By unlocking the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 immediately went into a whole lot easier thanks to Sam package to unlock that I discovered this morning.

After notifying you guys to the news, we went out in our laboratory and we began testing this unlock solution.

Unlock 4.11.08 iphone 4 4S 3GS

After several failures, we were finally able to come up with a reliable method for doing this work at any time. The good news is that this will likely become even easier as time passes, as well as unnecessary steps are eliminated. We’re already to the point where we can go back and forth between our AT&T SIM card and our T-Mobile SIM card without having to reconfigure anything.

Check this complete video tutorial that shows how to unlock any iPhone on iOS 5 or higher on any baseband, using the SAM package.

Unlock iPhone 4 / 4S or any iPhone on iOS 5 Using SAM package

Your iPhone must end up being jailbroken on iOS five or higher. Baseband is not important. Keep your current SIM inside your iPhone till instructed to remove it within step four ( Follow our Step by Step Guide).

  1. Go to Cydia and install SAM. Add this source:
  2. Tap on SAM to launch it. Make sure that you have the SIM card which you want to use in your iPhone.
  3. In this step – navigate to utilities and select ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ will now be inactivated.
  4. Go to ‘By Country and Carrier’ present in ‘Method’ and then select your carrier. You might need to select the ‘SIM ID’ for carriers operating with more than one Carrier ID. This is easy for you to figure out when you notice that iTunes will not activate if the wrong IMSI has been selected.
  5. Navigate to ‘More Information’ and write down or copy the IMSI code in the ‘SAM Details’ and then tap the option, ‘Spoof Real SIM to SAM’.
  6. Now, go back to the main screen of SAM and then change the ‘Method’ to manual. Now paste the IMSI string which was saved during step 5.
  7. Connect your iPhone to the computer in order to reactivate your device. Simply double tap the ‘Phone Number’ present at the main screen of the device in order to make sure the ICCID matches with the number present on your SIM card. If the match isn’t exact, you need to start again from step 1.
  8. Close iTunes and then unplug your iPhone and disable SAM.
  9. Again connect your iPhone to iTunes and you will see a message that it can’t be activated. Close iTunes and open it again.
  10. Finally the signal bars lets you know that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Save your Activation Ticket and preserve your unlock

For the actual record, MuscleNerd has told that he recommends saving off your Activation Ticket  for every SIM that you use, as they might come within handy in the future.  Navigate to /var/Root/ibrary/Lockdown. You will access this easily with iFile or even via SSH.

How to save SAM activation ticket

Sam Activation Ticket

Finally you can enjoy with your unlocked iPhone. Share this Guide and Stay Tuned to UnlockBoot!

  • Bobbyle

    Does it work with Iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 ????????

  • amai

    but is it possible if my phone is still in a contract with other network_???

  • guest

    does it work with baseband 4.11.08?

  • nt21

    Yes everyone it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just unlock my iphone 4(At&t) 5.1/4.11.08 and now im using it with tmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All you need to do is follow th guide and you should get it working.

    P.S. I Got stuck on step 7 and it showed me the “please insert official carrier sim card”. to fix it was i changed manual to auto default and after i confirmed it i changed it back to manual. Some people have this problems others dont.
    Hope this helps!!!

  • Elie Freigy

    how to save the activation?

  • Julyan_colombia

    Por finnnnnnnn, mi iphone 4 activado, mil y mil gracias a todos los que permitieron que esto fuera real despues de mucho tiempo, y lo mejor aun sin pagar ni un centavo.

  • Julyan_colombia

    Finally, my iphone 4 on, a thousand and a thousand thanks to all who allowed this to be true after a long time, and even better without paying a penny.

  • Okin

    i am out of my country and i cannot use my sim card on roaming. can i still unlock my iphone 4.11.08 with this method? my phone is locked in an albanian carrier AMC, will it be unlocked to work with greek networks as well? please respond! thank you

  • Marc_woo

    do the att sim card have to be activated to work?

  • Josue

    actvitionstate … factory activated??? i cant unlocked, can someone help me?? thanks

  • Marc_woo

    i have a att sim card but its not activated does it need to be in order for me to unlock for tmobile?

  • Keven Brandao

    my phone doesn’t say searching… when i put the tmobile sim on

  • Karamzin777

    Wow!!!!!! It works perfectly!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  • Chathukaperera

    click that restore to stock in utils in sam

  • Chathukaperera


  • Chathukaperera


  • Snipee Jhyfgunnn

    not work for 4.11.08 layer

  • Marc_woo

    worked for me i used writen instructions instead of video works!!!!!! 😀

  • Shkelzeni_04

    Worked for me iPhone 4 bb 04.11.08 , with carriers z mobile in Kosovo , thanks

  • Shkelzeni_04

    To me worked without official carrier, with any sim card not official

  • Bahamapapa

    My country is not listed. I live in the bahamas … help!!!

  • BOSNA00


  • Mshannah William

    My country was not listed and it failed the first few times but in step 7 instead of selecting carrier and country I selected auto and then changed back to manual after I inserted the sim I wanted to use and it worked this time

  • Jegoo_92

    i don’t have the sim that came with the mob. it is important or not????????????

  • Viganarifi

    how can I deactivate SIM ID which I pressed accidentally, it wont get deselected

  • Chingkaisu

    What if we use someone else’s AT&T active Sim Card to active our iphone 4 for T-Mobile, will it affect their service? I mean all we need is a IMSI number from an AT&T Sim Card right?

  • Mostafa gholam

    me too that message appear to me i am in Egypt Vodavone Carrier

  • Moses_h_habib

    it says invalid sim instead of t mobil ?

  • Nelio

    not working on my iphone 🙁

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    not working on mine( keeps giving me a lot of error messages while I try to instal SAM

  • khan

    thanks, its works fine for me. thanks a lot

  • bosna

    can i still use itunes after i unlock it?

  • Edgladiador123

    tanks a lot i was wainting 5 months to unlock my iphone is fantastic tanks tanks tanks

  • Rramirez0312

    so its it possible to interchange sims when going to another country or so and does the same process has to be followed again for it to work ???

  • Kastijas

    its realy works o2 uk

  • Vlad

    I get “Cannot Comply” msg. How do I get passed that?

