Big SURPRISE! The Evad3rs team today released the Evasi0n 7 – a new application to jailbreak iOS 7 fully untethred with Cydia for your Apple devices.

Download Evasi0n ios 7 jailbreak

The application is compatible with all iOS 7.x devices and available for download for Windows and Mac users. Read on to Download Evasi0n 7 to jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s, 4, Ipad or iPod Touch.

Evasi0n 7 compatible Apple iOS firmwares:

  • iOS 7.0
  • iOS 7.0.1
  • iOS 7.0.2
  • iOS 7.0.3
  • iOS 7.0.4

Evasi0n 7 Compatible Apple Devices:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 5

Download Evasi0n 7 iOS 7 Jailbrteak tool

Download Evasi0n 7

Evasi0n 7 is completely free and can be downloaded from the links below. Detailed instructions for untethered iOS 7-7.0.4 using Evasi0n willbe posted soon.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Guide

If you have any trouble while you jailbreaking your device, please ask for help in the comments section below!

  • Dim Ple

    stuck at Apple logo my ipad 4 after jailbreak ….

  • xyz

    Thanks Evasi0n team JB works just fine 🙂

  • BabyMad

    You have to backup then restore directly on iTunes otherwise you will get stuck on boot logo if you updated your iPhone on the iPhone. Its great being stuck. All items goodbye -.-

  • Xyz

    Appsync not available tried installing cracked apps but its failing…
    Tried appsync for ios 5 and 6 but doesnt work 🙁

  • George Gabunia

    cydia does not work for me. i can not find find my installed apps …. :X in settings

  • perkins

    I HAVE OSX 10.9 and i can’t install the evasi0n software ,,is anyone having the same problem

  • João Pedro

    i think it’s a problem with ipads. Same here though it worked with the iphone

  • shrekier

    i get cydia on ipad and can download apps in cydia but they dont work and dont go to my settings

  • shrekier

    i guess i will have to wait till new ios 7 app comes out in cydia

  • UnlockBoot

    Right click -> Open

  • elvispresley

    no setting after jailbreaking and cydia gone 🙁

  • rediclus

    why you called jailbreak guys ??? it can’t be done to unactivate phone ??
    im wondering …they where stuck 7 maunths for this bulshit

  • jay ar

    Cydia successfully installed on my iPhone 4s, but when i use iFun it was detected still on (jailed).

  • Cherif

    Hi everyone i have an iphone 4 5.1.1 with sam unlock and i want to know if i update to 7.0.4 i must use a custom frimware or i can use a offcial frimware thanks for help

  • jay ar

    If you are using sam unlock after updated to iOS 7.0.4 you will be locked again.

  • Exorek

    Don’t try to do it 🙁
    Is not ready yet, I’m stuck on this version 7.0.4
    I lost my Sam activation ticket

  • jay ar

    Yeah lot of tweaks in cydia doesn’t support yet iOS7. So we’ll just wait for the update of evasi0n.

  • Sparsh Goyal

    it says evasi0n7 .exe has stopped working any suggestion

  • Ibey

    if anyone successful unlock with Sam, please tell me.. im also unlock my Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 with Sam unlock

  • lifepics72

    jailbreak is useless without an updated APPSYNC (and so far there isn’t one out there).

  • rajib_GM

    I’m using iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1 and BB 04.11.08) with SAM unlock. I’ve the Activation Ticket. Is there any way to unlock the phone after JB of 7.0.4? Pls need a guideline from UnlockBoot. Thanks.

  • bey

    i want sam unlock tutorial too..

  • dandja

    stuck on the apple logo

  • Alex

    I had the same problem.

    You need to get the newest iTunes version.
    Then you have to get your iPhone/iPad in the “DFU” Mode.
    Then you will be asked to reset your mobile phone and the newest update will be downloaded.

    Try the Jailbreak again, after you updated your phone.

  • Alex

    You need to download “afc2add” from Cydia (google the source where you can get it).

  • Michael Vallar

    i have an iphone4 from japan locked iOS 7.0 firmware 4.12.09, thus this jailbreak work on my phone? Is this jailbreak can open my locked phone.. tnx.

  • Nguyen Emmanuel


  • Cherif

    Do you update it with ofw or cfw

  • thenamesoli

    help me! stuck on apple logo won’t go off restarted it and everything but still won’t switch on and i really don’t want to reset phone help!

  • dandja

    not sure if i want to try again… i had to wait till my phone battery died then restored it

  • bradocky

    restore your phone to 5.1.1 if you have saved your blobs and jailbreak using redsnew at that time you will be able to add the unlock ticked if you have saved it of course

  • Fery Lim

    i can help you…

    i will guide you for free

  • Fery Lim

    contact me

  • Fery Lim

    Trying to help you how to restore your SAM Ticket.
    First, you must have your SAM back up, activated and jailbroken using evasi0n 7.
    Tool : iTools

    1. Open Cydia –> Search –> “afc2add” install it.
    2. Reboot and put your sim on
    3. Open iTools –> FileSystem –> FileSystem (Jailbreaked) –> var –> root –> Library
    Then, import Lockdown folder (SAM back up) and replace it.
    4. Reboot your device
    5. See signal bar and done.


    find this useful? share it!

