In the event you haven’t had success unlocking your iPhone 4 / 4S using the SAM unlock, this can be of great interest for you.

Updated Sam Tool

The Chinese hacker and developer of the SAM unlock solution today has updated his tool in order to make unlocking much simpler than before. Now you can unlock your iPhone in a few steps.

How to Unlock your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Using the Updated SAM Tool:

Sam tool Updated

Sam unlocking tool updated

Step 1: Go to Cydia and install SAM – Repo address:

Step 2: Now insert your Unofficial SIM card.

Step 3: Open “SAM prefs” -> “Utilities” -> “Attempt Activation”.

Step 4: Now your iPhone will respring, also it should Recognize your Unofficial SIM card.

If you still haven’t had success you can follow the full troubleshooting tutorial specified below.

In the event that you receive a notification that says: You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone, or almost any other error notification you simply can perform the following steps:

Step 1: Remmove your SIM from your iPhone, open iFile and navigate to /var/root/Library. Now tap on edit inside the upper right corner, and choose Lockdown, and also tap the zip button to make a backup of Lockdown. Scroll to the bottom to make sure that a backup zip was made. Right now remove the Lockdown directory.

Step 2: Go to /User/Library/Preferences and look for SAM, and Remove the com.bingner.sam.plist file.

Step 3: Switch off your iPhone, and Switch it on.

Step 4: Now insert your Unofficial SIM card.

Step 5: Open “SAM prefs” -> “Utilities” -> “Attempt Activation”. You’ll receive a notification saying that the process can may take a while. After a little waiting your iPhone will respring.

Step 6: Finally you should be on your unofficial network (for example T-Mobile).

Note: Make sure to follow these 6 troubleshooting steps exactly in order for it to be effective. I have tried it almost several times, and it also work for me.

Feel free to Share your Experience in the Comment section Below!

  • Oscar

    If I use different simcards will it stay unlocked or Do I have to go through the process again?

  • T0zz0

    i just did it completly what it said and got an error saying you must selet the orginal carrier SIMID of your phone ? please help

  • Gabriel Ramírez

    Finally, I can use mi iphone 4.!.
    Thanks a lot!.

  • Laveitstop

    your not selecting the correct original carrier then, its that simple

  • T0zz0

    it says to do auto detect you cant even select the carrier

  • Jorj_h

    hey ,
    i followed all the steps but i cant unlock my iphone at step 5 a notification will say activation reports error: unable to retrieve activation from your network connection working ?
    how can i solve this ?

  • Mark McTernan

    HELP Please!

    I’ve followed the troubleshooting tutorial but still I get the message “You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone”

    Tried it 3 times but still no luck

    Any help would be great thanks

  • needhelp

    I am still getting the error messages when attempting to activate even after I ssh to the iphone rename the lockdown folder and delete com.bingner.sam.plist file. I am trying to unlock my iphone 4s from sprint.

  • needhelp

    ps I am getting the Activation reports errors: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

  • Mark McTernan

    Just to add my iphone is hacktivated and I don’t have the original sim nor do I have access to an orange france.

    It advised me to disable the hactivate.

    This time it spent some time searching but still the “You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone” message appeared

  • Kelshamaa

    i dont hae the original sim

  • phresh boy

    I tried this and my iphone 4 is now working good, just take AUTO DETECT AND HIT ATTEMPT TO ACTIVATE , you have to get net work direct

  • Lixance

    what if i dont have IFILE?is it also in cydia?

  • Jam_roxs

    Me too! someone please help

  • Asokken

    i dont know where ifile either, did u figure out

  • Imran_tahir_786

    Not really ! I did activation method woth first sim then i save mine lockdown folder contents and then i again did the process with second sim ! And save te lockdown folder again ! And after that i remove the 2nd sim and i deleted the lockdown folder contents and rellaced it with first sim lockdown contents ! And put that sim in my phone and it worked ! Make sure u insert ur sim after changing the lockdown contents once u changed that then enter the sim DONE !