  • Mirnaroche

    hi, who do you did that?sorry for my english

  • David Tran

    It Worked On iPhone3Gs,On iPhone4 And On iPhone 4s. Thanks So Much !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Net_walker420

    i m also getting the same msg..i live in uae

  • Gepa2004

    i just cant. Sam notification. Activation reports error: activationinfo rejected. You must select the original carrier simid of your phone :S

  • kix

    Hi is this only applicable to AT&T and T-Mobile users? cause Im from the philippines and i followed every step in this tutorial video, I even encountered the problem ‘Sim Card Not Supported’ and ofcourse fixed it to Wild Card Activated. now if i try navigate in SAM’s More information it says that it is Wild Card Activated. but my iPhone still does not display any sign of signal from my network. it just says “No service” please help me.

  • sadadas

    what happened if i don’t have IMSI

  • Wcross

    ola pesoal funcionou para mim aqui no brasil tim façam igual ao video selecione telet e boa sorte a todos

  • MD Islam


    Activation reports Error: Unable to retrieve storeBag


  • Airnyq

    Do I need to be in the country of the sim card in order to have a carrier unlock? My Sim card is SMART mobile (from the Philippine) that I am using here in the united States as a roaming which I would like to use it on my lock iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 with ATT.

  • Manish Reddy

    try using auto detect method who are having the original carrier sim card

  • Bahamapapa


  • Nguyendungb

    Yes it working thank so much thank thank…thank, i have keep trying from step 7, finally i did it work, guy step 7 we need to see the # in ICCID to make it match. with the phone.

  • NatanNMG

    Does it work on 5.1?
    Baseband 04.12.01 ???

  • kix

    I think you really have to be in the philippines to check whether you can access signal. cause if you are in the states then you’re trying to unlock using a philippine sim card it will render the procedure useless because you wont find out if it really succeed if you dont receive signal from your phone

  • Sopheak HENG

    Help Me Please.

    SAM NOTIFICATION Error Message

    “Activation reports Error: Unable to retrieve storeBag”


    please help me 🙁

  • Landanjuarez

    wildcard is activated but get no service with tmobile

  • Nibywen_03

    anyone know if it works in costa rica????/ i need an answer asap

  • Sgm

    what jailbreak did you use? im from PH din… before i try this…. need confirmed success to unlock. im using Globe… the unlock iphone is ATT


  • Washsiderick


  • Paradoxs11

    w0w im so happy my iPhone is n0w Unlocked this method with BB 4.11.08 Firmware 5.0.1
    im from Sweden yeah! guys if your carrier is not listed in Sam just use auto detect
    My carries is Telia i unplug plug in 5 times walah searching… And then Pop up Unlocked

    Thank You UnlockBoot

  • Superdlux

    same here. when i connect to itunes i get the
    “iTunes needs to check for an update to the carrier settings for your iPhone.”,
    but not the “This phone can’t be activated ” error, no matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect. Help and TIA

  • Robindumlao

    Do I have to have the original simcard that my phone came with to do this process?

  • Namiki A

    I got it to be unlocked but now the phone keeps on searching for a carrier but it finds it for like a couple min, then it keeps on searching again, what is wrong?

  • Distroy818

    after 10 atempts finally got it to work…thanks unlockboot..

  • Anil_salunke25

    Hey am not getting activation option in Utilities. Its showed there “BACKUP ACTIVATION” “De_Activate Iphone” “Restore Activation” and in sam utils “regenerate SIM” … am stuck now what should i do help me.

  • Griffitham

    I can not load the sources says “verification error, the request timed out”

  • Anil_salunke25

    hey david can you help me am stuck.. in activationstate its shows “Wildcard Activated ” even sam utility am not getting activated mode..

  • Liviusan78

    Can i make update from 5.0.1 ( BB 04.11.08) to 5.1 safe, after i unlocked?

  • Ginodevil

    thanks a millionsssssssssssssssssss had a hard time getting my phone activated worked on it for 3 hours but at the end its working finally, god bless u guys and keep up the gr8 work.

  • Unlock_4.11.08

    Original sim card of ATT or the SIM you want to unlock for?

  • Stylianoumixalis

    how i make it if i dont have original sim card ???

  • Jessica

    i went to deactivate and now i cant activate my phone again. it just shut me down and took me to a screen where i go to wifi then i have to wait for it to activate but it wont read a sim. can i restore my phone? i dont want to lose everything i have. is there any other way?

  • Shaxi Shaikh

    for those of you who cannot unlock there iphones .. make sure after you have installed SAM … turn off wifi in your iphones and deactivate sign out from there account in itunes

  • Deividuskis112

    do you really need the att sim card?

  • Nonzero69

    Yesssssss My iphone unlocked THANKsssssss

  • Jessica

    im assuming so because i deactivated my phone and now i can’t get back into my iphone without it because it wont read my tmobile one

  • Yessi_t

    How do you fix it? Thx

  • Chenbinhuang

    i followed the video and did everything right and the itunes still saids the sim card is not compatible with the celll phone

  • Ivan

    Hello. I unlocked iPhone 4 (5.0.1, 4.11.08) for one Serbian career. Is that unlock for one SIM, or for all SIMs on that career? Which is procedure to unlock for other career? Is needed to do every process or someone is not needed?

  • Keli61946

    What if you do not have the original sim card that the phone is LOCKED to ?

  • Nonzero69

    After process,My i4 has a signal,buy why I can’t call anyone. Help me pleaseeee

  • Ivan

    It is not needed original SIM. You must know career of locking. For that purpose can be used iTools. In 4. step you must not enter current career. In 4. you must enter career where phone is locked. So after that SAM and SIM IMSI must be different. First copy IMSI from SAM (not from SIM), than click on button. After clicking SAM and SIM IMSI will be same. Go back, and select Manual (if it is not selected automatically), and enter copied IMSI from SAM Details.

  • Keli61946

    thank you for r response , i bought my i4 from a friend and he was using it with a chip, i got locked when i updated to 501. is there any way to find the original carrier , bec i am not in us

  • Keli61946

    i dont have the sim card and i dont know the original carrier to proceed with this , is there any way to know the original carrier, bec i am not in the us, or is there any other way to do it without the original carrier ????????????????????? please help me to turn my ipod into an iphone again ………….. thanks in advance

  • shells_16

    If I unlock by this method, can i still get my phone factory unlocked? I have already talked to at&t and its been almost 14 days and they havent sent me a mail.

