Did you can get your iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 unlocked yet? One lucky UnlockBoot reader did it in less than 2 days.

Unlocked 4.11.08 baseband

He was rather surprised how fast the unlock was done, considering it takes a few days just to solve a logic board! He waited for this moment more than 5 months.

Email to AT&T Custumer Care for Wireless:

Baseband 4.11.08 Unlock Request

AT&T iPhone Unlock Request

On Mon, April 16Th , He sent the email above:

I purchased this used iPhone 4 in late 2010 through a friend who’s based in the US. I was lucky enough to have baseband 1.59.00 on it so I had to preserve the baseband whenever I need to update the iOS.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4
AT&T email Customer Care for Wireless

When the e-mail was delivered, He received an automated e-mail response:

Unlock iPhone 4S
At&t Unlock Request Successful

Although He didn’t get any response within 1 day, an e-mail was received on April 18th stating that He was eligible for the unlock. It additionally came with complete unlock instructions via iTunes.

He Finally Got the Unlock Successful Message:

Baseband 4.11.08 Unlokced
iTunes Unlock successful

The lucky user Used this tutorial to keep his untethered jailbreak, he inserted his New SIM card, connected to iTunes and his iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 was unlocked. Below you can see the screenshot from this Lucky iPhone 4 User:

Factory Unlock iPhone
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 4.11.08 Baseband

At the end the lucky UnlockBoot reader said:

 “I am very very happy now.. Others that haven successful.. Dun give up.. Thanks AT&T and unlockboot.. THANKS ALOT!!!”

Have you tried this free unlock method? Fell free to share your Result in the comment section below!

  • #Superman_LS

    What was the email address??

  • Awaiz Mirza

    What email address do I direct my request too ?

  • Tamaheugenio

    i question, could i jailbreak my iphone 4 after the factory unlock of ATeT? thanks

  • Dahu

    Is this applicable here in the philippines? I accidentally updated my iphone4 now it’s on BB 4.11.08.

  • Tamaheugenio

    i think is unlockintl-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com i’m not sure

  • Miguel E

    I unlocked it this weekend though AT&T chat, I asked for unlock, 5 minutes later they sent me an email telling me its now unlocked!! keep trying, i had to call 3 times and contacted via live chat 2 times an finally got it unlocked, i don’t have an at&t account and I´m no in the US.

  • Mircea Gladchi

    How you’ve contacted them via live chat if you do not have an at&t account?

  • UnlockBoot

    -at-Superman_LS You can email AT&T at: icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com

  • Msignorat

    how did you contacted via live chat without an at&t account?

  • Kiril Delovski

    I got on the same way unlocked from T-mobile

  • Aaronggrg92

    how did u do it ?? i’m in nepal so can u help me??
    add me in aarongrg92-at-yahoo.com n send me txt at there ok

  • julio cueva

    como hago para ponerme en contacto con ellos soy de ecuador

  • Mago2bn1

    I calle on the 13th, still waiting for the email from AT&T, or should I try to unlock it now??

  • Dimidrol999

    Help me, please, I have no acount on AT&T, but I want to know can they unlock my iPhone 4, baseband 4.11.08 via IMEI

  • Rapich

    -at-UnlockBoot. why i can’t send mail to that address icare-at-amcustomer.att-mail.com

  • Stefanski07

    i called them last week and waiting for the email too…. i mailed them and asked whats going on with my case… no answer…

  • Nvargas

    call 1(800)331-0500 and ask them if your eligable for the unlock…mine was unlocked in 2 days…and it was a brand new iphone,nevber on contract…

  • Dimidrol999

    I would like to, but my English not so good to talk free..

  • Mago2bn1

    did you get an email from them, or you just did the steps?

  • Mago2bn1

    hey bro let me know when you get the email from AT&T, -at- mago2bn1-at-hotmail.com, I am counting every seccond, they told me 7 bussiness days, so the 23rd is the last day before i call them back.

  • Dimidrol999

    Привет, разбираешься в этой всей гадости?

  • Work_123

    I think company stop unlock process for all other phone because huge number of locked iphone on At&t $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Samieerr

    any one does not receive email will not be unlocked .,

  • Ham

    I requested an unlock and the told me that I should receive a reply within
    72 hour and after 48 hours I deactivated my iPhone and connected to iTunes
    And it says that I unlocked …… Its really unlocked and no problems So far
    Actually I haven’t received an email confirmation from AT&T ….. Try to check you be unlocked and apple still accept unlock request because I unlocked two of it…

  • Photonutso

    What is the tel number for outside the US? Can’t call a 800 number from Mexico!

  • Uniquemano

    how to deactivate ..my iphone not jail broken

  • Diogo Mauro

    I request the release on Monday 04/09. So far no solution for me. I have contacted via chat, phone, and they just say to wait. I do not know what else to do. My phone is already out of contract.

