iPhone 8 Plus is launched with a glass back, thus making it more susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is a no-brainer to invest in a better protection case for your iPhone 8 Plus. Another feature which is announced with the release of iPhone 8 Plus is the capability to charge wireless via Qi charging, hence the glass-back. Notice: When choosing the best iPhone 8 Plus cases, keep in mind the depth of the case, cause it might hinder in wireless charging.

best iphone 8 plus cases

Here are the Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

The new wave of Apple iPhone offers an excellence in technological advancement and stunning design. So as a responsibility, the iPhone 8 Plus users need to protect this elegant device. Which can be easily achieved by purchasing any of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases from the following list:

1. SUPCASE Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case ($16.99)

iphone 8 plus cases

If you’re looking for a best iPhone 8 Plus case in the tough category, then it’s Supcase premium hybrid protective clear case. Known, for its form-fitting and minimalist design which does not overshadow iPhone Plus’s gorgeous body. The materials used for Supcase are TPU and PC which minimize incidental drops, impacts, and shocks.

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2. Caseology Slim Heavy Duty Protection for iPhone 8 Plus ($13.99)

iphone 8 plus protective case

The ever-popular manufacturer, Caseology, is known for their heavy-duty dual layer cases for iPhone. The best part is that the dual layer does not compromise on the slimness of its case. Hence, it does not add extra pounds to your iPhone 8 Plus. Caseology slim heavy duty protection case is designed to be shock absorbent and resistant to impacts.

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3. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone 8 Plus ($25.02)

iphone 8 plus case

The famous, Otterbox, presents one of the leading and best iPhone 8 Plus cases. They are also known for manufacturing one of the strongest screen protectors. Though, deviating from their traditional design, Otterbox Symmetry series case offers both unique-cool design and slim pocket-friendly case. The beautiful pattern shaped design case not only showcase colors. But, it is also made with a dual-material body to give maximum protection. Don’t forget that Otterbox also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

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4. Urban Armor Gear Feather light Rugged ($34.95)

iphone 8 plus clear case

The light-weight Urban armor gear is the best iPhone 8 Plus case which does not comprise on strength. The case does not even feel heavy and you can barely sense its weight. The best features of Urban armor gear is that it has a place for your credit cards, and it’s water-resistant with a strong grip. Additionally, the case has a tough exterior and a soft collision resistant center.

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5. Lumion Tough Rugged Protection for iPhone 8 Plus ($14.99)

best case for iphone 8 plus

Luimon is a lab tested and approved protective case for iPhone 8 Plus. Which gives your iPhone 8 Plus a tough-rugged-all-around protection. This military grade case guarantees defense against accidental drops and collisions. That’s why we recommend it as one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases. Lumion also offers extra protection from ultraviolet rays which stops the iPhone turning yellow, all-thanks to UV coating.

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6. i-Blason Heavy Duty Transformer Kickstand Case ($17.99)

protective case for iphone 8 plus

i-Blason reputation exceeds in the heavy-duty iPhone case category. This manufacturer has fitted a kickstand to its heavy duty transformer case making it as one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases with a kickstand. The benefit of the kickstand is that you can view media (Movies, TV shows, YouTube video and more) both in portrait and landscape mode.

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Which among the above mentioned best iPhone 8 Plus cases, you’re planning to buy?