Almost all of you must know by now that you can get your iPhones unlocked for free through AT&T.

According to reports, AT&T has changed their iPhone unlocking policy, and they said that they would start the free iPhone unlocking process from the 8th of April, 2012.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4

So, if you are interested in unlocking your iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband and aren’t sure if you are eligible because you are on the baseband 4.11.08, then read below to see if your device is eligible for the free unlock or not.

The first condition which you have to meet in order to be eligible for the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock is that your contract period with AT&T is over. This means that if your iPhone 4 is under a contract or a term commitment with AT&T, then you will not be able to get the iPhone unlock.
How to Unlock ATT baseband 4.11.08

AT&T Unlock iPhone 4 4.11.08 baseband

It could happen that you bought the iPhone from someone who paid an early termination fee. If that’s the case, then your iPhone is eligible for the free unlock. So, if you are unsure about it, then just ask the previous owner if he or she has paid the early termination fee or not.

There are also many people who have commented that they bought their iPhone 4 from Amazon or eBay and that is why they are unsure if their devices can be unlocked or not. We have the answer for such people. The terms of the iPhone unlock policy states that you need to be an AT&T customer and buying from Amazon or eBay means that you aren’t an active customer, and that is why you are not eligible for the unlock.

We can Factory Unlock iPhone 5

For people who have a locked iPhone4 on the 4.11.08 baseband, well you need to contact AT&T by emailing at AT&T Partnerships Operations at or simply visit the AT&T website. Alternatively, you can call them at 1-800-331-0500.

If you aren’t an AT&T customer and currently not living in the US, then the chances of you getting the free iPhone unlock are slim. However, you should contact AT&T to get your iPhone 4 unlocked and see if you are one of the lucky customers !

  • Thebestsumoeva

    If I get service through at&t with a phone that was previously bought through eBay can I get it unlocked?

  • P-ny

    I just called AT&T “again” and I got this answeriPhone 4 CAN’T be unlock because they came out on June so AT&T said if you purchased the iPhone 4 a full retail price and you have prof for it, then yes they can unlock it right away.I have an iPhone 3Gs and that one was purchased on May 4th 2010, so Im gonna be able lo get it unlock on May 4 2012, they set up a return call for that day.Now my iPhone 4 was purchase on June 25th 2010 so Im goon be able to unlock it on June 25th 2012So bottom line guys even if is a 3Gs it has to be more than 2 years since you purchase it before you can get an unlock(they can get that information thru the IMEI number)As I said before only if you have proof that you pay full retail pice for iPhone 4 than you can get an unlock

  • Rios

    Is it possible to get this info through a friend or anyone who is
    currently an At&t customer? perhaps they can help us if we provide
    them the IMEI?? does the locked phone should be registered to the
    customer? help please.

  • Alejandro

    Wheres the form or whatever you need to get your at&t unlocked?

  • Jbarron225

    I Just Called AT&T and they said it was possible to Unlock my Iphone that i bought off of Craigslist, all you need to do is provide the IMEI number and they will send your unlock code in a week via email or if you have another phone.  

  • hOpeFuL

    OK – good news guys!  I called Apple Tech Support 1(800)MYIPHONE They asked me for my serial number and noticed it was under the original owner’s name who was an AT&T customer when they used the iPhone.  They then pointed me AT&T tech support.  I told AT&T that I am the 2nd owner of the phone and that I live overseas and can’t use the phone since I’m stuck with baseband 4.11.08.  AT&T then asked me for the IMEI number and checked to take a look at the account.  After waiting on hold for the tech support guy to check with a superviser for about 10 min. he then said that the iPhone would indeed be able to be unlocked but they need to get a little more account info on the phone and will then contact me back with a unlock solution.  So… there is hope for you overseas guys and guys who purchased from a previous owner assuming the previous accnt. is in good standing…

  • Celtic91

    I recently just purchase a iPhone 4 and used my friends account, they told me to give them a imei number . Once that was finish the representive talk to his manager, eventually they said I would be contacted in 5 to 7 days with the info to unlock. Just use a friend account from AT&T who is in good standing and you will be okay. Just call over the phone to bypass all the crap

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

     Mee to i have phone uses with gevey if i get an atat sim it;s posible that i can unlocked my iphone 4 ?

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

     me to i have iphone from U.S with gevey if i can get an atat sim it’s posible that i can unlocked my iphone ?

  • Amz0687

    I am from Uk.. could anyone help me to contact AT&T please?