  • User

    AT&T made an announcement, that they will unlock any iPhone which is off the contract, which automatically makes it “sim free”. I didn’t believe it at first, but today they’ve unlocked my first iPhone 4 BB 04.11.08! Best of all, it’s FREE!

  • Mfranco14_Peru

    a que correo electronico solicito el desbloqueo de mi Iphone 4 ?? favor de ayudarme

  • Barliza

    I am from Venezuela, it is possible that it could unblock my iphone 4G with the baseband 04.11.08?

  • Asd

    could you please share email address of customer care ??

  • UnlockBoot


  • Aphan

    Why does the itunes screen shot for the “congratulations, your iphone is unlocked” say “copyright 2010” at the bottom? ….

  • david

    is possible to unlock over at&t solution if i have baseband 4.12.01 ,version 5.1?

  • Cnp1210

    great! i got the first automated email! now all i have to do is wait 24 hours for a response…. im super excited!!!! thanks unlockboot!

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, you can unlock any baseband!

  • UnlockBoot

    The congratulations message is from google.

  • MD Islam

    I emailed them and they sent me an automated email saying to wait 24 hours. BTW my phone is jailbroken, do i have to remove the jb in order for it to work???

  • Jerry_orors

    For international user, call this num: 1-800-335-4685. I spoke to Ms. Chancie, AT&T CS Rep. yesterday, and she asked my name, IMEI, Type of iPhone, email. Then she told me the case number format, CMXXXXXXXX_XXXXXXXX. Now i am waiting the response email to unlock. Hopefully, my phone is eligible to unlock.
    If you don the meet the right person while your calling, keep trying u will me the gentle one.

  • Jerry_orors

    -at-unlockboot: Pls don foolish our time, pls help us with the right email of AT&T care service.
    We are in need of your support! Thanks, Bro.

  • Jerry_orors

    Based on my trying at other user’s comments, this email is not working.
    Pls help us with the right one.

  • Jerry_orors

    I’ve sent email to icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com , and i received auto email. now waiting whether my iphone is eligible to unlock.
    Thank for at&t mail.

  • Jonathanp282

    I called AT&T on the 9th and was told that i should be receiving an email 48-72 hours, after waiting i called again and i was told that the expected date was the 17, called on the 17 and i was told that they are delayed due to a lot of request, that i should wait until the weekend

  • Rahanan_sadiqur

    Hi what is the customer care email adderss???

  • Diogo Mauro

    I request the unlock on Monday 04/09, but yesterday i emailed them and they sent me an response that my iPhone has been unlocked. Just connect my iPhone in the iTunes and enjoy. UHuhhuu The email is icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com Good luck guys.

  • Daro Mo92

    I called at&t week ago, day told me that they will send me confirmation email on April 19 how to restore and activate on itunes etc… Today is april 20, there’s no email… :(((

  • miki

    I also contact them on 9/4 and after more than 11 days from then still nothing…
    And they told me that I am eligible and that I will receive an email on 17/4 but today 20/4 and still nothing… What is wrong?! Is anyone else has this problem…

  • Mago2bn1

    could you give me the email account you sent it please

  • Cnp1210

    no use the method that unlockboot offered! save your jailbreak with the method under the congragulations your iphone has been unlocked picture.

  • Photo

    30 hours. I’m still waiting.

  • Fernando

    funciona!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!! mi iphone 4 is freeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK you very much !!!!! SOY FELIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando

    EN MENOS DE 48HS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slim_j

    i am not from the U.S.My phone was bought in 2010 and its out of warranty.Emailed last night, and got an auto response mail from AT&T.Can anybody tell whether it would surely be unlocked because i got a response from them…?

  • Botelhodexter

    i called att first they said my phone was eligible for unlocking and told to wait for 10 days. i called after 10 days and now they are saying its not eligible. what shall i do?

  • Dhaval Panchal

    hey nina.. can u send me the mail id for atnt and wat u wrote inside the email ..please ..

  • Dhaval Panchal

    hey MD.. can u send me the mail id for atnt and wat u wrote inside the email ..please ..

  • miki

    how much did u wait for it, i contacted them on 9/4 and still nothing…

  • Barliza

    Saludos fernando cuentame de que pais eres??? necesitas tener alguna linea con AT&T???

  • Photo

    48 hours since auto response. Still waiting…

  • Photo

    I called the chat this morning so I have two ways working on it. Today she said it was probably eligible and would take about a week.