  • Mario Lasvegas

    please help, I installed SAM, when I put T-mobile SIM, (phone locked to AT&T), I go to SAM Pref/Utilities and all I have is back up activation, deactivate phone and restore activation, there is no attemp activation and restore activation, what am I doing wrong?

  • RickMania

    question: i have this unlocked iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 (5.01) using SAM on one SIM card. So if i wanna use other SIM cards i have to redo the whole process again? and if i successfully unlock another SIM, does my iphone recognize the previous one? is there any way we can unlock multiple SIM cards at the same time?

  • Trevorwilson1234

    I keep getting the sam notification

  • Mario Lasvegas

    i got it, its working

  • None

    att 4.12.01 unlocked! 4.3.3 thank you!

  • Ed

    I tried also diff sim card, it accpets only the Simcard that has been processed with.. Whenever i use another sim i redo the same process..yea would be good if we can use diff sim with only one process..:-)

  • Franklinbmw

    i’m getting SAM Notification
    Activation reports Error: unable to open data_ark

  • Langweipop

    Will work. No need to JB or unlock again. It just works. I tried. Amazingggggg

  • if6QbAH4zTzuJA

    same here , any thoughts ??

  • joe

    i have the same question now

  • donna

    really??? i think it will mess things up

  • fernando

    same, someone please help

  • KHManU

    for those who get the SIMID error you can try go to Utilities >> Revert Lockdownd to Stock… hope this helps 😀

  • voscot

    i tried to contact them by mail like 4 days ago, but until now, nothing

  • Induscomm1

    there is no JB for 5.1 4s.
    so u cant install Sam with Cydia

  • Sreenadh Sasidharan Pillai

    at&t locked working in airtel india thankq

  • Acrebs21

  • Acrebs

    почта для спама

  • Cellguruhelp

    thankq sir its working for me at&t iphone 4 5.0.1

  • Zee Nguyễn

    Thank you very much. I will try this approach when I come home tonight. Hope it will be successful. Thank all you guys very much.

  • Puma_rsca

    I have a swap device. That means that it was returned to the store with the warranty.
    Do you think it works with mine too?

  • Surendrass

    does it work iphone 4 from japan.

  • Caloipin

    you must turn off Hacktivate before in SAM menu, and RevertLockdown to Stock

  • v1nz

    if you get the message go back to sam then go to method>auto detect, then go back to Utilities>attemp Activation . this is wthat i did , I hope it works for you too

  • Rune-one

    Activation report error: Unable to retrieve activation from Apple. Is your network connetcion working?

    I am connected to wifi, what I have to do now?

  • Riko Miraka

    i tried it and nothing for greece doesnt work so i need to by the gevey 🙁

  • Devilzaz

    It is great, it works like magic this guy is great he should be the man of the year.

  • LEO

    I tried to unlock again for another sim card and it started to give me the same error when i try to do the activation step. Help require now i cant unlock it


    Rune-one make sure your iphone is connected to network before you click on the attempt activation

  • Dlbrison

    Tried it on my tetherd iphone 4! I goes wrong when reboot! Hve to boot it again and start over again

  • Keli61946

    what about push notifications bec i tried all guides and none of them worked, is there any new one ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • LEO

    What really do you mean to be connected to network. When the unoffical sim card is installed then how can we be connected to the network.

  • Rune-one

    I’am connected to WI-FI and i have Internet so it must be another reason 🙁

  • madmax_999

    is ur device hacktivated or how did u do that,pls help i am unable to unlock my iphone 4

  • Michael Valdez

    now i get the sim id apps on my phone but it says network restrcted,, why?

  • Serban Ciobotaru

    It says that i have to select my original carrier simid…please help

  • Chelek

    is it works on blacklisted IMEI?

  • u_fouad

    worked for a lebanese carrier !!

  • Terrazas 7

    buen dia estoy en mexico ya le hice todo esto varias veces y no lee mi chip de telcel sera que tengo mala suerte o que no estoy haciendo las cosas bien pero lo hago con calma paso a paso y al final me dice que mi operador esta restringido la verdad ya me canse,ademas sigo en espera del desbloqueo de att me dijeron que el 23 llame y que el 24 y nada ya me desespere si alguien sabe que puedo hacer se los agradecere mi correo gracias……….

