SAM unlock solution made users happy only for a few days. Then suddenly, Apple patched the ICCID exploits and the unlocking window ended in a flash.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 4.11.08 Baseband

Unlockboot was very happy that many of the readers were able to unlock their iPhones via loktar_sun’s method.

However, we felt for users who got late and weren’t able to. Users who were able to do the unlock were asked to save baseband activation tickets. We also told you what baseband activation ticket really is. You can use Cydia’s cookie to save the iPhone babseband activation ticket.

Because SAM unlock method no longer existed, Gevey SIM and R-SIM 4 weren’t able to unlock the iPhone either. ApplenBerry openly stated they copied the SAM  unlock solution which gave them a negative image as they were selling the Gevey SIM for $50. While R-SIM 4 followed the same method and after death of SAM unlock, it isn’t able to provide the solution as well.

AT&T Unlocked iPhone 4

iPhone 4 On T-Mobile with 3G

There is still good news for AT&T users. They can still unlock their iPhones. However, AT&T also reject imeis and send the following email and requirements which include the eligibility requirements:

General AT&T Unlock Eligibility Requirements:

AT&T Will Unlock your iPhone Under These Circumstances:

  • A current AT&T customer
  • A former AT&T customer who can provide the phone / account number for the account.

The iPhone was designed for use on AT&T’s network:

  • All contract obligations, including commitments, associated with the device have to be satisfied and the iPhone has not been lost or stolen.
  • Current customers will be allowed five (5) unlocks per account, per year, as long as their account is in good standing with no past-due amount or unpaid balance and has been active for 60 days at least.
  • The former customers will be allowed (5) unlocks per former account so long as they owe AT&T no Early Termination Free or other unpaid balance.

Apart from that, AT&T will unlock an iPhone for:

  • An active and deployed member of the military who provides AT&T with deployment verification and is in good standing.
  • A person who purchased the iPhone from an authorized location at the “no commitment” price and a proof of purchase can be provided.

The company reserves the right to deny any unlock request that it finds would result in this policy being abused or is an attempt to defraud AT&T or the customers. AT&T also reserves the right to alter the unlocking policy at will without advance notice.

So at the moment, only AT&T valid customers can unlock their iPhones. Rest of us has to wait for another solution and we hope we have one like the short-lived SAM unlock tool.