  • Rohan Latad

    From 9th April Still Waiting ………….NO Auto reply nothing i received can anybody help me….i have called them 405 times on international call……..from INDIA ………. still waiting can anybody help me

  • nickCip4

    just a stupid question: what does “Deactivate the iPhone” mean? and how to do it? thanks in advance…

  • Rune-one

    please, give me e-mail to at&t, i can’t find it…

  • Alazawi_hamza

    1 week and still waiting

  • Nonokoo

    I’m not from USA my Iphone 4 is locked at the at&t service on base band 4.11.08 can any body unlock it for me plssssssssss email me at : nonokoo-at-live.fr thanks in advance

  • Mikeosit


  • Ijose93

    a question is 24 working hours, because I send on Thursday and I’m still waiting: S

  • Mikeosit

    I’m from the Philippines, I have iphone4 BB 4.11. AT&T locked. I Called AT&T last night, I dialled 00-1-800-331-0500 just follow the options. I remember I selected “More Options” and “Option to speak with a customer Rep”. I just forgot the numerical value for those options. I spoke with a CSR, told her that I’m from in the Philippines who bought a phone from a friend who was based in USA. I told her that I want to use the phone with international sim and I wish to have the phone unlocked. I provided my my iphone4 IMEI and Email add. She checked if my phone is eligible for unlocking.. Unfortunately, she said that it’s still in the contract and NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNLOCK. HOWEVER, WHAT SHE DID SHE SENT IT FOR RECONSIDERATION AND PROVIDED ME A CASE NUMBER AND TIMEFRAME. Now, I’m just praying that this will still work eventhough she said that it’s not eligible. But I was kindda happy becasue the CSR was so nice and still send it for reconsideration. I just need to wait until end of this month for the result.

  • Fernando

    no para nada solo hice copy paste del mail, retoque un poco y nada mas!!!!! suerte y prueba, yo hice de todo incluso pague 30 dolares a easyunlocksolutions y son unos estafadores, te cobran 30 por una guia bonita de jailbreak

  • Ijose93

    You send email or call at&t?

  • SAM

    Thank you so much it worked for my iPhone !!

  • SAM

    But be patient, I had to wait 5 days to receive the answer

  • Ijose93

    cuando enviaste el mail fernando?

  • murtaza

    Hey Guys i just got my iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlocked today. Registered my case on thursday 19th april confirmed my elgibilty and got the mail from at&t providing instructions to unlock. I followed the instructions but did not receive any unlock message then i took the phone to one of the local phone repairer he mentioned that the instructions are not complete and he needs to perform some action. The phone was unlocked in 45 minutes. I dont know what did he do to unlock. If anyone wants to unlock the phone in mumbai email me on adenwalamurtaza-at-gmail.com. Alpha is charging some exhorbidant amount but i did it in half the price

  • Ijose93

    Yo nunca le he hecho Jailbreak a mi iphone 4, ya at&t me confirmo el desbloqueo y lo desbloquee, ahora la pregunta: ¿Si le hago un jailbreak se me bloquea?

  • Ijose93

    never done jailbreak my iphone 4 and AT & T confirmed me unlock my iphone and follow the cloths and I have unlocked, now my question is: ¿If I jailbreak my iphone 4 I locked again?

  • SynfulWishes

    using this information i got an unlock via email in 3 days I had an open case that was due to be resolved tomorrow, On APRIL 20,2012 i sent an email to icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com got an automated response and today an conformation of the unlock. those waiting have patience, I sent them proof of purchase and explained that i know the phone was elilgible for unlock due to the phone process and would they please unlock i sent the proof to help them along the way but you dont have to its your choice

  • Xalertvsnipx

    i wanna to unlock in Mumbai my email is:xalertvsnipx-at-gmail.com

  • Rick

    send the email sunday night, right after i send it i received the auto respond, but i still have no answer after 2 day, should i send another one, or should i wait?

  • Xalertvsnipx

    i send them on april 21 and final at april 24 i got email that i have eligible to unlock my iphone and than just follow the steps!the one on the screen shot showing up there!any question email me on :xalertvsnipx-at-gmail.com

  • Sleepy

    no jose, no se te bloqueara otravez…un jailbreak y un unlock (desbloqueo) son 2 cosas diferentes…ya k at&t te lo desbloquio kiere decir k x mas updates k le hagas al iphone no se te bloqueara…pero sii le haces un jailbreak, al hacerle un update a tu iphone si perderas el jailbreak…unlock= para usar el ipnone con cualquier sim, jailbreak= para instalar applicaciones sin pagar y instalar otras cosas no permitidas por apple

  • sumit

    HI , my phone is unlock now , they took 7 days but, feeling awesome now

  • sumit

    i will suggest to everybody, to send them an email on icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com, and wait for 7 days

  • Rick

    Got the email after 5 days, AWESOME!

