Many of the users stuck on iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 were able to get their iPhones unlocked through the SAM Unlocking Solution released by Loktar_Sun.

Unloc SAM Lockar_sun interview

It has been considered as one of the best unlock solution since ultrasn0w which unlocked iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00.

Here’s an interview with the hacker who released the free unlock solution. was the first website where he posted the step by step guide on 21st April 2012. After the post on Chinese website, the unlock method was proven to work and trending worldwide like lightning. The next day, all the top blogs had a post about it and it worked for many like magic.

There’s no new tool developed for this unlock and the hacker used Sam_Bingner’s SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) Preferences and manipulated it via iTunes to make it work. Why didn’t hackers such @MuscleNerd think about it before? Rumors say he knew about it but didn’t reveal it to the public for some reason.

Here’s the interview with Loktar_Sun:

Q: How much time did you spend developing this method? 

Previously I used SAM to fix push typical notifications issues, that’s when I noticed that there seems to be a vulnerability with the iPhone’s ICCID.

Many people thought it was me who discovered this exploit, but actually it’s not. This exploit has been around for quite a while now but nobody would have thought Apple would (carelessly) come up with an exploit like this. When I found out the potential use of this exploit, I spent one whole afternoon to develop the steps.

If I didn’t come up with this method that day, I believe sooner or later someone would have done the same thing. There are other people who are smarter than me.

Q: Is this unlock permanent? 

At this point it’s a permanent unlock tied to a SIM card. This method basically tricks Apple’s activation loophole and it’s not the same as Apple’s official factory unlock/activation. The iPhone is still considered locked in real sense.

Q: Can this method be added as a source in Cydia? 

I’ve never written or developed any iOS apps before, but I know China based hackers called ChinaSnow has started writing a program and will make it available very soon. Their Cydia source is

SAM unlock developer
Loktar_Sun on Google

Q: Is it true that Applenberry is using the same method to unlock baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 with their newly released Gevey SIM? 

This I’m not too sure. If they’re using the same exploit, once this is patched (by Apple), Gevey Ultra will be rendered useless. I’m hoping that they’ve already found a bug with the baseband so that if Apple patches the ICCID exploit, everyone can still continue using the SIM interposers.

Q: How do you feel to be an overnight internet stardom? 

It’s very exciting, I did not expect so many people, especially foreign friends who acknowledged my work. I hope that the I can make a better contribution to the iPhone unlock and jailbreak community in the future. Last but not least, there are people pretending to be me on Twitter, it’s very flattering but I would like to clarify that I don’t have a Twitter account.

The 24 year old lives in Beijing and has joined the workforce not too long ago. You can follow our guide to Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 with SAM. If you don’t want the SAM unlock solution, you can go for the hardware unlocks in the form of Gevey SIM and R-SIM 4.

  • Powerbike011

    Thanks a lot. My iphone is now unlocked . I have waited 3 months .Thanks Loktar_Sun !

  • David Tran

    TO. MuscleNerd & Sherif_hashim What do you think about the SAM Unlock ???
    The man Who behind The SAM Unlock Really Good !!!

  • Ibrahim Zamix

    hello guys….. i have bought a phone in ebay…… is that possible to unlock those phone… i mean without contract….

  • Sniper Gcccc

    tankyou tankyou tankyou soo much final unlock my phone

  • jon froog

    hello people i want to get tmobile but will i need to get the sim card to unlock or can the phone be unlocked first ?

  • JuanTamban

    Excellent and unselfish work million thanks to Loktar Sun after years of waiting my Iphone4 works without sim interposer… Cheeers more power God bless you

  • Xanderr Alex

    with this method I managed to unlock an iphone 4 last winter of a mistake

  • Petrides Elias

    Guys listen up , to unlock your iphone with SAM u have to…
    1) Have the sim card that your iphone had a contract on it.. example i have a locked at&t iphone and i want it unlocked to my vodafone sim. i have to put the at&t sim card in my iphone then download SAM, after u download SAM u follow the steps for the unlocking of your iphone.

    Yes you can unlock your iphone 4/4s
    Yes you can unlock baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01
    Yes it works for firware 5 / 5.0.1 / 5.1
    Yes you can turn on/off your iphone without losing your signal

  • Kenzo

    So I’ve been waiting for the at&t email for quite some time now and i unlocked it via SAM thanks to Loktar_Sun. Today I upgraded my phone to 5.1 and even restored it factory settings and my phone is still unlocked. Is this means that my phone is factory unlocked now? or when you restore and update you don’t loos your SAM unlock solution?