  • Adi_adi_15

    i install the sam and working , but when i try to get into Phone not working ! what to do? plz help me

  • Joe

    do what it says.. select the original carrier en country and sim when you got the phone..

  • nana

    is this after you do the original sam method or do you just proceed with this?

  • Billabong Villa

    WTF .. any one can help me ??????????? it says ..”You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone”

  • Huyhoangton

    where do you open iFile and navigate to /var/root/Library. ?????? please tell us….thx

  • T0zz0

    me to email me solution pleaseeeeeeee

  • Henriquecaron

    how can i get to that first place that he was?

  • Bayokelay

    i can’t man , i am now in myanmar ,pls help me i got everytime “You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone” os 5.1

  • Alguz1988

    Got the same trouble ppl, my iphone 4 after doing the process just stays at insert original sim carrier, simid phase it won’t do anything else but give the error everytime… Help me plz I can’t activate it!

  • A Kullolli

    doest it works for bb 4.12.08 someone to answer me pl

  • needhelp

    this new process is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. will this work for sprint iphone 4s ?

  • Fawuahgyasi

    it does work with 4.12.01 not sure of 4.12.08. i unlokced mine yesterday 5.1 4.12.01

  • needhelp

    you can install openssh from Cydia, then find out what the ip address on your iphone is and ssh to it from your windows machine using putty or whatever ssh client you are using

  • Visakh Nair

    I added the repo address of SAM into cydia and from the bundled section, I installed a package, now my phone is stuck in a screen with no exit. It is a unlock software that just revolves around.

    It checks my wifi and try’s to unlock and fails. I have been doing it for a long time now. Guys please help me exit the loop. I am able to go to the DFU mode, but I am not able to upgrade to any IPSW not I am able to exit with redsnow.

    Please help me

  • Anandha Kannan

    I am also facing same issue while trying to unlock for the second sim. Now am not able connect with any of the SIM.. any help..plz…

  • A Kullolli

    my iphone 4 is on DFU mode and i can not exit with nothing,if i restore from itunes with the last iso 5.1 .what kind of baseband i will have on my ipohne someone answer me plz

  • Mitko Msnm

    Bravo became my number 1 very quickly and easily thanks

  • smile

    Just hold Home and Power button same time about 20 Second it’ should get power back. Let me know if that help, or anything else.

  • smile

    What firmware are you running? 5.1 or 5.0.1? What are you trying to do exactly?

  • smile

    It does work with all above BB.

  • smile

    Does your device activated? You can use redsn0w to hackactive if you don’t have original SIM.

  • smile

    You can also use WINSCP

  • smile

    It means which carrier you’re Iphone belongs to original. Examp At&T US, Roger’s Canada.

  • smile

    Give me some detail what are you trying to do, when it doesn’t work. Thanks

  • smile

    Where did you bought Iphone? Does it belongs to At&T, Rogers, o2 UK. ???

  • smile

    Best think to do UNLOCK WITH SAM.. Just follow this steps. Easy and simple
    1. Install Repo from cydia.
    2. Install Sam, After install it should respringboard, and you should have *Samperf* App in your device.
    3. Before you click on *samperf* app Install Sim Card You want to UNLOCK. Then Click on *samperf*.
    4. Click on *utilities* and then *De-activated Iphone*
    5. Hit back Sam to Main Menu
    6. Click on *Enable* then Click on *Method* and select *Auto Detect* go back to Main Menu.
    7. Click on *utilities* and Click on *Attempt Activation* It should give you message *Please wait this may take while* IF YOU GET ERROR DO NOT WORRY. Keep press on *Attempt Activation* Until your device respiring automatic. After respiring you should see searching for signal and you’ll see Your SIM CARD carrier signal. Let me know if you get confused. Best of Luck.

  • Utathya10

    for people who successfully unlocked
    is your 3g working?