  • Diegomexti

    I called and recived my case # since hen i been waiting for 10 days now no even an automatic no response yet . Everytime i call them they say taht my case still solving. So today i sent an email and revived another case #. Well at leaat this time i got an automatic responses telling me to expect resolution in the nex 24 hours. I think they are taking priority to current customers who has AT&T account. If u look it his way this is a favor that they doing to us for free. The only thing we can do is wait. Im not to worry now becoyse in case that they dont unlock it we have to many ways to do it like sam and gavey or r sim that is only 14 dolars in ebay. Well any body has recived an email from then tellin that ur phone can not be unlocked or something like that?

  • Sergi

    I called on april 20th and i got case number and nothing!! Still waitn ill send thm an email later

  • Sleepy

    I sent my email monday night requesting for 2 iphones to be unlocked, and today friday I received an email stating that they could only unlock 1 iphone per person, so I guess i have to wait again, since I had to reply back with only one imei number…as for my other iphone, what I did was send a request using a different email and name of course, let’s see how that goes

  • lockvra

    I’m in Europe and had an Iphone 4 BB04.11.08, and called ATT on Monday the 22nd of April.

    I am not from US, so i took the account details of a freind of mine in US who is a at and t customer. I logged from his account and pinged at and t on the chat.

    they asked me ssn , which of course i did not have, but requested them to have a look, then they asked me the at and t account number which i had , and thats it , they told they will reply in 7 to 9 days.

    but the reply was in 2 days. I did not have a micro sim. so tried with another sim which i cut and it said no service. I thought they didnt unlock it and i chat again, this time they were adamant that they require the SSN, i requested them but stilll they were not helping me out.

    The next day, i tried with a valid activated micro sim by deactivating my iphone. it worked like a gem.
    I did not see the message ” congratulations your iphone is unlocked” or something.

    Just the signal, and was freaking happy.

    Got this e-mail on 24th
    Dear Customer:

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your AT&T service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The issue has been resolved.

    Should you have any further needs regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call us at 1 800 331-0500 and reference the tracking number shown above.


    if you get this message, it means u r phone is officially unlocked.


  • Eddie

    i have sent them a mail and still waiting for the reply..its now 3 days since i have contacted them….:(

  • Joker bat

    What unlock instructions are you referring too?

  • Sleepy

    Alright, so here’s my update…As I had said previously, I sent a request for 2 iphones of mine to be unlocked this past monday, and yesterday friday, I got a reply stating that they could only unlock one iphone per person and to reply with only one imei number. I replied that very same day, and they today saturday I got an email from at&t, but they said I needed to provide proof that I was an at&t customer or formal customer, and proof of purchase etc (basically they’re cracking down on unlocking iphones for non customers) I thought I was out of luck, but then I went ahead and asked my dad for his login info to his At&t account (my dad has never purchased an iphone from at&t before). I went to the link provided below by “jpicles” and when prompted by the chat what was the reason I wanted to chat, I just put “unlock iphone” I pretended to be my father and had his last 4 digits of his s.s # and dob, phone number, address in case they asked me to verify (i got this info with his permission). I told the rep. that I wanted to unlock 2 iphones, that I had sent an email but had been unsuccessful. He verified a few minutes and told me that only one of the iphones was eligible, I asked why the other one wasn’t, and he said that the other iphone hadn’t fulfilled it’s 2 year contract ’til june 2012. He said he would be sending me an email, I asked for him to forward that email to my email (i told him that I didn’t use the other email no more) he agreed, and then I asked him how much time to expect for the email to arrive.. and he sent it while we were still chatting 🙂 … so I went ahead and restored and everything just as the instructions provided in the email said, and the “congratulations your iphone is unlocked” didn’t appeared :(, so then I went to www.imei.info, since it tells u the info of your iphone including if it’s “sim locked” or not, and I saw that it said no…so now I have an unlocked iphone 🙂 …if anyone has questions regarding my experience, feel free to ask me…

  • Neshvild

    That is what i get when i try to send email to icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com

    The following addresses had delivery problems:

    Permanent Failure: 522_mailbox_full;_sz=10485760/10485760_ct=1143/100000
    Delivery last attempted at Sun, 29 Apr 2012 06:53:14 -0000

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;
    Action: failed
    Status: 5.0.0
    Diagnostic-Code: smtp; (Permanent Failure: Other undefined Status)
    Last-Attempt-Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 06:53:14 -0000

  • Amirtagar

    Hi Pedro. I have recieved the same email and i contacted at&t and they also confirmed my iphone 4 has been unlocked but tried the above method my iphone wasnt unlocked so i contacted at&t again they told me i should backup,restore and update to latest firmware and my iphone will be unlocked. I tried this also but my iphone is stilll locked. In the course of this i also lost my sam. What do you suggest i should do as at&t is saying that they have unlocked the iphone.

