Unlock iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 Using Official IMEI Unlock

Unlock iPhone 4

If you're one of the many folks desperately searching for a permanent factory unlock solution for your iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, or 3GS because, say, you're now fed up with their service, or the lack of it, then I have a simple and permanent solution for you today.

The good news is that it is now possible to factory unlock iPhone 4, 4S or 5 including in contract iPhones in just 3 simple steps.

Benefits of factory unlocked iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 or 3GS

The benefits of factory unlocked iPhone are tremendous, let me share with you just a few of them. First and foremost, a factory unlock works flawlessly on any baseband, including the latest baseband just released by Apple, baseband 4.11.08, 4.12.01 / 02 and baseband 4.12.05. Furthermore, a factory unlock works on any iPhone firmware, any iOS, and all iPhone generations, including unlocking your iPhone 4, 5, unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS or 3G.

Unlock an iPhone 4, 4S and 5 Using Legit IMEI Unlocking Service

Additionally, a legit factory unlock will permanently unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3G or 3GS for the life of your iPhone, even if you update your unlocked iPhone 4.

Supported iPhone 4 Basebands
  • iPhone 4 baseabnd 4.11.08
  • iPhone 4 baseabnd 4.12.01 / 02
  • iPhone 4 baseabnd 4.12.05
  • Any new and Old baseband

This unlock also supports any iOS firmware including iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1, 6.0, iOS 5.1.1 or IOS 7. Moreover, iPhone 4 factory unlocking won't void your warranty, whereas using one of the most popular unlock solutions such as gevey sim card, gevey sim ultra, or gevey sim 2, might. What's more striking is that if you unlock your iPhone using one of the more popular methods such as through cydia (if you have a jailbroken iPhone), ultrasnow, redsnow, or SAM unlock, not only do you risk voiding your Apple warranty, but you will also loose any unlock once Apple updates the iPhone's baseband, or patches the latest "loophole" or "hack".

In sharp contrast, this factory unlock permanently unlocks your Apple iPhone indefinitely and allows you to use it on any one of the nation's leading cellphone networks such as T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. But, fortunately, you are not limited to the use of these networks alone. You can use your newly unlocked iPhone anywhere in the world.

How to Unlock iPhone 4
Factory Unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS & 5

How to Unlock iPhone an 4, 4S, 5? OfficialiPhoneUnlock is a great solution for those folks who frequently traveling internationally, and wish to avoid paying out big bucks to "big brother" AT&T for it's huge international roaming fees. Fortunately, with your unlocked iPhone you could now travel overseas and visit all the fabulous places in the world such as Canada, Singapore, China, and Japan without any carrier restrictions whatsoever.

Why to Factory Unlock your iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 using IMEI service?

  • This unique, and uniquely Powerful Factory Unlocking Service works flawlessly on any Apple iPhone, including in contract and out of contract iPhones.
  • This is one of the only legit unlocking solutions online that offer this kind of service. Perhaps, as much as 70% of all iPhone unlocking services online are created by skillful scammers who wish to exploit the unskillful online shopper.
  • Additionally, this unlocking service works like a charm on any iOS including iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 6.1, iOS 6.1.2, and iOS 6.1.3.
  • Turnaround time is lighting fast, and your backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Click here now to Factory Unlock Your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 immediately.

Unlock iPhone 4, 3GS, 4S or 5 Permanently Forever Using This Service

To recap, the factory unlock gives you the freedom and ability to choose any one of the nations leading cellphone providers including Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, Sprint or any other carrier worldwide. Additionally, in order to use a factory unlocked iPhone you need not jailbreak, hack, or install any 3rd party software such as cydia, ultrasn0w, or other popular jailbreak apps on your iPhone. Moreover, you won't loose your unlock when upgrading your iPhone to the latest baseband, and it won't void your Apple warranty as would using the conventional iPhone unlock methods such as ultrasn0w, redsn0w, or SAM unlock.

I'm proud to announce that we now offer one of the cheapest and most reliable iPhone unlocking solutions online. As a bonus you'll get lighting fast turnaround times, and your always backed by a 100% money back guarantee. We can handle single unlocks, bulk unlocks, and even very, very large quantities. Just search on google and you can read rave reviews about this unlocking service. Unlock your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 or iPhone 3GS by going here Factory Unlock any iPhone Baseband.