  • Dusty122

    for me its not working i keep getting the error message for the “You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone”

  • David Tran

    Go to cydia,click search iFile, download iFlile click iFle app open go to.
    var go to root go to library,then see lockdown folder,click edit then chek mark lockdown folder and move file to trash, make sure empty trash befor go back main menu.
    turn off your phone and restart,put T-Mobile sim then unlocked.

  • Overlord

    Yep, mines working fine. I did use the old method though…

  • Mail2me

    For me SAM is disabled quoting its factoryactivated, so it asks me to click ‘Revert Lockdownd to Stock’, but once i do this, my iphone says activation required and when go inside it says ‘not official simcard’ and I am not able to go to the menu at all.

    so i used redsn0w to jailbreak it again.

    Any suggestions guys?

  • Aaa

    I think apple closed the bug

  • Helpless Rocky

    I am doing as it stated, but still i get in the end that enter original SIMID.
    Any help?

  • Mms1

    still say Attempt Activation” when i click i get a “SAM Notification, Activation reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.” I did copy and paste the IMSI number
    is apple block this way

  • Stevenizquieta

    i did ALL this it resprings and still says no service

  • StresssFreee

    how many times am I going to have to press *Attempt Activation* after it says “Activation reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.” Should i just press “okay” and keep trying it?

  • Soccerneno

    Yey iphone4 5.0.1. 04.11.08. Unlocked by sam last night lol it took me like 1 hour but it paied off.
    8 days before my european vacation 🙂 now i can youse my sim card there.

  • Photonutso

    do you have to buy the version of ifile to locate var/root….etc or where is it?

  • Fredy

    my iPhone do it to …

  • Sam

    i’ve done everything and it still says no service on my iphone 4- bb 4.11.08.
    should i re-jailbreak it andstart the process all over again?
    email me back
    ;, thank you kindly

  • Mohamad ayoub

    I have the same problem

  • tom

    what steps did you do

  • tom

    i cannot get past sim errror…

  • Dani86el

    still say Attempt Activation” when i click i get a “SAM Notification, Activation reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.”

  • Mms1

    I think Apple has Blocked this way as i have test on old device was ruining fine wt OLD SAM and now say the old shut sim is not supported

  • Ferru_58

    I did all the steps that the video shows above and at the end of the process, after to open Sam I inserted the unofficial sim card and the I tapped “Attempt Activation” and after a little while a pop up comes out saying that: Activation reports error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone”. I would like to know what that means! I`m stuck in this process and I don’t know what to do! Please help me! It is an emergency!!!!! Thank you for ypor help.
    Note: I bought this iphone from a friend, it was used, but I don’t know the original carrier. Is that a problem in order to use SAM?

  • Dani86el

    same happened to me Beni… lol

  • elvis2004 work better than update 1

  • Beni

    I’m sure that apple has closed this bug, because it is impossible to activate again throught Itunes

  • iphone

    did u unlocked 04.11.08 ver or? and how to download older ver.

  • Beni

    where did you find this old version ?

  • Photonutso

    Was it connected to the computer?

  • Photonutso

    does it have to be connected to itunes or what?

  • Cklx215

    it says “activation reports error: activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone”

  • David

    The dream is OVER for good, Apple shut down the activation servers so don’t waste your time trying to activate your phone with lastest SAM, because it WON’T work anymore. Hope Dev-teams find a way around it.

    Luckyly those of us that saved the tickets, can still use the unlock.

  • Justdope216

    how do we use the activation tickets?

  • Nunes1987

    guys, i saved my ticket, when the SAM was released.. back on monday, but
    how can i restore the ticket? i just putting then on lockdow folder, but im still locked
    someone can help me plz?

  • Justdope216

    i am having the same problem:(

  • Guga

    Dont do this, your iphone will lock. Reinstal the jail break ok

  • Josh Torres

    NONE OF THIS WORKS, SAM DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nunes1987

    I DID IT MAN!..
    i think the thetered JB is buggin all the things..
    just boot without JB and works..
    better unlocked than JB..
    my ios is 5.1 with 4.11.08 preserved BB..
    just put all files on the lockdown folder, and make sure u oviwritten ALL!

