We announced previously that Apple has started fixing ICCID vulnerability which will Block SAM Unlock Tool.

This isn’t good news for all users based on the SAM unlock solution, but the good thing is that not all users have lost the possibility to unlock their iPhone 4 / 4S.

How to Restore SAM Unlock Activation

All users who were proactive to unlock their iPhone 4 / 4S using Loktar_Sun’s SAM tool, backed up their unlock activation tickets can still restore those unlock tickets and unlock their iPhone 4 / 4S. If your iPhone is already unlocked using SAM unlock tool, immediately you must Backup your unlock activation ticket before it can be too late.

Remember that you’ll still need a jailbroken iPhone 4 / 4S to complete this, and you should need your backed up Lockdown folder.

Restore SAM Unlock Activation ticket to get your iPhone 4 / 4S unlocked:

Be aware: This guide assumes your have your backed up Lockdown directory available on DropBox.

Step 1: At the start insert the Unofficial SIM card for which you backed up unlock activation ticket.

Step 2: Now open iFile and go to /var/root/Library. Press edit in the upper right corner, and choose Lockdown, and press the zip button backup up  the existing Lockdown folder. The name will be something unique. Go to the bottom to make sure that a backup *zip file is created.  Then remove the Lockdown folder.

Step 3: Now open DropBox, find your copiedLockdown folder with the valid unlock activation ticket from the unofficial Sim. Open the *zip file with iFile, and choose Unarchiver. Your Lockdown folder will be unzipped.

Step 4: In this step Press edit in the right corner and select LockDown, and copy the LockDown folder.

Step 5: Now Navigate to /var/root/Library, and press edit, and paste the LockDown folder.

Step 6: Should you still have SAMPrefs installed, go to /User/Library/Preferences, search for SAM, now delete the com.bingner.sam.plist file. Now Power Off your iPhone.

Step 7: Now Power On your iPhone, wait for a minute once it gets to your home screen, and finally your carrier should now will show the carrier from your unofficial SIM.

If you encounter any error let us know in the Comment section below.

  • Cmedrano

    Hello, I have the Sam unlock in my iphone 4 bb 4.11.08, I want to know if I connect the iphone to iTunes, they would be locked again?

  • Need help please

    Waht about us that didnt have the time to do it and now we cant???

  • Albert A.

    Uffff….. I’ve passed 2 hour nerviously… Thank you!!!!

  • heba s

    can i back up my tickets now or is too late and ill lose my unlock if i plugged my device to my computer??? please answer asap. thank u

  • Datatsiklauri

    I have made all you did and it worked for me but.I want to ask. can I somehow spoof another sim from my country carrier? with existing one which is activated now? with spoofing ICCID or smth..?
    thanks in advance

  • S_safi2k

    i did not work for me…i did as showed in the video….

  • 003

    I did mine earlier today, just ensure ur wifi off and iTunes does not sync while u doing it just in case

  • Chathukaperera

    why is this not working for me?? i saved the ticket..
    when i updated sam and restarted my iphone i didnt get any carrier signals, which means its back to locked status so i messed around a bit with sam, stil didnt work so I used the ticket its still not working. what should i do pls tell me ?? 🙁

  • bee

    i unlocked my phone 3 days ago.. i just cant understand how can i lose my unlock?

  • Chathukaperera

    me too 🙁 what should we do now admin?

  • heba s

    thanks alot. i just did that 🙂 but can i ask another quest. i dont understand how could u lose your unlock? i mean do u lose it when u connect to itunes or shut your phone off?? im just scared that i turn off my phone or connect it to my computer and lose my unlock..

  • Chathukaperera

    GUYS before doing this activation I messed around with SAM trying the previous unlock process, could that be the reason why the unlock ticket is not working now?

  • Real_steps

    pls how can i make lockdown file appear on dropbox

  • Chathukaperera


    The activation ticket, it’s not working for me, can you please give me some advice what I need to do?
    All this started because I updated SAM from Cydia and then I lost carrier signals when I restarted ym iPhone, then I tried to do the previous unlock with SAM, did not work, then I tried the activation ticket method, still it’s not working. Do you think I blew my chance at unlocking my iPhone with the activation ticket? If not, can you all please tell me what method I should use to get this activation ticket working?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Chathukaperera

    go to dropbox.com and upload the Lockdown file (download it to ur pc first and upload it to dropbox)

  • Yan

    hi admin,,i dont see paste after i deleted the lockdown folder,,any help pls..