  • Fiq79

    I got the same email 3 days back and today i restored it using Itunes. However it is still saying “SIM card appeaered to be not a valid one”
    Pls guide


  • Fiq79

    I got same email and followed steps but ipone saying” SIM no valid still”

  • Ardraptor

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail AT&T regarding unlocking your iPhone. My name is James Smith, and I am happy to help you with your inquiry.

    Mr./Ms. Customer, the unlock code for this device is
    unavailable due to security restrictions based on the device’s history. You may want to return the device and/or provide feedback to the seller.

    AT&T will unlock an iPhone under the following circumstances:

    1- The person requesting the unlock is a current AT&T customer or a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for the account. The iPhone was designed for use on AT&T?s network.
    2- All contract obligations, including any term commitment, associated with the device to be unlocked have been fully satisfied.
    3- The iPhone has not been reported lost or stolen.
    4- Current customer accounts must be in good standing with no past-due amount or unpaid balance and has been active for at least sixty (60) days.

    Ardy, my name is James Smith and I thank you for conducting business with AT&T.


    James Smith
    Online Customer Care Professional

    any solved in this case?

    because i used sam method or any reason? please help me 🙂

  • Diegomexti

    After 2 weeks waiting i got an email from them telling me that my request cannot be process due to security reason. Thats bull ****. Any ideas what i can do? Or anyonee who recived the same message called again? Or did thr request again?

  • Emilian

    On 14th April someone from AT&T replied me and told me that he submited the unlock request to verifiy if it’s eligible for unlocking. He told me that the timeframe is within 7-10 business days. It past more than 10 business days and still got no answer from them. I tried today to reply to the last mail received from AT&T, but the mail returned with the error:

    Permanent Failure: 522_mailbox_full;_sz=10485760/10485760_ct=563/100000
    Delivery last attempted at Mon, 30 Apr 2012 13:53:46 -0000

    Should I still wait them to respond or should I try to reply them?

  • shinyou

    i received the same email as well.. did you restored and updated ur iphone? im scared to restore it ’cause it will automatically update with ios5.1 and baseband 4.12.01 which i read that is another way around for my iphone to be unlocked. what did u do when u received that email? need help.

  • Sergi

    1. you got that MSG bcuz you sent an email to this address icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com and maybe you requested an unlock via email. and you didn’t put any att account in the email or phone number.

    2. you must have att account to to unlock any iphone.

    3. find a friend who has att service and use his phone to request the unlock you will b using his account to unlock Ur iPhone

  • Amirtagar

    I recieved the same email as well. I did the restore and update also but my phone is still unlocked. What does deactivating your phone means. I have tried the process which was in the email couple of times but nothing worked.
    Please help

  • Pedro

    Try to jailbreak (there is a tethered jailbreak for 5.1), deactivate and then connect to iTunes.


  • Arturas Kinkevicius

    Please help me. I’ve got this email with confirmation that my phone is unlocked but when i try to do restore and when its done and when i turn on phone and put the sim into the phone i’ve got a message that sim card does not appear and i cant activate my phone. what should i do in this situation?

  • ismii

    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone
    IMEI # *****2827
    The unlock code for this device is unavailable due to security
    restrictions based on the device’s history. You may want to return the
    device and/or provide feedback to the seller.
    Please note, if you are traveling internationally, iPhone is a quad-band
    phone and will work in many countries across the globe. Please visit
    www.wireless.att.com/learn/international/ for information on traveling
    abroad with iPhone.
    For questions regarding AT&T?s wireless service and iPhone, please
    contact AT&T Customer Care at (800) 331-0500.
    We thank you for your continued business.
    Thank you for contacting AT&T Mobility. We appreciate your business.


  • JPicles

    Do you know the device’s history?… It may have been stolen or lost so the original (former)owner may have reported to AT&T, its IMEI may have been cloned (don’t know if it ever happens to an iPhone), that is what they mean with security restrictions

  • JPicles

    Does this mean anything to you?

    Permanent Failure: 522_mailbox_full

    People all around the world sent them so many unlock requests that their mailbox ran aout of space for this address:

  • Sleepy

    I got the same email for a 2nd iphone I had been unable to unlock when I spoke to a rep…Nothing to worry, speaking to another representative they informed me that the iphone hadn’t fulfilled it’s contract yet….so just wait for a few more months, and see what happens…

  • ismii

    Nope. its a gift From som one

  • Ventura

    iPhone Unlock Request
    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone.
    We are unable to complete your request at this time due to the following reason:
     Invalid or no mobile/account associated with request.
    Please click the following link for AT&T’s General Eligibility Requirements for Unlocking iPhone.
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The AT&T Customer Care Team


  • murtaza

    If you are based out of Mumbai. Let me know i have got my iphone unlocked from at&t. Mail me on adenwalamurtaza-at-gmail.com

  • Utathya10

    so the dream for non AT&T customers are over.
    i called on 12th April still nothing 🙁
    was so excited
    congrats to people who already got their phones unlocked

  • Shells_16

    Even i got the same reply as you guys got… On inquiring further and requesting, they asked me to give an ATT account no. or the bill showing that i have bought my iphone from an APPLE retailer. Now where am i supposed to get the bill coz it was a gift from an uncle of mine who’s no more…!! These ATT people dont try to understand how difficult it is have an iPhone that works like an iPod…!!!