  • Braga Iyer

    hi guys,
    I am using and iphone 4 with ios 4.1 and bb 2.10.4 .can i update my handset through itunesnad then unlick it using sam method..I need help guys hellp mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ticopuravida75

    hi am from costa rica and i fund a iphone 4 whit the firmware 4.11.08 i did the prosses but when i conect the iphone to itunes i dont get the error. what am i doing wrong. i cant get it to work 🙁

  • Xgros-chatx

    I can’t select “De-activate iPhone because my iPhone is Hacktivated but when I select “Revert lockdownd to Stock” he says “Stockification failure”. o.O What can I do ?

  • Parthik Vyas

    HI, while m adding your Source in cydia. Its show erroe “Requested Time Out” tel me what to do

  • Jkkhui

    I bought my iphone 4 from ebay which came with AT&T 5.0.1 / BB 04.11. 08. I’ve been waiting for month & month for gevey sim & R-sim. Finally I unlocked my iphone 4 with SAM package for FREE. Now my iphone 4 shows T-Mobile signal bar.The whole planet earth is celebration. Thanks to the Chinese hacker called loktar_Sun.

  • Juantamban

    same here sgm, my iphne is locked to at&t

  • Ivan

    Trying again. To many people downloading…

  • Ivan

    As I said. Use iTools on computer and connect iPhone. iTools see Operator i Details view.

  • Chartreu Jeremy

    it work for 04.12.01baseband too ?

  • Morwan

    Thank you so much broo , I unlocked mine .

  • cristian

    close itunes unplug your iphone then desable SAM ,now open again itunes ,plug the iphone
    seconds later a window should pup up on your iphone telling you to select your new carrier
    don’t forget to insert the SIM card you want to unlock your iphone with,

  • Parthik Vyas

    I have and jailbroken and hacktivated iphone.. and i dont have original Sim. So, Still can i use sam ???

  • Mauri

    Works on iPhone 3GS io 5.0.1 and bb 5.16.05 ?



  • cristian

    surely you don’t have the good SAM install ,be sure to download it from this repo if not you will still get that error

  • Parthik Vyas

    Thanks a lot guys..i have done it with Baseband 4.12.01…thanks once again

  • Keli61946

    i dont have the sim card and i dont know the original carrier to proceed with this , is there any way to know the original carrier, bec i am not in the us, or is there any other way to do it without the original carrier ?????????????????????

  • Anil_salunke25

    go in to manage and upgrade essential

  • Multibox


    its works with Baseband 4.12.01


  • nuwan

    hi when i connect my 4n 2 itunes it keep telling there is no sim card installed!!!what can i do????????

  • Surendrass

    use gevey sim who doesn’t have orginal sim!! it’s work perfect thank you so much!! it’s try 5-6 time it will work1

  • Jake

    I’ve got the same problem. Help please !

  • jake

    When I attempt to activate, I get a SAM notification saying: Activation reports error: unable to retrieve storeBag…
    please HELP ME !!

  • Migbongout

    my request timed out when im trying to add the source!

  • Nelio

    My iPhone is originally from T-Mobile UK. Now I’m in Portugal and I can not use the SIM card from TMN on my Iphone BB 04.11.08. I could not unlock via this method. Someone can help? At the end of the process … says “Invalid SIM card”

  • Sgurwindersidhu


  • Keli61946

    for everyone that dont have the original card and dont know the original carrier, try auto detect , and make sure that all 3 imsi are the same. and then hit activate , then u will get black screen which means u r ok. then disable sam and connect and disconnect it to itunes as many times as u get the itunes sayn r iphone failet to activate and then a few seconds later u will see the bars , then u r done.

  • diesel701

    Or go to 😉 it’s totally free and you will know your original carrier! 🙂

  • Superdlux

    I did all that. SAM was disabled. Any thoughts?

  • jake

    someone please help me

  • Dasfass

    OMG THANKS from GERMANY !!!!!!!!

  • Lisai9093

    Why this method looks so familiar with the one posted by Hamzah_akram a couple months ago?

  • Joe

    i live in belgium and have proximus, with this method it won’t work i get te message in itunes this sim card is not recognised. and when i try to use the bundel method proximus isn’t in the list…

    any help please ?

  • Byom adhikary

    make step 7 clear..simply double tap the phone no ..which ph no and where to tap???

  • Blenz69

    after doing this, will any sim work in the phone or just the one used during the procedure? if not any sim, is there an easy way to swap in different sims or do you have to go through the whole process each time for each sim?

  • Saurabh Bhatnagar

    I am also getting this error.. i dont know what is the issue

  • Anil_salunke25

    HI, while m adding your Source in cydia. Its show erroe “Requested Time Out” tel me what to do… help me

  • Zoltannnl

    Just wanna say that this works great!!!

    First a message ” sim card is not recognised”, but tried it over a few times and now it works!!!


  • mr.arlind

    shkelzen a ban msn add , se nuk po di qysh me bo mem punu me Vala.

  • gurwinder sidhu

    GETTING THIS ERROR Activation reports error: unable to retrieve storeBag…

  • Prospero

    My phone is from Brazil and I can’t find the carrier (viva telefonica),what can i do?

  • gurwinder sidhu

    whem we have to select the carrier the carrier shd be dt we are locked to or the carrier of the sim we are having?

  • Parthik Vyas

    -at-Saurabh… try to do it again and again… i have done this.. and now my iphone working perfact…

  • Parthik Vyas

    watch video…and then try to attempt it. u’ll get the error for sure

  • Parthik Vyas

    before connecting to Itunes. u have to Click on Utilities and then Activation. so i tunes will detect ur iphone

  • Parthik Vyas

    no original Sim needed….

  • Parthik Vyas

    yes… i just unlock it with baseband 4.12.01

  • Shells_16

    When I try to add, i get an error saying that request timed out. What should I do?

