The new Apple iPhone X has one of the most powerful mobile cameras. It has a dual lens camera which provides you high-quality photos and videos. It has vertical lenses which need protection for better quality. Just like a screen protector is necessary for the screen, a camera lens protector is essential for the back camera. It provides you the resistance against dust and other outside elements. Today, we will tell you a list of the best iPhone X camera lens protectors which you can use on your iPhone X back camera.

iphone x camera lens protectors

5 Best iPhone X Camera Lens Protectors

If you want to protect your back camera, have a look at the top five iPhone X camera lens protectors.

1. Oksale iPhone X Lens Protector

This is one of the best camera lens protectors available in the market. It is hard, unbreakable and dust proof. This camera lens protector will provide you great protection regarding your camera lens.

iphone x camera protector

Whether we talk about water or oil protection or we consider fingerprint spots on the lens, this protector will provide you fantastic protection. So, if you are looking for best camera lens protector for your iPhone X, you can buy Oksale iPhone camera lens protector.

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2. IVSO – Tempered Glass Protector for Apple iPhone X Camera

IVSO is a strong anti-scratch protector for iPhone X back camera lens. It is 9H hardness glass protector which is available at cheap price. This is a great lens protector which is specially designed for iPhone X lens.

iphone x lens protector

You will not find such best quality iPhone X protector at this price. So, if you want to have a reliable protector at affordable prices, you can choose IVSO lens protector.

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3. Superior ZRL – Rear Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector

This scratchproof lens protector with the thickness of 0.2 mm will give your phone the best protection against environmental factors.

iphone x camera lens cover

It is very thin protector which means you can get the protection for your lens without even seeing it. You can but this protector if you are looking for amazing protection for your iPhone X camera lens.

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4. HaloVa Camera Lens Protector for iPhone X

This lens has humanized design and it’s easy to install it on your iPhone X camera. HaloVa camera lens protector is ultra thin (0.0118 inches higher than the camera lens and doesn’t influence the definition of the picture).

iphone x back camera protector

This lens is also explosion proof and it can efficiently resist sharp objects and protect the iPhone X camera lens.

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5. ICHECKEY – 4 Pack Super Clear Ultra HD Back Camera Lens Tempered Glass

This camera lens protects your iPhone X from scratches or accident drops and maintains the gorgeous look of your phone. ICHECKEY lens is cut precisely to fit for iPhone X Camera and it is ultra-thin with 0.1mm thickness, 99.99% transparency to ensure original high resolution for pictures and videos, covered with an oleophobic coating to reduce smudges and fingerprints.

camera lens protector for iphone x

The special self-adhesive design allows you to apply it easily with no risk of air bubbles and leaves no residue when it is removed. If you decide to buy this product you will get iPhone X rear camera lens glass protector, microfiber cloth, alcohol wiper, dust cleaner and installation instructions.

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So, which one did you liked the most? Please don’t miss out to drop it in the comments below.