  • Chathukaperera

    keep ur finger on Lockdown and slide ur finger to the right, delete icon will appear

  • Yan

    got it…super..thanks jeff

  • Snipee Jhyfgunnn

    how dawnald dropbox error app store help my pleas

  • john

    Thanks a lot for the videos Jeff anyway, I wanted to ask you should I do all this, my iPhone is working pretty good, I saved my unlock ticket using redsn0w and now should I do all this with iFile? Thanks in advance.

  • Yan

    on cydia…get ifile also,,email yourself the folder BACKUP OF YOUR TICKET..when open your email it’ll be unarchive…just follow as shown above,,good luck

  • huupees

    I have the same question. I travel to different locations and use multiple SIM cards. I only have one Lockdown.zip. How can I activate other SIMs with one backup file? Can it be done?

  • Real_steps

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked, thanks a million. BUT pls do u know how to fix push notification?, it’s dead.

  • Real_steps

    Tap done, and then tap the button right option, it will pop up the past dialogue, let me know if it worked. i will b here to assist further

  • Real_steps

    Make sure u are using the right Activation ticket for the previous unlocked sim, now here is one trick if u really followed the instructions carefully without missing a step, then the reason why u can’t unlock is that sam pref’s is still active. Open sam and disable it. Network will Automatically be activated. if not let me know so i can try my best to assist further. Cheer up.

  • Real_steps

    can u pls tell me how to go about it? i already have i funbox

  • Real_steps

    no try this, set sam’s method to Automatic, and re-activate ur phone, follow the restore ticket instructions and disable sam before re-booting ur phone. it will work.

  • Real_steps

    disable sam and reboot phone.

  • Idkidkidk

    Can I still back up my ticket? I haven’t done yet. But I’m unlock with Sam on iPhone 4. Thanks for advice.

  • 003

    Honestly I have d same question and a lot of people seem to have lost theirs already. From what I understand however is not to update Sam in cidya 4 sure so far. I do not intend to power off my phone and I don’t know about if connecting it to iTunes will stop d unlock. I hope not cus that would make d phone totally pointless lol

  • James McMurray

    I went through this twice and it did not work, I had SAM working and was on T-Mobile for a few days and everything worked. I wanted to replace the sim card with a number I like better and when I tried to run SAM yesterday it failed. So I put back in the original T-mobile sim that worked yesterday and the error message Invalid Sim came up. I went carefully through your instructions a number of times but I still get no service with T-Mobile. In SAM the phone says it is wildcard activated which I think means hacktivated not unlocked. Any suggestions.??
    Iphone 4 5.0.1 04.11.08

  • James McMurray

    I never got the above method to work. So I used wordpad to open the plist file that was created in the activation_records folder in the lockdown directory that redsn0w created during the backup procedure. The file was (my ICCD number).plist. I copied the IMSI number and my ICCD number down. Then I opened SAMPrefs and put these numbers in manually.
    I rebooted the phone and I now have my T-Mobile service back. Not sure why the above method didn’t work but I tried 7 or 8 times with no luck. Anyway Yeah!!

  • Johnny

    thanks alot saved me there

  • Maj3st1c

    I think ill test the anti-shock features of this phone

  • Phamtuduy

    Thanks it work but when use redsnow to reboot bb 4.12.01 it lock again how fix? thanks

  • voscot

    my iphone get unlocked with SAM, but now itunes wont detect my iphone, it says the sim card is invalid. but i can use my iphone and it has the signal bar.
    how to fix it so i can connect my iphone to itunes? cause i cant do anything without itunes.

  • H4cker

    Goto SAM under method select Bundle than AT&T USA and pick any Simid from the list and connect to iTunes. Let me know if this helped.

  • voscot

    still cannot connect to itunes, what do i do now?

  • Datatsiklauri

    the same problem with itunes

  • Chathukaperera

    hey there, thanks for your valuable advice.

    When I disable SAM it shows as unactivated, I think it’s because I messed around with SAM. Is there any way I can get it around it?

