There are a lot of table stands for iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max and you need to know about the best 10 of them. Table stand can be helpful to you and your iPhone. There are multiple benefits of using stands for the phone and these also provide comfort and easy use of the phones. Suppose you spend your most of the time at the desk working in an office or at home. You can be busy in your tasks, and that’s why you may have no opportunity to use iPhone continuously. Here you need an iPhone table stand which allows you to use your phone without holding it for a long time. You can use your iPhone via handsfree, and it will not affect your working.

best table stands for iphone x

Top 10 Table Stands for iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max

You can adjust your iPhone on that stand, and it will help you to manage and find the phone anytime easily. Each stand is specially designed for different versions of iPhone, and each of the stands has its feature. In below, we are providing you with the necessary details about each table stand. This will help you to make a better decision and buy the right stand for your iPhone.

1. Lamicall – Adjustable Table Stands for iPhone X, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 6S

It is a great stand which has an outstanding look and quality. It allows you to see it through multiple viewing angles and can be used for iPhone X, XS, and iPhone XS Max. Your iPhone will look the best at this stand, and you will have fast access to your phone to respond to any notification.

table stand for iphone xs

There is also a beautifully designed hole at the back of this stand which is used to plug in charging cable. You can fit your big size iPhone XS Max on this stand at portrait or landscape mode easily. Above all, your iPhone will be completely safe and secure at this stand because of its supportive boundary. You can buy this beautiful, and good quality stands at the cost $11.99.

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2. MoKo Foldable Phone and Tablet Stand

It is another great stand which is in the list of top 10 useful table stands for your iPhone X, XS, XR. Its design is a bit different from other stands, and it does not lift your iPhone at a higher position. You can use this stand when you want to keep your iPhone near your table surface. This stand is available for different versions of iPhone in different colors to give you the best choice.

iphone stand for desk

This is a small but a perfect stand which protects your iPhone and allows you to keep an eye on the screen. There are six different positions which you can set using this stand. Its rubber feet give it more strength, and there will be no risk of accidentally sliding the stand on the table surface. The price of this stand is $11.99

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3. OCYCLONE Wireless Charger Stand Wood Grain for iPhone Xs Max, Xr, X, 8

It is a good stand made of wood for your iPhone. You can consider it a simple but perfect stand which gives you different options to set your iPhone. Its design is perfectly designed, and there will be no compromise on the security of your iPhone in any position.

best iphone stand for desk

You can also put a few pens at the back of this wooden stand. There is also a LED indicator which helps you to wireless charge your iPhone. You can understand the status of charging with the help of color of LED. The price of this beautiful wooden stand is $29.99.

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4. Tecboss Tablet Stand – Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Stand Holder

It is another perfect stand for your iPhone, and it has its own amazing features. You can use this stand for your iPhone X, 8, 7, 6 without any limitation. This stand can also be used for iPad and will suit the best at this stand.

iphone travel stand

This stand enables adjustable viewing angles, and you can also adjust its height. It means you can change its height and viewing angles to make sure that you have quick access and a better look at your iPhone on this stand. You can buy this adjustable stand at just $10.99.

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5. Cell Phone Video Game Holder Dock for Phone Xs Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 6

It is another table stand which can fulfill your needs to adjust and use your iPhone while you are working. As indicated by the name, you can adapt this stand at different angles for your convenience. This stand is big enough and attractive. It is protective, secure and reliable which will help you to keep your iPhone safe.

best iphone xs travel stand

You can enjoy videos and can also play games with its handsfree facility. All you need is to know the best angle according to your current position, and you can adjust this stand as needed. Another significant advantage of buying this stand is that you will get a lifetime guarantee. It means you can get completely refund or a replace in case of warranty claim. You can buy this stand at $15.99.

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6. OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand and Tablet Stand

The body of this stand is made of metal, and you cannot reposition this stand. It is purely solid, and its parts are not removable. You can fix this stand on your table, and your iPhone will be completely safe in front of your eyes.

best iphone dock charger

Its design is attractive, and you will appreciate it. You need to buy this stand one time, and it will be enough for a long time. You can buy this stand at the cost $8.99.

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7. Tryone Gooseneck Phone Holder

If you want to get a stand which you can set at different positions according to your different working positions, you should go with Tryone Goosneck phone holder. You can easily change the angle and position of your iPhone which is on this stand.

iphone stand for video

There is an extendable flexible arm which you can stretch out to the length of 2.3-feet. You can fix it in its place at the desk and can change anytime. The price of this cost is $10.99.

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8. CHOETECH Qi Fast Charger Wireless Compatible with iPhone XR/XS/X

This is a great iPhone stand for different versions of iPhone. Its design is unique and attractive which makes it prominent. You can use this table stand for wireless fast charge for your iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max.

wireless dock charger for iphone

Because of its comfort design, you can easily use your iPhone without any need to hold it. You can also put a few pens on it which gives you a complete package at your table. All of these things are enough to provide you full comfort on your working table. You can purchase this table stand for $20.99 only.

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9. Nulaxy Foldable Stand Compatible with iPad,iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

It is an amazing table stand which can hold your iPhone. Its design is fabulous, and body color is black. It is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your requirements. It is 270 degrees rotating to give you the best user experience for your iPhone view. You don’t need to worry as its design is totally secure and can quickly fix the big screen of all versions of your iPhone.

best portable iphone xr stand

Its unique feature is that you can fold this stand and it will be only pocket size after folding. That’s why you can easily carry it with yourself to anywhere without any difficulty. You can also charge your iPhone on this stand and have a perfect look at the screen by adjusting the view in no time. Also, you will get the lifetime guarantee. That’s why you can replace it if you are not satisfied with this stand. The price of this great table stand is $8.49.

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10. Itian Wood Wireless Charger and Table Stand for iPhone Xs, Xr & Xs MAX

It is wooden made beautiful stand which you can match with your table. It will look perfect on your wooden desk, and no other stand can take its place for iPhone Xs, Xr, Xs MAX, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Its body surface is protected with water transfer print technology. You can easily charge your iPhone on vertical and horizontal positions on this stand, and you don’t need to turn off your iPhone.

cell phone holder for desk

No problem if your iPhone is on charging, you can still enjoy videos, calls and other things on your iPhone in a convenient way. This all is possible due to the charging stand of this wooden stand which enables efficient wireless charging. It can charge your phone at a 1.4 higher speed as compared to standard wireless charging pads. The price of this perfect looking stand is $20.99.

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