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Factory Unlock iPhone 5

Dear readers, we have great news for you all. Most of you witnessed the launch of the Apple's new-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. You can read our detailed iPhone 5 unlock & baseband review.

Already, many of you would have started searching for a solution to factory unlock iPhone 5. Well, our partner, OfficialiPhoneunlock, can do this job for you. Read on to know how to unlock your iPhone 5.

OfficialiPhoneunlock is the only reliable site on the internet that can permanently and safely unlock iPhone 5 to use it on any carrier sim card in the world. They have unlocked 80,000 iPhones in the last three months. That's quite a staggering figure. This the only verified, permanent and genuine solution to get your Apple iPhone 5 Unlocked forever.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 using Official iPhone 5 Unlock

As mentioned above, the iPhone 5 was revealed last week. We posted full details on this phone is a separate post. The iPhone 5's baseband are totally new - iPhone 5 baseband is updated to 03.04.25 & 1.00.16. The bad news is that all hardware and softwares unlocks, such as Gevey SIM, R-sim 7, X-sim and ultrasn0w, won't work on iOS 6, 6.1, 6.1.2 or iOS 6.1.3 the native iOS in iPhone 5. Hence, the only choice left for you is to go for a iPhone 5 factory unlock solution to get your iPhone 5 carrier free.

The reason is that Apple is going to block all hardware and software unlocks on this new basebands. However, we have your back. Gevery SIM users should stay away from the iOS 6 updates, if they want to keep their iPhone unlocked and jailbroken.

Unlock iPhone 5
Cheap & Lightning Fast Factory Unlock iPhone 5 Service

What to do if your iPhone 5 is Locked to AT&T, Sprint, O2, Rogers or etc.

Official Factory iPhone 5 Unlock service works for iPhone 5 up to iOS 7, 6.1.3, 6.1.2, 6.1 can only be achieved via the factory unlock solution. This can be done through OfficialiPhoneunlock. You can also check the IMEI number in case you don't know which carrier the phone is locked to. The unlocking procedure is described below below.

4 Steps to Unlock Apple iPhone 5:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Official iPhone Unlocking webpage.
  • Step 2: Send your IMEI code and wait for confirmation email.
  • Step 3: Connect your device to the computer.
  • Step 4: Open iTunes and your iPhone 5 will be unlocked.

After your iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS is officially unlocked, you can use it on any carrier sim card in the world. You can also update iOS firmwares and basebands without any worries as this solution is a permanent one. So now you know where to get the iPhone 5 unlock once you buy it.

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We do iPhone 5 IMEI unlock as well we try to give the best possible price to all our users.please contact us for more details we got AT&T,Orange uk AU networks which is possible to unlock with us.Unlock Store is our page in facebook and contact me from mail hishamhaniffa4 @ gmail com
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Thank You
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Hello Guys, I've unlocked my iPhone 5 today, once again I got my iPhone factory unlocked using this service, last month you did my AT&T iPhone4, and now my iPhone 5 locked to O2 UK. Many thanks!


I am very happy with my iPhone, I got my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked today. Thanks to this service I am now using the iPhone in the U.K. Thanks!


Unlock Iphone 5 in 8 hours! I Got my iPhone 5 unlock within 8 hours. Many thanks!


Factory Unlocked iPhones with this service can be used on any sim card and you can use any future (internet, mms, face fime ...).


planning to buy the iphone 5 from the US (AT&T) will this work in the Philippines? (Globe network)


Yes, factory unlocked iPhone can be used on any GSM network worldwide.


can i unlock iphone 5 uk three???? Plz give me a solution. My phone is not active.


Carrier : Verizon, SIM Lock Status : Locked (iPhone Lock)


Three Uk iPhone 5 can be unlocked. Read more here:


Hello, I want you to buy iPhone 5 Unlocking to work with all the operators you have for sale? and you send to Ukraine? thanks


Official iPhone 5 Unlock Prices - http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


Yes, we can unlock iPhone 5 Bell Canada.