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Kevin Broussard

I tried this, but it did no work cuz they said that y iphone was not eligible cuz I did not have an account with them. So if you have an account with them and your iphone is linked to it you might have the best chance to unlock, if it's not linked you might have good chance, but if you don´t have an account i´m pretty sure you will have no chance at unlocking it.

Satish K Immidisetty

Hello All
I tried this and it works perfect !!!
Great service :-)


Hi Satish are you from India, I am Rajesh from Bangalore and I want to know whether the Matt in WarriorForum really UNLOCK iP 4(4.11.08) BB?


got my iphone unlocked to AT&T in contract phone , this guy is great and trustworthy please feel free to approach and have your phone factory unlocked

Borislava LV

I purchased the service ,last week while in Eastern Europe, to unlock my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1 and newest firmware 4.12 Locked to AT&T. there was great communication and I got the unlock confirmation a couple of days later. All I did was plug my phone to iTunes and it was done. works perfect now so I am very happy and recommend the service :) it's completely legit and worth it.


I Purchased service from Avi to getfactorty unlock my IPHONE4, and got a excellent service from Avi. I am very happy to recommend this service if you want to get your iphone unlocked permenently. very helpful and much appreciated the way Avi handled my request. great job done and i can use my IPHONE now in INDIA without any carrier constraints. I can use any SIM card which catches network and operate as expected. very good and thanks a lot.



Thank you so I thank you for unlocking my iphone 4 live in Brazil I am very happy, I'm not believing or recommend.


sim cara moro no brasil na caixa tem at&t comprei na bolivia veio com chip at&t ae tava file com cydia e um slot com nome gevey versao 4.0.1 acho q era essa ai atualizei no itunes ficou bloqueado instalei o cydia tava essa baseband 04.11.08 so que nao funcionava mais operadora tava igual ipod . quando eles mandaram um menssagem dizendo que meu iphone ja estava desbloqueado so restaura no itunes ae tudo file to feliz pra carai agora ele ta na ultima baseband falow pode confiar .add aew deivyd_16@hotmail.com te falo com foi direitinho

Dvir Baznak

its perfect i paid by paypal and in 5 hours the phone was already unloacked tnx again revomanded to everyone who want to unloack the iphone


i live in new zealand i paid them to unlock my phone less then 24hours later it was unlocked thanks heaps


do i have to restore the phone in itunes or should I just plug it in to be get the congratulations message? I am using iphone 4 and already on ios 5.1.1


Perfect! Thanksssss! I'm from Brazil!

Manow Wanker

such a great service. he unlocked my iphone4 in a day after I made the payment. He take care of me so well. Ty very much you make my iphone back to live!!!!!!!


Great job! Fast, personalized service! iPhone unlocked and working like a charm in France! Very happy!


Hours or a couple of days - does it make a difference - we've been waiting for months for this! Thanks, Mike!
I just got my phone unlocked and I am happy (totally real too)! ;)


it took mine less than 24 hrs to get unlocked... and im not here to promote this either...it works like a charm...


Yes, work very well, i receive my unlock juast in 2 working days


Just AMAZING! Everything happened exactly as advertised, in just two days. Went to iTunes and was restored, unlocked in the time expected for a normal upgrade. I am very VERY grateful, and relieved to find an online offer that provides EXACTLY what is promised.


This works. For the price save you self some grief. Avoid jailbreaking or gevey sim solutions. They will make your phone stuck in time as new features are added to the iphone, but you cant. Highly recommended.


This works you do not need any account with at&t who is the liar that say it. If your phone is locked by at&t is the only thing you need. I look at this news for a week I lost my phone on june 24 and for a week was looking at those comment i though it was a scam but i was like why no body complained. So i told myself better loose 100 than buying a new good fone for 400 or 500 and also i can file for a refund on paypal so went for it was great. I know 100 dollars is a lot but no need to worry about update or gevey having the last ios and programs. I saw coolag post in april I didnt pay attention it was on another site with a black background can't really remember the site name but when i saw it here I know that unlockboot.com is a trustfull site so i went for it even after a week. ask me any question ill answer.


