Yesterday a lot of AT&T iPhone users successfully unlocked their iPhone using this new AT&T free unlock service.

We have already talked a lot about how this free service works and how to check unlock eligibility of your iPhone.

At&t Unlock free

All users who were successful with this free of charge unlock solution, had to restore their device to get their iPhones unlocked because this free unlock process requires iTunes interference and also At&t releases your unlock application only when you connect a Deactivated iPhone to iTunes.

If your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS is Jailbroken, which you plan to get unlocked for free, then you should be careful you need to follow recommendations from MuscleNerd.

Musclenerd recomendations at&t unlock
Musclenerd AT&T warning

How to Deactivate your iPhone in order to unlock, keeping your untethered jailbreak.

Step 1: Requirements for this process:

  • Download Lastest Redsn0w 0.9.10B6 (link)

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with your computer and launch latest redsn0w version.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 home screan

Step 3: Now Click on “Jailbreak”, in this step you will see that your iPhone is connected in a “Normal” state but you need to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Unlock AT&T without jailbreak
Redsnow build version identified

Step 4: Now Redsn0w will now detect build version of your iPhone.

At&t unlock without jailbreak
Redsn0w Preparing Your Jailbreak Data
Step 5: After successful detection of your build, Redsn0w 0.9.10B6 will give you some options, now check “Deactivate” and un-check all other redsn0w options ( also un-check Install Cydia ).
Unlock at&t iPhone 4
Select your options (including install Cydia)

Step 6: when deactivation will be complete your iPhone will be Deactivated, Now remove your SIM and try to turn off your iPhone .

Step 7: In this last step turn on your iPhone and you need to connect it with iTunes and insert your SIM card. If all goes well iTunes will give you the Unlock Confirmation Message.

Please be happy and Аsk any Questions or Share your experience in the comments section below !

  • Adam

    Is it work for 04.11.08 ?

  • Littlevaits

    It works for bb 4.11.08 ??

  • Diogo Mauro

    So I can unlock factory while keeping your iPhone untethered
    jailbreak intact. But the firmware update or will continue in 5.0.1?

  • Sunilkmalhotra

    Contact AT&T for unlock 1-800-331-0500 and get your phone unlocked, they will ask you to fax copy of Purcahse Receipt of AT&T.  If you have paid full & not taken any subsidy from AT&T, they will unlock it for you

  • Desai dhruv

    Is it work for 04.12.01?

  • Kenzo

    Its remaining on black screen with white text. I followed all the steps.
    Any Help?

  • Kenzo

    ok it takes some time nevermind

  • Diogo Mauro

    Guys, I want to remove the jailbreak my iphone. but how do I remove it without losing the apps downloaded by cydia and installous? Help me. 

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

     i dont know how i dont have atat account that i can contact to tham  i dont have atat number my Iphone 4 is from U.S i dont know what service it is is there someone who can help me a litle give me hope for unlock 🙁 .??

  • hazelnutella

    Do I have to do all these instructions/steps before they will unlock it? I called them yesterday noon EST time and they will give me a call within 72 hours. Pls reply. Thank you.

  • Hangaimn

    how long does it take time? it is giving some error on 

    Mounting rootfs as read only …
    AppleBCMWLANCore: :handleIOKitBusyWatchdogTimeout(): Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up…

    What should i do?

  • Cnp1210

    impossible, you have to restore it.

  • Fiq79

    followed all steps still say SIM cad from supportive carrier will activate
    i am on 04.11.08

  • Kenzo

     That is not possible!!

  • Diogo Mauro

     So if I remove the jailbreak will lose all downloaded apps for it? Thank you.

  • Diogo Mauro

    So I can unlock factory while keeping your iPhone untethered
    jailbreak intact. But the firmware update or will continue in 5.0.1 after unlock?

  • Brilliant-head

    thank you for your cooperation…!!

    If I unlock my iPhone by AT&T, so can I jailbreak it again?

  • Littleviats

    i follow all steps but iTunes dont give me the Confirmation Message…

  • UglyFugly

    Will they unlock iPhone 4S ?