Factory Unlock iPhone 5 for a Cheap Price with this iPhone 5 IMEI unlock service for iPhone 5 At&t or Sprint, iPhone 5 locked to United Kingdom: Orange UK, Vodafone UK, Unlock O2 UK iPhone 5, T-Mobile, Orange UK, Three UK, unlock Rogers iPhone 5 via IMEI code, Bell or Fido iPhone 5 Unlocking


I want to IMEI Unlock iPhone 5 via Official iPhone unlock, but how can I unlock my iPhone 5 from my house? Do I need to send my iPhone 5 to the factory for Unlocking ? Thanks.


HI i have just bought a AT&T iphone 5 form best buy. i want to
unlock it for Tmobile USA.The Website Says " Please make sure that your
iPhone has been activated with its original carrier at least once
before." I wound need a AT&T sim to do that? I am on a Tmobile
Network how can i get a AT&T sim so i can complete the activated???


Hello can I unlock my iphone 5 from Verizon (US)


Thanks to this service I am now using the iPhone in the Cyprus Thanks!

Unlock iPhone 5

Verizon iPhone 5 can be Unlocked Free - just connect to iTunes and enjoy.


Thanks, My iphone 5 was unlocked in 1 day.

Good job!!!!


hi. i bought an iphone 5 on AT&T while in the US and now and in Ghana (Africa). i wanted to know if i can factory unlock? phone shows no service.


I had accidentally bought my iphone 5 from Carphone warehouse and it stopped working when i got it back home to India. it seemed impossible to get it unlocked. thanks for the lovely job of unlocking it. I t took some time but it was resolved.


hola mi iphone4 no lo e podido activar vivo en nicaragua cuanto me cuesta la liberasion por imei o si existe algun otro metodo a septo sugerencias tengo el ios6


I used this service to unlock under contract iPhone 5 and my iPhone 5 has been unlocked permanently in the same day. You guys rock - definitely this is the best service!


Hello I bought an iPhone from E. Can you plz tell me if the Phone is locked and will you be able to unlock for use in Netherlands with KPN provider.
Imei is 013034006629145


Can you unlock permanent iphone 5, from Fido Canada? If so, how long does it take?


Yes, we can Unlock iPhone 5 Fido Canada, for more info read here >


Hi there, Just wondering if you guys can unlock iphone 5 Bell Canada


and yeah i forgot that my serial number isn't coming up.... it says that serial number ending so and so...but unfortunately mine and my frnd's serial isn't showing up here


WOOOO HOO. Thank you sooo much! I'm using T-Mobile sim card with my unlocked iPhone 5, and it's really working fantastic. If you have a locked iPhone 5, I recommend you to use this service to unlock AT&T iPhone 5. Thanks again!


I have Iphone 5, Germany phone, T-Mobile, can it be unlocked?


what about candian fido iphone 5?


Yes, we can unlock Fido iPhone 5. The pricelist is posted here:

peter mc mahon

Hi can you unlock this iPhone 4S imei 01302900179930. If you can will
You send the link please.


Completely impressed with this service, as they were able to factory unlock my iPhone 5 when AT&T refused :)


Excellent service for iPhone 5 unlocking. Took just 10 hours to get the email confirmation that my iPhone 5 is unlocked, I restored my device and I got the unlock confirmation message in iTunes. I'm currently using my phone in Brazil with the local Tim sim card and I haven't any issues at all. I love my factory unlocked iPhone 5. Thank you guys!

Catherine Mi

How much would cost to unlock my Iphone 4 and how long would it take?
imei 012430000921879


can you unlocked iphone 5 orange and t-mobile UK? thanks


Hi, how soon is ‘unlock available again soon’ for iPhone 5 Rogers Canada? Thank you, M.


I purchased an Iphone 5 from Verizon can it be unlocked to work with any network?

Damola Salami

How do I qualify for the free unlocking? yipee you guys are awesome

Randy Guzman

I did this and get no service when I put a verizon sim in my iphone 5(originally AT&T). I received the congratulations message in itunes and everything but it seems something is off. please help!