Just had my phone unlocked...super easy and they only took 24hours to let me know it was done!


Excellent service! All my phones were UL within committed time.


Thanks For this Service man!! I lived here in Laos and just got my phone unlocked! and in less than 24 hours too, just AWESOME!! My phone is now worked again and I am highly recommend this service, the best one I've encountered so far, Thanks A Million once again!!


Yeah, I tried to email them like 3 times, the only thing I got was automated emails that told me to use my AT&T account and contact them there.(Which I can't do, since I'm not situated in the US...)


Hello there,
Can you please assist me with the unlock for iphone 4? I have a locked iphone but dont have at&t account. It is eligible but i cant contact anyone to help me. Im desperate and am looking everywhere to help me..


You can check your simlock status & original carrier for free: http://unlockboot.com/2011/06/free-imei-checker-with-simlock-status-fixed.html


Really good service. iphone 4 unlocked. Was a bit skeptical about the authenticity of the service but I decided to take a chance. Sent the request Saturday evening and by Monday morning iphone was unlocked. Thanks a lot to MIke TW.


Can you unlock my iphone 4[4.11.08] which is locked by Softbank japan, Any possible trusty ways to unlock it? Coolag is it possible to help me? please mail me in arunthopil@ymail.com

Andy Boni

I really wasn't sure what to think of this or other unlock websites for that matter, but, after 8 hours, I received the unlock confirmation email that says my iPhone 4 is now unlocked, I was so excited. 100 percent LEGIT and REALLY FAST! Thank you!


Hi, i have an iphone 4s from sprint, know this has a gsm card.. Can this be unlocked to use at tmobile??


I have an iphone 4s is neverlocked and after what I did not know which network updgrade stuck if you can help me please, this is the IMEI of 013039003024927? thanks

ishwar shrestha

iphone4 brought from japan having base band 5.1.1 will be factory unlock or not? can u give me advice?


I live outside the Us and i have an iphone 4 that i want to factory unlock.I got the phone from a friend who dosent know which network the phone is locked to and i really want to get it unlocked but i can only pay through liberty reserve cause we dont have credit cards down here.Anyone help please


Hello i am from philippines and i cant pay the unlock, 012428009923789 i only have 1000 pesos in my pocket. i dont have visa or any cards. is there anything i can do to get a free unlock? i am using gevey right now but its invalid sim. my baseband is 4.12. i am just student and i emptied my wallet and allowance to get this iphone 4, i have sold my old phone and my other devices for this. i am getting frustrated looking for unlock because my mom is scolding me that i bought a broken phone.i havent had some good sleep because of this.


1. Use our IMEI checker - http://www.unlockboot.com/2011/06/free-imei-checker-with-simlock-status-fixed.html
2. Use SAM to check your original carrier - http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/08/how-to-check-iphone-original-carrier.html


We can unlock japan iPhones. Check if your device is supported or not here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


The Philippines iPhone unlocking is offline. Please come back later.

asim shah

sir help me plz my iphone 4 can't factory unlock its orange uk ..get it me some tips for unlock my iphone plz

Adrian Florea

Hello! You can unlock 013006002197657? If so how much and how long to do it?(floreaflorinadrian@ yahoo.com.)


Hey, can the software unlock iphone 4/4.12.iOS 6.1?


Paid for iphone 4 unlock on 1/2/13 it is now 19/2/13 and nothing!!


My iphone 4 was given by a friend (brand new) bought from I don't know which country and I was using it for almost 2 years and it was working perfectly. When I try to update from ios 4 the phone was locked and cannot read the sim card and cannot be activated. I am in Malaysia. Please helpppppppp


hy cn u heip me to unlock my iphone 4 with this IMEI 012755008603446


This isn't software unlocking - this is factory unlock. This solution can be used on any iOS firmware including iOS 6.1 / 6.1.2.


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tel me abot the unlocking of iphone 4 with this IMEI 012755008603446


Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I'm so excited to have my iPhone 4 permanently unlocked & functional. The peace of mind was totally worth the price and the wait. Love the status page. Great idea to keep customers updated!


yes recommend was with iphone locked to more than months, after the payment arrived efetuei Feedback in my email asking for my imei when he was sent to and today came this email:
I'm happy to inform you that your iPhone 4 is now unlocked. Please connect to iTunes & restore. That's it.


