The title says it all. We just came to know that AT&T is going to start unlocking off-contract iPhone’s free of charge from April 8th.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4

This is one of the best news for those who are stuck on locked iPhones and are looking for a free unlock solution. The official statement by AT&T mentions the date as well.

The official statement says that come Sunday, April 8th, they will offer qualifying customers the ability to unlock their AT&T iPhones. The only requirements they stated are that a customer’s account must be in good standing, their device can’t be associated with a current and active term commitment on an AT&T customer account, and they need to have the contact term fulfilled, upgraded under one of their upgrade policies or paid an early termination fee.

What does this mean? Users who have finished the two year contract with AT&T can now unlock their iPhones and the best thing is that they can do this for free. Although this is great news for the users stuck on locked iPhones ( most of users with 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 baseband), it might not be that great for those unlocked on iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband.
Free unlock 4.11.08 baseband 4.12.01 April 8

Free Unlock all AT&T iPhones Starting from April 8

Those on 4.11.08 baseband can unlock the iPhone but this means they would have paid an early termination fees and as the iPhone 4 was launched on June 24 2011, the two year contract of the iPhone is still valid. Now what this means is that it is unclear that you would be able to unlock the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 or not! The best thing to do is waiting till April 8th to see what’s going on with the unlocking process. Probably, you can email to AT&T to ask them whether 4.11.08 can be unlocked or not.

So this is good news indeed. Let’s hope 4.11.08 baseband can also be unlocked. We also have R-SIM 4 and Gevey SIM to look forward to.

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