Now all UnlockBoot readers are pleased after announce that the hacker loktar_Sun has finally unlocked iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 and now weare also happy that this unlock solution is free.

SAM unlock Baseband

Still you may not believe that the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 is Unlocked? The Proof confirmations and images are posted below.

Confirmation email from: abdo.***

i would like to thank you for the post, i unlock my IPhone after long wait.
i used SAM methods to unlock my iPhone it took me about 10 minutes and it was so easy.
thanks again.


Confirmation email 2 from: jay.****

Thank you so much UnlockBoot.. After 1st try it doesn’t recognize the sim says invalid sim but for the 2nd attempt the message ‘fails to activate’ appear on the itunes window and i disconnected from itunes and plug it back again..and YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH iphone 4 v5.01 with bb 4.11.08 detected with full signal from Globe Philippines.


Unlocked iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 – Images:


Unlocked iPhone with SAM
Unlocked iPhone 4
Unlocked iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08
Unlocked 4.11.08 baseband

If your iPhone is not yet unlocked you can follow this SAM Unlock Video Tutorial to get your iPhone unlocked.

  • Joaopaulo_dsd

    i still have i problem unlocking my iphone 4. I cant find my carrier and SIMID. With SIM do i have to put inside the iphone?

  • Samir Ben Ayed

    install itools! i was having same problem :p

  • Caio

    Just select auto-detect. It worked for me, twice.

  • Johan

    Id had trouble with my SIM after following the whole process, so I tried with the auto-detect option and it works perfectly, im very happy. Do not hesitate on this solution. FYI im from Mexico. Cheers

  • Brahimelman

    Thank you so much unlockboot I’m from Morocco I performed the operation with sucked

  • Savuthchea

    Thanks! It work, But I am not sure on step 7. Any body can explain me for step 7.

  • Nessanchele

    it do work the first time i didnt work then i did again step by step then it work perfect tys god lolzzz

  • Dondre1226

    Does it work with 4.12.01

  • Dondre1226

    Does it work with 4.12.01???????

  • guest

    how do you jailbreak 04.11.08???

  • Tjong

    Many-many thanks I work to and work full bar bay the way if I reset all setting I do need start over again,so please you advice help.Thanks

  • Albert_lucena

    tnx guys. nice work. really thankful for the man who works behind this. u did a great job brother.

  • Nikizwan

    yes! it work! im using malaysia telco on 04.11.08 baseband. thanks!

  • David Tran

    Thanksss !!! To Person Who Behind The SAM Unlock Thanks So Much, We Need To Donate The
    Person Who Made It,

  • Joaopaulo_dsd

    which SIM card i use? the one which iphone is locked to ou the one that i want to use?

  • Joaopaulo_dsd

    i have to install itools on my iphone? could you teach me how its done?

  • Terrell Lancaster

    im sorry but isnt this the same tutorial that the so called reaktor unlock from ahkrim awhile back ??????

  • Terrell Lancaster

    but i have used this and it does work i just remember that the reaktor jailbreak used a similar method using the same SamPrefs tool

  • Ravindrapn

    it is working absolutely fine and i have unlocked 3 sims which are from india. anybody wants can contact for unlocking.

  • Achapo12

    I have iphone 4 which is not jailbroken. I want to know if i officially unlock with AT&T, will I be able to jail break in future?

  • Anil_salunke25

    i cant install sam. even i cant add source….

  • Wiz

    loktar_Sun – lot of thanks for you job!!!

  • Etarlac

    It works great!!!!!!!!!! Globe-Ph unlocked …

  • Cosmin Min

    it works thanks i’m using the phone in italy and the phone was blocked in o2 uk Thanks a lot guys

  • SAG

    I am not able to see methods option in SAM, is it because i am on ios 4.3.3(04.11.08), or something else. Please reply asap

  • Deividuskis112

    did u need to use att sim?? or did u just put in whatever sim u wanted to unlock?

  • Succeeded with SAM

    u need to keep trying….. i have tried like 20 times inorder to get the Source linked

  • Succeeded with SAM

    no need to install Itools at all……… just use any working SIM card…. it will work just fine!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaurab Shrestha

    how did you unlock it bro

  • Ravindrapn

    i have an att sim.using that i unlocked it.

  • Okin

    it is not the same. it is a real unlock. all i can say is that from yesterday my iphone works perfectly with my new sim with no side effects so far. give it a try

  • Stdfgdsfgdf

    No, you can make hactivate then deactivate then the option will appear to you!

  • Vsraghavan

    Hi I have unlocked using SAM great job it works for me i even updated to 5.1 with baseband 04.12.01 it works for me
    Thanks a lot

  • sydney

    it works great unlock my iphone but using too much battery 🙁

  • Greenaruba

    did that done that! worked allout! Much rep+ to tipped everyone out!

  • Filip_alexander

    any solution for this?

  • Tnhk3995

    yea that sam kills the battery..

  • Dvtv

    SAM REALLY WORKS! I LOVE IT; it did take me a few times, but eventually i got the “activation failed message in itunes. I live in belgium and now i am on the proximus network.

