One of the well-known features of the iPhone is the ability to FaceTime other iPhone users that are in your contacts. Additionally, you can also FaceTime using your Mac and iMac. Hence, you can seamlessly FaceTime from either of the iOS and Mac devices. Now, the question is to be asked is that whether you can FaceTime on Windows 10/8/7 PC?

use facetime on PC

Well, the simple answer to that question of whether FaceTime on Windows PC is possible? Is no, alas Windows users are unable to take advantage of this wonderful video calling service. But don’t be sadden by this new because there are many other software that can be used for Window to Window calling.

5 Best FaceTime Alternatives for Windows 10/8/7 PC

So by now, you know that FaceTime does not work on PC. Nonetheless, there are other software and programs that you can use to chat online or make a video call. Some of the software does also offer features that are similar to FaceTime and in some cases even more.

So unlike FaceTime which is already pre-installed on iPhone and Mac computers. You and the contact who you’re going to have a video chat with, both need to install the app or program. So, in the case you both have the program or app you will able to make a call to each other.

1. Skype

use facetime on windows 10

This is the most well-known and popular app to make calls, video call and chat. Skype can work on most of the devices like Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Though, the app makes free calls to other Skype user. You can also add credits to your Skype id and then call on local and international phone numbers at a lower cost.

Download Skype for Windows

2. Viber

facetime alternative for pc

They are known to claim, 500 plus million users worldwide. It is one of the popular apps to make calls to your international friends and families. The app is totally free to use and you can also use the app to make video calls overseas and send pictures.

Download Viber for Windows

3. IMO

download facetime for pc

You can use the imo app to make calls, video calls, send text and stickers. It has a great security system that encrypts your message to prevent it from getting into wrong hands. IMO also supports another great feature which is group calling. The imo app is supported on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Download IMO for Windows

4. iMovicha

install facetime on pc

Use this app on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Much like the FaceTime app, the iMovicha app can work on 3G and 4G network. But keep in mind that using the video feature to call consumes more data. Therefore if you have a cap on your data, we suggest that you use normal call feature.

Download iMovicha for Windows

5. Glide

use factime on windows

This is app lets you make more than just video calls. You can easily create small video clips and then send it to your friends from them to play later on. Moreover, the app allows the user to add up to 50 contacts in a group chat. Glide works on most of the devices that support Android, iOS and Windows.

Download Glide for Windows

Let us know in the comments below if you use any of the above mentioned apps which are a great alternative for FaceTime on Windows.