Hi, i have an iPhone 4 IOS 6.1.2 modem baseband 04.12.05 untethered jaibreak and I need to unlock it. can you Unlock my iPhone 4 for T-mobile?


This iPhone 4 unlocking method is perfectly legit. I unlocked my Fido iPhone 4 in 24 hours via iTunes. Now I updated my phone to iOS 6.1.2 baseband 4.12.05 and it works on my new sim card. thanks.


sir help me plz my iphone 4 can't factory unlock its. in Softbank jp


Hi My Sis pass on to me her new IPHONE 5 from Canada (Rogers Canada) and it is locked. Do you have a solution to unlock it? i want to use it here in Singapore. How much, how fast can it be done? once unlocked, is it forever unlocked even you upgrade the firmware? Thank you

mian ejaz

please unlock my iphone 4s
imei 013068003397264
carrier 3 uk


My iPhone 4 is jphone career one. Can it be factory unlock


I submitted 2 IMEI numbers for unlocking on Feb 21 , I have not received any notification e-mail yet . I have gone to the contact page and asked why . I have not received an answer from there either . The support here is poor at best . How do I get my money back ?


are you able to unlock an iphone 4 running ios6.1.2 tethered to south korea's kt olleh?


Official iphone unlock is expensive. I've used attiphoneunlocking to unlock my iphone. Their service is also faster and pro. Their website is attiphoneunlocking dot com

Better call Saul

Just had my iphone 4 unlocked from three network. Took 2 weeks, but now am freed from the shackles! Great service thanks!

Adetunji Awoyemi

I got my AT&T iPhone 4 unlocked today. I'm very happy now. Your support and timeframe are wonderfully exact as expected. I don't have any complain but thank you guys! Thank you!


i need to unlock my iphone 4s locked with fido. i need to unlock for minimum until 50 dollars or less

Jonathon T.

So I'm going over sea this summer and you know I want to take my AT&T iPhone over with me my BB is 4.12.05 and is there a way to unlock without paying or is that the only option? I mean its only like 10$ if I get AT&T to do it but I don't feel like paying and my contract is almost up so will that take away the option of changing carriers when I need to?

katarzyna jaworska

If you want to unlock any phone with carrier ATT, go seach attiphoneunlocking, I believe the first one was the one I used, took me about 2 hours to unlock my 4s


wanna unlock my iphone4 and i don't no the carrier


how much is for unloking kode ?? ( o2 irlanda iphone 4 )
tex me back on my email thankssss


O2 Ireland costs £49.99 (1-5 days unlock delivery). To order the unlock code go here: http://go.unlockboot.com/OfficialiPhoneUnlock


Can u unlocked impulse service from Guam? I have an ip4 version5.1.1 with firmware 04.12.01


Can u unlock iphones from Impulse wireless, Guam?


Thx alot, you just saved my day, the exact site is attiphoneunlocking.com


This is Shrikant from india
I wants to factory unlock my iphone 4s ( T - mobile UK)

Though i lost the orignal sim card (using x-sim unlock on iOS 6.1)
how much will it cost me ..
and is it possible to pay via netbanking..
how much time will it to take to get factory unlock

Rawn Sizzle

OfficialiPhoneUnlock is totally legit. He got my iPhone 4 factory unlocked quick. Quick as in less than 2 days. His unlocking service is no joke... I would recommend this service to anyone that wants a factory unlock. Thanks again! Keep it up.

Yin Thu

Hey I bought Last Month I phone 5 On Ebay . Then I can't Use In My Country ....How Can i do It ??I have IMEI And I don't Know Which Country And Which Carrier ... My IMEI is 013351007558622... Some One Can help Me How To Unlock ...???


hi this is sam from philippines. i hav an i phone 4, and carrier is bell, canada. i mistakenly upgraded to ios 6.0, firmware 04.12.02, imei 01 253500 137998 2
since then m not able to use my phone. its been 7 months already and m frustrated.. can u plz guide me to factory unlock my phone in the easiest way. tnx


Hi, I am having iPhone 4 UK Orange. How much it will cost for factory unlocking the device and how long will it take?