  • Ictrunner

    I’m on T-Mobile using a jailbroke and unlocked iPhone 3G. My wife bought an iPhone 4 from eBay for me to use. Unfortunately it has the 4.11.08 bb and I never had a chance to use it. I called AT&T customer service this afternoon and 35 minutes later the tech said he confirmed that my iPhone 4 could and would be unlocked by the 16th.

  • hOpeFuL

    Except with AT&T it’s free… 😉

  • Liam

    I’m trying to do this also. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Momo73337

    please unlock my iphone the imei is   012416005525153  thanks

  • ShaiB

    do u have an att account or did they do it for you with having an att account, i have a similar situation i got mine off ebay

  • Anto Peter

    Just tell them that you got the phone from ebay and dont have a att account. They will unlock it for you. It worked for me 🙂 

  • Thedeme23

    I am from Reoublic of Georgia, can anyone help me, how to contact AT&T?

  • Filipla

    scusa quale numero devo kiamare per parlare con at&t per sbloccare??

  • Deep00980

    Can any one help me i got iphone 4 from uk Orange and 04.11.08 firware please help me for unlocking and give me solution.

  • Jill

     Same for me. This is great news. The article above is not entirely accurate, you do not have to be a ATT customer.

  • Ictrunner

    No AT&T account needed!  I have a T-Mobile account.  I called the customer service about my iPhone 4 yesterday and today I’ll call to get my other (family) 3 iPhones GS unlocked.  it is supposed to be quicker for older G and GS iPhones. 🙂 Happy Days!!!

  • MathewJay

    hi, my name is matias. I’m from Argentina. ¿Can you help me to unlock my iphone 4? I have no account at & t. thank you very much

  • Snadhs

    I am from India I send 2 mail to this email no reply . What to do??????

  • ShaiB

    aight cool thank could u tell me what you said to them to get them to help you hit me up thank s for the response 

  • ShaiB

    thank for ur answers 

  • Ggg

    this is a non sense way of knowing eligibility….waste of time!!!

  • Dtradpdx

     I just called and they just asked me how I got it. I don’t think they really care. Just let them know you aren’t on T-Mobile. It was really easy and they were nice.

  • Kenzo

    Quoting Muslenerd on Twitter
    For everyone enjoying new AT&T policy: use redsn0w’s “Deactivate”
    option on “Jailbreak” screen to avoid restoring and losing jailbreak
    it works 100%


  • Lance_bperez

    Can i unlock my phone even if im not an at&t user????

  • Shai B

    you dont have to be an att customer, when you call keep pressing 0 and you will be sent to an agent. I had to call twice the first time the lady we very unhelpful and i didnt explain like i did the second time, I said i am not an att customer and i purchased a out of contract iphone off of ebay and wanted to check eligibility, the agent who was a nice and explained everything ask me for my name, a number then my IMEI number and said he had to check the number against the ole account and whether it has been reported or stolen. After all checks he asked me for an email address and said he was submitting the case to apple I should get a response by the latest april 17. so if u get an agent that doesnt ask for or explain the above info they probably gonna bs you and not check like the first lady did to me just call back and talk to someone else

  • Shai B

    thank i got it after dealing with one persons that clearly didnt wanna do her job

  • Hfgc087

    Im from New Jersey and I called AT&T this afternoon and the lady asked for the IMEI, number to contact and my email address. She said that they will call me within 72 hours if they can unlock it. Which meaaans they are UNSURE!

  • Rollno P

    I contacted apple and they said the iphone is already unlocked

  • nutella

    exactly! coz i called them yesterday to unlock it and i got no problem. they just ask my imei, email and contact number. thats it 🙂 they will give me a call on thursday.

  • 123hi

    gr8 it worked……….I will be receiving my unlock code from AT&T in 7days…..

  • Jczar41

    can somebody help me share their AT&T account in order to unlock my ip4 4.11.08 because i dont have any account -at- AT&T T_T

  • Docreba

    Can i unlock my iphone 4 if i don’t live in USA??? By the way i was trying to contact at&t support online buti can cause i don’t have an account… Need help SOS

  • 4.11 guy

    I just factory unlocked 3 iphones 4.11.08… I just cant believe it..!!

