Russian attacks again! Russian guys have the ability to factory unlock iPhones.

The website IMEI-SERVER.COM provides factory unlock solution for your iPhone 4 / 3GS for $140. This unlock solution works on any not-blacklisted AT&T iPhone.

Factory Unlock iPhone

Your unlock eligibility can be checked directly on the web page — using our free imei checker. IMEI-Server’s dev team guarantee you a factory unlock along with possibility to update your device to any iOS firmware with any baseband. Keep in mind that your iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS will be unlocked permanently — Neverlock.

Unlock iPhone 4 by IMEI:

  • Send your IMEI code and wait for answer about your unlock possibility.
  • You must wait 2-4 weeks to be factory unlocked.
  • If your device is jailbroken — need to be re-jailbroken before you start.

IMEI-server has started their factory unlocking service in 2011. On January this year  IMEI-server has started their online business. On April 13 they successfully unlocked all versions of AT & T, iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS (excluding the iPhone 4S).

Example of Unactivated iPhone 4 Checked by IMEI:

  • iPhone 4 – 16GB Black ( 5.0.1)
  • IMEI: 012518012*****
  • Serial: 7T034*****
  • Limited Warranty: 2010-01-14 / 2011-01-15
  • Sold to country: Norway
  • Carrier: Not available

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4:

Unlocked iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08
iTunes — Factory Unlocked iPhone

How To Factory Unlock iPhone 4 / 3GS:

    • Step 1: Purchase the unlock from IMEI-Server.
    • Step 2: When the process is completed wait for unlock confirmation mail.
    • Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your Computer (with any sim card) and start iTunes.
    • Step 4: Your iPhone will be activated
    • Step 5: Disconnect your iPhone from your Computer. Now your iPhone will find your carrier.

Unlocked AT&T iPhone by IMEI — Video

It appears to be reliable — factory unlock solution for your locked iPhone for price of $ 140. What do you think about this service?

  • derp mcherp

    I’d like to know, if this is legit or not, before I spend 140$. If it works, please post here, so everyone can unlock their phones.

  • Eran

    can i unlock iphone 4 modem firmware 4.12.01 plz let me know

  • derp mcherp

    It doesn’t work. Even says in red on their website.

  • Mukaddrpatel

    What about Canada tellus my iPhone is locked by this carrier I have checked by the AT&T they have already unlocked but still it is locked so can you unlocked Canada tellus carrier iPhone 4

  • Ruslan

    Its not working now, in RED letters its shown

  • David Tran

    don’t care for it ! already had “SAM” My phone unlocked with SAM it worked fine 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ssakthi

    Will this unlock solution works if the Sim card is changed? Or it is similar to SAM?

  • Pereiraj33

    se puede cancelar con moneda local?? ya que es difícil conseguir dollares

  • bihsam

    Maybe works but its not worth the price. In Sweden it costs 30 Euro to unlock the phone. These idiots will have 180 dollars for unlock. Hahah never

  • Jkkhui

    My iphone 4 was unlocked with SAM methode for free, why pay $150. It’s a risk.

  • Tri_star_ink

    Rip rip off ! Warning dont pay for unlocks that cost that much!

  • lito

    for 140$ unlock my iphone, I’ll better buy a new iphone. Since my iphone is unlock by SAM unlock solution.

  • Jkachaami

    At&t is unlocking all iphones for free

  • Boszeg

    What is the guarantee that you make it???

  • Boszeg

    In Sweden? Where? Can you help me? I’ll pay 40 euro for it when you make it for me…

  • derp mcherp

    What baseband do you have? If your iOS is 5.1 then you can’t unlock.

  • Shariff Hafiz

    is the SAM unlock solution still working?

  • Manny

    Good for you…Now the rest of use need an answer so relax bro.

  • Shinbob Redzer

    How do you get them to do it. Do you have to a at&t contract

  • Iphonechick

    I thought anyone with an at&t phone could get it unlocked free by emailing the company and asking nicely, not really a great service if it only works for AT&T phones… Coincidence?

  • Kantot

    AT&T? Are you Kidding? Just call AT&T for free unlock ir just send email to HamZah_Akram. He is the one who develop the idea of SAM unlock used by lokstar_sun. he also help in at&T unlock by sending email to at&t without any cost

  • voscot

    how can i contact hamzah akram? and how do i ask him to unlock my at&t iphone?
    tell me please

  • Miranja Sameera

    how about the canada tellus iphone

  • Александр Штанг

    Shallow Blue This is an honest man! Helped me in one day! Now I’m not tied to ATT.

  • Yaahoooo20

    AT&T Unlock my iPhone 4, Without any Cost within 1 Week.
    I Only do Send e-mail to AT&T

  • Vikas Pradhan

    can you please provide the email of ATT

  • Yumitsu

    Everything was nice during one or two weeks after the service launch.
    Later AT&T discovered true amount of people requesting for unlock and changed unlock policies to allow it only for current or formed AT&T customers with contract no. or sim-card no.
    Bit later AT&T updated unlock policies again, now asking for papers proves that unlock request was sent by iPhone holder himself.
    Then AT&T started to ask for receipt from Apple or Apple Retail Store where iPhone was bought…
    And then for AT&T Access ID…

    So, at this time it’s near impossible to unlock iPhone if you don’t have a contract, AT&T sim-cart registered to your name, and AT&T Access ID with sim-cart linked to iPhone.

  • Northdays

    hey, can you specified the process? Really appreciated

  • Rolyat_jp

    hello good morning friend have written twice to mail you post but I have not had any response

  • Shallow Blue 1

    Miranja, which carrier is your iphone locked to?

  • Quvanny

    sAm sAM SAM…… We want SAM back…. We would pay for SAM becouse we KnOW IT wORKeD apple suck for stopping it. It didn’t hurt them. It didn’t even change their “love” BB. So why stop it.

  • Adidasspain

    unlock iphone imei blocked , reported ,possible ?

  • DontPayThisMuch

    That is too expensive. Plus the turnaround time is ridiculous. I purchased a factory unlock and got it in 24 hours. Anyone looking to purchase a factory unlock, take your time and find a better price and a more reliable source.

  • biggymatt

    when i get into the list of carriers,what do i need choose?the carrier tha i’m locked or the carrier tha i want to use after unlocking?
    help =0

  • Rony

    Did u unlock your Telus iphone