Can you unlock a Venezuela Movistar iPhone5

Jason Dourado

This service was an fantastic thing that they were able to unlock my iPhone 5. Would suggest it to other people but I would definitely inform them to ignore the advised time frame! Was told 1 business day, but the real time frame was 3 days. However I can confirm that they are safe and legit service. Thanks to UnlockBoot and Official iPhone Unlock I got my iPhone 5 unlocked permanently!


Hi..so a Verizon iPhone5 can be unlocked free and can it be used in India.?


Hi, im wondering if u guy can unlock my iphone 5 locked on O2 Uk ?


This iPhone 5 unlock solution worked for me. I ordered in contract AT&T iPhone 5 so wanted it to be unlocked, so after 2 days my iPhone 5 was unlocked. This makes me very fulfilled. Now I can go to European countries and use SIM cards there on their carriers! Thanks!


I bugged this company to an extreme limit. Sent e-mails, contacted live support etc., and I am sorry for that. However, they did what I was looking for. They unlocked my iPhone 5. Thank you so much. Took longer than expected, but they finally did it. Guys, don't wait and get it done. Its a iPhone 5 factory unlock, which means its like you bought the phone factory unlocked from Apple. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable iPhone 5 unlock solution. Thanks once again!

Unlock Sprint iPhone 5

I have a AT&T iPhone 5 I want to be able to use with my tmobile service in the uk when I go and other providers internationally. The other providers are all GSM but this phone being with sprint was originally CDMA. Would the official iPhone 5 unlock can make it viable for use with GSM SIM cards/companies? And how does the process of the unlock work I am curious as to what I will have to do on my end after paying you guys. I have had a iPhone 5 factory unlocked before but it was done through AT&T and was instantaneous. So I was just curious to how your process works.

Thank you very much,

A hopeful future customer.


My iPhone 5 was originally locked to AT&T USA. After receiving the unlock confirmation mail, I restored my iPhone with iTunes. To my big surprise, upon completing the restoring process, I was greeted with the "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked" message.

Now i'm able to use my iPhone 5 with Brazilian network. Remember that the time frame may sometimes be a little longer than the web site says. In my scenario it was expected to be in 6 hours, but it really took a little less than 30 hours. This situation wasn't a problem for me. However, I got my iPhone 5 unlocked, thanks to these guys!


Can you unlock a Rogers iPhone 5 from Canada? Also would there be any issues using with telus afterwords?


How much it cost to unlock iphone 5 from fido Canada.


I bought an iPhone 5 on the vodafone network in Australia, it was broken and went to apple store got replacement from them. did an IMEI search it said unlocked got to Indonesia for holiday and it wont work...I have put my contract on hold with vodafone so i cant get them todo it as service needs to be activated. Will this service still work for me?


Hello dear, i have iphone5 sweden tele2.can u unlock it and what will be the time frame and price.


Will / can the unlock change the LTE bands for the phone? The factory unlocked phone has a restriction on the LTE bands which I would like to unlock - is this a hardware or software issue?


can a contract iphone 5 on network 3 be unlocked or unblocked if the owner hasnt paid the bill and the phones been cut off?


Can you guys unlock iphone 5 Bell Canada


Use Official iPhone 5 Unlock solution and you can use your device on any carrier.


I bought an iPhone 5 from eBay uk(im from norway) and its locked to Orange UK.
Can you unlock it even if it has never been used with any Orange UK sim?
Or it has never been used at all.


The most wanted and best method to get your iPhone 5 Factory Unlocked is to use UnlockBoot to Unlock your iPhone 5 via IMEI Forever just in 1 day. This is amazing website.


If i buy an Iphone 5 for $199 and get it factory unlocked from the above mentioned site the next day then will i be able to use the phone in any country with its local service provider and would i still be having my apple guarantee for my phone for one year?


