar to GEVEY SIM and doesn’t demand jailbreaking your iDevice before unlocking. The R-SIM 4 will be a hardware-based unlock solution for 04.11.08 baseband which will be released in a week.

The R-SIM Dev Team reported:

Good News for every people who is stucked at 4.11.08 IOS 5,
The long time waiting is over.
Our R-SIM IV is designed for unlocking it, and R-SIM IV will be available in a week.

Now we accept review request from famous site.
Email to with the email belongs to your site like, normal email will be ignored.

R-SIM is a SIM interposer such as Gevey Sim, which could be used -without cutting your SIM card. Just put your SIM card into R-SIM tray and put it in your iPhone, now you can choose your country region, carrier and enter 112 mode.

As we reported in previous post, the price of upcoming hardware unlock solution – R-SIM 4 for 4.11.08 baseband would be $59.

Finally we can expect Unlock Solution for 4.11.08 Baseband? What do you think ?

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  • mr.arlind

    hopefully this not an april joke!

  • Kubmir

    I’m sure it’s an april fool joke…

  • Dickwagner55

    fantastic, nothing more. Unfortunately Apple stuck it to us all on 4.11.08 and now there is a way to return to civilization.

  • Shurik

    Very very good ^))))))))))))))))))))

  • Astiik

    What about 04.12.01??

  • Filipla

    penso sia veramente la volta buona!! sono sicuro ke in settiman potremo cominciare a sbloccare

  • Joe

    i hope this ulock comes soon and is real !

  • julian david rodas colorado

    exelente la nesesito rapido aburrido con este ipod

  • julian david rodas colorado

    jaja ya era hora aburrido con este ipod nesestio un iphone denuevo 

  • julian david rodas colorado


  • Abuman2010

    april joke? hope it is  not. but i still have doubt. 

  • Broadness

    diganme cual es la fecha exacta

  • Manolo Meu

    isso é noticia de primeiro de abril 

  • Exmendz

    Espero que si sea verdad!!! Y pueda utilizar por fin mi iPhone en Mexico

  • Quangdangvn

    finally it’s come, thanks a ton

  • Sunnythien65

     if you have SHSH in your pc or stored in cydia, you can downgrade to 4.11.08 using tiny umbrella.

  • Harman 4u 2nv

    Well to think of it aprilfools day passed and u fuys did unlock the ip4s and have cOnfirmed a release In a week i think u guys will be the biggest and most famouse hackers cause u guys unlocked the biggest unlock bb soo far !! Thanks guys

  • Drken

     continue to sleep, so sorry

  • aob

    Since Apple has signed off downgrading to 4.11.8 is not possible now. Chinese jaibreakers seem to be able to set up a server for downgrading purpose but till now not confirm yet.

  • Thomas Fuhr1

    where do you now it?

  • Hdw03227

    hope it is true then it is the money worth

  • Zsolti

    Where can i buy it? And when? eBay?

  • eran

     What about 04.12.01 ? Anyway to downgrade 4.08.11ffirmware..Pls support us to downgrade option because apple not given us to downgrade firmware …pls support us

  • Pratyushpatel

    gevey sim also confirmed their turbo sim but i don think it will be a real one…… do u think so… pls comment n let me knoe plss

  • Adrian Avilamolina

    works with iphone 4 ???

  • Cnp1210

    buy it at the eachsupplier store, they create it in the first place

  • di4blo

    “Yest it works !” ?? i think it “will” be working with iphone 4. Or maybe you have confirmed information about this solution ?


  • UnlockBoot

    I agree with you completely, R-Sim Will Unlock 4.11.08 baseband !

  • Pratiu

    But it is gonna release??????

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    saihan bnooooooooooooooooooooooo :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • e nice

    How mach is it ?
    but this new is real new

  • Gustavo Gutierrez

    yo vivo en republica  dominicana necesito desbloquea mi iphone4 con firmware 04.11.08 que me dice?

  • arben l

    I also have doubt! Reason is the we have been bombed by different sites that solution is coming in the beginning of late February, then ApplenBerry confirmed that they had a solution but nothing was shown in reality.

    I want to belive that this new is through!

    Dear unlockboot, can you please reply to me as i want to know if this R-SIM 4 will be aviable also in European countiries such as :Albania, Kosova or Macedonia?

    In advance, i would like to thank for your response!

  • ivy

    when is R-SIM4 available in the Philippines?

  • Aon Suttipart

    why will released in a week?