  • diego

    amigo yo tambien tengo mi iphone bloqueado de at&t me puede dar su correo para poder guiarme

  • Lucas_dung_lam

    My IMEI :012538000052824. Help me to call AT&T to unlock my iPhone 4 ,then I pay you

  • Thcooray

    please can you unlock my iphone 4

    i’m from sri lanka 


    tharindu cooray

  • TharinduCooray

    can you unlock my iPhone 4

  • Ricky Porter

    anyone can help me ?
    i have contacted 3 times for checking eligible of unlocking my iphone.
    but until now,they not reply my email.
    how i must do now ?
    anyone can help me for asking to AT&T with your AT&T account?
    if you will,email me at (this is my trash mail for receive updates from some websites)
    Thank You !

  • Marvin

    Unfortunately this Mail address does not work

  • Khonyura

    help me unlock my phone. I live in Kazakhstan bought in my Ebay. model mс 318ll. imei 012339002400271.
    I have half a year waiting for unlock please help!! Show your humanity. my mail

  • Stefanski07

    Can someone please help me to unlock my Iphone4, i’m from germany and i’m not a at&t customer

  • Sucocrespo

    To the people that lives out of USA

    Call free by skype (18003310500)
    Press *  for spanish (if you need it)
    Then press 1
    then Press 0

    Then a person of AT&T will ask you what do you want?
    Just explain him that you live in … and you need to unlock your Iphone 4,
    They ask for your IMEI, and a email, they told me they will send me news until the 19 of april.

    Have to wait

    Plus they gave me my case number.

    Was realy easy.

  • 123

    call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500 and ( talk to the person who talking with you nicely) tell them you buy iphone 3gs or 4 on Ebay or Craiglist , and tell your phones off contract and you want to check if they eligible to unlock or not , they will help you ! remember talk nicely

  • Kexaxu

    Yes , tell them you buy phone from web and they will help you ! I was help by a nice lady AT&T customer service 

  • Kc_ramos13

    pls help me to unlocked my iphone 4 version 5.0.1 baseband 4.11.08..
    im here at the philippines my iphone from japan..pls email me 🙂

  • Ricky Porter

    bro,can you help me with it?
    i can’t passively talking using english 🙁
    i just want help with you all,bcoz i can’t talk passive in english,if I can,i not to be helped with you 🙁
    please 🙁

  • Soryun Duong

     hi. i live in Cambodia and i not i at&t customer and also don’t has account, can you help me to unlock my iphone 4
    my imei 012657005491843
    my email

  • Daro Mo92

    Call international cutomer care  18003354685,
    then straight dail 0010, again dail 0010 till it say hold down till i connect u to the nearest free customer care representative then someone will  ask u how may he or she help you,ask i want to get my iphone unlocked, then she/he  will ask your imei number,give them..tell them your email adress and finally they will give you a case number which u should note down and thy will tell you the date when you will be mailed. That’s all… I succed here in Bosnia and Herzegovina..

  • Daro Mo92

    Yes, i do same, and it’s working.. i’m in bosnia and herzegovina.. waiting for 19 april ^^

  • Austen People

    “Unfortunately this phone is unable to be unlocked. This phone is associated with an at&t account that is not eligible for unlock.” This were the operator words’ of AT&T. I’m very sad.

  • Drak681

    Me he comunicado vía skype, tal como sugiere Sucocrespo y me funcionó. Soy de México.

  • Shpic Kupi Blic

     Hey how’s going i’am from Macedonia i dont know how to dial i first want to ask if you can unlock my iphone ?? if you want answer me i’all put mi infos here thanks

  • Jim

    I guess no one would bother

  • Moulay L

    اخي مهدي ادخل منتدى البوابة الرقمية في قسم الايفون راح تلاقي مين يساعدك

  • Jeric Santos02

    We are unable to view your account details for the mobile number: 07404668537 in our database. In that instance we will not be able to process the unlock request for your handset. Kindly contact your service provider or account manager to process this unlock request. Guyz plzzz help from using my locked iphone almost 9 months:(

  • King_luna2013

    sir can you please help me unlock my iphone 4 bb 4.11.08.. waitin for your reply..thanks

  • Happystars808

    Apparently you don’t have to be an AT&T customer… They’re still willing to take your request… They took mine!

  • Shon1863

    I’ve got the same answer… Really sad! Is it possible to check when the contract (account) expires?

  • Linojgoncalves

     I have my iphone unlocked by ultrasn0w and im using vodafone PT how can i ask them for an unlock?

    maybe bought some at&t sim card and call them from that number?

  • Fernandolastrollojr

    I can call at&t for you.. Just send me an email so we can negotiate the price.

  • lheewhoo

    call them thru skype need to buy an AT&T sim.