Hi, I currently have an unlocked iPhone 4. It was from att but I got it unlocked to use on tmobile, but I can't upgrade it. There's a gevey aim ultra in my phone and cydia. I want to upgrade my phone. I wanted to know if this will help me and how much is it in us dollars

Apple iPhone 4

This permanent apple service can imei unlock iphone 4 totally forever and make it neverlock device.


Hello. Can you unlock iPhone 4 16gb , 4.12.05 telcel, Mexico?


Can u unlock a sprint phone and can I hook it up on Tmoble net work


Hi can you unlock a sprint phone that is still on and what ate some phone Carey's that I can hook my iPhone 4S am in California


Update #1: Our Price & Compatibility list is updated. See it here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html

Guy Bitton

hello :)
i have an iphone 4 locked on fido or at&t i really dont know cause it was brought to me as a gift from canada and i am currently residing in israel and i am using a gevey ultra on 5.0.1.
can u factory unlock this & how much please????
thanks u and waiting for your reply


I have iphone 4 from japan softbank i just want to now if you can unlock it and how much???


can you unlock my iphone4 imei:012960002046887


how much time does it take to receive the unlock code? i ordered one for my iphone 4 an hour ago


Please log in to your order status page to check you unlock process.


Hi, I've got iphone 4s UK 3 network locked.. Please I wanna know much it ll cost to unlock it ? Thanks


Hi, I'm from Philippines. Want to unlock my iphone4 from Japan with baseband 04.12.05 / IMEI 01 254000 680324 2 / version 6.1.2. How long it takes? and how I start it?


Hi I would love to unblock at&t iphone 4 to use still here in the US


Even if its has a bad imei bought a phone of Craigslist its an iPhone 4 want to connect it It's from at&t wmand when. I went to try it was said it was reported lost or stolen


I know a good site for ATT users, it's attiphoneunlocking, they are able to unlock any iphone as long as if it's under the ATT contract.

Adam Daieh

Jailbreakhome .com the best place to permanently iphone factory unlock. Very affordable and 100% working. I did mine there and I can say that they really do their work. I'm very satisfied with the result. Proud to recommend them. :)


We can unlock ANY iPhone, including barred / stolen or blacklisted iPhones.

Shahd Omar

imei 012744007423147/ios 5.0.1/basband 04.12.05


Hi team i made payment before 3days but still not get any reply my email id is lama.manav11@gmail.com.


You have mention that you can unlock any iphone which is barred or blocked please guide me my imei no is 013007009330143.


If anyone has trouble unlocking ATT devices, I suggest you to check out attiphoneunlocking, it's the best site for unlocking ATT stuff.


Have iPhone 4S, unpaid bill, been blocked imei, can you restore so I can use, phone was with 02?


He guys I had post more 4message which is deleted by the member I already pay 44.99GBP before 7days still I'm not geting any reply from this side people don't believe .


My IMEI NO IS 013007009330143 and
Im manav lama i paid for unlock my iphone 4s my order no 070905.9466691.


can you unlock this imei? 012850008282059


hey, can you please tell me which network is IMEI 012652007948304 is locked to? so i can select the correct network when paying?

iPhone 4

Can you help me ASAp bought an iPhone 4 from a buddy in my home town it rejects my sim I think its banned idk .pls help ASAP so I can get started


For the people that want to unlock their ATT devices, you can check out attiphoneunlocking, they can unlock all ATT phones up to date


Part Description : IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK
Product Version : 6.1.3
Coverage Status : Out of Warranty
Carrier : Hutchison - United Kingdom
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Orange - France FRA
Lock Status : Locked


can u please tell me the home carrier for my iphone 4.. imei 012430006574573 ?


Carrier : Orange - United Kingdom G
Lock Status : Locked


can u tell me please the carrier for my iphone 4: imei:012536008337262?
can be unlocked?


Hi. Can u tell me about the Carrier and can be unlocked or not ?? this is the IMEI


Do you unlock iphone came from japan? 32 gb thanks. and how much?


Carrier : Sprint - United States
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Orange - Spain
Lock Status : Locked


And how much to unlock it please

Abhi Varma

Hello Sir !! Can u tell me about the Carrier and can be unlocked or not ??