  • Parthik Vyas

    carrier from your iphone is locked

  • Parthik Vyas

    try again and again… u’ll get it after some attempts

  • Parthik Vyas

    try again and again…

  • Parthik Vyas

    are you getting this error in Itunes ??? then u must forget to tap on Activation.. tap on it..

  • guest

    liga para a sua operadora ou vá até uma loja deles e pede para desbloquearem, aqui é lei os telefones serem desbloqueados….eles terão que desbloquear para você…

  • Molikos

    ONE MORE TIME THX!!!!!!!

  • lacoste

    after selecting ‘De-Activate iPhone’. The ActivationState under ‘More Infromation’ is still Activated.

    whaat now 🙁 i have tried deactivation from redsn0w b7 the latest still in the activation state under More info it is Activated :((

  • Dlk1986

    I did everything according to the tutorial, message poped out, restarted iphone and everything is ok, but still on the main screen of iPhone is says: No Network. Can anybody help with this ? Would really appreciate it.

  • Dlk1986

    Restarted iTunes of course, not iPhone.

  • Cosmin Min

    hi all i make this and work for me but now cydia don’t work :((

  • Hipolitoisabel

    I tried so many times but i always got SIM NOT SUPPORTED , men please i need a big help i’m from philippines ,

  • Todd Xu

    Just restart ur iphone, it happened before to me

  • Molikos

    Thx Ivan Your tips helped me a lot.
    Best regards!!!

  • Prashanth Rajashaker

    hey i hav doubt.. shud v do this for every sim v insert ????
    if not thn tell me tat procedure plzzz….!!!!

  • Prashanth Rajashaker

    keep trying .. server m8 be busy since so many ppl are trying to get thr iphone unlocked!!!

  • Ju_x96

    what if when i go on attemps activation it doesnt work and its ritten error?

  • Soul Drigo

    Just one question .. Will I have to do it with every SIM that I pretend to use on my iPhone ? like.. what if I want to chenage my carrier ? Will I have to do it again ? and Can I unlock with the original SIM and then buy another ? x-x

  • Rithysak

    finally 4.11.08 iPhone 4 unlock successfully… Thank you!

  • Sam Ayala

    OK guys if you notice you have to start with live Sim like AT&T in the video, or what ever your iPhone locked to in your country. He’s copying information from live Sim to SAM to emulated to new Sim like T Mobile in the video or what ever you are trying to unlock in your country.

  • Yo1s

    I have the same problem, anyone can help us pleeease !!

  • Saaa

    Any luck with “the request timed out”. Been like this for hours?

  • Mauricio Zamboni

    Trie with “Auto Detect” it work in Argentina.

  • Mauricio Zamboni

    I did not need the original carrier, I have not original SIM. And it work fine.
    you need the “current sim car” = the sim card that you would like use in you iphone

  • Rob Hoak

    did you get cydia to work?

  • natan_nmg

    whenever i try to install SAM it says : POSIX; Operation times out
    is it my internet or something?
    what can this be?

  • lalalalama

    verification error – the request timed out.

    hope lost….. any help?!

  • Jayisfreem

    Sam , I used the ipad baseband to unlock my iphone , can I restore my device and restore my iphone ,

  • natan_nmg

    qual seria a VIVO no carrier aqui?
    nao faco a menor ideia
    nao tem vivo

  • Felipitz21

    do you need to switch sim cards?? I have just one but I can’t, and I live in Chile.

  • Soul Drigo

    também to querendo saber, se descobrir avisa ai !

  • natan_nmg

    aki no ES eu pensava q era Telest
    mas ai coloquei e nao deu certo -___-

  • Alcaloide

    Set it to “auto detect”

  • Alcaloide

    I am from Brazil too and that’s how I managed it to work on my TIM carrier…

  • Stef

    i have the same problem. Any solutions?

  • Avtar

    i unlocked with vodafone career india.

  • Pr27rrs

    Claro Puerto Rico is not there

  • Pr27rrs

    help Claro Puerto Rico is not there

  • Tinypl

    hi! did anyone try to up your bb after unlock 04.11.08, i just wondering if i can up for 04.12.01 or more in my itunes after unlock

  • jocimar

    this procedure works here in Brazil with the carrier. my iphone was bought in at & t and this locked baseband 04.11.08

  • Soul Drigo

    o jeito é ir tentando todos XD to esperando chegar meu chip pra tentar .-. se colocar autodetect nao vai ?

  • Luis200969

    Finally unlocked my phone with telcel here In Mexico. Would it still work if I upgrade to 5.1 or am I gonna have to do the whole process again?

  • Buzzrockzu

    it simply rocked…bow to the dvlpr…m/

  • mike_2010

    mine keeps saying posix timed out and doesnt want to download properly. please help

  • lalalalama

    “the request timed out”

    should i try again and again? ive been doin this for ages

  • Alex

    Thank you very much !!!! My freakin i-touch turned into a phone again yupyyyyy. Thanks again. And by the way if you get no service try and follow this tutorial . It’s in romanian but translate it in english and you will understand.

  • Barcemiaec

    I trying to do with simple mobile sim card and it works but if i put another sim card i need to do the same process all over again or just put the sim card? because a tryin to put another sim card and it doesnt work

  • lalalalama

    what should this mean? : POSIX: Operation time out?

  • fabricio

    I got 3gs 8gb version 5.0.1(9A405) & firmware 05.16.05… it’s locked by AT&T

    my serial it’s QR151… its save upgrade the baseband to 6.15? pls help u dont want to brick it

  • Shon1863

    Thanks a lot!!! It works!!! I’m from Russia (MTS GSM carrier). Long months of waiting are over at last!!! But, fellows, for this method you need an AT&T sim-card. I’ve orded one by Ebay. Only 5$ and activation is free. Good Iuck!

  • Barcemiaec

    i need to do the process for any sim card o whe you do the first time you can change any sim card??

  • Wmont5988

    I dont have an AT&T sim card and after playing with ultrasn0w carrier doesn’t say att anymore. All is unknown now. Please help, I’m confused haha. I think it’s the meds from the VA hospital.

  • Shon1863

    At first i’ve connected iPhone to iTunes whith AT&T sim card. Then deactivated it whith Sam program. And after that step – just did the same as in video. It works!

