My brother sent me an iPhone 4 from UK, it was locked on O2 Network. I started searching for the perfect solution to unlock it. My friend told me about the ultrasn0w; Gevey SIM and SAM unlock.

Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.12.01

I searched the whole web sphere to get my device unlocked. But unfortunately, it was updated to iOS 5.1.1 and there was not even a single solution to unlock it.

I was very worried about it. I went to the local market and ask the shopkeeper for Unlock. He told me that it will cost you £39.99 and unlock may take more than one month. £120 was too much and I could not afford that much money.

I decided to search myself for factory unlock solution, and then I found Unlockboot which is an amazing website. I was glad that they were offering a very cheap unlock with just 3-5 days delivery. Although the price was cheapest as compared to all online solutions, but still it was huge amount for me and couldn’t afford that one too.

iPhone 4 baseband 04.12.01 Unlock
Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 baseband 4.12.01 / 4.12.02

Reading some useful articles on this website, I came through the Competition, I am pretty lucky at random selection. I remembered when I first won a promo code from a YouTube user. So like many others, I decide to try my luck as well and entered in the competition. I talked to my brother and he said that contract will be over in February and after that you will be able to use iPhone 4. So, I decided to wait for this competition to end.

Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 via iTunes
Factory Unlocked iPhone via iTunes

One day, a found an email from these generous folks at Unlockboot and I was jumping with excitement when I saw that I won the unlock. Yes, it was a great day for me. I was very happy. So, I gave them my details and they said that my iPhone 4 will be unlocked in 3-5 days.

Here’s the best part, my iPhone 4 was unlocked on the very next day. I have also attached the proof of it. All I can say is that, Thank you Unlockboot team for selecting me a winner and for such a quick Service.