  • shells_16

    I am from India and I have a friend in the States. Can she ask ATT to unlock my iphone? I already have a case number from ATT but they said that they required my ATT account number. I have given them my IMEI no. So if my friend asks to unlock for the same IMEI number, won’t it create problems?

  • Lei



  • JPicles

    Lei, what would be the purpose of it?
    I’ll do it in private if you convince me that we can build up something useful for us and the community.
    What is your email?

  • shells_16

    I got a mail from At&t saying “Your problem has been resolved”. What does that mean? I didn’t get any other email regarding how to unlock.

  • Sleepy

    That they have submitted your iphones’ imei to the apple server, meaning that you can restore to itunes to have your iphone unlocked

  • Sleepy

    If your friend living in United States, is a current At&t customer, then the answer is “yes.” She can request the unlock on your behalf, and “No” it wouldn’t create any problems. Chances are that your request for the unlock you have submitted without an account number, is not even being processed, due to not having the account number.

  • Alejandro_triple H

    i have the same mail but before i received one saying i was unegible to unlock my iphone i dont know what to do :S

  • Botelhodexter

    AT&T kept on replying to my mail that I need AT&T account to unlock but I kept on sending 20 mails Per day at last after almost 10 days my phone is unlocked… Guys factory unlock your cell. Worth to wait.

  • YM

    hi, i got the same message reply saying my issue has being resolved. did your get unlocked?

  • Shells_16

    I got a message that I am Ineligible for unlock after I received this mail saying that your issue has been resolved. What should I do now?

  • shahanovski

    So here’s what happened with me, might be useful info to some of you:
    I emailed my IMEI number to the AT&T customer care and composed an email similar to the one above. This was 16 days ago. 3 days later I got a reply with a case number and that it’ll be resolved in 12-15 business days. Yesterday I called them and asked about the status of my case and the guy said it’s still open and that it hasn’t been rejected, he didn’t give an estimate of when it could be resolved. What I did was to contact the guy who had sold his iPhone to me, and fortunately he was nice enough to provide me with his account number and name and termination date. I directly replied to the AT&T email providing them with the info that I had just got. And guess what! They replied in less than an hour saying my iPhone has been unlocked and to give it 24-48 hrs. I deactivated with SAMPrefs and connected to iTunes after just 5 minutes, AND IT WAS UNLOCKED! So guys, try to get account number info and it’ll make your life much easier 😉

  • Reach_so

    can u give me account..cuz i dt have…. if i dt have it can unlock?

  • dy

    hey guy after you got 1st mail from at&t,.when you got 2nd mail?2day or 1day?

  • shahanovski

    any account number doesn’t work. it has to be the valid account that was associated with the phone.

  • Rachan Karki

    att&t tell me your issues have been resolved but after another mail tell me eniligible and my iphone now tell me to restore my iphone, what that mean? shall i restore it to factory setting or else?

  • dy

    u just visit link that u saw u’l kn

  • dy

    PLS HELP 012960005881314

  • dy

    can you give I try test it…? thanks

  • Shells_16

    I got the same replies… Did u try unlocking?

  • Darkprakash

    how 2 get at&t email account im from nepal? i ipnone 4 lock by at&t some body help to get at&t acc

  • Jess

    I can find your iPhone details you are not smart enough

    IMEI: 012844007549071
    Type: IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK
    Family: iPhone
    Version: 5.0.1
    Serial: 86128UUSA4S
    MAC Address: 50EAD675F913
    ICCID: 897010274128306089
    Country Code: USA
    Puchase Country: US
    Simlock Status: Unlocked
    Purchase Date: 2011-11-11 ( t2, Purchase Date Validated)
    Waranty Coverage: Limited Warranty
    Warrent End Date: 2012-11-10 ( 181 Days Remaining)
    Activated: Yes (2012-04-27)
    Registered: Yes

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    Anyone have a at&t account I can borrow to unlock my iPhone, thanks so much.

