Benefits of Factory Unlock — Software VS Gevey SIM VS Factory Unlock

Factory Unlock Benefits

"Factory unlocked iPhone" is a magic term for most of us. Why shouldn't it be? No matter how many times we update our firmware, the factory unlock is going to work on any carrier in the world.

Today, we write this post for our faithful friends, subscribers, fans and followers. All information about the benefits of Factory iPhone Unlock solution for your iPhone will be provided.

Benefits of Factory unlocked iPhone

  1. The iPhone will be 'unlocked permanently'. There is no need to unlock it after each update of iOS or firmware.
  2. There are no lengthy guides. Simply provide your unique IMEI number to officialiphoneunlock.co.uk and your iPhone will be unlocked within 24 hours. Awesome isn't it?
  3. The unlock will work on all iPhones regardless of the baseband, bootloader and firmware version. This means any handset can be unlocked. You can read more in this post.
  4. Every single iPhone feature will work perfectly after the unlock.
  5. You can use the iPhone with any service provider in the world.
  6. You now save money on roaming charges when the iPhone has to be used abroad.
  7. There is complete freedom to switch carriers.
  8. There is no risk of any sort of damage to the phone.
  9. This is complete value for money. The resale value is also increased as it's no longer an expensive iPod touch. You can even sell it online at a higher price than it would have been sold if locked.

How factory unlock is different from a software and hardware unlock?

In 2007, a group of hackers created software unlock for iPhone 2G when iPhone was first released to the AT&T carrier. They were diligent since then to create updates to unlock the iPhone. However, the problem was that the iPhone becomes hard-locked when updated to the latest firmware. This means it won't even work as an iPod touch. Remember the SAM unlock solution? Apple patched it as well. So there is no way to factory unlock. The cheapest way is to contact the legit unlock solution service providers.

Gevey Sim or Factory Unlock
Factory Unlcok iPhone 4 / 4S / 3GS

How factory unlock is different from a hardware unlock?

Hardware unlocks like Gevey SIM, R-SIM, X-SIM etc. are hardware 'hacks' which tricks the iPhone to make a call with a different route. You can never update your handset with a hardware unlock. The reason is that hardware unlock sits 'behind' your handset, and they can get stuck as well. Apple won't fix it as they have clearly stated the warranty gets void. The method used by OfficialiPhoneUnlock turns the iPhone into a factory unlocked unit, which means the iPhone can be updated to the latest iOS firmware. The iPhone is an expensive device, and people want to keep up with iOS updates as they contain new features.

Why not buy a factory unlocked iPhone?

Of course! A factory unlocked iPhone comes directly from the manufacturer. They sell over $1000 at wholesale and $1800 at retail costs. However, why don't you get a factory unlock yourself instead of buying an expensive handset. The unlock code depends on your carrier but it's FAR CHEAPER than a new handset. Your iPhone will have the same features and functions as the new factory unlocked handset with only a fraction of the cost.

Factory Unlock – Your dream come true!

We are giving away a free factory unlock for your locked iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS. The first give away will take place on the 20th of August! Our budget is low, so for now, we are giving away just 1 every month. But hopefully in future, we will give away more factory unlocks.

If you're not the winner, there's no need to worry. You can Factory Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4 via IMEI code using this Official iPhone Unlocking service. Their unlock is the cheapest, and will be done within 24 hours. We have tested it, and proud to say that it works 100%. Not like the scams out there.

There you have it folks! Please leave any questions that you might have!

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fuzion wireless unlocked mine cheap!!!! fuzionwireless1@gmail.com

Anderson Lima

i live in Brazil. How can I unlock my iphone 4S?


Yes, you can.


hallo i have a iphone 4s sim loocked with swisscom carrier, can i unloock mi iphon..?


sim vc pode meu amigo


Yes, Swisscom is supported! Click here


I have sam unlock and works with 3.uk before i was with t-mobile so which provider i should say i got for unlock because imei check said im with 3.uk now? Anyway the 3 unlock cost much less....


My Iphone 4 its locked to orange uk.
I used sam to unlock my carrier TMN
Now i use ime and show my iphone carrier TMN.
Its possible unlock?
Thanks sorry for my bad english

Apple Cracker

i am an unlocker- i can unlock AT&T and telus iphones in instants.
For AT&T unlocks can be done within minutes to 6 hours and it ll cost you only $80-
less then even what you all pay 59UK pounds to official guy.

people here might think i am some scammer or something as i am giving away my email on forums- for them i have to say- no business reaches height unless not given promotion.

Secondly, as for my guarantee and assurance- that i can really unlock
you can add me on facebook, i have reviews on my page and proofs of
my unlocking.
you can contact me on that.
here is its link

my email is: iphoneunlocker3@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me Anytime you want.
i ll be there for your assistance.

i also take bulk orders for AT&T unlocks, and for that the price can also be adjusted depending on the quantity of the phones.

people given more then 10 phones will also be given a discount- accordingly.
Also people helping me in promotion would also be given a discount...
(that would be done only if they show me the proof of the promotion)


Apple Cracker

Hello all,
i am an unlocker, and i do Factory unlocks for iphones-
Factory unlock is a permanent unlock, which means you can run any network SIM.
it is NOT any Software unlock.
i offer AT&T instants, telus and variour other networks.

AT&T INSTANTS and TELUS being my MAJOR and the fastest.
i can get you unlock for your AT&T locked phone within minutes to 6 hours time
that to at a much reasonable price then what others like official guy offer.
they offer 59UK pounds for it, and i can do the very same in just $80 for you.