After this unlock you can activate your iPhone with any sim card.


i want to unlock my at &t iphone 5.? will it work with other carriers for sure?how about using it overseas?


This iPhone 5 unlocking service is number one factory unlocking service that works on any iPhone carrier in the world. You can Factory Unlock iPhone 5 using OfficialiPhoneUnlock to work your device on any GSM Network and any sim card in the world.


How long is take to unlock iPhone 5 fido? What is the length of time? Anybody done yet? Please let me know.

Mangiamele Donatella

Hi, I have bought iPhone 5 locked with Telenor Sweden. Is it possible to get it unlocked? Thanks


iphone 5 locked to three UK ,can you get it unlocked??



Can you unlock an Iphone 5 from Optimus Portugal???


was just told that official iphone unlock can not unlock my iphone 5 with t-mobile and orange....


Hello sir,

Just checking if u can factory unlock my Iphone 5 from Globe / Smart carrier from the Philippines?I really appreciate your feedback.Thank you..


Charles Mason

My iphone 5 is currently locked with a Philippine based carrier Globe. Can you unlock it ?


hi i am thinking of getting an iphone 5 from the US, but skeptical if i can unlock it usinf the method suggested. im in africa - malawi to be precise. thanks for the help in advance.


i have a sprint iphone 5 under account,can it be unlocked for other u.s carriers or just outside the u.s or it cant be unlocked at all(some people says it cant because its under account)?


Got my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked using this website. Could believe that it actually worked. I did a test with a prepaid tmobile sim. Now I am in India using it with airtel. This is awesome.

Mahesh Mohan

this is the real stuff u r looking for. i got my i5 unlocked in jus 7-8hrs, i mean isnt tht amazing. thanks guys

Zara Frank

I'm wondering if i will buy factory unlocked iphone5 and planning to shipp in lae papua new guinea, could be still unlock?


yahooooo....recently i unlock my self iphone 5 on at&t.... thanks alot


Hello I have a locked iphone 5, I bought it in Canada (thinking it was unlocked) only to find out its locked when my friend tried to activate it in India. I did the carrier search based on IMEI and it says Carrier: Canada N41 Country Channel Flex Activation Policy; Canada N41 Country Channel Flex. Is there anyway I could unlock this phone without having a Canadian Sim Card.

Peedee Fenelus

iPhone 5 att us was factory unlock in 7hr thanks to you guys my iphone is now factory unlock I greatly recommend 100%


I have iphone 5 orang network and i wanna unlock if u can many thanks


Please I want to unlock my sprint. US iphone 5 . Is off contract, please somebody sholud help me out..


Can I unlock my iphone5 orange netwrok from UK?


hey ankur its saurabh here from mumbai...i want to just knw that at&t contract i phone u have buy from usa how u much it cost 2 u becoz 1 of my friends stay in usa n i want to purchase iphone 5 at&t contarct so plzz rply me n u can also rply me on facebook by sending a request so be needful......waiting for u r rply........


is it possible to unlocked iphone 5 in india [mumbai] which is brought from usa in 200 dollars with at&t or sprint or verision with contract so plzzz rply me....as soon as possible......

Iphone 5

2 days ago i made for unblock my Iphone 5 to for carrier (Claro Brazil) but nothing till today... I hope somebody help. for i be sure wht i did was right or may i made mistack...


Would I still be able to use my iPhone with sprint if I unlock it?


can you unlock an iphone 5 from claro puerto rico?


worked like a charm!


how can i unlock my iphone 5 that i have with ROgers


Our Unlock Solutions are IMEI-based, which means that it works with current and any future iOS firmware updates.


purchase; Uspeshno; Total: £ 23,99; GB/871 890 3127/iPhone 5 IMEI: 013351003237098, 10/18/2012 Country Portugal operator Vodafone How long?

Seckin Yilmaz

My iPhone 5 is locked to "UK Carphone Flex activation policy". Can you unlock it?