  • Chiefs_sean

    im on the last part of the process nut im not not receiving any error message on itunes.. HELP me please

  • Chiefs_sean

    I need your help too. Ive done the whole process and Im on the last part wherein you need to connect and disconnect your iphone on itunes but here it is, Im not getting any error message. What should I do?

  • Shon1863

    You should plug in your iphone after “disable SAM” really fast! Almost immediately. I don’t know why it matters, but I’ve tried 3 times all the pocess and the message appeared only when i made a “fast connection”.

  • Chiefs_sean

    ive done that already 🙁 its kinda frustrating any other suggestions?

  • Mohsin

    i unlocked mine thanx alot man it worked for pakistan carrier ufone too love you

  • Strange_brew81

    WORKS!!! NO need for an original at&t sim. I just used my old t-mobile sim which I cut down. Follow the written directions…NOT the video. May have to reboot the phone. MUST see the error notification when connected to iTunes.

  • Shon1863

    During my first unsucsessfull attempt I’ve chosen “sim ID”. This field should be clear. I’ve noticed that if you choose it, the IMSI number changes automatically, and everything results in failure.

  • Abdiman-5

    last STEP- connecting to itunes…no message…no service…..please help..
    how to do this step??

  • Chiefs_sean

    yeah but my phone is from ATT so I should use 310410 🙁 kinda deppresing now 🙁 it should have work already i follow the whole process

  • lalalalama

    all i have is my voda sim which i need it to be available on my iphone. i have no original at t sim.. can i still unlock???

  • Soul Drigo

    I’m with “Network Restricted” problem !

  • Deepika

    My phone is showing wildcard activated, but there is still no service. What should I do…..

  • Kandola

    Hey, how did you do this. I also have Simple Mobile, but I am having a lot of trouble unlocking the iPhone. Nothing seems to work. Could u help me out

  • Nidoba

    what i do if my carrier not exicet on the carrier list in Sam?

  • Kandola

    Hey, could someone help me out. I have Simple Mobile, and it is not on the list for the carriers. I tried to do it under manual. However, nothing seems to work. Could someone please help me out. Thanks.

  • Kandola

    By the way, during step 7, when I turn on iTunes, I get the message, “The sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.” I have no idea what to do, I kept doing the same steps over and over, but nothing seems to work.

  • Rudi_pr1

    how to monacco contry

  • rudi

    pleas tel my for monaco contry

  • SynfulWishes

    i want to know in order to do this do you have to have current working phone service from an att sim card like the guy in the vidio

  • SynfulWishes

    hey could you tell me what you did cause i tried with the ismi number from an att card that has no service and it didnt work

  • SynfulWishes

    did you att sim card have active service

  • Soul Drigo

    hooooooooooooow ? help us please ! did followed the video steps or what ?

  • Nidoba

    activation reports error: activationinfo rejected you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

  • Carmelcrisp

    do you have to repeat those steps every time you power on the phone?

  • Kandola

    Go to the other link, the one that says “sim not supported” or whatever it is. I used a bit of that and mixed it with this. Thats how I made it work.

  • Kandola

    No, I did it without ATT sim card, in the methods, use bundle, and then choose ATT-US, and try out the different IDs. For me the second to last one worked.

  • 003

    Okay guys, I’m confirming this does in fact work in Trinidad and Tobago. It takes a lot of re-doing and following instructions carefully but keep at it and redo the process if it fails over and over again kk. Good luck. I still have a few questions such as if I can update my phone after this is done but at least right now it is unlocked. Thanks a lot to the hacker and unlockboot, much respect.

  • Mrjlpm19

    iam in mexico and i dont have the original sim card, my iphone4 was from at & t , what can i do .help please…!!!!!

  • guest

    will it stay unlocked when you shut the phone off and turn it back on?

  • Mrjlpm19

    oye, tenias la tarjeta sim de at&t, por que yo no la tengo como podria hacerle. cualquier ayuda se te agradece de antemano..!!

  • Johnb056

    This does not work on 3GS 5.1 baseband 6.15, tried multiple times and nothing works.
    Sam, throws in a wildcard activation everytime.

  • Choclate_30

    same case but in egypt

  • SynfulWishes

    you did all the steps but when it asks you to select carrier you choose bundle now when u do that do you have to go through the steps over in over

  • SynfulWishes

    would you mind giving a walk through

  • Mdnahian

    YES!!! After hours of trying it finally works. Totally worth it.

  • Kandola

    Well I actually lost my unlock, IDK why. But, for you help, I’ll tell you what I did. Make sure in SAM it is deactivated. Then choose ATT-US, and use one sim ID and connect iPhone to computer (iTunes) and it should unlock eventually. Keep going through all the IDs , and it should eventually unlock.

  • Son09

    Do I have to go through this process if I travel to another country and use that local telephone carrier?

  • Mdnahian

    Does restarting the phone or going on airplane mode or connecting to iTunes remove the unlock?????

  • Kandola


  • Magusorel

    IT WORKS!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    Oh my god. After doing a lot of stuffs. Finally, i can unlock my iPhone 4 ATT 4.11.08 iOS v5.0.1 into T-Mobile US.



  • Skygold16

    Does this means that i need have data connection before i start using it? and do i really need at&t original sim card to Spoof Real SIM to SAM?
    Please help me, I am in india and AT&T doesnt have service in India? How can i do that?

  • Shakya_birendra

    i followed every steps and everything was going right way but at last step when i connected to itunes it gave the message that the sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be ,y phone is still locked.please anybody do help me.

  • dheepan raj

    here too the same problM

  • Shakya_birendra

    hurry i did it.thank u very much.lots of love n regards to u

  • Pliundemix

    Cant get past the “The sim card insertd in this phone does not appear to be supported”. The phone is a Telecom PErsonal Argentina, I can not find bundle for this! I’ve tried everything! Selecting MEthod by Carrier Country, Auto Detect, everything!!!! Always the same message! Have plugged unplugged several times!!! I really think this phone can not be unlocked with this method…HELP!! ANYONE!

  • SAG

    I am not able to see Method option in SAM, is it because i am on ios 4.3.3(04.11.08), or something else.
    How to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 with preserving baseband, please reply.

