Immediately after news of policy changes in relation to AT&T start to unlock all off-contract iPhones.

Now all AT&T subscribers can use another SIM from another wireless operator and use their iPhones with compatible cellular networks  around the world!

At&t Usa Army unlock

MacRumors Report, According to Unnamed sources:

In addition to unlocking phones for off-contract customers, AT&T is also quietly unlocking iPhones for U.S. service members still under contract with the carrier.

Recall, if a consumer buys a iPhone in the U.S., to use the device with other operators, it can only resorted to jailbreak or purchase additional equipment in the form of special turbo sim cards. The U.S. Army received this for free.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4
U.S. Soldier with AT&T iPhone 4

Now, for the first time the existence of iPhone, the situation has changed. Starting with this Sunday, April 8, subscribers of the American AT&T operator had an opportunity to get factory unlocked iPhone. In this case the main requirement is that the client must be in good standing and the device should not be linked current contract.

However, iPhone users which are in the U.S. Army can unlock his smartphones ahead of time, paying the penalty for refusal to contract. After that, their Apple device can be freely used with any GSM-operators around the world.

If you do not know how to unlock your AT&T iPhone, Follow our Video Guide and find out how to Unlock your AT&T locked iPhone through at&t’s Online Chat.