Ey if mi iphone 5 is at att from usa and it is 5 hours i need to wait until the 5 hours pass to connect it in itunes or i connect it on itunes and when the 5 hours pass it will be unlocked?
Please answer


I have an Iphone 5 locked under Smart Telecom in Manila, Smart Telecom does not appear in your current list of networks. How do I proceed with this service?

Ben Neidigh

#1 Does Digicel in Jamaica support iPhone5 and do they have a sim?
#2 How long will it take to get my ATT iPhone5 unlocked. I leave tomorrow.


I have paid for the service and I haven't received anything to unlock my iphone 5 yet... How long does it take? and what do you have to do? Please help


no its not possible you have to unlock your verizon locked iphone
it will only work with verizon


I'm at the end of my rope with this company. My iphone 5 is locked to
Sprint USA. It's a brand new phone purchased directly from apple and
never yet activated. I submitted my payment and was given a time frame
of 3-5 days. After 3 weeks they came back saying that my phone is
barred and I need to pay another GB40,00. I refused saying that its a
brand new phone. Since then I haven't heard from them at all. it's
been nearly 6 weeks. I want my money back. All my e-mails are ignored
and my phone calls go unanswered. From the reviews I see that they are
capable of doing SOME unlocks. those are the fortunate ones. The rest of
us get royally screwed over.

binhuang chen

i bought the officialiphoneunlock its been 2 days and they still have not sending me anything! how long do they usually take to unlock i have telecom uk tombile iphone 5! please help thank you


I got my sprint iPhone 5 recent in India from U.S .... i just want a simple answer!! HOW DO I UNLOCK IT... S.A.F.E.T.L.Y....


what's wrong with fido iphone 5 factoty unlocking .when can we expect factory unlock iphone 5 for fido canada .....thanks


Is 6-hour wait for the company processing, or 6 hours for iTunes to Unlock the device? Thanks.


Hi can you guys unlock iphone 5 on EE uk yet ?


When will the unlock for iPhone 5 locked to O2 UK will be available?


Hi UnlockBoot, I got my Locked iPhone 5 to Vodafone UK. Can I use this service to Factory Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 5 to be used in my country? Thanks!


I have an iPhone 5 I think it's from Canada and it has a fido SIM card, can that be unlocked for tmobile in the USA


hi pls let me know a solution to completely unlock sprint iphone5 .. am using in mumbai .. through rsim unlock method only calls are being made ..no sms and data pla :(

La negra

Can you unlock a sprint iphone 5?

Grace Reganot

All Verizon iPhone 5 are already unlocked... As my iPhone 5 is already unlocked and I have not connected it to iTunes yet. They even posted it on their websit a while ago...


Canyou unlocked iphone 5 from globe philippines? Reply to king_martin08@yahoo.com replywill be appreciated thanks


Can you unlock iphone 5 from Bell Canada?


Hai, i hav iPhone 4s locked with Sprint USA. How long it would take to unlock after my payment ?


hey i dont have a nano sim card so i cant activate my phone can i still unlocked without activate it get back at me asap james321000@hotmail.com


You are unable to use unlocked Iphones with Verizon services as stated on to Itunes website. -"The unlocked iPhone only works on supported GSM networks, such as
AT&T in the U.S. When you travel internationally, you can also use a
nano-SIM card for iPhone 5 from a local GSM carrier. The unlocked
iPhone 5 is model A1428. For details on LTE support see www.apple.com/iphone/LTE. The unlocked iPhone will not work with CDMA carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint." (Iphone 5)


well guys please don't waist ur time and money cz they are fake i pay them with my master card and they didn't unlock my Iphone 5 and now it's more then 2 months. My Iphone is with Rogers in Canada


can be unlock uk orrange carrier iphone 5 in india and please tell be what amount


Can I unlock my iPhone 5 on ee in uk ? Pls give me a clue .

ana sanchez

how to unlock iphone 5 from philippines locked by Smart telecommunications


Yes, after the unlock you can activate the device with any sim card.