  • Abuman2010

    Hi, congra for those who have AT&T. But is there a hope for us who do not live in USA or England.? I live in Norway and i use Telenor career. should i sell my iphone 4 to USA?  

  • Лилиан Иванович

    Hi, what ios and bb you have?

  • Remii221

    It worked with iphone 4 4.11.08 no problams at all thanks

  • UnlockBoot

    International AT&T  Free Skype calls: +18003310500, ( press 1 and 0 ) to connect with AT&T support team !

  • Felipe Masuda

    Galera do Brasil, pode fazer que funciona mesmo! Eu liguei e consegui até dia 18 eu recebo meu e-mail com instruções para o desbloqueio!

  • Sarpkoksal

    İs it definitley works because i am not sure to restore and is there any video

  • Sarpkoksal

    Can you explain a bit clear because it is not clear

  • Uniquemano

    i am from pakistan , my cousin sent me iphone ..its off contract and at & t ..can it be unlocked ?i dont have wireless number .. help me plzzzzzz


    how long does it take time? it is giving some error on 
    Mounting rootfs as read only …ErrorAppleBCMWLANCore: :handleIOKitBusyWatchdogTimeout(): Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up…
    What should i do?

  • Investiment_l

    i’ve iphone 4 with 5.0.1 jailbroken untethred but when i boot the redsnow this not see iphone in dfu mode, itunes  instead yes
    i need to upgrade to 5.1?!
    Help me guys!

  • Tiago Pina

     Felipe… te add no Face pra ver com tu em qual número ligou… pq liguei lá e me disseram que nao estavam desbloqueando.

  • Khonyura

    help me unlock my phone. I live in Kazakhstan bought in my Ebay. model mс 318ll. imei 012339002400271.
    I have half a year waiting for unlock  please help!! Show your humanity.

  • julian torres

    Good afternoon, the saddest thing is that many users are from Latin America as in my case I’m from Colmombia and we can not try either by chat At & t because when trying to access asks us a phone number or a number of contract. someone who can help us with this to at least try to at & t.
    or someone to leave a phone number to get it to check in at & t.

  • Dtradpdx

    Somebody needs to make a video step by step so I actually know what I am doing.

  • Taiyab

    all those people around the world unable to get to talk to an at&t customer representative to file there case and get a case number and within a week an email will be send with the settings need to follw this what i did:—
    international cutomer care no- 18003354685,
    then straight dail 0010
    the computer will say plz dial ur 10 digit number,u again dail 0010 till it say hold down till i connect u to the nearest free customer care representative
    then someone will tell his or her name and ask u how may he or she help u
    straight away ask i want to get my iphone unlocked
    they will ask ur imei no. give them
    they will take around 7 to 8 minutes in all this process,ask ur mail id and finally thy will give u a case number which u shud note down and thy will tell u the date when u will be mailed.

    thts all…enjoy ur unlock…….
    i hope people will benefit from my experiences

  • Jonathan Gomes

    o meu desativou e não desbloqueou. Quando eles falam de sim card nas intruções, tão falando do sim card da AT&T ou qualquer simcard?

  • Maligalig004

    i have no AT-at-T sim what will i do ? im from phil pls help me !!! it will work w/out a AT-at-T sim?

  • Al228

    Acho que estao falando da sim da AT&T meu amigo

  • Nick

    suppose when itunes is restoring your iphone. Do i need an AT&T sim card?

  • King_luna2013

    hi Mr. Taiyab..I am using an At&t locked Iphone4.; could you please help me unlock it,because i am here in Philippines,.Thank you,ill wait for your reply Sir,!

  • Amrit Shakya

    can u upload a video tutorial 

  • Naresh Awal

    I didnot got case number. Will that case number needed for future for purpose or for unlocking? Please reply., thanku

  • Gooooooogle

    THANK YOU AT&T!!! Did the following procedure and worked great! got my iphone 4 factory unlocked after waiting just a few days from the at&t to confirm that I qualify for the unlock.

  • Gooooooogle

     I also did followed the instructions muscle nerd posted to retain my 5.0.1 jailbreak and worked like a charm!!!! thanks muscle nerd

  • Gal Naim

     i got the same error any word on what to do ?