  • Patel1021

    its keep coming with this message: You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone,
    I did all the step, can u help me…

  • Nunes1987

    if u saved ur ticket u can do like i said some comments below

  • BOSNA00

    If you saved your ticket

    1.Go to cydia and download afc2add install and reboot.
    2.Turn off iphone and reboot tethered. and install Ifunbox.
    4.Open Ifunbox make sure your iphone is pluged in and make sure it doesnt say “jailed” next to your phone.
    5.Replace systemversion file from //System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist with the one on the folder I upleaded.
    6.Replace lockdown folder with ifunbox witch is on //var/root/Library/Lockdown and replace with the one on the folder I uploaded.
    7.Restart your iphone and reboot you should be done and ready to normally use your phone withouth the need of oem carrier sim

  • Justdope216

    hey you mind explaining more on how you did it…i dont really understand 🙁

  • Mizuwo89

    this doesnt work properly i tried it for 10nth time … good for me isaved my old ticket

  • Justdope216

    well i have the ticket on my computer on my phone so idk how i can get it onto my phone…please help:)


    i did what you said and its keep coming with this message: You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone,
    I did all the step, can u help me please

  • RickMania

    i had my phone unlocked using SAM. I was very happy to call with this phone. But something tragic happened. When i reboot the phone, my carrier signal no longer has any bars…. when i tried to unlock with this process again by tapping “Attempt Activation” it say “Activation reports error: Unable to retrieve from apple. Is your network connection working?”
    Help me please…… 🙁

  • Juantamban

    SAM works this is great…

  • Beni

    hey man , I also savet old ticket, but hace you used the old ticket again or how ?

  • Andrew Ko86

    If I update to 5.1 iOS will my baseband change??? If it doesn’t can I still unlock with Sam?

  • Vsraghavan

    Sam is working for me

  • Keli61946

    i tried this several times but is not working , i have an i4 5.1 baseband 40.12.01. please help

  • Jon Lajoie

    what time did you unlocked it?

  • Keli61946

    could u put it more simple, and can u give me the source of ifunbox, please help , i had my ipohne unlocked and now bec of the stupid simple guide i am locked again

  • Aznxboix401

    can you email me your system version? cause i dont have my own when i backed up the lockdown folder :

  • Sumanjit

    Hi Raghavan,
    Can you tell the steps u performed

  • Aindiab

    need to know if ***** my 04.11.08 BB iphone 4 gsm is good with SAM or get a givey or r-sim

    i didnt try to activate mine with SAM still waitting for a good solutions

    any way thanks SAM + gevey + r-sim


    need your advise

  • Rully Aribowo

    SAM not working anymore, i do it several time but it says “Activation rejected”. Apple Shut down the activation server guys. Hope Locktar_Sun will fix this problem. 🙁

  • Andrew

    Trying doing auto detect instead of manual

  • elvis2004

    if you trash your lockdown before for your unlock , just use ifile and navigate to private/var/mobile/library/iFile/Trash copy it and put it on /var/root/Library then put off your iphone and turn it again , better use DiskAid better than Ifunbox.
    Good luck

  • Marsh2u

    i keep getting “is your network connection working?” does this mean something is wrong with my sim card or do i need to be connected to a wireless network?

  • Stefan-raeder

    this method is already patched by apple this wont work anymore
    source: musclenerd

  • cristiano abreu


  • cristiano abreu


  • CHD2012


  • Princedunet

    i get signal bar and Access the Sim card service thraugh the iphone and iTunes i see the phone number, but i cant make voice call!!! any idea??

  • Chathukaperera

    guys i dont have any files in “activation_records”. I did the ticket backup manually. Does this mean I can restore the ticket? my phone is back to locked status again 🙁

  • Chv483

    Its Working
    I Just Unlocked Mines
    Just Make Sure You Follow The Steps Correctly.

  • Chathukaperera

    can u tell me one thing,

    in the “Lockdown” folder there is a folder called “activation_records” and there is nothing in it, is it the same for you? or are there any files in “activation_records” ?