It's possible to unlock O2 iPhone 5 with this service?


hi unlockboot i want khow if ican get factory unlock on fido iphone 5 in canada.


Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyURr5ljUp0


Hi! Is there a possible way that my iphone 5 globe telecom (philippines) locked will be unlock. Thanks


are you guys still able to unlock iphone 5 on Sprint USA?


This is a really good service for Unlock iPhone 5, because it is useful for my new iPhone 5. Thanks.


Found an iPhone 5 but it's on the block (IMEI ) list with AT&T . If I unlock it will I be able to use it with AT&T again?

noel santiago

what do i have to do to unlock my iphone5 from sprint ??? somebody help me pleasee! :(

David McKie

Hello. I have a locked Iphone 5 to t-mobile and I want to use my O2 sim. Any suggestions where I don't need to wait. Please help me to unlock my iPhone 5.


Yes, after this unlocking you can use your iPhone 5 on ANY sim card including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc.


how do i unlock my iphone 5 ? i want to use o2 Nano sim in orange locked iphone , im in UK-both sims are on contract


hello can u unlock swizzerland orange for iphone 5 and how many times does it take?


How long is the process if my iPhone is locked to Vodafone


Will facetime and imessage work in UAE after unlock?


It is possible to unlocked my locked iphone 5 from japan?


Yes, we can unlock it. Normal time frame is 72 hours.


Unbelievable ... Toke me 2 weeks but its worth to wait. Thanks guys amazing support and service highly recommended !!! All the best(iphone5)

Jon Vok

hello i would like to have information about iphone 5 orange swizzerland unlocking ? how many times is it necessary for that ? because i bought the unlocking the last 14th january and still waiting???
best regards


how much unlocking of iphone 5 from bell


"Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked!" This message made my day! My AT&T iPhone 5 is now factory unlocked. I'm using it in Hong Kong. Best wishes, Thanks a lot!


hello @UnlockBoot:disqus can you please check for what carrier my phone is locked to so i can proceed with the unlock this is my imei 013188004907547


Activated Carrier: Not Activated
Original Carrier: Canada Apple Channel Flex Default Activation policy
SIM Lock Status : Locked (iPhone Lock)


it says I have to pre-order.. Cant I unlock it straight away. Why the wait !!! iPhone5... locked to O2


Hi I have an iPhone 5 with sfr France how many days to be unlocked if I pay today


SFR unlocking timeframe is 24 hours.


i can still unlock the at&t iphone 5 even tho that stupid bill was passed making it illegal...right?



Can you unlock an iPhone from El Salvador, Central America?


factory unlock will only work with gsm sim card and verizon is CDMA network.


can you unlock an Iphone from the Philippines? Globe Telecom Carrier?


I ordered for Rogers iPhone 5 and it has been 2 weeks.told another 2-3 weeks.not satisfied


Normal unlocking timeframes can be found here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


i can unlocked iphone 5 from at&t usa, plz tall me


hi there, i've purchased iphone 5 from the philippines with globe contract, can it be unlocked?


Hi its not helpful for the orange mobile, can you tell me how long it will take? It's 4 days but I didn't receive any msg.help me plz. My mobile is iphone5 with orange network... I'm waiting.thanks


Hi, could you unlock iphone 5 with Bell canada? thaks


Can we unlock iphone 5 locked to tmobile uk?

Hira Khan

Can you unlock iPhone 5 locked to Rogers Canada?


I have a Canadian fido iphone 4 6.0 but I now live in Spain and I want to unlock it - can I do this if I didnt pay my last bill? It currently says No Service

Thanks in advance

Marksems Enimes

can u unlock my iphone 5 locked on Globe Philippines?


The list of all supported models and carrier can be found here


No. We can unlock iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4s on this carrier.


Yes, we can factory unlock Fido iPhones.


Sorry, this carrier is currently offline.