  • Chathukaperera

    if u dont have the backup then ur screwe* bro, well for now :/

  • Chathukaperera

    Just make sure you dont install the new update of SAM on Cydia, that is what messed things up for me :/

  • Datatsiklauri

    voscot,delete lockdown folder and another one in user/library/prefereces and the activate it with original sim card (at&t). doesn’t matter if you’re not in usa even.and it will self activate and then when you connect to itunes it will detect. but sadly no unlock after it………

  • Utathya10

    the method somehow screwed up my jailbreak.
    other than that everything works fine

  • Chathukaperera

    -at-Real_Steps, just to keep you updated, the username “James McMurray” has said this above

    So I used wordpad to open the plist file that was created in the activation_records folder in the lockdown directory that redsn0w created during the backup procedure. The file was (my ICCD number).plist. I copied the IMSI number and my ICCD number down. Then I opened SAMPrefs and put these numbers in manually.

    The weird thing is that I do not have such a file in my Lockdown/activation_records folder
    But I did not use redsnow to backup, I used the standard method.

    I hope this information would help you.

    I am awaiting your reply
    Thank you 🙂

  • Chathukaperera


  • Chathukaperera

    can u tell us what is exactly inside the activation_records folder, so we can create it in ours if thats the problem, because in my activation_records folder there are no files, it’s empty. if you can tell me exactly what should be done i can try it in mine.

    thanks so much 🙂

  • Lixance


  • Apon ‘Apz’ Ahmed

    I have a folder called activation_records, but nothing is inside, is this also normal??

  • ismail

    if there is no service after reboot and disable saM
    hope its helps

  • James McMurray

    There is a file named with your ICCD number then .plist
    There is also a lot of gibberish, but in the middle of the file it is readable and you can find your IMSI, ICCD numbers and those are what put into the Manual method in SAM. I think the encoded stuff in mine is probably different than anyone elses.

  • James McMurray

    Just to check do you have show hidden and sytem files turned on in your folder options?

    I have no idea if this will help I just thought of it.

    Also did you backup your lockdown folder with redsn0w?? If not you are out of luck.

  • idkidkidk

    I understand that, my question is I’m currently Unlock with SAM, and Iphone 4 is working with T-Mobile. If I back up ticket now will that work? Or NO?

  • R Ravi_200

    in mistake my iphone is reset and its start from begining….i have activation ticket….. how can i start my iphone and get network….??? plz help…. thank u

  • Chathukaperera

    Can you upload that folder “activation_records” and email the link to me at “chathukaperera-at-gmail.com”
    Hide any personal info, just tell me what information of mine I should replace it with. will you be able to do this for me so I can test it?

  • Real_steps

    Can sam still fix Push Notifications?

  • Andrew Ko86

    can i still restore activation ticket…i used Cookie but nothing…i also updated SAM on cydia…now im fked…i also backed up thru redsn0w…idk what to do…help me please…

  • Drew Ski


  • Xuanxuan1920

    I just save the lockdown folder when unlock my 3GS.But don’t know how to use?

  • Drew Ski

    doesnt work…maybe because i updated SAM

  • Chelsearob77

    So how are Apple actually blocking the Sam unlock? is it when you plug your phone into iTunes when the Sam unlock activation stops?

    As my iPhone is still unlocked with the Sam unlock to Movistar here in Peru & have not plugged my phone into ITunes since Apple started to block the Sam unlock method!

    My phone was locked to the 3 network in the United Kingdom before I used the Sam method to unlock it to the Movistar network here in Peru.

  • Dayne

    THANK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU

  • Chathukaperera

    do u have any file in the activation_records when u restarted your iphone? can you please check and let me know?

  • J Elmahdi

    salam ismail
    so i have an ihone 4 version 5.0 and i want unlocket but they tell me sam wase blocked in i dont known wat i choold to do please help me i wait you response on my email j.elmahdi-at-hotmail.fr

  • bligui

    Same problem here, wonder if apple did anything to stop us.

  • H4cker

    Make sure in Sam once you choose bundle and then carrier it’s unlock to then select sim ID than make sure you turn off enebled option and everything will kinda be hidden ex method carrier sim ID ETC ONCE eneabled is turn off plug you ph to your comp and connect it to iTunes. This steps worked for me to bypass sim error MSG.

  • H4cker

    Ooops Sorry in bundle select the carrier the phone is locked to mine was AT&T US. But if ur ph is not unlocked thru Sam and if u didn’t back up the lockdown file than it won’t unlock it any more as apple has patched the security hole.