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    Any AT & T customer

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  • wella

    hi lei can you help me unlock my iphone? i dont have att account. and if i send a message through mail… the mailer-daemon keep replying…please reply.. thanks//

  • Kay

    I’ve tried to send an email to icare3-at-amcustomercare.att-mail.com but i keep getting the mailer daemon response. Can anyone help me? If you can send an email to kayshow180-at-yahoo.com.

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    AT&T need the customer account right now and I’m not in US, so please can anyone lend me your AT&T account please this is my email nikhil.goenka-at-gmail.com. I really would appreciate if someone can help me !!

  • P Farsky

    Can someone help to me, who has AT&T account pls ? Pls contact me p.farsky-at-yahoo.com

  • Ramiro Muro

    i called to att a month ago and they gave me a case number, today i called again and they told me that my iphone was unlockable that i should have the email in my inbox but i think it was sent to the junk email and now its not there anymore… att toldme to restore my iphone coz they cant send the email again but im afraid to doit because i have the sam tool working, does anybody knows if i restore it and if doesnt work i can get back sam tool , i have the backup thing….. pleas somebody help me!!!

  • Asddsa

    whats the email ???

  • Ramiro Muro

    Estimado Cliente:

    Expresamos nuestras disculpas por la mas reciente afectacion en su servicio celular. A traves de la presente, le comunicamos que el problema ha sido resuelto.

    Si necesita Ud. asistencia adicional, por favor, contactenos de inmediato al 1 800 331-0500. Proporcione el Numero de Notificacion de Resolucion para propositos de referencia.


  • Pro_haohoa_1993

    AT&T need the customer account right now and I’m not in US, so please can anyone lend me your AT&T account please this is my email pro_haohoa_1993-at-yahoo.com. I really would appreciate if someone can help me !!

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    Avtar Jeph

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  • Stevy-p

    Mr Stevy.
    i have an iphone 4 baseband 4.12.01 locked from at&t , please i will appreciate if someone send me the e-mail of at&t customer care. please ….

  • Rmnsr

    You can register at http://att.com easily.

  • Armin Mansouri

    please somebody help me how can i send an email to AT&T Customer Care for Wireless ? Anyone can tell me AT&T E-Mail address ?


  • Armin Mansouri

    I have an iPhone 4 with baseband 4.11.08 locked to AT&T , I’ll appreciate if someone send me
    AT&T customer care Email address..

  • Aspa Styl

    Me too..i need help!!! email me : aspa.styl-at-gmail.com

  • Alejandro Hiraldo

    I am also having troule with AT&T customare care email, any help would be greatly appreciated! my email is alejandro.hiraldo-at-gmail.com

  • Igor

    Unlocked 2 iphones 4 this week… one was on 4.11.08 and the other 04.12.01. Make sure your phone is out of contract or if you buy it elsewhere have a receipt ( make the seller give you one) as ATT may or may not ask you for it (wanted one from me). 04.11.08 for me was still under contract but I found a service that charged me 45 bucks and had it factory unlocked in 2 days. 04.12.01 I unlocked through ATT, after a week they closed my case and a received an email stating that my phone was not unlockable but didn’t state why… I called ATT and they resubmitted my case again and this time it was unlocked in 4 days. For those that missed an email from ATT that your phone has been unlocked and to follow iTunes instructions… You DO NOT have to do a restore to unlock your phone… Just plug it in with itunes open, and let it sync… If it doesnt work first time, unplug it and plug it back in. Second time I plugged mine in and it started syncing a “Your phone has been unlocked” message popped up for me.

    Hope this was helpful… or not… 🙂

  • Altamash

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    out of contract, Interested persons can contact me at ahtesh4i-at-gmail.com

  • Biggymatt

    Why does the IMEI number needs to end with 2703?

  • Dodong

    i followed this guide. now my mom’s iphone 4 BB 4.11.08 is now unlocked. her phone was given by my sister in the US. so i instructed my sister to call AT&T and request to unlock the phone because the contract is already finished and that she will use in the Philippines. 2 days later, she received an email that the iphone is now ready to be unlocked. thanks to this guide..!

  • Tayyab sajid

    Thank you AT&T n unlock boot for help me to unlock 04.11.08 bb now my iPhone is factory unlock
    Tayyab sajid

  • huynh duc nguyen

    someone with an at&t account could help me to unlock my iphone ?

  • badees

    Please is there someone with an at&t; account who could help me to unlock my son’s iphone ? I’m stuggling with them. I sent them hundreds of e-mails and they refused.

  • badees

    How did you do? I’m struggling with my iphone for months now.I have the same baseband 04.11.08 I’m hopeless. Please help me

  • Mike

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    Interested persons can contact me at agag207-at-me.com use iPhone – unlock in subject.
    One requirement: IPhone must not be reported lost or stolen.
    Takes me about 1-4 days time.