  • lheewhoo

    call at&t…u can use skype even…very simple process

  • Applebee 1968

    yeah, really easy i just do that to, now im waiting till april 23 excited 😉

  • lheewhoo

    have you given your imei? that is what they only need…and an email ofcourse…call them again


    Hi i called at&t on tuesday told them that i had a iphone 4 locked with at&t but that i wasnt a customer and that i lived in Central America, and they toldme that there was no problem. So they asked me for my imei and my email they said it may take around 7 days but just yesterday april 13 2012 i received on my email the unlocking confirmation for the iphone and now i have my iphone factory unlock.

  • nutella

    I called them this past monday and the lady said that i have to wait for 72 hours and i called them thur and the other lady said it took 7 business days. I can’t wait 😀

  • Sear

    Am in Cambodia please help me to unlock my i phone 4,I wait 6mouth ago.IMEI:012748007850126 and my!

  • Johan Herrera

    hola podrias desirme a que numero llamaste ?
    dame el mismo numero a q llamaste porque yo llama y la maquina me pide un numero de cuenta y yo estoy en colombia

  • Dhaval Panchal

    hii can anyone help me ??!!.. i have iphone 4 bought thru ebay, imei no – 01 264500 699473 3, my email id is I am currently in India. Hope to hear soon..

  • Dhaval Panchal

    hii can u help me ??!!.. i have iphone 4 bought thru ebay, imei no – 01 264500 699473 3, my email id is I am currently in India. Hope to hear soon..

  • Clint_dine11

    Hey I’m from Philippines can help me too my iPhone is from japan,

  • brodni

    good I am of Venezuela and wanted that they gave me I number where it can call for knowing if I can unblock my iphone 4 of baseband 04/11/08

  • SynfulWishes

    if ur english happens to not be great then get someone who can speak well and just tell them you have an iphone 4 and you want to check unlock eligibility, you currently don’t have an att if that is true and give them the IMEI number if you read other post on this site you will some have been successful unless the phone doesnt meet the requirements and the phone has to be an ATT iphone. to prevent from paying someone for charging you for something you can do yourself, if you choose to accept someone elses help that is on you, but i would advise i had to call twice to start the process over my date was today and i never received an email so i had to call them and go through the process again and have another resolution date now, make sure u get an case number incase u have that issue

  • Ramiro Muro

    Gente de MEXICO!! la forma de marcar es 001880 3310500, si alguien necesita ayuda mi correo es, les puedo ayudar solo les cobraria el costo de la llamada ya que desde mexico no es gratis

    People from mexico, the phone number to call from this country is 001880 3310500, if anyone neds help contact me at i can help you, i would charge you just the cost of the call because from mexico this number is not free

  • Bob_ogag

    I just called AT&T and I ask them if my iphone4 is eligible for unlocking. I told them I am not AT&T costumer but I bought the to a person that finish the contract. They ask me the IMEI and then ask me my email and told me to wait for the unlocking instruction in a week.

  • #Superman_ls

    Had the case number for a week now, ive been assured more than once my iphone will be unlocked, but just how much longer do i have to wait is the question. Just want it done already……hurry up confirmation email!!!

  • Raul_muresan2006

    i help you …

  • Raul_muresan2006 o help you

  • Sirapramli

    ok they took yours but did u get your iphone unlocked?

  • Liewciawjie

    hi , can u help me ??!!.. i have iphone 4 bought thru ebay, imei no -004999010640000, my email id is

  • Tomtomgreenback

    I just called the international help line and got my case num., I should have my iPhone unlocked in 5-7 days!! (:

  • Joao Pseudónimo

    The email doesn´t work…

  • Shavkatmirzoev

    hey guys could you tell me how many digit number is case number? because they gave me only 8 digits

  • Ashley07

    Hey Guys, I Called AT&T Today To See If My iPhone 4 BB 4.11.08 Was Eligible To Be Unlocked. After Asking For My Information As Well As The IMEI On The Phone, The Guy Said My Phone Was Eligible. YESSS! He Asked For My Email And Gave Me A Case # And Said I Should Hear Back From Them In A Week

    Now Its Time To Play The Waiting Game…..