  • ismii

    i want to remove SAM because i got the atnt unlock but my iphone is not deactivating :s
    help hlp help

  • Seadoggblue

    still work sam?i tried with save ticket but nothing?any help please

  • AppleGuy

    I wonder if I backup my factory unlocked Iphone 4 and restore it to a different phone to see if it will work. Hmmmm.

  • Efrachz9

    When i powered off and powered on, my iPhone got lock and i lost my unlock.
    Does anybody help me?


  • Escobar Richard2

    I understand most of the process you have explained , I’m a little confused when you say
    IMSI is it the same as IMEI? And I did find my .plist in fact I found twoo files with a bunch of numbers.

  • Jeep912

    ihave iphone 4 its factory unlock it is posible to jailbreak and my factory unlock not lost??? pls help me guyz

  • Juantamban

    my safari browser stops working after I plugged my iphone to itunes, getting intermitent on off signal. still unlocked tough, how can i restore safari browser without losing the sam unlock? help any one

  • Seadoggblue

    anyone can help me?i restore my ticket but no signal,what to do

  • Aning_019

    Hi Jeff,

    Can we expect another unlock tool for 4.11.08?

    I unlock my iphone 4 to one sim, i’d like to unlock it with another sim but apple fix the loop-hole already.

  • Rapperkid159

    some one send me the the unlocked backup pls!!!! rapperkid159-at-hotmail.com

  • DjHliaz Petrides

    can i unlock iphone 4 at&t 4.3.5 / 4.11.08 to vodafone ?????? plz help it says its factoryActivated

  • Saeedjabreen

    i was unlocked with SAM but i restored my iphone4 without saving SAMactivation ticket.Plzz help me that can i get the SAM activation ticket from the iphone4 backedup file.

  • Josue

    can somebody please help me,i changed my tmobile sim card for a new one, and now my iphone says no service please i need you help guys, i have my ticket save in my computer and in the cloud.

  • lakala

    if u still have NO SERVICE after doing these all the steps,just disable sam!!!!hope it will help

  • John5

    how can i disable sam?

  • Saj-once

    somebody has this lockdown folder for “vodafone DE” and if so,
    will i be able to also use it when I also do a restore?

  • A

    My phone was unlock with SAM method but my brother restore and lock it AT&T again i try SAM method but it won;t work is there any i can restore it please help me

  • Ramiro Muro

    can i restore my iphone and install sam again if i have the activation ticket?

  • D_m_w90

    I saved the unlock ticket after I used SAM activation using redsn0w. The unlock worked fine, but I did a restore on my iphone, and when I replaced the ‘unlock’ folder with my saved one it doesn’t unlock the SIM that is associated with that ticket.

    I noticed that my ‘Lockdown’ folder doesn’t contain an ‘Activation ticket’ folder. Only escrow_records and pair_records folders.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Rojek

    Dude, its over. Leave him, his dead.

  • ton

    I did successful unlock with SAM for couple weeks and did the back up via redsn0w. After loss the unlock, did try the same SAM method fresh, not the restore method and that did not work. So I turn to google and find the restore method. I still could not get it to work. So, the question is is it because come fresh attempt unlock trial via SAM that’s why I can not used the restore anymore? Please send me a message to ton_world_wide ya hoo .com. …cause I do not how to check with you. thanks

  • ddarshan

    i have same problem cuz i lost old sim card so i got new sim card still can i unlock my iphone with new sim cuz i have Activation ticket . plez help !!!!!!!!!

  • ddarshan

    i lost old sim card so i got new sim card still can i unlock my iphone with new sim cuz i have Activation ticket . plez help !!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    i did all the steps above and nothing was working until i downloaded samprefs and went to utilities and pressed revert lockdown to stock and i got my signal so for anyone having trouble just do this and it should work

  • steps

    will the unlock ticket still work let’s say if you have a sim replacement but for the same network?

  • gil

    can someone pls help me out…my carrier name appears with no signal bars..but the data connect 3g works…but can make or recieve calls..wht can i do..helppppp!!

  • janaka

    i unlock my iphone 4s using sam methord.but now lost my backup sam activation.lockdown folder.can i get anyone sam backup for small donation.please help me pleasee…….

    iphone details iphone 4s ,tmobile uk ,baseband 2.0.14

  • Khan

    Someone can tell me Deos it work witk BB 4.12.01?