Nowadays there is necessary demand for emails and phone numbers which we need to provide at different sites to complete the required process. There are a number of sites which want to confirm the type of their user and therefore they put various safety procedures. If you are going to receive such any necessary notification on your number, you can use different SMS online sites for this purpose. So, here is a list of the best sites to receive SMS online without a phone.

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How to Receive SMS Online Without a Phone

Its advantage is that you don’t need to provide your original number and you don’t need to get the notification on your phone. It can confirm your privacy and you don’t need to provide your real number while making any deal or receiving any messages. So, have a look at following useful sites which can help you to receive SMS online.

1. Twilio – Free SMS Website

Twilio is one of the sites which is famous for providing you online access to your notifications which are received by anyone. It offers trial account and also a paid account.

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You need to verify your identity to use its trial account and then you can use its features and it’s provided the online number which you can use instead of your original phone network number. This site offers an amazing interface and you can quickly get access to everything which is important for you.

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This is another site which is helpful when you are looking for a new secret number to use as your identity. This site also provides the numbers on your request and you would be able to get the numbers and use it.

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You can use its number to get your required notifications and other crucial messages. Feel free to visit this site and forget all worries.

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3. is another fabulous site which can satisfy your demands related to a number to receive your all current messages. There are multiple numbers on the site and granted you on your request.

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You get a private inbox for the specific numbers and you can see all coming messages in that inbox and nobody else can access that inbox and its content.



As you see, it is indicated by the name of a site that it is providing free phone numbers to visitors. Every visitor can visit this site and use the provided number to fulfill his particular needs.

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You can get the free number and provide those numbers where you want to use. Sometimes, there is trouble to use its provided numbers because of some possible errors. However, its server and number work most of the time.



It is a really big site which is offering 10 different numbers from 8 different countries. It means you can custom choose your country and the number related to that country. It can give you freedom and authenticity of the process which you want to complete.

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However, the numbers of this site may also be unusable in some conditions and the site always keeps on updating weekly to solve all issues.


6.TextNow – Receive SMS Online

Another great site to receive SMS online without a phone is TextNow. To send and receive private SMS first you need to sign up for a free account and after that, you will get a private phone number and only you will have access to that.

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Sometimes you may receive an error message saying “Something went wrong with your signup. Please try again!” But don’t worry about that, all you need to do is use a US-based VPN or proxy.

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So, what are your favorite sites to receive SMS online without a phone? Feel free to write your opinion in the comment section below.