  • Dru Phillips

    I have been waiting for over ten days for a response. I have called every day, but they continue to assure me that I will hear back soon. If you decide to take this route be prepared for a bit of a tense wait. In my numerous discussions with AT&T I have also discovered that although AT&T considers your iPhone eligible for the unlock, all that means is that you are eligible for an unlock request. Ultimately the prize lies, as it always has, with those at Apple. Apple could decide for any reason to deny the unlock request, and due to the large number of requests that they have been receiving, which result in higher costs for Apple and AT&T to process, don’t be surprised if this is a short-lived option. Submit your request while you can and hope for the best. I, for one, am keeping my hopes high for R-Sim 4 as a back-up. Many of us will still need it. By the way, it seems to me that the new unlock policy from AT&T and Apple came about when the development teams were possibly getting close to releasing an unlock solution. Coincidence? Apple and AT&T have not grown to be the companies that they are by being gentle with the competition. This to me seems to be a calculated attack on the teams that have been poring time and money into finding an exploit. With their money invested in finding an unlock solution, Apple swoops in and takes their business right out from under their feet, effectively crippling potential sales for R-Sim 4 and the like. Just a though…

  • Femarins

    For the people who are outside the US and can not use the website because dont have an account, call them!! I just did it and got my case num!! I should have my IPhone unlocked in 7- 10 days!!!

  • Prathapk87

    Hi…Is this a permanent factory unlock or temporary for this version? I mean can we upgrade to latest versions without any issue…Please suggest..

  • SynfulWishes

    same issue here they never gave me the case number the first time so i could call back and check and i had to do the process all over from what i have seen they say its an overwhelming amount of requests, what the hell they think was gonna happen. hopefully you and i will get some time of solution I waited til the 17 for the first request i put in now i am waiting for the 25th for the new one that will be 3 weeks. I think that they might be doing it faster for ppl that are att customers cause for anyone even though the high volume what so had to just add it to whateva database is needed so we can get unlocked

  • SynfulWishes

    i got two sets of numbers its a first combination of letters and number then an underscore with more numbers

  • rar3person

    Did AT&T happen to give you the unlock code?

  • SynfulWishes

    After reading around on this site I have found that you can email and you will get an automated response at first still waiting for a representative to respond

  • lharri40

    Hi, thanks soo much for clearing that up for me! I have checked my saved SHSH blobs on cydia and I have 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2.1 and 4.2~b3… So basically I doubt I can go back to 5.0 or 5.0.1:( Does the phone need to be jailbroken for it to be factory unlocked? Mine is jailbroken at the moment luckily. As you said, it will be fully resorted through iTunes and lose the untethered jailbreak. There will eventually be an untethered jailbreak for 5.1 right? Just unsure whether to follow your link and keep untethered or just put up with having to ‘just boot’ for a while.. This software is old and missing all the cool stuff, that’s all.. Anyway I’m still waiting to hear back from AT&T so not even sure if I’m eligible yet. Fingers crossed!!

  • Ron

    Exactly how I did it and it only took 48 hours

  • SynfulWishes

    Sooo finally after calling 3 times the first with no help the second with help but no case number give and the third time with help give and case number and an email to complaining that i called times and passed one resolution date and the second was fast approaching I was finally sent an conformation from using the email address i sent the email on APRIL 20, 2012 and i got a response today so try all alternatives if you have not gotten a response yet and to keep your untethered jail break just follow the guide that is found on this site

  • Doz

    Hello, i come from Italy, i need a person who help me to unlock my at&t phone.. it is very important for me.. is there anyone?? my email is


  • Prasadraparthy

    Hi ashley,

    please help me for the same.

  • Dow769

    How about prepaid iphone bought in AT&T shop ? I have a prepaid iphone 4 bought in 2010, AT&T dont want to unlock it because they say the phone wasn’t used actively for at least 60 days since it was purchased. Nobody in AT&T shops tells customers that they have to use the phone for at least 60 days before they’re eligible for unlock.
    AT&T prepaid can’t be used abroad, so this makes it extra hard to get it unlocked !

  • Hersheycake18

    did u already unlock it?

  • Imro Martens

    What about prepaid iphone packadges that are being sold in AT&T shops ?
    When can these iphones be unlocked ?

  • luk

    pleas help me unlock mine iphon 4 a live in poland and i not i at&t customer and also don’t has account, can some help me….

  • Thorng

    hi. i live in Cambodia and i not i at&t customer and also don’t has account,and i am not so good english with AT&T 🙁 can you help me to unlock my iphone 4 .
    my imei 012654004617387
    And my email :
    Please help me

  • Thorng

    hi. i live in Cambodia and i not i at&t customer and also don’t has account, can you help me to unlock my iphone 4
    my imei 012654004617387
    im not so good in english to speak with the AT&T 🙁
    please help me
    my email is
    BIG UP 🙂 GUY

  • Kai Hicken Scott

    So this definitely does not work with baseband 4.12.01?