  • bewar

    Cydia successfully installed on my iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4, but when I open iTools its writes is not jialbeaked.

  • rajib_GM

    I need to preserve baseband to unlock by SAM. How can I do it during JB of 7.0.4 ?

  • Fery Lim

    why you need to preserve bb if you are unlock it using SAM?

    or you need to hacktivate it because you don’t have the original sim card?

  • Fery Lim

    updated my iphone 4 bb 04.12.09 and still can use my SAM ticket

  • verité

    i am one of those who are stucked on apple logo..i thought i lost my iphone…i tried many ways to get out of this trouble….the problem is that i did the update to ios 7.0.4 on the phone itself and when i did the jailbreak, at the end of the process it was stuked..

    so, friends, the only way to get out of it is to get another laptop on which the iphone was never connected and then do the update/retsore from itunes directly, it will download the frimware ios 7.0.4 and then restore/update the phone correctly as new…and it’s very important to know that i did it on another computer and another internet connection..that means another router or IP address..not on mine as usual…and it worked…i hope it helps u guys..God blesssss.mery Christmas…

  • Daim ali

    Is there any one who haven’t got stuck i want to jailbreak my iPad Air runing IOS 7.0.3 Is it sutiable or i will stuck Again

  • Fery Lim

    better you stay away from iOS7 for this moment.

  • Dhruv

    Cant turn in ipad 2 ios 7.0.4 after jailbreak.
    reboot loop problem .

  • Dhruv

    Cant turn on ipad 2 ios 7.0.4 after jailbreak
    Rebool loop lroblem

  • Samir Kamal

    i have jailbreaked my iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 but when i open cydia it keeps tell me “sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)” what shall i do if any one would help me.

  • rajib_GM

    Thanks a million. My SAM ticket is working with new BB 04.12.09

  • rajib_GM

    Great work & thanks a million. I have jailbreak my iPhone 4 smoothly & unlocked it by my SAM activation ticket with new BB 04.12.09!!!! iOS 7.0.4 working fine in my i Phone 4. Thanks again to The Evad3rs team.

  • Keur2Lion

    I have the same problem with my iPad Mini.

  • soccerman575

    The application does not detect my iphone

  • Souleymane Lam

    Can I jailbreak my iphone 4 IOS 7.0.4 BB 04.12.05 with that method???

  • Zeeshan Zelbalocce

    i jailbreak my iphone 5 ios 7.0.4 but it show not jailbroken and also not install paid apps why? how can i do this Jailbreak and install paid and cracked apps please help me some one how?

  • akali

    hi all plz tell me someone, how i can unlock simlock my iphone 4 with this jailbreak plz :-* step by step ty

  • patrick alonso

    how you connect the iphone in another laptop if the iphone is stuked in apple logo, dont recognize in any laptop

  • Haitian_Mike

    Works great!!

    I backup my phone with Itunes, upgraded to OS 7.0.4, when completed I restored from backup so I could get all my texts , contacts etc…..Then I jailbreak…..Then I installed Ifile, II deleted the original lockdown folder, I then copied my lockdown zip file from my dropbox into var –> root –> Library, unzil it, reboot and voila!!!!

  • Sami Rustam

    How to find berryl in cydia on ios 7.1 7.2 7.3 .7.4 ????

  • verité

    good question my friend..u need to press power button and home button in different ways,,let’s say, holding power button 10 sec and then hold also home button..keep managing both..suddenly the blue itunes logo will be displayed,,then when u connect to another laptop it will be detected..dont forget it must be connected on another router…good luck

  • Cyril

    Please could you explain to me ? Show me the way to desimlocked my iPhone 4 with baseband 04.12.09. For me jail breaking and desimlocked impossible??
    I need your help.

  • rajib_GM

    U can jailbreak iPhone 4 & then can unlock by your saved SAM activation ticket.

  • mbtoy

    My ipad 2 lost cellular signal after installing. Any suggestions as to how to restore my cellular service?

  • syarz

    can i jailbreak my iphone 4(japan) 16gb IOS 7.3 with

    Evasi0n 7 iOS 7 Jailbrteak tool?

  • sudath kumara

    I can’t get to activation ticket.Please send me your activation ticket.

  • maca

    is the SAM activation ticket only for the US? I have a Chilean Iphone trying to use it in SPain and I’m going crazy trying to find how to unlock it!

  • Rodrigo Laisequilla Ramos

    just press the home and power buttons till the device power off

  • Besnik4ever

    can i jalibreak my iphone 5 model a1429 with ios 7.0.4 author_name author_email

  • Brad

    where do you click to download to jail break my iphone 5s 7.0.4

  • John Solier

    i try to jailbreak my 5C with version 1.0.5 but nothing happen.application stay always at stage configuring sytem 2/2.

    any ideas please….

  • Rafael Roxo

    Hi I unlock my IPhone 5s IOS 7.0.3, and now Im trying to unlock the carrier AT&T, so I could use the cellphone in Brazil…Can you help?

  • Moodandmod Lightingexeter

    i need this help plz

  • feez

    Please can it bypass AppleID?


    how it possible please tell me the method????