If you were hesitating to upgrade to the latest iOS 6 firmware just because there was no free unlock would be glad to know that ultrasn0w fixer has been updated to unlock iOS 6.

Ultrasn0w Unlock iOS 6

Read on to know how to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on the latest iOS 6 firmware using Ultrasn0w fixer 6.0 — with preserved iOS 6 modem firmware baseband.

Utrasn0w fixer unlock for iOS 6

This is not the official ultrasn0w tool that the iPhone Dev Team created. It’s a package that works with the official tool for supported basebands, those that can be unlocked by the official tool itself. This tool can be used until the official ultrasn0w is updated to unlock iOS 6.

Devices compatible with iOS 6 Ultrasn0w fixer

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS

iOS 6 Basebands compatible with ultrasn0w fixer 6.0

Ultrasn0w supports only older basebands, if you want to preserve your iOS 6 baseband you need to use custom firmware with Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 — read more here.

  • Baseband 01.59.00 (iPhone 4)
  • Baseband 04.26.08 (iPhone 3GS)
  • Baseband 05.11.07 (iPhone 3GS)
  • Baseband 05.13.01 (iPhone 3GS)
  • Baseband 05.12.01 (iPhone 3GS)
  • Baseband 06.15.00 (iPhone 3GS)

Unlock iOS 6 with ultrasn0w fixer – Guide

First of all, you need a jailbroken iPhone 4 or 3GS on the iOS firmware. You can do this from our iOS 6 jailbreak guide posted here.

Step 1: Open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

Step 2: Head over to Manage > Sources. Now at the top right hand corner, tap on Edit.

Step 3: Enter the following repository in the URL: http://repo.iparelhos.com

Ultrasn0w fixer 6.0
Add Ultrasn0w fixer 6.0 repo

Step 4: Tap on the source that you entered in step 3.

Step 5: A package called ultrasn0w fixer for 6.0 will be presented to you. Tap on it to start installation.

Unlock iOS 6.0 with Ultrasn0w
Ultrasn0w fixer iOS 6.0

Step 6: Download the official ultrasn0w and that’s it.

Congrats! Ultrasn0w fixer will now unlock your iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 on iOS 6. This will do until the official ultrasn0w is updated. Do keep in mind the ultrasn0w fixer needs to be downloaded before the official tool itself.

What to do if your device is incompatible with ultransn0w fixer?

Not to worry. You can still get your iPhone unlocked, and that is permanently forever. Our official partner OfficialiPhoneunlock can unlock iOS 6 on many supported basebands. They are the most reliable unlock service providers for iOS 6 and below. Feel free to leave comments.

  • nemopsp

    What bout iPhone 3GS BB 05.13.04?

  • elvispresley

    does it work with SAM activation ticket backup???????

  • Noah

    Seriously still no 4.11.8? Just unlock ur iphone via officialiphoneunlock! And its permanent unlock!

  • UnlockBoot

    You need to wait for iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak.

  • nemopsp

    Does this work for iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS old bootrom using redsn0w 0.9.15b1 on BB 05.13.04?

  • nemopsp

    Yea it works an jus askin cause up in the post ^ says 05.13.01… Guessing its a typo but tht is y I’m asking… But only thing tht don’t work on 6.0 iOS an bugs me is cant get iMessage to work… is tht part of BB or ultrasn0w… But text an calling works

  • Miti

    I am so frustrated! I have my iPhone 3Gs 6.0 jailbreaken with Redsnow and I followed all of these steps but still won’t read my SIM card and it says no service? please help me and oh I have the Baseband 06.15.00! Thank you

  • alê

    I have the same problem!

  • ale

    this unlock only work in old botroms phones? i have a 3gs bb 06.15.00 new br and doesnt work

  • Akshay

    Bro nothing to worry if u have already installed all ultrasn0w and fix 6 then just change your base-band to 5.13 everything will come to normal..
    for changing the base-band use Redsn0w > jailbreak > check downgrade from ipad base-band > unchecked install cydia then hit ok


  • Jayen

    it works!! thanks!! 🙂 just needed to downgrade the firmware from 6.15 to 5.13

  • Orange Crush

    Brad Nimmo, it works. I also have a 3GS, new BR, baseband 05.13.04 that is unlocked using ultrasn0w fixer

  • nemopsp

    Thanks an I kno I’m on iPhone 3GS 32GB old bootrom an on 6.0 untether jb an unlocked with ultrasn0w on BB 05.13.04 but thanks for letting me kno

  • Christian B.

    The unlock method worked fine with me.. Everytime i reboot or phone shuts off cydia crashed and i need to boot through Redsnow. Is there any way to keep cydia from crashing and leaving phone permanently unlocked??

  • jigar

    it works with ios6 baseband 4.12.01?? plz help

  • Hasan Khan

    What ABout 4.12.02 baseband iphone4 ??

  • Xav

    I jailbroke my Iphone 4 with iOS 6.0, i ticked the install cydia box but when it finished it doesn’t have cydia on it…

  • sawan25

    Also working for 3GS old bootrom Baseband v 5.13.4

  • Hector

    don’t work in my phone i have a Iphone 3gs with baseband 6.15 ando still with the messenge no service….

