An iPhone without Jailbreak is like a baby without mother. Jailbreaking is not illegal although it voids the warranty.

If instructions of jailbreaking are not followed properly, there can be issues to the device but that only happens on rare occasions. I really don’t see a reason why not to jailbreak your iphone.

People don’t jailbreak their iDevices because they want to preserve the right to return them under the warranty of AppleCare as they are priced upto $1000.

There is news for everyone who didn’t do a jailbreaking due to the warranty claim issue. SquareTrade has opened their coverage to all jailbroken devices with eligible customers that paid a warranty being offered a refund. This is good news for those who have purchased the SquareTrade iPhone warrantyand those who will be buying in the future. However, it is mentioned that any issues that results from jailbreaking will not be covered.

SquareTrade Offering iPhone 4S Warranty

The prices in the warranty listed on the website are applicable to new or refurbished iPhones (with a full 1 year Apple warranty) purchased from authorized iPhone outlets which include famous names such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. The iPhones that have been unlocked by hardware tampering are not eligible for coverage. The warranty also gets void if there’s any tampering after the purchase.

We should mention here that SquareTrade doesn’t cover devices accepted as a direct result if jailbreaking, so before deciding to take a step, you should read about the pros and cons of jailbreaking in detail.

The choice of jailbreak will not affect the company’s duty to repair it if the device is dropped of broken after jailbreaking it. The company fixed iPads and iPods, but whether the same rule applies here or otherwise is still a question.

Will you jailbreak after this news? Feel free to comment!