  • Diogo Mauro

    After this procedure and unlock the jailbreak changes to tethered, or firmware is still in 5.0.1?

  • Bamaboiinc

    my iphone is currently unlock as i type so the wait is over thanks at&t

  • Gr8ness

    Thanks at&t and Muscle nerd. followed the step by step guide above and was able to keep my BB and firmware to 5.0.1, & 4.11.08 for unthetered jailbreak while unlocking the phone. worked like a miricle.

  • Gal Naim

     gave it some more time like 10 minutes and the it just started working …
    all done now thanks !

  • Lug199

    From what you typed, I knew you have not called ATT. I am from overseas and from my experience, you don’t need to worry about a phone number or 
    a number of contract. You just need to tell them you are from overseas and bought your phone from ebay or somewhere and tell them your IMEI number and your email address. Thats all you need to do. Don’t think, just try it and you find how lucky you are. Cheers.

  • Taiyab

    call on 
    then straight dail 0010 
    u will be connected to customer care representative,tell ur prob to him

  • S Sobin168

    I do like your post but it still not unlock it still need AT&T sim and can not unlock can u show video!!!!

  • Maniac256

    Will this work for 06.15.00 Ipad baseband users? seems a bit useless for us if we don’t have a legit baseband

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

     Can you help me unlock my Iphone pls???

  • SynfulWishes

    when attempting the unlock for step 7 the sim card has to be att or not?

  • Gr8ness

    Yes, you need AT&T sim in order to unlock your iphone

  • UnlockBoot

    Factory Unlock not depend on your baseband.

  • Colinmiddel

    how long did you have to wait

  • Nena9870

    Havent revieved my email yet but do i do this first and then follow the emIl instructions on how to unlock my phone or ahat? I am soo loat please post a video or better instructions thank you

  • Diogo Mauro

    If I try to do the release before the mail arrived and does not work out what happens with the iphone? What should I do if the unlock does not work? help me

  • Nikhil

    iPhone 4 could not be unlocked coz the the account was not closed properly…i wish ultrasn0w would release the unlock for iPhone 4 all the bb’s
    Gevey Sucks hate using it, but don’t have any other option…

  • Wspimpjoker2005

    I just received my email I basically follow these instructions first and it activated

  • Alain2k6

    esto tambien para los que tenemos iphone 4 con baseband 4.11.08?  como saben ya este iphone esta bloqueado

  • Nick

    At step 7 insert AT&T sim card. Suppose you don’t have an AT&T sim card. What to do then? Any answers unlockboot?

  • Nick

     What if you don’t have an AT&T sim card?? What can i do??

  • Nick

    Could you not deactivate your phone loose the jailbreak,get it unlock and then jailbreak it again

  • Nick

    Just curious?????? IF AT&T is unlocking for any  sim to work, why do you have to insert an AT&T sim to activate in step 7 ??????????

  • Bashee80

    It Worked! Now I have my iPhone again instead of an expensive iPod :D. It took around 72 hours. Although I haven’t receive yet the mail form ATT, I tried the procedure above and I got the unlocked message. 

  • Roberto Rendon

    can you copy the all steps please i want to try. Delete your codes just i need the steps please

  • Teko_04

    I do the steps but i continue have cidya its normal ?

  • Roberto Rendon

    can you copy the steps to unlock please, delete your code just i want the steps

  • Yamillmelo

     is no the AT&T sim that u have to insert in the final step is the sim that u are going to finally use =)…if is unlock have to recognize that sim

  • Jsmunoz

    it has to be ATT??? No way around this????

  • Roberto Rendon

    People read carefully.
    I bought my iphone on ebay and Im not in EEUU, i recived the email to send the fax with the all information and i dont have the information about account number, and the what i paid for the iphone, just i put I DONT HAVE, and 24 hours later i get the email with the steps to unlock and i did.

  • Ccarneiro2

    How much do you have your iPhone??? I did all step how time I have to stay for I receive the email

  • Alfredo Barzola

    I got SIM not valid, got a case number from the 9th.. but have no confirmation

  • Roberto Rendon

    I have my iphone like 1 month ago i bought used. when you sent the fax you must to wait 24 hours. but the weekend its close i dont know if they will unlock iphones.