  • miausaec

    I call att and they give you a confirmaion number you dont need to be a customer but i think they choose just a few non customer to unlock… i just did today and now i have to wait 5 to 7 days

  • Sara

    Hi everyone ..
    who’s can unlock my iphone 4 ??
    please help me sent a message to me at this
    please help me

  • sara

    send a message to me and but the object ” help to unlock”
    please help me guys

  • Amit Malik

    My iPhone is locked with Rogers 4.11.08 , any thing can be done with it …… Can u help

  • Lewis

    I just called AT&T and they took my unlock request though I ain’t an AT&T customer neither am I in the US. They provided me a case number and asked me to write it down on the back side of the receipt with my name, phone number, email address and IMEI then send it to them by fax. I don’t know if I can do that since I honestly don’t have a fax machine and I still got the email from them which tells me that I will hear from them in 7 days anyway, is it okay if I just don’t send the fax to them?

  • bowo

    please help to unlock my iPhone4 at&t :(((
    IMEI : 01 312700 283303 2

  • Berna Chaves

    I´ve tried to call AT&T and they told me that this is impossible to me because my iphone is locked for security reasons. someone too??? someone know why ??

  • florianhyraj

    but cai i do the same thing emailing AT&T ????if yes what is the email of AT&T?

  • florianhyraj

    please can you send me the email from where ATT respond to you?My email is

  • Masa fumi
    iPhone 3Gs
    IMEI 012163005118049

  • Masa fumi

    help me to unlock my iPhone 3Gs
    IMEI 012163005118049 AT&T
    IMEI 012163005118049

  • Alma

    please help me unlock mine as well,4.12.1 thanks!
    my email is
    please i really want my iphone unlock badly!

  • Muhammad Bilal

    I call AT&T. they asked me for some proof like receipt and i’dont have that 🙁

  • JahOvaEvil

    can u help me unlock mine?

  • flako

    how do i unlock iphone 4 (5.1.1) , Modern Firmware (04.12.01) for any carrier

  • flako

    how do i unlock iphone 4 (5.1.1) , Modern Firmware (04.12.01) for Simple Mobile …


    my iphone 4 is run on ios 5.1.1 with baseband 04.12.01 is locked to
    AT&T also i want to unlock it to Cyprus Carrier basically to Cyta
    carrier could you please help me to unlock it?i will pay for it!
    my email is and

  • Andrey

    Who can help me unlock my iphone please contact me , will be very grateful 🙂

  • premchandran

    hi sir iam prem
    I am prem , working as a Business Analyst in 3E IT Solutions . Couple of months back I got an iPhone as a gift from my boss . Now am in my native place which is in India and am not getting any signal here in my home which is in Kerala , India . I won’t be coming back to uk as we had started our outsourcing development center here in India . So I want to know whether I can unlock my iPhone to use . Here is my iPhone details.
    MEI : 012538004391558model: iPhone 4 16GBversion: 4.3.3 (8K2)
    serial: 7S046RJ2A4S

  • amaury

    Hi i have a iphone 32 gb from canada IMEID 012845001496789 can you unlock and how much?

  • BiteAndroid ;-)

    Hi, my iphone 4 is on baseband 04.12.01 , IOS 5.1.1 locked to Three UK. Can someone pls help me unlock this.
    Thank you.

  • anupriya

    I have iphone which my brother sent it from US and its locked to at & t. It was previously on version 4.3.3 and baseband 4.10.01, then i recently updated it into new version 5.1.1 and baseband 4.12.01. how can i unlock my iphone?

  • cezar badeel

    Hi I NEED HELP HERE … My IPHONE4 IMEI IS BLACK LISTED FROM AT&T so i can’t do the Factory unlock iv tried to send my phone for repairing shop they told me that my IMEI is locked from the main company ….. Any one can help plz

  • hish

    hi we can unlock blacklisted AT&T as well. but we cnt assure tht it might not get relocked again from the apple sever/service providers database.Still then if you wish to get the service from us let us know we will get ur device unlocked.
    email id: hishamhaniffa4 -at- gmail com

  • mocklnf

    how much for iPhone 4 swisscom unlock

  • ekco

    Can somebody help me unlock my iphone 4S lock to Verizon? I accidentally update it to ios. Please help