  • mani

    i had unlocked my phone 3gs 6.15.00 iOS 5.0…..should i update it to iOS 6.0.1 ?

  • mani

    does ultrasnow fixer 6.0 supports iOS 6.0.1 too??

  • MOuad ZarrOuki

    how to know whitsh carrier my phone is locked for ????

  • Unknown

    still cant unlock. Iphone 3gs old bootroom ios 6.0.1 bb 6.15.00 HELP!

  • Stlishman

    Unlock ip4 ios 6.0 bb 4.12.02?? Plz

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, you can update to iOS 6.0.1.

  • UnlockBoot

    4.11.08 can be unlocked via Factory unlock.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, Ultrasn0w can Unlock iOS 6.0.1 / 6.1.

  • Fruz Achmetov

    camon, i need to unlock my iphnoe 04.12.02… how can i do that without paying 100€ for unlocking my jailbroken iphone 4 ios6?

  • Mihaela Miky

    first you need to install ultrasn0w fixer!after that install ultrasn0w

  • sooz

    it stays on “searching” what should i do right after installing ultrasnow? should i restartspring or should i obly let it be. If i have to boot for it to work
    how do i do it?

  • unkn0wn

    f**k the official unlock service ! who is so stuppid to pay around 100€ or more to unlock a iphone 4 ? this device is too old and soon it will be sell for 100€ unlocked because Apple will release this year 3 new iPhone modells.

  • jafy

    n what for new botroms?

  • jafy

    i cant instal iparelhos repo . the cydia says request tym out . plz help me

  • irene_music

    i have old bootrom 3gs. When it was on iOS4.1.1 I had it jailbroken with redsnow and unlocked with ultrasnow, baseband 6.15.00. I recently updated to iOS6.1 and tried to restore my iphone to get my official unlock through iTunes (AT&T sent me an email with my “official” unlock approval, and said I needed to update software in itunes, then it would recognize that my phone was approved for unlocking). Apparently since it was jailbroken before, iTunes doesn’t let the official unlock go forward. I get an activation error everytime. I re-jailbroke, downgraded baseband to 5.13.04 and have done every step here. No luck. My phone still says “no service.” I checked that my Tmobile sim card is working, by putting it into another phone, and it works fine.

    Any ideas? I’m using redsnow9.15b3, now have iOS6.1 and baseband 5.13.04.

    Thank you

  • Jessica

    Hi, when I jailbroke and downloaded Cydia on my iphone 4 ois6.1, however it doesn’t seem to work still. I am getting errors when adding source repo.iparelhos. Can anybody help please?

  • Ariel Carcas

    Hello again… What I have iphone 3gs ios 6.1 baseband 06.15.00. It is jailbroken with redsn0w (tethered). I installed the ultrasn0w fixer and ultrasn0w after that. I sitll have the ‘no service’ message. I don’t know what to do. If you can help that would be great! Thanks!

  • cedric

    Hi i just jailbreak my iphone 3gs version 6.1 modem firmware 05.16.08
    i jailbreak it with evasion. is there any way to fix the no service ??

  • asim shah

    dear your iphone is unlock now or not .i have also iphone 4 .version 6.0.1 basband 4.12.2 only jailbreak not unlock plz get it me reply

  • asim shah

    bro ultrasnow can unlock ios 6.0.1 baseband 4.12.2 plz help me

  • asim shah

    plz how will unlock my iphone 4 it can unlock or ultra snow or somthing els plz sir get it me reply. ios 6.0.1 bb 4.12.2

  • Crystal Worley

    i have already jailbroke my phone just need it unlocked how do i do that i bought this for nothing Help when i plug it in the box say already jailbroke do not recommend dong it again

  • Mas Rie

    Hi… how to downgrade baseband 04.12.05 to 04.10.01

  • Eva Mendoza

    when will ultrasnow release fixer for 6.1.2 ios

  • Nelson

    Hi i just jailbreak my iphone 4 ios 6.1.2 modem firmware 04.12.05
    i jailbreak it with evasion. It gives me the message to Unblock Card, I say yes. I resart the phone with a new SIM card, and no network! Can anyone help me*

  • Nelson

    ultrasnow to unblock

  • arre

    that source is outdated

  • Willie

    Hi, I just succesfully installed cydia on my iphone 4s 6.0 but when i slot in the sim card, it get stuck on searching but when i remove the sim, it says no sim.can anyone help. thank you

  • PoRk ChOp

    i have an iPhone 4 6.1.2 through sprint but its currently not in service how do i unlock it it has been jailbroken

  • Jass Sagoo

    hello sir, i have iphone 3GS, with IOS 4.1 and baseband 6.15.00, and i want to update IOS to IOS 6, what can i do, that my iphone easily unlock after update, my iphone is not factory unlock..

  • Terance

    my baseband is 05.16.08 how can I unlock my phone as its not on your list?

  • sarb960

    i have jailbreak and install ultrasnow…………… iphone 4 …….4.3.5 and baseband 4.10…………….. but no service ……….what should i do ………..

  • yabsera ayele

    how to update my ios4.1 to 6.0.1 how to unlocked iphone 3gs bb 6.15.00

  • Cj

    i cant find the ultrasn0w fixer 6.0. what will i do? Please help me