  • LLemus

    I just unlocked it using this method. No need for the original SIM. Use the one you will be using!

  • LLemus

    I just did it several times. It shouldnt!

  • LLemus

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the original SIM

  • Tuangkgl

    you download 5.0.1 firmware and then use redsn0w to creat custom firmware without baseband, then use itune to restore WITH HOLD SHIFT KEY to link to the firmware u just create

  • Nisan

    Could anyone help me? I am just receiving No Service..AT&T Locked 04.11.08 iphone 4

  • Abdiman-5

    Thanks God…i did it…thanks also whoever did it!!!

  • Neuromcerxyz

    Follow the written procedure for country outside US. WORKS GREAT……. THANKS

  • Das

    I only got 1 sim card what should i do?

  • Sthan

    Estoy por hacerlo. ¿Tenías Jailbreak verdad?

  • Barcemiaec

    yes it does works like a charm

  • Barcemiaec

    actually you need to deactived sam first and try to do with bundle i put att-us ad it works perfect now i have simple mobile i make some calls and works like a charm

  • Burlito

    What if no original sim card ?

  • Dh17

    i dont have att sim if i borrow a friends to do the unlock will it affect their sim?

  • QuiveringArcher

    Thank you for confirming this. I also had 1 last question.
    Do I need to have an AT&T Sim Card to do this process ?
    If so, I don’t have an AT&T Sim Card nor Service.

  • OO

    Can I unlock without having the T-Mobile sim card in the iphone..and If I unlock it and switch t-mobile simcards will it stay unlocked?!

  • Ahmed

    Help please
    i got this error message …You must select original carrier SMID of your phone

  • mentor

    I can’t install the Sam … It’s showing some re color errors

  • lalalalama

    if i remove the sim after i have successfully unlocked my iphone will there be any changes or nothing happens?

  • Weatherman25

    use auto dectect and the numbr comes up in the sam simid

  • Faizanchaghtai

    this is a SIM unlock, not a factory unlock. so if you remove the SIM, you will have to redo the entire procedure with the new sim 🙂


  • Gabbas07

    I am from Kazakhstan…and I partially unlocked my Iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08…my provider is KCELL…it was locked to AT&T … following above instructions my itunes (last version) says everytime that sim is not supported however if you put in SAM program unable the Subcriber Artificial Module & then enable it again … it finds the required network…everytime when you reboot your Iphone u must unable this Module & then enable…so iphone will find the network…works GREAT…iphone 4ever…thanks to chinese hackers!!!!

  • Dwik79

    FactoryActivated,,,, helpppp,,, what must i do,,,

  • Nvargas79

    will i be able to update the phone with the sam unlock and nothing happens?

  • Anreka ywilson

    im having problem its saying Activation reports Error: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone…

  • Anrekaywilson

    i think that why i got the error message
    i dont have a at&t sim.
    what should i do?

  • A

    does it work OS 5.1 baseband 4.11.08?

  • Admiral-lb

    Thank you Unlockboot! it worked perfectly in lebanon

  • Nathan

    Actually, the video is not 100% right. Do not save the SIM IMSI and paste it into SAM IMSI. Because he’s using the AT&T at the first time. Therefore, his SIM IMSI is valid. You should follow the description in this stage.

  • claudia

    I don’t know for which carrier my iphone is locked, is it possible for me to unlock by this method?

  • M Kishore Kiran

    Excellent. I am able to Use German O2 SIM Card, with my AT&T locked iPhone 4, with Baseband 4.11.08 with IOS 4.3.3


    MANY THANKS for the SAM. :))

  • Nunod75

    BIG PROBLEMMMM: it says Activation reports Error: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone…


  • Nunod75

    i don’t have the original SIMID of my phone :((((

  • Bb_love

    What if my phone says Factory Activated? What does that mean? Should i continue?

  • gaston

    itunes is asking to restore iphone. is this a problem to unlock?

  • Fabricio

    I got 3gs 8gb version 5.0.1(9A405) & firmware 05.16.05… it’s locked by AT&T

    my serial it’s QR151… its safe to upgrade the baseband to 6.15? pls help u dont want to brick it

  • Benjamin Andersson

    I can’t see any Sim Details, not IMSI or ICCID.. Why is this? Locked iPhone 4 5.0.1 baseband: 4.11.08. I can see Sam Details but not SIM.
    I don’t have my original sim left. original sim was from Telia (Sweden)
    Can anyone help me?


    f—-in awesome got my iphone 4 and my wife 3gs. I did have problems on both…….i tried the method here first and none woked so i tried the video method and they still didnt work so i tried this one again and they both worked. got a feeling the video should be tried first and then this one after.

  • Rogervibe

    works like a charm in my iPhone in Brazil… But I had to put it in auto carrier to work

  • David Fernandez

    where i can get the at&t sim card .. ? becouse i from malaysia

  • Luis200969

    I have an iphone 4 running 5.1 on 4.12.01 and last night i jailbroke it and unlocked it with sam but i was having battery issues since it kept draining while on stanby so just a bit ago a decided to completly restore my phone to see if it would help and after i was done and it turned back up it was still unlocked. how is this possible? The iphone was locked to att and now it’s unlocked with telcel here in mexico and its not even jailbroken anymore.

  • Dhaval Panchal

    no need for atnt sim card .. u just need the sim card that u want to wrok on ur iphone.. dats it .. 🙂 but u need to select the carrie atnt,country usa and simin ur case .. 🙂

  • Dhaval Panchal

    but are you people able to call .. d basic funtionality of a phone .. i am thinking of restoring again hope its works after that .. :((

  • Sarda Aditya

    Hey how can i know the original carrier to which my iphone is locked? Plz help!

  • Ahmed458

    Can u help me .i dont have original sim . How can
    I get the imm ?

  • Jecktayag

    The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
    Been ahving this error for a couple of days now? What to do? Please HELP! Thank you.

