How Gevey SIM unlock your iPhone? When you search the internet, you can get a lot of information about the Gevey Sim. However, there isn’t any information about how the Gevey Sim or how other Sim hacks work in unlocking the devices. Not to worry, as in this article you will get to know how these unlocking hacks work.

How Gevey Sim Unlock iPhone

How does the Gevey Sim card Works

Gevey Sim is a Sim interposer, and it holds critical information in it like the IMSI number. Don’t know what the IMSI number is? Well, it is a unique code that corresponds to the account of a person in the carrier’s database. There are 15 numbers present in the IMSI number, and each represents something important, for example, in: 475 230 834769475, the digits ‘475’ are the Mobile Country Code or the MCC and the digits ‘230’ make up, the Mobile Network Code (MNC) or the carrier.

If the baseband of the iPhone is loaded into storage, then it verifies the MCC and the MNC with its own network lock state, which is located in the sec-zone. The cell radio is activated when the digit’s combination is authorized.

Unlock iPhone with Gevey Sim

iPhone 4 with Gevey SIM

IMSI was checked two times following the device’s reboot in earlier times; however, these days the first connection to a network doesn’t only include the IMSI number; a 4-byte TMSI is also present to determine each device before the IMSI number is shipped and processed. The base station transfers a 16-byte code to the handset, where it is signed by using a 128bit DES key and is then delivered back. The IMSI isn’t that important if your key is legitimate. Due to this technique of SIM hacks, Data Roaming has been allowed to permit a data connection. This means that even though the device is presumed to be roaming around, the network is still able to identify the device as a home owner.

Keep in mind that SIM hacks can be unreliable and that is why it is advised that you place the hacked SIM in your jailbroken iPhone in order to keep the link healthy. Talking about New Gevey SIM, the developers say they aren’t able to find an exploit yet but they are working day and night on it and will release the unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 Gevey SIM as soon as possible.

However, they may be late as we heard that R-SIM 4’s production has started and it will be released soon. If you don’t want to wait for R-SIM 4 or Gevey SIM, you can use these 5 simple steps to unlock iPhone 4 4.11.08 baseband with AT&T. You can also use AT&T online support chat.

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