All of us were happy a few weeks ago when the short-lived SAM unlock solution was released. But suddenly, the black unlocking days started and all of our happiness faded away.

Unlock iPhone without SAM

Let’s re-live the short moments we had for a few days. SAM unlock tool required us for a jailbroken iPhone and was available in Cydia.

Adding the repo address of SAM Bingner, inserting the unofficial sim card and making a few changes in the SAM prefs unlocked the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 and all locked iPhones for free.

A few days later, he was interviewed for his great invention. He posted the unlock solution first on where it became a hit and started trending worldwide the next day. He informed there was no new tool developed for unlock and he used SAM_Bingner’s SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) Preferences and manipulated it through iTunes. He is a 24 year old living in Beijing and only joined the labor force not long ago. He achieved an amazing feet helping many unlock their iPhones.

Unlock Possibilities After SAM Unlock Tool

All good things come to an end eventually! And this one did too. Apple managed to patch the ICCID Vulnerability which was the main reason due to which SAM had been existing and it for no longer working. Unlockboot saw many happy readers who were able to unlock their iPhones but those who were late were unlucky and we are as sad as they are.

unlock 4.11.08 baseband without Sam

Apple Bloking SAM Unlock Tool

Those who waited for the Gevey SIM and R-SIM 4 card were also out of luck after the SAM unlock as both of them were made using the same method of the SAM unlock. ApplenBerry even confessed they copied SAM and they have had fiery comments from all over the world for selling a thing for $50 which should have been sold for free.

Restore SAM Unlock Activation Tickets to Unlock Your iPhone Again?

Luckily, the readers who were able to unlock their iPhones can keep the unlock. However, they should start saving their activation tickets for future use. We informed you about the Cookie Cydia tweak that does the job. It backs up the Activation Ticket to Cloud, and one you back it up, you can restore it to the iPhone anytime. The Ticket data is stored on weiphone servers and this method should be followed before it’s too late. The tweak is available via Bigboss repo and easy to use. It’s free. Just open it and tap “Backup Activation”.

We hope for an unlock solution in the near future. The invention of SAM must have been a motivation for many. Let’s hope we get something that Apple won’t be able to close down. Keep following your favorite unlock website.

  • Jaskobogil

    so pretty much people that are to late wont unlock ther phones for a long time ?

  • Bill Boyd

    I was one of the lucky ones. My iphone 4 with 4.11.08
    Works beautifully. I’ve backed up my activation tickets. My question is; if I put an ATT sim that’s
    Never been there, would it block my phone if I went back to the unofficial sim. I don’t have the original AT&T sim, but I do have an ATT chip that hasn’t been used.


  • styre

    I hate and dont like apple anymore more,,,my iphone4 is useless.Why apple blocked SAM?

  • Orly009

    Why don’t apple sale an unlock code or whatever?

  • Adana

    Let’s stop using apple or iPhone and move to Samsong or Andoid. Cheer!

  • Vivek Sidher

    If u put any other sim in the SAM unlocked phone it wont work. But if u restore the original tickets and put the same sim then it will work again. I have checked that. Even after fresh jailbreak restoring original tickets and sim work.

  • Thomas2412

    Is there a chance that apple can block the saved tickets too?
    Or can we be sure that can’t happen?

  • Joe

    is it possible to use a unlock ticket from somebody else and use this if you live in the country and use the same provider ? grtz

  • dacatz

    no because every sim card has own unique ICID

  • Ed

    i could unlock my phone with SAM method and fortunately have the activation ticket…so sad for those who lost their unlock and those who were late…thanks SAM and UNLOCKBOOT…

  • Sam

    no, Apple cannot block activation tickets!

  • Pork

    Can i save ticket and restore it on another phone and use the unlock for it with the same sim card

  • PatGomez

    I was one of the lucky that could unlock with SAM and save tickets. Thankx developer and unlockboot for letting us know of it.

    My question is:
    – Does it affect the unlock doing soft reset, by pressing both power and home button?
    – Will it affect unlock when I plug my iPhone to iTunes?

    Thank you very much.

  • Shaxi Shaikh

    hey wat if ive already unlocked one carrier using SAM can i unlock another carrier , except the one where it is locked..

  • junzx

    People in the world dont buy apple pruducts,they give us problem looking unlock solution,their wasting our time,much better we use Samsung,its a friendly user.

  • Joe

    thats not true… if you would buy the iphone in the store u have no probs 😉

  • Bill Boyd

    I do soft reset all the time with absolutely no problem. I also use iTunes, but from wifi only and backup on iCloud. I’ve restored from iCloud when I accidentally lost my address book, no prpblem there. I don’t plug into iTunes on the computer, instead I use iTools, a great iphone tool.
    Bill Boyd

  • Jenny88v

    There is always still the option to unlock by calling AT&T. It worked flawlessly for me. Called them on a Monday morning got it unlocked that same night.

  • T3sla4u

    No,,I tried both ways and still working.i have a 4s

  • Kv-97

    how can i call at&t to unlock my phone from norway? what is the number of at&t?

  • Trish

    18003310500 but AT&T changed their policy, you have to be an AT&T user still in contract to able to request one dues to the fact too many people requested

  • betto1

    I have unlocked my iphone 4 4.3.3 bb4.10.01, and back up the ticket, but I need to change the sim card, and the unlock didnt work with the diferent telephone number of the same carrier, what can I do

  • Bee Mos

    me also wanted to do that, so who have experience with this? please kindly share…

  • Sarjuralhan

    After I phone unlock with Sam can we use any sim I unlocked my iPhone today using Sam so I wonder what has happened , as now I can use any sim in that phone

  • Irzhan90

    I was breathing unlock with SAM my iphone but I just keep Lockdown File. but now I accidentally upgraded to iPhone Os 5.1 and the results I terlock back .. question can I get signal with my lockdown folder have i backup.. if can .. can u tell me what mus i do ??

  • RayZor

    stop being a tight ass and actually buy a new phone instead of 2nd hand. Apple lock the phones at the carriers request.

  • Георги Димитров

    please tell me how to do this

  • Sametovaz

    i didn’t use Sam yet.. if i install sam.. can ı activite my iphone?

  • P_28413

    I was too late for the sam. But yesterday i tried to plug into my computer. The itune cam up my phone cant activated! And my phone restarted itself then it unlocked!!!!! Go try it, i dont know why apple didnt block. Need help contact me

  • Nomair1

    Are u sure it’s still open…?

  • P_28413

    I was late. My iphone 4 worked since 9th may. I just plugged in the computer and the laste step(activation) worked. I dont know why. But now i can use my phone and no problem.

  • Hamse

    Huh are you sure?? Need to know!!!

  • Herder_707

    can you explain it further?
    because upon plugin my phone computer, itunes pop up but I haven’t seen the word “ACTIVATED”.

    where can I see the word activation?

    may I know your baseband?

    Thank you.

  • Peter

    no, but its worth a try, it worked for p28413

  • Peter

    u go buy a samsung, im sticking with apple

  • Peter

    the answer is no, sorry guys

  • Peter

    lol, no way, u go buy samsung!!! lol

  • Just_keep_on_dancing

    I Unlocked my iphone on time and save my activation ticket for that sim card. Now my question is, if I want to use a new sim card, it is going to work ? What should I do ?