Out of all the iDevice owners, most of the people own an iPhone. However, not everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of an unlocked handset. Many iPhone owners have locked devices, and they dream of getting their device unlocked and use it on any carrier in the world. Today’s post is specially being created for Unlocking Vodafone UK iPhone 8, X, 7, 6S, SE, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, and 4S using permanent IMEI unlock service.

unlock vodafone uk iphone

Factory Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone by IMEI Code

The price isn’t that much of a factor considering the fact that the handset is going to get unlocked forever. This means you can travel to anywhere around the globe without paying even a penny for cellular service. You heard it right! There’s no roaming fees once the iPhone is freed from the lock of Vodafone UK network. The solution is very safe, legit and you’ll further find satisfaction after knowing that even Apple itself promotes factory unlock solutions done through the IMEI code. The service also works for AT&T, O2 UK, Orange, Vodafone Spain, Three UK, Vodafone Australia and many other carriers.

Vodafone iPhone Unlock

Officially Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone by IMEI Code

Vodafone UK IMEI Unlocking — About the service

In order for the unlock of Vodafone UK iPhone, you’ll have to provide your IMEI number. This method can’t be processed without it. The service supports many basebands, including 4.12.09 / 4.12.05 / 4.11.08 on iPhone 4, 3.0.04 / 2.0.12 / 5.0.02 on iPhone 4S, 1.00.10 / 1.00.16 / 5.02.00 on iPhone 5, 1.03.01 on iPhone 5s & 5C and can be used to unlock barred / blocked iPhones. The IMEI will be permanently entered in Apple’s database, and after syncing the handset with the iTunes, you’ll be able to use an permanently unlocked device.

How To Unlock Vodafone iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/SE/6/6S/7/8/X

The service is provided by UnlockBoot Team, offering the best way to get the iPhone unlock on any iOS firmware including iOS 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.1, 7 and below. Since the company established, it’s the best many have seen in a while. The company is verified and tested, and their legit service is the reason for their success. To discover more on prices and the service, factory unlock Vodafone iPhone NOW!

  • Sadiq

    Hi i have an Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 running on BB 4.12.01. The same is locked to orange UK. Is there anyway i can unlock the carrier..??

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock it.

  • Eshaan

    Hi i have the same problem but with ios 6.1. can it be unlock? please help me

  • Stephen

    Please i bought iPhone 4s which is locked to vodafone uk but it is under
    contract can you unlock it?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock all Vodafone UK models including in-contract, barred, blackisted or reported iPhone 4S, 4 and 5.

  • UnlockBoot

    -at-ee739fbbaf22009c784eb1a6080e71d9:disqus This unlock method is IMEI-based and works with all iOS firmwares including IOS 6.1, 6.1.3, 6.1.2 and any future iOS firmware. After this unlock you can update your phone to any new ios version without need to unlock it again, because your phone will be UNLOCKED Forever.

  • moyo

    can you unlock my iphone 5??

  • Arran

    Pls could you tell me what I have to do to make iPhone 4 work on vodaphone which is blacklisted in the uk work in the uk pls email aghornby-at-googlemail.com and price thank you

  • UnlockBoot

    Hello Arran. This unlock Works with Blacklisted / barred & stolen iPhones.

  • Joseph

    These guys just unlocked my iPhone 5 locked To Vodafone UK. I had to wait 5 days, but now my iPhone is factory unlocked. Thank you guys, Great job!

  • David

    Hello my i-phone 4s (contract) IMEI number has been blacklisted by Vodafone the handset is useless no other sim will work or anything is it still possible to ever use it again on another network or do i just now have an expensive paperweight?:

  • David

    I do not understand how can you unblock a phone that has been blacklisted tell me?

  • David

    My IMEI is – 013171005715770 Blacklisted Vodafone would really like to use this handset again on a Gif Gaf PAYG sim.

  • David

    That checkmend site does not work !

  • UnlockBoot

    YES. After this unlock process you can use it with ANY sim card.

  • UnlockBoot

    We can unlock barred / stolen and blacklisted iPhones.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, you can use it in the UK.

  • Salman Baig

    i have my iphone carrier voda phone , would like to unlock this. what is the procedure

    and where i can pay . i have only dabite card # IMEI Number is

    IMEI : 012427009227480
    Part Description : IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK
    Product Version : 6.1.2
    Coverage Status : Out of Warranty
    Coverage End Date :
    Carrier : Vodafone – United Kingdom Lock Status : Locked — Factory Unlock NOW

  • Katie

    Hey i have a verizon 4s unlocked with vodafone to tmobile under 6.0.1 can i download the ios 7?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. You can update to ios 7.

  • Sufiyan Shaikh

    my imei is 01 3403009913881 my email id is sufiyan008-at-gmail.com ples send me code and formula to unlock my iphone 5 vodafone 14 carier

  • keerthana

    can you unlock UK VODAFONE Barred iphone 4

  • Anny Begum

    Hi there I have brought a iPhone 5, from a person who was on contract with orange, now he told me he’s now made the phone contract free, so I could use an payasyougo sim from orange, but I wanted to take it out of the country and use it internationally. But he can’t be even return my call bk so he’s ignoring me, please could you help and help me….Thank you

  • keerthana

    what is the time period for unlock & i did not found any barred link in your website ?

  • Malona

    can you unlock a vodafone iphone 3gs
    IME 012161007167659

  • Derek

    help me out here i have a iphone 4s IMEI 013173002953305 please help am pulling my hair out

  • Derek

    its locked to Tmobile

  • Derek

    email me dl_morgan-at-hotmail.com

  • Abdullah

    Plz if any one can let me know about how to unlock my iphone 5 (from U.K) Imei- 01 334500 432214 9……..

  • Abdullah

    Abdullah2519-at-gmail.com…if I really get know smthg about unlocking

  • Deansami

    Can I get my iphone 5 unlocked on UK EE ???

  • faisal

    can aynone tell me the carrier of my phone iphone 5 imei 013407005756251

  • $133042667

    LADRONES. No hacen lo que prometen, solo robar y robar dinero a la gente. No les déis trabajo a estos SINVERGÜENZAS.

  • smearyOdin

    hi could any one help me just bought this iPhone 5s on vodaphone uk don’t know if its clean or blacklisted??? imei : 352018064611409

  • florin

    can you unlock blacklisted vodafone uk?

  • UnlockBoot

    You can try the clean service. If not unlocked then you will pay the reset for unblocking.

  • Waleed

    an you unlock blacklisted vodafone uk

  • Waleed

    I’ve iPhone 5s blacklist and country lock is it possible to remove from blacklist here is IME number 351988063820469 please suggest me what can I do.

  • andy

    hello i have iphone 5 UK on VODAFONE its IOS 8.4.1 can you unlock ?

  • Waleed

    I’ve iPhone 5s blacklist and country lock is it possible to remove from blacklist here is IME number 351988063820469 please suggest me what can I do.

  • Nadir

    357997054522145 iPhone 5s blacklisted Vodafone Uk

  • Waleed


    iPhone 5s blacklisted Vodafone Uk

  • Waleed

    351988063820469 iPhone 5s blacklisted Vodafone Uk

    asap Reply….

  • yagalo

    iphone 5 vodafone UK blacklisted (out of contract) please help to unlock it

  • flare

    358686054220904 how much wit cost to unlock blacklisted iPhone 5s locked to vodafone uk

  • Waqas

    Can you unlock iphone 6
    Carrier vodafone

  • UnlockBoot

    No, we can’t unlock blacklisted devices.

  • bhavesh rangwani

    358761054145177 Iphone 5s. Uk vodafone blacklisted .How much wil it cost for factory unlock