  • Jose Tavarez

    This actually worked on my iphone 4. I got it unlocked today in minutes. Thanks

  • D

    where did u get your 4.11.08 unlock? I mean what service? I bought my iphone4 from a friend and it’s still under contract 🙁

  • asees

    i done same process which you use but email receive from att was
    Dear Customer,Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone. In order to request iPhone unlock, you must first log in to your myAT&T account.Please review AT&T’s general eligibility requirements for unlocking iPhone.If you are traveling internationally, you’ll be glad to know that your iPhone works in many countries across the globe. Check out our information on traveling abroad with iPhone for further help.Please do not reply to this message. All replies are automatically deleted.Sincerely,AT&T Customer CarePlz help

  • Mike Twik

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  • Mike Twik

    Jailbreak and unlock are two different things, totally different

  • Mike Twik

    Nothing. Just send you instructions..

  • Ristel

    I don’t have any AT&T account, please help me.

  • bee

    i purchaced my phone back in dec 2010 iphone 4 4.11.08 pls tell me how to go about it

  • knight

    i read your situation, and i thought may be you can help me on unlocking my iphone4 IOS 5.1 BB 04.12.01 build (9B176)i unlocked via SAM tool but forgot to save the ticket.
    please help me on that
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  • aklynn

    r u really, on iphont 4 ios 5.1.1 4.12.01? i need help.

  • Joshua

    Hey Pedro. How did you unlock it from europe? do you have an at&t account? I sent them an email but I got an automatic reply that they won’t help me cause I am not a at&t member =/

  • badees

    Hi please help me with my iphone. I contacted AT&T but they refused to unlock my phone. I also received some sugguestions from some smart guys here to unlock my phone and I transfer money to them. The problem is that there is no guarantee. Please is there someone with an at&t; account who could help me to unlock my iphone. 04.11.08 baseband

  • Piroska F Santana

    Avtar Jeph I have a iPhone 4 on 5.1.1 baseband 4.12.01 I really want to unlock my phone. Please help!!!!

  • April

    anybody know email add of AT&T.?

  • Ali Naeem

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone. In order to request iPhone unlock, you must first log in to your myAT&T account.
    Please review AT&T’s general eligibility requirements for unlocking iPhone.
    If you are traveling internationally, you’ll be glad to know that your iPhone works in many countries across the globe. Check out our information on traveling abroad with iPhone for further help.
    Please do not reply to this message. All replies are automatically deleted.
    AT&T Customer Care

    This is the reply I got

  • Yangness

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    Carrier: AT&T United state

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  • Juan Diego Faria

    Dude you still can unlock you phone just you hace to call 5 ,6 7 or any time its needed until one take your case, if it is out of contract they’ll unlock it i have It unlocked last wek and im not only at&t customer im not even usa so i tried like 6 times until one operator finally took my case and in1 day the unlocked it in baseband 4.11.08 and I upgrade it to 4.12.01 and works flawess keep trying believe you can unlock it! its possible

  • Shaleen Jain

    please check your mail

  • Shaleen Jain

    at what address was the email sent??

  • Daniel Holjevic

    pls help me unlock my Phone

    IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired Phone Support: No phone support Device IMEI: 012755004264292 ICCID: 8901170152299778187 Country Code: USA Purchase Country: US Warranty: Out of Warranty Sell Type: t1 Activated: Yes Registered: Yes Activation: 2012-06-18 iOS version: 5.1.X Carrier: AT&T USA

  • Gregory

    À have à iPhone 4 baseband 04.12.01 it’s à AT&T Phone i thinking but i can creat a account on THE site because i’m from belguim Any support pleas ? Ty

  • michelle

    I don’t have any AT&T account, please help me!!!
    my email – michellemfurbino-at-hotmail.com

  • Pizza Guy

    my phone is bought and locked germany, at&t refused to unlock it, what should i do now?

  • Pizza Guy

    so how do i unlock my t-mobile germany locked iphone 4? i called at&t and they refused to unlock

  • Ilia Daraselia

    I unlocked my iPhone 04.11.08 as well. The on month wait is over and now I enjoy every advantage of technology it has. So guys I believe this is the only way to unlock your iPhone which you have to make, because it’s easy, fast (next day) and permanent. Any At&t customer can unlock any iPhone (except those on contract). So try it! And it’s free. Don’t pay any money to anyone!

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    I do? is the answer I give ….

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    how did u do that? can u help me

  • tfabmac

    my imei no:012423002327211
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    hi i dont have an AT&T account. what will i do? please help!

  • Gevorg Gevorgyan

    Hello over there. Do you think is there any way to unlock ORANGE FRANCE with AT&T customer care? And also if ORANGE FRANCE customer care would do it?

    Thank you for your time to respond question.

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