  • Yamillmelo

    YESSSS!! FINALLLLLYYYY just call like 2-3 days ago they told to wait for the email till april 19th, well didn’t receive any email….like another person here just did the steps
    just to see….and i got the congratulation!….i know we can get desperate for waiting…but if they told u to wait till a date to receive the
    email….and u see that u don’t get any….just wait 48-72 hours and try
    this steps and hopefully it’ll be unlock  if not try it every day until u get to the date they told you….crossing my finger for u guys! =)

  • Roberto Rendon

    Lo logramos despues de tantos meses de espera

  • Yamill Melo

    jajajaja si ya era hora!!!! =D

  • Nassifjalam

    sabes si podemos actualizar el software???? ya una vez que hayamos podido???

  • Nassifjalam

    do u know if i can upgrade if its already unlocked?

  • Nelson Pinho

    ok i have the message unlock so now ? restore and upgrade ?

  • Carl

    AWESOME!!!worked for me!my resolution date was suppose to be April 19 but i received an email from AT&T today(3 days after i called them) and right now i’m enjoying a factory unlocked iphone 4, thanks a lot musclenerd!!!

  • Nick

    great news! phone unlocked! thanks everyone

  • Sunilkmalhotra

    Dont upgrade, you will loose your JB, de-activate with Redsn0w as stated by Muslenerd and then activate with sim you want to use.

  • Sunilkmalhotra

    de-activate with Redsn0w as stated by Muslenerd and then activate with sim you want to use

  • Sunilkmalhotra

    Unlock to work with any sim

  • Sunilkmalhotra

    I am from India, my phone got unlocked, I am sure your phone will also be unlocked, de-activate with Redsn0w as stated by Muslenerd and then activate with sim you want to use

  • blyabudu

    Passcode problem
    Here is the problem: when connecting to itunes after deactivation, the itunes gets stuck with a message … iphone locked with a passcode … must enter on iphone.
    On iphone screen though there is no obvious way to enter the passcode…
    Any ideas?

  • abcdefgh999

    yes i got it unlocked thanks musclenerd and unlockboot!

  • Victor Pacou

    Hi the unlock will be to baseband 4.11.08 or can we update

  • desai dhruv

    your phone is unlcoked?

  • amerul_uitm

    I still get this message

    ” The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

    Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone.Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported Carrier’s store to received a replacement SIM card. ”

    I guest I have to wait a couple mores days though..

  • Elpinkas

    finaly av unlock my iphone 4!!!72hrs of waiting a over

  • Nicolascastagno

    it also works with baseband 04.11.08?

  • Work_123

    look itunes tell mell to put original sim but i donot have it please help me

  • Rufino

    wow i got my at&t unlock message my iphone is unlocked finalle no more baseband headache for me :p

  • Adrian Marius

    Rufino , im from Romania and y buy my iphone from EBAY, dnt haw AT&T contract cud help me ?

    I.M.E.I -01 242700 266410 1

    tnx man yf iou com in Romania Bucharest you hawe 1 case off bier :))

  • Surendrass

    please someone help me??? my at&t iphone 4 IMEI NO: 01 265500 796760 4 please somone help me!!

  • Carl

    so if your iphone is unlocked thru itunes, that means even if you update your baseband it remains unlocked? right or wrong?

  • Hp

    remain unlocked no matter what, is unlocked for the life of that iphone, i did triend to lock again and can`t

  • lheewhoo

    guys, need your help…i called them since wednesday. but still i didnt receive the mail..some guys they recieve it after the 3 day…did anyone having same issue?

  • daniel

    my resolution date is on the 17th, does that mean im guaranteed an unlock or am i waiting to see if i qualify or not? also, i want to try the steps anyway to see if this work but do i need to update to 4.12.01 to get the confirmation or is there anyway to restore without upgrading my baseband? thanks

  • Nelson Pinho

    ok guys i got my iphone unlock, so past 48h go to itunes and follow this steps, IPHONE UNLOCK 😉

  • José V.