  • elvis2004

    i wanted to know if you use the same SIM as the same operator not work , just 1 sim and with it number will work and no others any way to work all sim with same operator???????

  • Karimi3311

    I can’t install the Sam … It’s showing some re color errors :(((( he can solve it ?

  • olive

    Chez Free… Tout se passe bien mais je rencontre un problème car il m’indique “reseau Indisponible” alors que ma sim marche sur un autre tel… Pourtant le desimlock s’est bien passé et l’activation pareil, dans “informations” même l’opérateur est reconnu “free 12.0″… Je suis preneur pour toute information pouvant m’aider MERCI

  • Farshid

    it’s perfectly working….

  • Parmodlovesu

    hay frzz pls contact me my no is9013244908 .i m from delhi

  • iPhone_unlocker

    hi! anyone from the philippines na gusto magpa-unlock? 1, 500 pesos only send to 09263854933 =)

  • eru

    Thanks a lot guys… It is working perfectly in ALBANIA… Once again thanks…

  • Toli_21

    hej eru si ta rregulloj edhe une ne kosov mund te me ndimosh pasi ka funksionura ne albani .

  • Toli_21

    hej si mund ta rregulloj dhe un ne kosov

  • Toli_21

    why can not update sources and can not verifice source how can help me plz

  • Kelshamaa

    what about factory activated

  • Kelshamaa

    Karim Elshamaa

    i face this massage any one can help ” your iphone is currently factoryactivated until you are not hacktivated ur phone can not be activated with sam is disabled please try revert lockdown under utilities and disaple hacktivated
    and when i go to there i face this massage stockification failure

    what can i do please help iam desper

  • Arsim

    It’s working grate also in Kosovo 🙂 I’ve just reached the number of 20 Iphones unlocked today, with several base bands, but mostly with 04.11.08 bb !!

  • mentor

    I can’t install the Sam … It’s showing some re color errors how can help me plz,….

  • Dejan

    Ako ima nekoj od Makedonija molam neka objasne kako e procedurata…

  • Dejan

    Shpic ja znaes li ti procedurata mene nesto ne mi ispagja kako treba a i plus sega nekako go deaktivirav telefonov aj pls ako znaes za pomos…

  • Alex

    Go to carrier select by country and carrier then put the cable in itunes. It will give you an error , it’s normal, than you should see the signal

  • Nunod75

    BIG PROBLEMMMM: it says Activation reports Error: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone…


  • Francis

    What if, if I just have one sim? How should I do it?

  • Kelshamaa

    there is no carrier option

  • Petrides Elias

    Guys listen up , to unlock your iphone with SAM u have to…
    1) Have the sim card that your iphone had a contract on it.. example i have a locked at&t iphone and i want it unlocked to my vodafone sim. i have to put the at&t sim card in my iphone then download SAM, after u download SAM u follow the steps for the unlocking of your iphone.

    Yes you can unlock your iphone 4/4s
    Yes you can unlock baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01
    Yes it works for firware 5 / 5.0.1 / 5.1
    Yes you can turn on/off your iphone without losing your signal


    If you dont have the at&t or what other sim card that your iphone is locked to you can buy one from e-bay if you want.

  • Petrides Elias

    read my comment on top !

  • Petrides Elias

    read my comment on top

  • mak

    how did u done tht ? i don hav original sim..i hav installed SAM bt cudnt use it..cud u help me ? pleasee

  • speedy07

    my iphone shut off as soon as i downloaded it. it doesnt want to turn on 🙁 please help

  • mak

    jst did it..oww god…SAM jst great…..god bless…after a long time i`m breathing…bt in my country only 1 carrier works…cud nyone help me to use any carrier ? thnxx

  • Jay

    Yes, finally unlocked 4.11.08 on Tmobile USA!!! Believe it, folks! The SAM method truly works!

  • Luis200969

    I have an iphone 4 running 5.1 on 4.12.01 and last night i jailbroke it and unlocked it with sam but i was having battery issues since it kept draining while on stanby so just a bit ago a decided to completly restore my phone to see if it would help and after i was done and it turned back up it was still unlocked. how is this possible? The iphone was locked to att and now it’s unlocked with telcel here in mexico and its not even jailbroken anymore.

  • Bob_ogag

    choose the original carrier on the method. or read the other article regarding this errors.

  • mentor

    how it woork in kosovo how can help me plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Eddy Rodas

    me aparece sin servicio
    de ecuador

  • Eddy Rodas

    sin servicio de ecuador
    q puedo hacer

  • CHD2012


  • smart_guy

    -at-Speedy07: I too had the same problem.. but i fixed it..:)
    Jailbreak ua IPhone with Redsnow’s Latest version…
    or try doing the “Emergency call trick” u can find it on youtube

  • Oswaldochicap

    Pana soy de guayaquil yo desbloquee mi iphone de fabrica llamando a at&t y me dieron un case number quizas yo te pueda ayudar

  • TOM


  • Lokomele

    hello there, i have an iphone 4 04.11.08 i would like to unlock it
    please if sam is working again can you let me know please and give me someadvice how to do it please i am new at this
    my email is

  • Ahmed latheef

    How to unlock my iPhone AT&T base band 04.11.08