  • Melikcay

    in SAM,and in method,choose by Country Carrier name,and find which carrier is locked your device(i mean officially carrier of your device,not your carrier) and put your simcard too
    and follow the instructions as above

  • Melikcay

    you can buy from ebay or there are some website,they are selling some simcard for activate for devices
    (actually you dont need any simcard for activate your phone,you can do it by SAM in a few seconds already) 😉

  • Melikcay

    search in google”itools” and download and istall it,connect yoour device to computer and open that software,in main page there is a button “more details” click on it,you can see full details of your device…

  • Melikcay

    if you see that in SAM,that means,your device not locked by Apple,it has Carrier lock,so you can not use with any other simcard except of which carrier enabled to use with this device,need unlock with sam without need any official simcard even…

  • Peddys

    how about iphone 4 5.0.1 base band 04.12.01 can unlock with SAM?

  • peddys

    im from malaysia and my iphone from korea

  • Anil_salunke25

    i cant unloack am from dubai…(UAE) what should i do

  • Roki_25

    i dont hawe that message cant activate itune start sync when i conect my phone i hawe carrier logo o2 uk but 0 bars no signal help please

  • Exoreck

    Thanks a lot … Finaly i have my expencive ipod working like a cellphone !

  • Wissoo6

    perfect it worksssss , if u dont have the sim u locked to , so u must find imsi from this network and after u will make the spooted , write the imsi under it and try then to attemp activating .

  • Roki_25

    i dont hawe that message cant activate itune start sync when i conect my phone i hawe carrier logo o2 uk but 0 bars no signal help please done everything like u show on video but no signal

  • Kamranjanpk2000

    hhmmm i tried a lot its not working feel sad…

  • Traian Michael Cernamoritz

    is o program itools wich find the carier

  • mentor

    how can help me plz how can unlock in kosovo

  • Evilspirit_9

    Same here having the same carrier trying for the past 2 days tried every method its says wildcard activated but no service

  • IslandMike

    I just activated my locked Iphone with H20 Wireless

    Iphone 4
    Baseband 04.11.08
    Locked to X-carrier with a non-provisioned sim card

    **** I realized that there is one mistake with the video tutorial and I wanted to share with you *****

    With the original sim card in the phone, I deactivated activation and took the card out and inserted the one that I wanted to activate with – Instead of copying the IMSI from the sim card that the phone is locked to – I copied the IMSI from the card that I wanted to activate (my H20 card) and paste it into “SAM Details IMSI” and then I attempted activation and that did the trick for me.

    H20 wireless is running fine on my newly unlocked phone !!!!

  • Colorfulglitzy

    I am having the problem that it stays at “searching…” for a while, though it works fine and then tmobile finally appears stays for a bit then does the same thing… anyone else with this issue?

  • Sreenadh Sasidharan Pillai

    thankq man its worh bsnl kerala

  • Israel Iso

    SAM alrady exist since over 6 months ago… I don´t know why nobody talked about unlock iphone 4 with baseband 4.11.08.

    Wherever now is public

    Im from Mexico and I have unlocked AT&T iphones w that basband from january

  • Israel Iso

    you need to have the original sim so that can copy IMSI number!

    If you don´t have it, google for one that aplies to the original carrier.


  • Israel Iso

    I´ve been trying, I think it is not possible yet. Please do not upgrade baseband nor software, until is tested


  • ELg

    how do you have your ipod workng like a cell phone??

  • Maj3st1c

    KISSSEESSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALYYY

  • Wiz

    People, I struggled too but made it work, this is the way i did it:

    No need for such things as the original SIM from AT&T for excample, I only have 1 SIM (The one I use regulary)

    1) No sim in slot, go in SAM-> utilities, press the hackdown to .. button.
    2) Insert sim, unlock pincode and hit de-activate in utilities.
    3) Now, go back and instead of finding country etc i just picked auto detect. Went into More info, copied the SAM IMSI and pressed Spoof Real sim to SAM. Went back to main screen, made it manual and pasted string, overwriting the IMSI that was already there.
    4) Connect to computer (did not open itunes) and press activate in utilities. Screen went black and respring back. Unlock the pincode and voila, phone unlocked, carrier showing up in the top.

    Phone was originally locked to AT&T, now unlocked to Network Norway. Hope this helps someone.



  • Wiz

    Is the Iphone properly jailbreaked? I use the latest tethered jailbreak..

  • Andrebr

    Hi guys, I would like to know if is this method reversible? Can I restore my iphone to its default configurations as when it is right brand new?

  • thekingbhatti

    -at-wiz many congrates to you.pls help me also to unlock.i dont have original sim i tried methods but couldnt succeed pls can u write me down all steps in detail i shall be very thank ful to you my e-mail is thx

  • nt21

    Is anybody getting a red dot on the phone icon after unlock or is it just me?

  • RP

    On IOS5.1
    BB 4.12.01
    Locked to AT&T US at&t 12.0
    Intend to use with Airtel India

    Question 1 : In step 4, Do I need to choose the country and carrier as AT&T US or Airtel India

  • Wiz

    I believe the purpose is to choose the carrier it was originally registered with (AT&T).
    Though I preferred just choosing auto detect.

  • Alihaider 01

    it worked for me! thank you!!! i guess we can all stop waiting for a new ultrasn0w or a gevey sim to unlock our phones now

  • Wiz

    Should be, would be wise to save the configuration though. Just hack to.. In utilities and deactivate I would imagine.

  • Wiz

    I’ve compiled this guide, a bit better detailed explained. I can mail it though I prefer posting it, as it might help other people that struggle with the unlock.

    This guide worked for me, my phone was locked to AT&T originally. I have tried to include all of the steps in more detail;

    My phone is jailbroken with the latest tethered jailbreak, it’s redsn0w 83b or something for version. Since it’s tethered you will need to boot tethered every time you open cydia apps such as SAM.

    1) Install SAM. Have SIM in during SAM installation. Now eject the SIM and & open SAMpref.

    2) Down at the bottom there’s a hackdown to … button, cant remember the last word though theres only one button like that. Remember that your phone needs to stay
    unactivated in the more info button at this point. If its prehacktivated you need to fix this in more info.

    3) Insert you sim, unlock the pin code and go into utilities. Press deactivate push button.

    4) Now go back to main meny. Some guides suggest choosing original carrier and country, though I picked autodetect, and let the software find the adequate IMSI number for my SIM.

    5) Now go into more info, copy the IMSI number in the SAM selection all the way to the bottom. Then press Spoof real sim to SAM.