For those who might think i am some scammer-posting my email everywhere,
for them i have to see - no business reaches height without promotion.
So think postive.
i have a few reviews on my page

My facebook page link :
join me in the page...

you can contact me any time on my email:

Bulk order givers can contact me on my email.
for bulks i take AT&T networks ONLY.
the prices will be adjusted and lowered according to the Quantity of iphones sent.

there would be a discount for those who promote me, refer me to others.
if they show proof of there promotion-
they shall be given a discount.

also if someone has more then 10 phones for unlocking-
he/she will be given a discount as well accordingly.


Apple Cracker

Hello you can get factory unlocksfor At&t instants at the most reasonable price- evenn better then officialiphn guy!
For $80 only and unlock will be in minutes to 6 hours.
Contct : iphoneunlocker3@gmail.com
I have a webpage as well but unlockboot wont let me post it-
PS: only those contact who reallly want unlocks.
I also take bulk iphones. Those giving more iphones will be given a discount
On the other iphones they give.
Apple Unlocker


guys i unlock iphone4/4s at reasonable prices n u'll never get complaints or any problems from me n i unlock all networks i promise n hence if interested contact me at iunlocker@live.com n get ur unlock...

Erol Ozturk

What do u say about Bulgarian carrier Globul ?


How do i unlock iphone 4s, T mobile croatia hrv ?

mahmoud gamal

how to unlock iphone4 telstra
imei: 012541008814104


that factory unlock also sucks, because it is around 80 pound which is almost 100$, why not factory unlock from provider itself for 50$


How to win give away unlock?
When and how will it start?
Thanks before hand!


io ho la possibilità di sbloccare tutti gli iphone


Hello everyone....
SOFTBANK, BELL ROGERS unlock it out...
check out the video on youtube:

Factory unlock iphone on Softbank





i can do it...



Wed, 01 Aug 2012 22:00:15 -0000 от "Disqus" :

BeeJay (unregistered) wrote, in response to axs500:
i can do it...

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in che modo??

hoàng tú

unlock boot iphone 4 fido canada help me, huhuhuuh ipod gen 5

gmate watiing >>>>>>> dev team >>>>> code quốc tế

vietnammes hihih cảm ơn unlock hy vọng mình sẽ chiến thắng

giờ iphone mình thành ipod cao cấp đắp chăn 1 năm rùi


Can you unlock I-phone 4 by Japan carrier SoftBank


Yes, we can unlock Softbank Japan iPhones.


Check our list of supported carriers: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


Yes, just try it!


Hello.I am from Azerbaijan.how can i factory unlock my iphone 3gs carrier 10.0
please help me.


how much money you will take of iphone 4s uk vodafone?


please unlock my iphone softbank, cant afford to unlock.


Is this software usable say after i unlock my phone and want to unlock say a friends phone.. Will i have to pay again or is it life time usable?


i have brought an iphone 4 which was with claro company but i dont have a claro sim card. i upgraded to 6.1 and now cant activate my phone will your unlock help me get phone activated?!

Nolss-Dropdead Ferreras Espina

sir can u unlock iphone 4 by japan softbank baseband 04.12.05? ..

Tossy Lawrence Bwalya

iphone 4s ios 6.1.2 Roger how do i unlock for free please??


I am in Ghana and i have an iPhone 4: Carrier = Carrier Lab 12.0, Model MC608LL, Version 5.1.1 (9B206), That i want to unlock. Can i know how long it will take and whether there is any possibility of the phone getting briked?


Can you unlock iphone4 by Croatian carrier T-mobile ?


Yes, T-mobile Croatia can be unlocked just for £99.99 (48 hours unlock delivery)


Hello Tossy, Please read this to learn how to Unlock Rogers iPhone 4



-Unlock is 100% guaranteed
-This is factory unlock - it will not be locked again
-In case if we can't unlock, you will be refunded 100%
-Please note unlock time depending on carrier (it can be from 1 to 20 days)
For more info, please mail me on unlockqtr@gmail.com

or visit: www.facebook.com/iunlockiphone


Can u unlock iphone 5 at&t united states

saurav dahal

Can you unlock Iphone 5 by Japan carrier SoftBank


can you unlock my iphone5 from the Philipines. can you do it without an unlock code? the carrier before was Globe


How would one be able to switch the carriers once the phone is factory unlocked?

Navjot Singh Dhillon

how i can unlock iphone 4 uk orange


You can use ANY sim card.


Read our Orange // ee Uk unlocking article: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/04/factory-unlock-orange-uk-ee-t-mobile.html


My phone was gevy unlocked and I brought it to get factory unlocked. They said the unlock went through and I updated the phone to ios6. Turns out the phone wasn't completely unlocked and it was a softbank phone. Now it can't read any sim card except ssoftbank. Any ideas on where to get softbank sim card or suggestions on what to do. I can't do anything with the phone since I cant get past the insert sim.


Do you have anything for unlocking ipad 4 from t mobile?


how much money it will take for software problem of iphone


in any country?


Yes, we can unlock iPad 4.

muhmmad akmal khan

plz help me which mobile should i buy a 4s factory unlocked or gervey sim


how do i know if ill buy 2nd hand iphone5 is f.u or giver or xsim ? etc ? i want factory unlocked

Malik Adeeb

if i bought iphone 5s locked orange or at&t company.it is possible for unlock?

Malik Adeeb

locked iphone 5s and unlocked iphone 5s which is the cheap price.

Malik Adeeb

plz tell me how i buy a iphone 5s locked from UK or USA in at&t or vodafone company

Mark Culhane

We are selling brand new original factory unlocked iPhone's with complete accessories and 1yr international warranty. Email me: mobilegadgetsllc@outlook.com or culhane771@gmail.com for more informations.