  • Nathan

    You don’t need the AT&T SIM to unlock your iPhone. You just plug the new SIM card that you want to use into the phone and follow SAM guide.

    There is one things from SAMpref that i stuck is after i unlocked my iPhone, i called the other people and in other phone, my phone number doesn’t appear.

  • Nathan

    Thanks to SAM. Next target is what?

    I think after successfully unlocking and jailbreaking iPhone in any version and baseband. The hackers should think about how to bring the Siri into iPhone 4,3GS. This should be the next stage of fully unlocking iPhone.

  • Lovely

    Thanks Loktar_Sun.. :-*

  • Dhaval Panchal

    u just need the sim card that u want to use, thats it .. 🙂 follow the steps with patience .. at times iTunes might stop responding due to congestion of requests to the Apple’s servers .. enjoyy .. 🙂

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    Give credit where credit’s due for the interview, cunts!

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    Thanks mr Locktar…have never seen blogs and comments raining like that since last sunday..hats off

  • Aribbaba

    Hi I have unlocked my iPhone 4 with this method … But I have a question .. I have restore my iPhone with original software before I have unlocked.. and when the restore is finish my iPhone was just unlocked with any unlock !!! Why?

  • eran

    My iphone 4 don’t hv with original sim card…how can i unlock using any sim card pls support me

  • diesel701

    You doesn’t need the real one.. you must only know which carrier is locked to 😉

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    Чел красава! Респект ему!

  • mohith

    Why didnt musclenerd tell us about this? We could have unlocked long ago..!

  • Avtar

    Thanx Loktar_Sun for providing unlock solution for 04.11.08. I unlocked my iPhone using SAM method and after one day I also received a confirmation email from AT&T that my iPhone is eligible for unlock through itunes. Now i am using 5.1 version with Baseband 04.12.01 with Vodafone carrier India. If anyone need any help email me

  • Avtar

    Dont use original sim card. Insert sim which u want to unlock. then do as described in SAM guide.

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    lot of thanks Loktar_Sun
    from Kazakhstan

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    thankz Loktar_Sun
    from Sarawak, Malaysia

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    Thanks Loktar_sun I’ve unlock my IPhone 4 been storage for past 7 months. No I can use with T-Mobile. Thanks again.

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    Thanks i’ve was gonna sell my iphone in about a week but thanks to your unlock now i wont

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    MuscleNerd & Sherif_hashim = They Busy Taking Money From Other Bussiness

  • cubanBoy26

    u r the master!!!
    when i tried this unlock solution, i feel grateful, because it’s free and good but at the same time, think in other people (they don’t spend one second for make this) use this software to unlock for 25 or even 70 Dlrs

    God bless the jailbreak masters for ever!!! cheers.
    from cuban man

  • T0zz0

    please help me you look like you know what you are talking about please email – ( or anyone who thinks they could help )

  • Captomer

    Downgrade using custom ipsw made using snowbreeze and saved shah blobs. Then jailbreak using redsnow.

  • @elleian

    Thanks Loktar Sun from St. Lucia (island in the Caribbean)….been waiting for Gevey or R-Sim for months…and you just blew them out of the water by beating them to it…plus it’s FREE….this unlock is great!

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    Many thanks to Loktar_Sun/Sam Bingner from Ksovo

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    Great work, Love it but is anyone having problem with sending pic messaging ?

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    Thanks so much Port au Prince, Haiti

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    many thanks, from colombia

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    Idk why would lockhar_sun put an updated version on cydia? It just messed everything up…should’ve tried it first before uploading.

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    thanks to loctar_sun for the great job you’ve done for those stuck and unlock their iphone, i one of them, you’ll be remembered and keep the good work. Hope apple too, be considerate not to fix the activation loophole

  • xdm

    Hello, surely you can help me, I used the sam prefs on iPhone 4 16gb JB IOS5.01 with BB 04.11.08, the sim was originally a French operator SFR my sim is Italian,
    with sam everything worked perfectly until I saved the Lockdown everything is right, I upgraded to IOS5.1.1 JB with Sam was not able to perform the unlock BB 04.12.01
    but after restoring the LockDown saved (Cookie)all my sim works ok, only problem with the programs installed by JB (Cydia, Installous etc …) after having clicked on will not start,
    can you help? thanks