Previously we have presented a plenty of different accessories for the iPhone 4 that are developed to help you take better images and history better video clips.

Now we have the AirClip which is a photographic accessory for your new iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4.

As it is, the finger-friendly hold is accessory designed for the iPhone 4/S, and it actually looks very excellent. The AirClip is a clip-on hold that allows you shoot photos and video clips one-handed.

The AirClip includes a main, c-shaped remove which slips onto the iPhone, and at the stops are two nasty jewelry through which you can stick your hands. Simply set up, with your pinky and catalog hands in the basketball, you can carry the cellphone deceased stable with one side while adjusting concentrate and other configurations with your free side.

AirClip Video Review

The AirClip seems like a awesome concept, and designers of it are trying to increase $10,000 to put the AirClip into generation, you will see out more details over at Kickstarter, the AirClip Finger-Friendly Grip available now  for $20. What do you think about the AirClip?