No one can deny the importance of iPhones nowadays. Their use is increasing day by day and iPhones have become part of our lives. We should use them in safest and advised way to improve the benefits and avoid any possible harm. If you are using iPhone, then you already know the radiation. So, you need to adapt useful strategies which can lower iPhone radiation exposure. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to decrease the impact of radiations. In below, we are writing the best ideas for this purpose.

lower iphone radiation exposure

Tips to Lower iPhone Radiation Exposure

There are numerous examples when mobile phone users complain of dizziness, headaches, and even a sudden onset of fatigue after long lasting cell phone calls. So, in this article, we will explain how to lower iPhone radiation exposure and how to avoid any potential health threats.

1. Hold your device away from your ear

It is our daily need to call someone. So, during calls, the radiation can affect you severely. In this regard, it is advised you to hear the calls while holding your mobile phone 2 or 3 inches away. You just have to increase the volume level and you can quickly pick the calls.

2. Use headphones

how to lower radiation from iphone

You need to keep your iPhone as far as possible from your head. This is necessary because as far your iPhone is, the exposure of radiations is relatively low. So, it is advised to use headphones for any listening purpose. You should use a high-quality headphone with a normally required frequency which can help you to lower the radiation exposure of iPhone.

3. Try to make your calls short but brief

You can also try to pick and make necessary calls. You can discuss needed affairs with your familiars through messaging. In any condition, when there is firm need of call then you should try to make calls as short as possible. It will help you to save yourself from the dangers of radiations and can also save your precious time for other healthy activities.

4. Never use iPhone all the time

reduce radiation from iphone

It is advised to use the iPhones when necessary. No matter, your iPhone is screen locked or not, it will continuously emit the radiations. So, you should not keep it in your pocket when in not use. You can place it anywhere which is away from you and can pick it up easily when needed. It will help you to stay away from the radiations exposure.

5. Use specially designed iPhone cases

Your iPhone will continuously produce the radiations whether you care or not about it. So, you can use different things which can reflect the harmful radiations away from your head. You need to purchase and use specially designed iPhone cases which you can place on the back side of your phone. It will lower the density of the radiations emitted from iPhone.

6. Avoid poor carrier signal network

reduce iphone radiation levels

Scientific studies have shown that there are more radiations emitted when your phone is on the call but your mobile has a low signal reception. As a result, your phone antenna will work more to maintain a connection with the network tower. So, it will emit more radiations due to high consumption. Therefore, always use quality mobile phones which have all well-operating parts.