R-SIM developers previously informed that the process is 50% complete and they need a week more or less to further update on the upcoming R-SIM 4 which is expected to be of $59.

Unlock 4.11.08 baseband

Now we have official news that R-SIM 4 is indeed coming! Read on for more details.

After AT&T has started unlocking off-contract iPhones, it has created an excitement as other companies working on the baseband unlock have ramped up their efforts in order to get through! AT&T is also offering unlocks to on-contract U.S deployed soldiers. You can check out 5 simple steps to unlock your iPhone 4 / 3GS via AT&T.

The most popular way to unlock AT&T iPhone 4 is through Online Chat. T-Mobile has welcomed the unlock by AT&T and is offering cheap family plans (didn’t see this one coming).
R-sim 4 unlock 4.11.08

Unlocked iPhone 4

Now coming to ApplenBerry, they are trying their best to find and exploit. They stated that while it’s perfectly legal to unlock cellular phones, network providers and equipment manufacturers are making it hard to do so. However, they say when they have it, the whole world would know about it. While ApplenBerry are struggling to find an exploit, the official site of R-SIM 4 has some news for us.

The RGKNSE R-SIM 4 especially for Iphone 4’s baseband 04.11.08 is to be sold soon! The production is getting on !Please pay close attention to it, everyone! Besides, the enhanced R-SIM3+ (programme code:R-SIM3+C)which can also be used for CDMA has been put on the market!

By this, we can make out that R-SIM 4 is indeed coming. Will we finally have a groundbreaking unlock for iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08? Will R-SIM 4 be the first one to the rescue?

How will ApplenBerry react to this news? Let us know your thoughts!

  • Haavard

    I guess it`s BS like always.. BB 04.11.08 will never be unlocked, let`s face it..

  • Ayus0073

    cant  wait  to  see  this  working . 

  • Joe

    after a week its still going to be 50% done… then again ooooh in 2 weeks the unlock will come –‘

  • Callum Dean Terry

    I remember a few weeks ago that R-sim and Gevey said in a weeks time.

  • Bebo014cf

    Will this work in 04.12.01??

  • Carolbenevides

    maioh mintira esse sitio! Soh aproveitando o momento…. 😛

  • lheewhoo

    Att unlock will work in any baseband..but ur phone should be lock by them also..u can give it a try by calling them and provide ur imei…

    In the end, theres no harm in trying….

  • Hankstter13

    They work hard to unlock 04.11.08 it;s not there,fold?You upgrade ur phone.So stop talking shit and wait.If u can’t not wait get another iphone that’s unlock……….

  • Itzhimreef

    They most likely delayed it so it can also unlock 4.12.01 don’t you think everyone.?

  • Maxi Izzo

    i have a question: i bought my iphone 4 form ebay and it was locked with at&t

  • lalalalama

    if i bought my iphone 4 from ebay and it was locked with at&t can i still unlock it with rsim4[when it will be eventually released] using my current vodafone sim?

  • Tsetashigurung

    yes you can do it. it will come within 1 week

  • UnlockBoot

    UPDATE Apri 15th

    Sorry for the delay, this task is more compliated than expected, but please give 7 days more.

    We are reaching the goal.

  • qwe132

    Here in the Philippines, 4.11.08(only at&t locked) can now unlock. Even its expensive more people pay just to use their iphone but some people having a iphone 4(4.11.08) locked in other countries like Korea and Japan they are still waiting for that’s what you called R-SIM 4. Many people is still waiting for that product.

  • Andremorua

    who need it???? iPhone4 is antique.

  • Rhea Jane Arellano-Espiritu

    I’m from phil also where did you unlock you’re iPhone 4 bb 4.11?

  • Shariff Hafiz

    Will it be launched in India As well??