IMEI - 013276007154827

Jordan Johns

hi am trying to unlock my iphone 4, the IMEI NO IS 012841001395717,am based in south africa how can you assist,the carrier is vodafone uk


For the people that want to unlock their ATT devices, you can check out attiphoneunlocking, they can unlock all ATT phones up to date


Carrier : Vodafone - United Kingdom
Lock Status : Locked

George Wood

nFor the people that want to unlock their AT&T devices, you can check out attiphoneunlocking, they can unlock all AT&T phones up to date


Can you tell me what carrier is it locked on ? 012653005860574 iphone 4


Can you tell me what carrier is it locked on ? 012540005388047 iphone 4


plz tell me status of my iphone 4s is it locked or unlocked 013171002907495?


Carrier : Orange - France FRA
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Orange - France
Lock Status : Locked

lakshminarayanan s

012339002972766 imei belongs to? status?

Maricela Garcia

Hi there, can you please tell me whats the status of my Iphone 4s 013048005243369 is it locked or unlocked, anf if locked how much is the fee for the companies in El Salvador?


Part Description : IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK
Product Version : 4.1
Carrier : O2 - United Kingdom GBR
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Millcom - El Salvador SL
Lock Status : Locked


Can U tell me the status of 012936002387489? Iphone 4s


Carrier : One (Orange) - Austria AU
Lock Status : Locked


Hello. Please tell me if possible to unlock iPhone 4 16g , baseband 04.12.05, IMEI 12543005497206, telcel , Mexico


Same problem.:(


Hello , my iPhone 4 IMEI is 012749001191178
i guess is blacklisted, Can you tell me please if its possible to unlock ?


Carrier : Orange - United Kingdom G
Lock Status : Locked

emal bazger

Excuse me, I bought a blacklisted iphone4 locked to O2 UK, Will I've to pay £40 or £110 to unlock it.
thank you


My iphone 4s imei 013185008775946


My iphone 4s imei 013185008775946, please tell me if this possible to unlock. Thanks

OMer Bhatti

Can you please tell me which network my iphone 4G is locked to . IMEI :012957009840619
and plz also tell me the unlock price and time


how bout this one sir??
IMEI: 012650008036350
Serial No: ends with A4S
Baseband 4.12.01

iphone 4 from Japan i just don't know if it's a SOFTBANK (cuz i cannot understand Kanji)
is it possible to be unlock?? thanks!!


to them all iphones are locked and they swear they will unlock it for you ita been 30 days and im still waiting their full of shit seriously they wont refund me my money i paid 152.58 dollars in united states and they said it would take 7 to 10 days and still nothing they wont refund me my money and they wont answer my emails their real ass holes and this is a huge scam i swear they better refund me my money asap dont fall for this fake ass sellers


hi cud you tell me phone status for this 012429008177534


hi how can i check on which carrier does my iphone is locked?how much it will cost me to unlock it? imei are 01-303600-551186-9


Hi! Carrier of this iphone 4s? 01304600303747 Thx,,,


many many thanks for the company who have lauched this iphone in the market.


Hi I am still waiting for my unlock for my iPhone 4s, I got a message saying it was unlocked but we still cant use it, Barred by Optus Australia, IMEI 0130430006582352 we can not connect to itunes as it suggested.


hi cud you tell me plzz phone status for this 013352008085284

Oswaldo Alvarado C.

I paid 3 months ago and still waiting!!! I got this messages 2 months ago Pre order and deposit complete - thanks. Once the unlock for that network is back online we will email you to inform of the additional cost to complete your order (if any). Your IMEI will then be placed in the priority unlocking queue for immediate delivery.. ....... And STILL waiting. What's going on? Scam?

Adam Eva

hi could you tell me please iphone 4 status for 012416002595191


Hi, I want to unlock my Iphone 4. It is locked to Switzerland Sunrise and the IMEI is 012533000278651 and my email is mabumie@yahoo.com. I will be so glad to get this unlocked the soonest possible

yankee bahri

hi i want to unlock my iphone4 uk o2 network , so plzcheck status and tell me012656003180291


IMEI 012654003299740

Country & Cost to unlock. pls


please help me check the country that lock
imei 990002243936232

Bause Man

IMEI 012647008339297 help please let me know the country


I've an iphone locked on rogers,can my cousin out there in Calgery pay for that coz i'm here in Pakistan.