  • Look_this

    We still gotta cut our SIM cards to a mini-SIM right

  • Kuzdre

    “Now we accept review request from famous site” . . .for review again? when will be the examination? hahaha. #TSS

  • Xilee3008

    I am in Indonesia . What should i do to buy this?

  • Pratiu

    Bt is it final that its going to release?

  • Hoahung

    I am in VietNam
    How can I buy it ?

  • Harman 4u 2nv

    Yh me to same 5.0.1 04.11.08 but the problem is india wont sell these

  • Ismaroad206

    Where it will be available for buying ??? In wich store i can buy it ????

  • Shariff Hafiz

    U sure it wont b available in India??

  • Tare Wanted

    fantastic, nothing more. Unfortunately Apple stuck it to us all on 4.11.08 and now there is a way to call….

  • Hectorprz

    I`m a registered guy on their site, and from Puerto Rico and believe me once they said is available i want to be the first to buy it and post the results…mine is a iphone 4 w / bb 04.11.08

  • Vuboo

    Why every day old news ?

  • Boudii92

    Where Can we Buy it ?

  • Callum Dean Terry

    About time someone took interest in 04.11.08. I thought it was a lost cause, thanks R-Sim Team!

  • Gusde

    guck mal bei eachsupllier(.)com dort kann man die neue R-Sim IV fuer BB 04.11.08 kaufen aber momentan ware es noch nicht verfuegbar.Habt dich ein bisschen geduld, es lohnt sich 😉

  • Dvijenec

    UPDATE April 5th

    Apparently it is not easy to unlock iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08, but at this time we have at least 50% to unlock the iphone 4, so we still need 1 week more or less to improve the program, and please stop sending email to us, just add our facebook page or twitter or keep an eye on our site, we will update the info once it is available,

    Also it is not a April joker.

  • Bebo014cf

    will this work for 04.12.01??

  • Gal Naim

    will it also unlock at&t phones ?

  • Sizzler

    “Apparently it is not easy to unlock iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08, but at this time we have at least 50% to unlock the iphone 4, so we still need 1 week more or less to improve the program, and please stop sending email to us, just add our facebook page or twitter or keep an eye on our site, we will update the info once it is available”

    I smell BS. Why would they post a purchase page on their website and already come up with a price before even testing the product works…
    Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be fake like Gevey taking months, even years to unlock a lousy baseband.
    BTW My carrier is KT Olleh, I’ve been told that I can get it unlocked for free but I’m not Korean or have an account with them, If anyone wants to help me out, let me know please, Thanks and Good Luck all

  • Zaxos_42

    I think the best way to sell this R-sim worldwide is ebay . Because i live in Greece and i want it and many people who live worlwide (expect U.S.A) want this card too . And ebay has and secure, good for you and good for us .

  • oat

    Permanent unlock is exit. My i4 model mc605ks from Telia Sweden has been unlocked couple days ago. At&t unlock have to wait 2-3 weeks for this unlock service on at&t server will be available.

  • Nick Knock

    i think no one at this time can unlock 4.11.08 bb 

  • JI

    Hey I’m Korean who lives in US. I think you can get it unlocked for free when u visit KT main service center(not the small stores, but the main one ! ) if you have a contract with KT or a member. I still need to know ur accurate situation( like green card or ur contract blablabla) but I think KT service center will explain you in detail. I hope you get it done easily ! 🙂 good luck

  • Lustful

    Lie !!! They have nothing! Lie !!!

  • reda2006

    10 days left
    need 1 week more

    R-SIM 4      is high time to prouve

    gevey also

    NEED A SOLUTION    to 04.11.08

    THANKS ANYWAY FOR the news

  • Zaxos_42

    the week is passed . Where is r sim ? april fool or just lie promises ? what is truth ? we are waiting patiently week on week ! we are waiting your response (r-sim or gevey or etc) !

  • Pkuyjxu

    How is things going now?

  • BASE12.01


  • Kh

    Where R-Sim4? 10 ago,,,,april joke or,…?

  • julio cueva

    hola vivo en ecuador y cuando salga el desbloqueo como lo puedo conseguir

  • Lauritabella040404

    Beware of fake: R-SIM 3 program will continue to upgrade and update, authentic program version number of each batch will be updated, for example: R-SIM V4.2V4.3V4.5…, and with RGKNSE anti-counterfeit labels, laser coding!The RGKNSE R-SIM 4 specially for Iphone4’s baseband 04.11.08 is to be sold soon! The production is getting on !Please pay close attention to it,everyone!Besides,the enhanced R-SIM3+ ( programme code:R-SIM3+C)which can also be used for CDMA has been put on the market!

  • micky

    how can i avail this item? i need it badly!