Maybe you know already about possible ways to Unlock your iPhone on any iOS version and any baseband using SAM unlock method. The SAM is confirmed working method, but requires some skills like finding IMSI number of your iPhone. Now we’ll explain you what it is and how to find it.

Find iPhone IMSI Number

How to find iPhone IMSI Number Easily

We need to start from the ( SIM ) “Subscriber Identification Module” is a chip that stores:

  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
  • ICCID – unique serial number
  • Security authentication and ciphering information
  • Info that is stored temporarily and stored to your local network
  • List of services available for user
  • Personal identification number (PIN)
  • Personal unblocking code (PUK)

How it works: Your own iPhone sends IMSI number to the current network while registering. IMSI number allows network hardware to recognize the subscriber, to prevent the interception IMSI is sent as rarely as it’s possible. Sometimes rather than IMSI number, the device sends TMSI (Temporarily generated code for mobile subscriber identity).

NOTE: You should never to confuse IMSI and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, it’s 15-digit number which is unique for each device). Your IMEI number is additionally provided for the carrier by signing up in network. Also, IMEI number can be simply used for tracking phones or blocking stolen devices.

Now you know about SAM unlock method, you’ve downloaded it and installed on your device, but you are not able to find your IMSI number (or you don’t understand what it really is), then just keep reading this post. IMSI number is the original SIM card number, it includes 15 digits which can be split in three groups:

  • MCC (Mobile Country Code) – first 3 digits of IMSI code.
  • MNC (Mobile Network Code) – fourth and fifth for EMEA countries (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) or fourth, fifth and sixth digits from the code for the other (NAR) countries.
  • MSIN (Mobile Station Identification Number) – the last 9 /10 digits from the IMSI code.

How to Find IMSI code for EMEA countries

How to Find IMSI Number for EMEA Countries

Find IMSI code for NAR countries

How to Find IMSI Number for NAR Countries

MCC and MNC digits from 1 to 5 / 6 (colored with red and yellow) present the network. Regional operators could be calculated by last 8 / 9 digits (colored with blue and yellow) also known as MSIN code.

How to locate where is IMSI number stored locally:

All of the IMSI bundles are saved in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles. For example, if you are using AT&T SIM, his identify name will be ATT_US.bundle var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles. Now iOS will generate shortcut to that folder that will look like this: var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle.

You should use two tested methods to locate your iPhone’s IMSI number:

  • 1st method is to check your IMSI by running minicom in terminal:


After that press Enter, now your IMSI number will be displayed.

  • 2nd tested method suits SAM unlock much better. Start installed SAM application on your iPhone, now go to More Information ->IMSI is located below SIM Details. Now you will see your 15-digit IMSI code, that corresponds to your original SIM card.

How to find your original carrier within IMSI number:

  • If you found the IMSI number click here
  • Type it into the field called “Enter IMSI number“.
  • It’s going to display your SIM carrier’s country, operator, your MCC and MCC code

NOTE: In the event you have already detected your IMSI (carrier, country and MSIN code), but detected code isn’t listed in SAM’s By Country and Carrier activation list, below is our FULL IMSI list of worldwide carriers to unlock your iPhone with SAM method.

Full IMSI list of International Carriers:

  • Australia OPTUS IMSI: 85950205030644900
  • Australia Telstra IMSI: 85950104323374000
  • Australia Vodafone IMSI: 85950309781661800
  • Australia 3 IMSI: 085950600100263914
  • Australia OPTUS IMSI: 085950200100263914
  • Australia Vodafone IMSI : 085950300913535837
  • Australia Vodafone IMSI:89610300000797611297
  • Austria T-mobile IMSI: 82923308238761300
  • Bangladesh Grameenphone IMSI: 84907109253030600
  • Belgium Mobistar IMSI: 82960014984062300
  • Brazil TIM IMSI: 87942200870133500
  • Brazil Claro IMSI: 87942508810037900
  • Brazil Vivo IMSI: 87942111800426200
  • Brazil Oi IMSI: 87942131512191500
  • Canada Bell IMSI: 083920163050027990
  • Canada Fido IMSI :083920733000957260 ICCID:89302370200010929711
  • Canada ROGERS IMSI:083920273050027990
  • Canada Telus: IMSI: 083920223050027990
  • Canada Fido IMSI: 83920734010511600
  • Canada Telus IMSI: 83920221030457900
  • Canada Rogers IMSI: 83920273030457900
  • Canada Bell / Virgin IMSI: 839201603891080000
  • Canada Bell / Virgin IMSI: 839204608310510000
  • Canada Bell / Virgin IMSI: 839208807755670000
  • Denmark Telia IMSI:082983020120779512
  • France BOUYGTEL IMSI: 082980021331822130
  • France Orange (SFR) IMSI: 082980011331822130
  • France Orange IMSI: 082980101331822130
  • France Orange IMSI: 82980008682627300
  • France Orange IMSI: 82980105922332000
  • France Orange IMSI: 82980202525247800
  • Germany T-mobile IMSI: 082926105284204335
  • Germany T-Mobile IMSI: 82926107047053900
  • Germany T-Mobile IMSI: 82926608037579400
  • Ireland O2 IMSI:082927201331822130
  • Ireland Vodafone IMSI:082927101601498841
  • Ireland Vodafone IMSI: 82943510926726200
  • Ireland O2 IMSI: 82927208410252900
  • Japan SoftBank:IMSI: 084904026104810269 ICCID:8981200008280088190
  • Japan Softbank IMSI: 84904021811017200
  • Korea KT Show IMSI: 84905808127038100
  • Luxembourg Orange IMSI: 82907993579988000
  • Montenegro T-mobile IMSI: 82979206860152300
  • Nigeria Glo IMSI: 86912059334505400
  • Nigeria MTN IMSI: 86912030803757900
  • Nigeria Zain IMSI: 86912023341059100
  • New Zealand Vodafone IMSI:085903100943780192
  • Pakistan ufone IMSI: 84901300330139400
  • Pakistan mobilink IMSI: 84901100662941900
  • Palestine Jawal IMSI: 84932509211140500
  • Paraguay VOX IMSI: 89744109224345800
  • Singapore Singtel IMSI: 85952107950121300
  • Singapore M1 IMSI: 85952304911541000
  • Singapore Star Hub IMSI: 85952509226811300
  • South Africa vodacom IMSI: 86955103002814200
  • South Africa MTN IMSI: 86955010300760900
  • South Korea IMSI: 89066764406538768965
  • South Korea SK-show IMSI:084905806207609996
  • Spain Movistar IMSI:082941701331822130
  • Spain Movistar IMSI: 82941705820086300
  • Spain Orange IMSI: 82941703302584900
  • Sweden Telenor IMSI: 82904805860152000
  • UK 3 IMSI: 082943021938636745
  • UK O2 IMSI: 082943011938636745
  • UK Orange IMSI : 082943330260828629
  • UK T-Mobile IMSI: 082943031938636745
  • UK Vodafone IMSI:082943510943780192
  • UK orange IMSI: 82943333410591700
  • UK O2 IMSI: 82943019334505400
  • UK Vodafone IMSI: 82943510973345600
  • USA AT&T: IMSI: 89014103211501404960
  • USA AT&T: IMSI: 83901141084102500
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901308083901900
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901900083901800
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901510083901800
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901830083901600
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901140083901300
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901650083901900
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901860083901800
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901890823354900
  • USA AT&T IMSI: 83901990228745500
  • Yoigo IMSI: 82941401010735600

Finally, enter your IMSI number to “By Country and Carrier activation method”:

We can imagine that your IMSI number is 234150829436108:
  • Country: 234 – United Kingdom
  • Carrier: 15 – Vodafone LTD
  • SIM ID: 23416

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    Unlock your iPhone by Country and Carrier activation method.

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    no matter how many times I try I keep getting Invalid Sim and failed activation. I don’t have original AT&T SIM. Any thoughts? I’ve used auto/ carrier bundle and Country and Carrier activation, all with no luck.

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    You don’t need original sim card at all, SAM will do it for you just go to by carrier and country, find your carrier in this caseUSA – AT&T and it will find IMSI of ATA immediately ..

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  • Faizanchaghtai

    you have to chose the ATT IMSI codes…
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  • Faizanchaghtai

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    if its ATT&T, i am presuming, then you should get the AT&T IMSI codes, try all of them, one simply has to work!!!!

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    Yes, but is tethered jailbreak, so stay on 5.0.1 for untethered jailbreak

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  • Liri

    man you have to copy IMSI of locked operator, if is locked to ATT you have to copy IMSI of ATT

  • Liri

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