If you have a Roku device, you already know there are many channels for both movies and TV shows. But if you’re looking to get content for free, then we have a compiled list, Best Roku Free Movie Channel, just for you. Channels like YouTube, which offers a free alternative to stream TV shows and full-length feature films. There are other channels that offer free foreign films, and old westerns. Rest assured we have excluded channels from the list that requires a one-time payment or monthly subscriptions.

best free roku channels

List for Best Roku Free Movie Channel

From the channels listed below, you can enjoy good quality movies on your big screen. You can also watch these channels on different devices as they are not exclusive to Roku device.

1. Crackle Roku Channel

free roku movie channels

Crackle offers a plethora of genre for you to enjoy. Also, they have full-feature Hollywood movies, TV shows and original content that can only be viewed on Crackle. The best part of this Roku free movie channel is that you will get the content in its raw version. It means that all of the movies will be unedited and uncut.

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2. Comet TV Roku Channel

roku movie channels

The latest addition to the Roku free movie channel is the Comet. These channels is all about sci-fi entertainment. Comet offers movies and TV shows that are popular favorites and cult classics.

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3. Crunchyroll Roku Channel

free roku channels

This is the best channel to enjoy free Japanese anime. The only downside is that ads are un-skippable, so if you can sit through them then this channel is for you. Crunchyroll offers thousands of popular anime both Dubs and Subs, like Naruto, Bleach, DragonBallz and more.

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4. YouTube Roku Channel

best roku movie channels

Google’s YouTube is a library of entertainment, from music videos to comedy shows. In order to access it on your TV just make sure that your smartphone and TV are on the same WiFi connection. So search for a video you would like to watch on the YouTube app and then click on the TV share icon. The app will instantly start playing the video on your TV.

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5. VUDU Roku Movies Channel

top free roku channels

The VUDU Roku free movie channel offers the largest HD collection of movies. You can just sit and experience a cinema-like quality at your home. Though you don’t pay any subscription fee to access the channel, you have to pay for the movie you want to watch. You can either rent or own the movies you like in 1080p quality.

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6. SnagFilms Roku Channel

roku free movie channels

Another great Roku free movie channel is SnagFilms. They offer full-free length films, music documentaries, political conspiracies, and drama. So if this falls in your content radar, make sure to add them to your Roku.

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7. PBS Roku Channel

free movie channels on roku

Now, you can enjoy PBS shows and movie, as a Roku free movie channel. Thanks to the partnership between PBS and Roku, you can stream shows like Frontline, Masterpiece, and NOVA for free. You will have a selection of thousands of video spanning to multiple genres. By adding PBS channel, you can add hours upon hours of watch time.

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Let me know in the comments which of the aforementioned channels you’re likely to add on your Roku? And if you have any other channels that needed to be on this list, mention them in the comments as well.