    6) Go back into main screen, the mode should be manual unless choose manual, and overwrite the IMSI number that’s listed there with the one you got from the SAM IMSI in the more info tab in previous step.

    7) Connect your usb cabel to your phone, dont open itunes. Go into utilities in SAM and hit activate. Screen should go black, respring and then you unlock the phone with your pincode. Now you should have an unlocked phone, if you go into itunes now it should respond normal.

    8) When this is OK, go into SAM and press off the activate button so thats its not activated.

    Might have to repeat it, as I said, this worked for me, hope this helps,

  • Weatherman25

    search on facebook this will help you

    Iphone unlocking solutions any iphone locked to a network provider

  • chibs

    It’s working after for days, finally

  • Dearullas

    great!unlocked the iphone on first attempt.unlocked before connecting itunes in the final step

  • Fernandojr22

    hi guys i have a iphone 3gs and i followed the video step by step im trying to use this phone in brazil and my carrier doesnt show on the options and to be honest none of the carriers that they have for brasil exist i think that really important ? because im not being able to do the unlock i plug on itunes and it doesnt reconize the sim card…please help

  • Wiz

    Tried auto detect? Couldn’t find my either, that function worked better..

  • ggfriend99

    I have the same problem did you find a solution PLEASE ;(

  • ggfriend99


  • Soccerneno

    Go to ‘By Country and Carrier’ present in ‘Method’ and then select your carrier
    Chose brazil after the sim card carier ( to unlock it you have to have tje brazilian sim card in your hands i mean already bought cuz you have to inser it in your phone.
    Ex: im going to croatia next week so i already bought a sim card on internet and was lucky they released the unlock . So under by country i selected croatia after under carrier selected tele2
    Iphone 4 5.01. 04.11.08 worked for me.

  • Guy15684

    Problem it is not work for me IPhone 4 5.0.1 04.11.08
    It is show me error activationinfo rejected you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone
    Help meeeeeeeeeeee

  • California

    I can’t find SAM in Cydia? why is that?

  • flyers

    -at-Wiz. Thanks man! What the hack is a “hackdown to…button”?!

  • Wiz

    Have you added the source? If you get the package info it should be there, I see it.

  • Xemi_2006

    Sorry your late , there’s no chance to activate your iphone 4 with SAM now :S Sorry
    Apple Updated the activation servers.

  • Xemi_2006

    Forget it :S It doesn’t work now .

  • IslandMike

    where are you getting the info that it doesn’t work anymore because apple updated the activation servers?

  • IslandMike

    This is a very good game between apple and the unlockers. Let’s see who wins…

    These guys at apple are so stupid, why dont they just unlock the damn thing and make everyone happy!!!

  • Don

    Yeah it looks like for now you will have to pay to unlock your iphone but good luck with that also because all the r-sim 4 cards are currently sold out.

  • CHD2012

    APPLE BLOCKED SAM iPhone Unlock Tool NOW SAM NOT WORKING NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • qh3

    why I got the SAM notification of ActivationInfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone. This is not my phone. I got it from my brother and it is not in service with ATT. Please help me out.

  • Fernandojr22

    dammm sam got blocked , so i still wanna unlock my phone do you guys know any website that i could buy a software to unlock it i saw a few but kinda sketched out

  • Lokomele

    if you guyz know how to unlock iphone 4 04.11.08 plz let me know i really need to unlock my iphone to tmobile
    that is my email address ….

  • Devinfiishh

    Under Carrier it says SIM ID what should I choose or should I leave it alone?

  • Kenney

    please help i have baseband 4.12.01 is work on this baseband too

  • Katy_chazy

    What The Hell? Now I’m Stuck by SAM, and now I can’t use my iPhone like iPod…THNX

  • Steve

    How do you have cydia if you’re not jail breaking?

  • ian

    Yes SAM doesn’t work anymore. Successfully unlock 2 diffrent carrier, and today i try the third… wwala SAM give up haha MERDEKA INDONESIAKU

  • FSAIL4248


  • 3r0s

    so whats the solutions for those who miss the SAM unlock then? waiting and waiting and waiting…

  • Krok

    Need help…I have a locked AT&T locked phone that can’t be unlocked with Att, I have a Telstra Sim card. It says use the country that your phone is locked to (USA) and carrier for the sim card (Telstra, Australia). How do I unlock the phone?? Any help would be great

  • Alexandre Alencar

    It don’t get past the activation step, the video show one thing and the text a complete differente one

  • Alexandre Alencar

    where I am supposed to email them when I am not a customer?

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    Hi guys, my iphone4 is from canada, does SAM UNLOCK TOOLS also work at different carrier? (e.g. ROGERS)

  • flyassnerd

    does this work for verizon 4s????????????????

  • vybz

    what if no original sim card will it still work?

  • kobe

    does it also works for iphone 3GS

  • @1422

    hi i have an iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 BB 4.11.08 Locked to rogers i tried the vid shows but it dosent work.can any one tell if i can unlock it or not.

  • Sagirl

    How did you get rid of the not supported message?

  • sagirl

    Where is that link you are talking about?

  • disparate

    do i have to use an at&t sim that has an account on it ???

  • Jason – Liquidfire

    It worked perfectly. Thanks a million…Liquidfire(Abuja)

  • Michelangelo Whitfield

    can i take uninstall my jailbreak after i do this

  • Patrik Horn

    does this still work or have they killed it with some update?? 🙂

  • kamran

    yes it is still working
    and also work on bsband 04.12.01
    great post

  • kornelia kucharska

    If you guys want to unlock any phone with carrier ATT, go seach att iphone unlocking, I believe the first one was the one I used, took me about 2 hours to unlock my 4s

  • chris

    does in work on baseband 04.12.05 ???

  • Vic

    I’d like to know if it’s still working and if I can do it with a 04.12.05 baseband. Pleaseee I need an answer. Thank you!

  • Raaj

    will it work for iphone5 6.0.1

  • franz

    guys what is SIM ID?

  • franz

    is SIM ID is the SIM of the country where you originaly bought your phone?
    because the error said: you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.
    anyone please help..

  • Abhilash singh

    is it still working ?