What is the latest news about 4.11.08 baseband unlock? Dear unlockboot readers, finally today we have good news about upcoming solution for 4.11.08 baseband – R-SIM 4.

Unlock 4.11.08 baseband with R-SIM 4

R-Sim 4 is hardware-based (like a Gevey SIM) unlocking solution, Specially for the iPhone 4 users with 4.11.08 baseband. The site eachsupplier.com updated information from the developers of the upcoming R-SIM 4 hardware unlock. R-SIM Dev team start implementation of their new product witch can unlock iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband, but new R-SIM version is delayed, presumably, for the 1 week. Additional time will go on improving and debugging the algorithm.

R-SIM 4 Unlock 4.11.08 baseband

R-SIM 4 hardware solution for 4.11.08 baseband

Before a week R-SIM team mentioned that they will release the R-SIM 4 witch can unlock your iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband in a week but this week have crossed.

Today the R-SIM team reported that R-SIM 4 for 4.11.08 baseband is 50% ready.

Apparently it is not easy to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08, but at this time we have at least 50% to unlock the iphone 4, so we still need 1 week more or less to improve the program, and please stop sending email to us, just add our facebook page or twitter or keep an eye on our site, we will update the info once it is available, Also it is not a April joker”.

According to the signature page of the upcoming R-SIM IV hardware unlock solution for 4.11.08 baseband . The expected R-SIM 4 will be available for $59, with free shipping. We recall that Applenberry also preparing a Gevey Sim 4.11.08 hardware unlock solution.

Stay tuned we will keep you Updated about 4.11.08 baseband Unlock.