Rendhell S. Dizon

MODEM : 4.12.05
IOS 6.1.3
IMEI : 01 284400 744767 2


pls unlock my ip4 bell locked canada imei 012849008080604.......ty sir...more power


Pls unlock iphone 5 operator uk orange imei 01 335200 545769 2


plz unlock bb 04.12.05 012653008358162

Oanh Peach

can u tell me please the carrier for my ip4,
16Gb, seri 7U109KKSA4S. imei 01 264600 786798 5

can be unlocked?
thanks very much ^^


pls unlock iphone 4 SoftBank Japan imei 01 242700 067191 8

modem 04.12.05Version 6.1.3 (10B329)


Iphone 4 IMEI:012743005214003 orange spain .. plz i need code cantct with me.., safyanmughal1@hotmail.com


Invalid IMEI Number, Please check and try again.


iphone 4g



iphone 4 - imei 0132630086466225

Stephen Williams

i phone 5

Jonathan Sicat

iPhone 4s 32gb black
IMEI: 013039002477332
Carrier: AT&T


IMEI: 012418000683540

Serial Number: 7T03654JA4S


Warranty: Out of Warranty

Activation Status : Yes

Last Active SIM: Hutchison - Ireland IRL

Locked by Carrier: Ireland Hutchison

SIM Lock: Locked


iphone 4 balck 32GB
IMEI : 012421008658464
serial number: 88031GVBA4T
baseband: 04.12.05
softbank japan
plz help


Iphone 4
Need Status


iphone 4 8gb


need factory unlock 04.12.05 imei 012536009412577

Volbert Adams

need factory unlock for iphone 4 bb 04.12.02
imei: 012533007364090
country: Spain
Carrier: Movie Star


Model: iPhone 4 16GB Black
Device ID: 012427007836712
Is activated: No
Serial: 80029R1HA4S
Model: iPhone 4
Warranty: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Coverage End Date:
Lock Status: Locked
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Emanem Mcfly

Need a factory unlock
01 326300 013444 4
carrier : telcel
Baseband 04.12.05

How can i pay? or how does this works? ITS URGENT!! Thanks!!

Nur Aziz Ismail

need factory unlock iphone 4 bb 04.12.05
imei 012653002305730
japan, softbank?
could you help me please?


Hey man, im waiting for the Ireland three hutchison unlock, bout 1 year.. im with my iphone here stoppped... what i have to do ,, please contact me.. im_leo@live.com


Guys i need unlock my iphone urgentttttttt from Ireland Hutchison... iphone 4 16gb imei:

Muhammad Ali

plz check this and also unlock price


Per Ter

Unlock Black iPhone 4 16gb, jailbroken 6.1.3?
Locked to Telia Sweden, possibly blacklisted.
IMEI: 012645007007329


We can unlock ANY IMEI for this carrier -- no matter if it's barred or blocked jsut for £69.99 (24 hours unlock delivery). Unlock your iPhone NOW:

Kevin Chong

what does it mean? Can't be unlocked?


i want to unlock my iphone 4 8gb
imei 01 283600 055044 5
kind reply me on my email address


Model : iPhone 4 (8GB) GSM 8GB White
Device ID : 012836000550445
Repairs & Service Coverage : Expired
Telephone Technical Support : Expired
Warranty Type : Expired
Purchase Date : Validated
Registered : Yes
Activated : Yes
Model : iPhone 4 (8GB)
Warranty : Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Country Purchased : United Kingdom

Carrier : Vodafone UK
Lock Status : Locked

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IMEI - 012841001509374
Iphone 4 16gb


Model: iPhone 4 16GB Black
Device ID: 012841001509374
Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Warranty Type: Expired
Purchase Date: Validated
Registered: Yes
Activated: Yes
Carrier: AT&T USA
SIM lock: Locked

Unlock my phone

IMEI 012431002190257
Iphone 4 16gb


Device Model : iPhone 4
Device iMei : 012431002190257
Warranty : Expired
Technical Support : Expired
Registered Status : Yes
Activated Status : No
Purchase date : Validated
Carrier : KT Korea
SIM Lock Status : LOCKED
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iMei unlock for my iphone 4 form brazil works fine!