    But this is before or after i connect my iphone with itunes to get unlock??

  • Stas

    Hey Guys,
    If I unlock my Iphone with at&t will I be able to jailbreak it again? or not?

  • Will Verdonck

    Yes called wednesday today comfirmation… And it works!!

  • daniel

    i upgraded to 5.1 and preserved my baseband but didnt get the unlock message 🙁 guess i gotta wait til the email comes

  • Utathya10

    do we need to restore before we get the unlock message?

  • dhruv desai

    i am from india and this is not working for me so i have to pay 4500 rs (87 $)….

  • Utathya10

    who told you you got to pay?

  • ismail

    thnks man i done it they say its takes 5 to 7 days

  • SynfulWishes

    yes i called last tuesday still nothing resolution date is tomorrow

  • SynfulWishes

    i have the same issue resolution date tomorrow but i still didnt get anything

  • Kenzo

    this din’t work for me, in order to deactivate phone i used SAM from cydia , just install SAM then deactivate your phone and uninstall SAM again then restart springboard and it will be deactivated.

  • Ilys43r

    Got the EMAIL and deactivated my phone with my t-mobile sim in it… Turned the iphone 4 off when it rebooted… put the sim in launched itunes… DID NOT WORK?

    and of course i4 was connected through a wire to the laptop…

    anyone else facing the same problem?

  • Ilys43r

    Guys just found out that you are suppose to recieve two e-mails not one. First one is just the instruction that you are suppose to follow once you receive the second unlock.

  • Utathya10

    is taking out and inserting the sim necessery? will this work without sim?

  • Gurwinder singh

    what? both the emails will come at same time??

  • Skizofrenia

    still im w8ng for the e-mail… its been 4 days

  • Uniquemano

    Me too’s been three days

  • Ngcheeyang

    i am facing the same thing.. any1 can help??

  • Kevin

    i been waiting for weeks already, still no email

  • Utathya10

    has anyones given resolution date passed and still didn’t receive an email

  • Skizofrenia

    try to call at&t again

  • Kevin

    they said i will receive email by today , so i gonna wait and see if i receive today if not i will call them , -at–at-

  • Mago2bn1

    me too its been three days.

  • Mago2bn1

    If you already waited for more than 7 bussiness days and havent gotten an email, juts go ahead and do the whole process, they sometimes forget to send you the email, good luck

  • SynfulWishes

    i have my resolution date was today i just called them back

  • SynfulWishes

    i called again just now filed another case and got another number he told me if a resolution isn’t reached by the date they call them back and give them your case number make sure u get a case number or u will go through the process again

  • Carlosbraddick

    afetr confirmation,,… need to activate Cydia??? how to proccedd or install it again???

  • jay ar

    how to go ahead without the email?do you have the process?

  • jay ar

    what is inside the email?is there any steps/instruction on it on how to do the process?thanx

  • Jignesh

    Did not get mail confirmation.My ticket resolution date is 17 so I chat with them 3 times on same day and they ware saying that you will get mail evening today because it is your resolution time.Still I did not get mail…. 🙁 .

  • Rahul_smarty14

    oh is it true…?? i got the mail but cannot unlock the phone

  • Rahul

    i mean i got the first email describing the instructions

  • Rahul_smarty14

    yes man.. and someone above here says we need to have two emails from at&t.. and the second one will make the unlock work.. is that so..???
    this is pissing me off now… its been more than a week and now i got the email and that too is just a instruction mail.???

  • lheewhoo

    i dont know why whats wrong but it is my 7th day now from the date i called att…but up to now still no email..i even called them to connfirm if they got my email correctly, fortunately it was right. but why still no this mean that my iphone is not eligible for unlock?

  • Kevin

    my case still in processing , due to over whelming about this free unlock -at–at-

  • Jignesh

    Same here.Today they told me to wait for 2 days.They said that apple did not unlock your case yet wait for 2 more days.They veried agai my IMEI number and they confirm again it is eligible for unlock.