Yes, we can unlock AT&T iPhones including iPhone 5.

joyce rowen

unlock on your own is always risky, friend of mine f**ked his phone by unlocking it himself, could be his stupidity, but unlocked through those "pro" is more reliable for me, just google the key words, those sites are really popular these days

Yanna Georgieva

Hi, im wondering if u guys can unlock my iphone 5 locked on T-mobile UK?


if i have a UK iphone 5 on orange will this service work to unlock it?


Yes we have the iPhone (4, 4S,& 5) in stock for sale at considerable prices.

For Sale: Brand New/Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 (64GB)

Contact: lms414@gmail.com


Hi...I have a Iphone 5 lock from sprint USA...How much is to unlock? It's really guaranteed?


Hi i have iphone 5 locked to uk wireless with imei 013405004861031 can you unlock it what is the price


i just bought(dated 7th feb) att contract iphone 5? i need to unlock it and use abroad? please help me?


My uncle will give his iphone to me. His iphone is under 2years contract with at&t. If i unlocked it, how is the billing procedure? It will automatically stop or will still auto pay from his credit card until 2years.. Thanks for the info..


Hi im planing to unlock my iphone 5 under at&t contract to be able to use it in Panama is it possible?


Yes, we can unlock O2 iPhone 5.


Yes, your iPhone 5 can be unlocked.


Sure, we can unlock it permanently - http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/08/factory-unlock-att-iphone-4-4s-imei.html


Yes. We can unlock all UK networks.


Yes. 100% guaranteed - (ONLY CLEAN ESN).


Yes, Orange iPhone 5 is on our unlocking list. The normal timeframe is 2-5 days.


Sure. We can unlock T-Mobile iPhone 5 - (2-5 days unlocking timeframe).


How much will cost to unlock it plz

John butt

can yu unlock straight talk iphone 5


Yes, just place an order.


O2 iPhone 5 can be unlocked in 2-5 days.


Hello, can you unlock my iphone 5 with claro puerto rico simlock and what is the price for this work?


We can unlock Orange iPhone 5 Permanently -- http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


hi guy , ive recently bought a iphone 4s off ebay , i have taken the phone to a phone shop to get it unlocked but was told it was blocked , i am RAGING , ive since bought a ee sim and i get signal but the call always ends. can i do anything to fix this , or am i stuck with an expensive ipod?
thanks in advance


Can you Unlock iPhone 5 T-Mobile Germany?


If the phone is already unlocked, and then reported lost/stolen, what happens? Will it still be usable, or will it be unusable?

Agapios Kalpakoglou

can you unlock iphone 5 locked on us sprint ??any information about the cost??


I bought my iPhone 5 from carphone uk I was told is sim free but when I try to used it d.r congo it ask to put my carrier sim how can I known my carrier I never used it with uk sim



I have an orange swiss locked iphone 5!is it possible to unlock it to use with a portuguese vodafone sim card?will 4G work after unlock?


Hi, my iPhone 5 is locked to bell in Canada and I don't have the SIM card can anyone help me unlock it?


I have a better website witch unlock all iphones really fast service 100% warranted the miracle solution name's SolarMecano.

Thanks a lot for unlocking my iphone 5


Hi there

I have an iphone 5 sent by my insurance as a replacement. The original phone I lost was unlocked. The insurance company has stupidly sent me a phone locked to vodafone when I am with O2. I have been running around trying to get them to send another phone but am tired of running from pillar to post. I would rather pay and get it done without hassle. Please let me know if you can unlock insurance replacement iphone 5 in my case.



Hi im wondring if u guys can unlock I phone5 locked with 3 uk

deki belgrade

i have a iphone 5 , 32 gb from germany vodafone. is it possible to unlock the vodafone netlock?

deki belgrade

hello, can you unlock my brand new iphone 5 , 32 gb from germany vodafone netlock?


iphone with lock to softbankjapan can u unlock it ans whts the rate ?

Agapios Kalpakoglou

if i give you my imei you can check it?it works for sure??

Agapios Kalpakoglou

iphone 5 us sprint ios 6.1..can be done for sure?or i pay and then we find out??

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