  • Spiritnumber10

    HELP! i got the message You must select the original carrier SIMID of your iPhone, and try the troubleshoot: i couldnt find com.bingner.sam.plist to delete

  • Jeffy

    Can anyone confirm if this still works?

  • eject_eject

    OKm tried the simplified process as described in the video of this page.

    Nothing works!

    Message displayed: “Activation Reports Error: ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone”

    Can anyone help?

  • eject_eject

    After trying also the steps mentioned in the guide above, I click on “Attempt Activation”, I receive the notification that this process might take a while and then when the phone resprings it says “No Service”….

  • ismii

    lsn can i use same ticket for same sim carrier but with different number

  • Iris Shen

    i did the same thing as you… and I also get “No Service”
    Can anyone please tell us what can we do for next?

  • Lai76leslie

    one ticket can used how many sim ?

  • Manish Reddy

    this is because apple fixed the iccid vulnerablility

  • pepitotv

    After I successfully unlocked Iphone 4 with Sam method , can I connect to Itunes and install newer version of it?……….thank you.

  • Seadoggblue

    i save ticket but still not work,still work sam to anyone?can help me guys?thanks

  • Kv-97

    can anyone help me?sam dosnt work i don’t have backup or anything what can i do???

  • Knile Tkisla Kkre

    I think apple fixed exploit on their servers and SAM doesnt work anymore..not sure tho

  • roan

    ii have tried everything u said an when i try to activate the SAM notification activation reports Error activationinfo rejected. you must select the original cattier SIMID of your phone wat can i do 2 fix this

  • Davidhunt10

    is there any other fix available yet as sam is no able to do it any more???

  • Iui

    i get wildcard status, but still not working

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    Hi guys, my iphone4 is from canada, does SAM UNLOCK TOOLS also work at different carrier? (e.g. ROGERS)

  • bdavos

    i did all the steps above but still it says invalid sim…

  • MidnightHowls

    This worked on my iPhone 3G so thanks! I’m sycning it right now 😛

  • praveen

    how did u unlock u r iphone of baseband 4.12.01

  • tomas

    hey i did everything but it just didnt connect to the network had a “no service” sign on the top left corner

  • Peter Gibbons

    Anyone know if this still works, january 2013, plus im from ireland and want to unlock a meteor bill phone to work with an 02 pre pay sim… anyone help?

  • nerly

    i try all but its not working tnx


    i was able to unlock 04.12.05 running 6.1 after nothing else worked. First I jailbreaked the fone with EvasiOn, then I used this method to unlock and walla. it worked

  • gautam

    sir can u tell me how did you do that.i have iphone 4 16gb on ios 6.1 with 04.12.05
    sir please tell me complete procedure in simple ..pls sir -at-

  • AnonymousB

    Can this work on ios 6, 6.0.1, and 6.1

  • jay

    cant find plist, only has sam list, extrainst, samprefs, postrm,samprefs.lists

  • aanto182

    my freiend help us with ios 6.1.3

  • franz

    does it work with base band 4.12.02?

  • karyn

    I have just followed these instructions as far as step 3 and now my iphone 4 is asking me to activate my phone (as if I had first purchased the phone)! I tried to activate it using my old tmobile sim and it will not do it, since there is no service going to that chip, I then tried to use my new orange chip and it still wouldn’t work!, what happened? Why do i have to activate my phone? or what did I do wrong?

  • topsign2006

    its worked for me iphone 4 gsm 6.1.3,,04.12.05 baseband tethered jailbreak SAM tool

  • sprakenster

    it’s working yeah right….like ages ago…won’t work now…

  • iPhone Chick

    this method only worked for about 4-5 days then Apple blocked it, no matter how many times you try it it’s not going to work anymore, factory unlock is the ONLY way now (and no I’m not selling factory unlocking)

  • TF

    Wrong, the 6 steps just worked for me on a 6.1 iphone 4

  • Cristocarl Sanchez

    it’s not working it says that. my carrier and SIMID is error.i just follow this step, so what can i do? to activate it?