  • Rahul_smarty14

    Now what they say is they have a load of unlock requests to be processed and so they don’t know how long will it take to process ours… i even got an email confirmation of the unlock and those idiots say that its mistakenly sent and the unlock is still not processed…. so all we can now do is wait for it… thats how it goes…

  • Amerul_uitm

    I just got the email unlocking process!!! HAPPY MAN!!
    I request 2 of my iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4..
    but only manage to unloked the 3GS…
    Im still waiting for the iPhone 4..

    (im a non AT&T customer)

  • daniel

    i called on the 9th and my resolution date was on the 17th. still nothing..i called again and they gave me another case number! wtf is up w that lol im tired of waiting

  • Jignesh

    Same here.I called on 9th and resolution date was 17 but they told me to wait for another 2 days.They also told that they did not why apple did not take your case yet and again confirm that your phone is eligible for unlock.Now what to do????????????????

  • Diogo Mauro

    I request the release on monday 04/09, so far no solution for me. It`s a great lack of respect for AT&T customers. My impression is that my order was never even sent to the responsible sector. AT&T shit!!

  • Amerul_uitm

    i only get this message but still cannot unlock the iPhone 4

    Dear Customer:

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your AT&T service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The issue has been resolved.

    Should you have any further needs regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call us at 1 800 331-0500 and reference the tracking number shown above.


  • shells_16

    what steps did you follow to unlock?

  • Shailee16891

    Hey I am from India too… Could you tell me what steps you followed to unlock? Did you get a mail? And what was written in the mail? I have registered my case with At&t but havent got any mail yet.

  • Kevin

    same here , they said my case still in process .

  • lheewhoo

    Ur really resulotion date was last 17… But upto now still no refreshing my inbox everytime i woke up in the middle of the night…im really excited to get that email..i hope it can unlock my iphone4 turned ipodtouch…but we will never surrender in hoping…theres always a will….

  • Shells_16

    And did you require at&t sim to unlock? Or you just put your sim and you got the message that your phone has been unlocked?

  • Glu100

    Hi no need to wait for email. Just follow the above way to unlock. it works if you have been given case number days ago.

  • Shells_16

    Hey did u get your unlock solution?

  • Utathya10

    nope called them.they said my case is still open but they’re shorthanded due to the overwhelming number of requests.the lady couldnot give me an approx date but assured me that they would resolve the matter at the earliest possible time

  • Sgurwindersidhu

    same here 🙁 i am going to call them now!!

  • Pedro

    Yes, I live in Portugal and worked for IOS5.01 baseband 4.11.08. Força aí meu.

  • Sgurwindersidhu

    My resolution date was today but still no email. i called them and d lady said that my case is opened and i ll hve to wait for nxt 24 hours.!:(

  • Shells_16

    Did you get the mail after talking to At&t again? Even I haven’t received any mail yet!!

  • Vishalbhinge

    Are there really 2 emails? I received the one with the standard procedure. Rahul, Could you solve the problem?

  • Kevin

    i have same problem with you , i should get email by 17 and today and 21 i been calling them over pass few day and they said still working on it,

  • Kevin

    only thing we can do is wait , my resolution date was 17 too , and today is 21 i been calling them pass few day and they said nothing they can do , due to over whelming request and they are short hand too, just wait

  • John

    Well I used this method to unlock my phone. Now I don’t want the jailbreak anymore. If I restore the iphone, will it take out the unlock if I unlocked my iphone using this method?

  • Fahad

    You are right i just unlocked my at&t iphone 4

    I’m from kuwait

  • Pedro

    If you received the iTunes message “You phone is unlocked. Congratulations”, your phone is now factory unlocked and you can restore without losing the unlock.

  • Kevin

    i still haven’t receive any email from at&t yet, my resolution date is 17 and today is 23 , and i been calling them pass few day they said same thing over and over ” case still open , due to overwhelming “

  • Tomikejason

    This process is only to help you save your jailbreak…If you want an unlock ask At&t to unlock it by giving your phone IMEI number…:)

  • Blinkangels182

    It’s been 10 Days since I called and got my case #. Still no email from… WTF is going on?

  • Bca2134

    i called on 4/10 and just got my email today 4/23. the email has nothing special but once you restore your phone the apple server will recognize the e# and unlock it.